Do you work on a narrow and tall table that doesn’t have enough space for your keyboard? Need some extra space or want to lower your keyboard? If so, then all you need is a keyboard tray. Here on WFH, we feature some of the best keyboard trays that save space and declutter your desk.

If you don’t have a monitor stand, then your monitor, keyboard, and mouse are probably crowding your desk. Also if the desk is narrow and standing, you’ll barely have enough room for the keyboard.

So in such cases, a keyboard tray can be a smart solution. It holds your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories and organizes your desktop.

You can easily mount a keyboard tray on your desk. Most feature a simple clamp design or an under the desk mount design. You can easily adjust the height and extendibility of most trays as well.

To maintain better suitability with the work environment, you can easily draw and retract these trays. They work for all types of keyboard, whether wired, wireless or funky like a typewriter keyboard. Some also offer a wrist rest for boosted comfort. And some advanced models will let you adjust the tilt and swivel for even better workability.

So why don’t you check out our top recommendations and see what suits your boat?


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    • White color and deluxe finish
    • Gel wrist pad included
    • Room for your mouse too!

    With Vivo’s white ergonomic keyboard slider tray (mount-kb03w), you can boost your typing posture! As you type in a more ergonomic location, an adjustable and comfortable workflow is perfect and easy on the body. Simply slip the tray under the desk and out of the way when not in use.

    This durable product has a white matte finish that goes with a variety of desks and gives it a clean, elegant look. When not in use, the low-profile metal track slides under the desk. It’s easy to set up your keyboard tray, and we provide all of the requisite mounting hardware for under-desk installation.

    With the included hardware, this white ergonomic tray installs under your desk. (The average weight of the tray is ten pounds.) Please double-check that your desk can handle this under-mounted weight!) Expect simple and easy assembly – all necessary parts come in one package ready for use. The keyboard itself is made of steel throughout which feels great in your hands and under your keyboard.

    • No tools required to use
    • Fits oversized keyboards
    • Room for your mouse too!

    Do you want more available desktop space? Do you want to make typing more comfortable? This smooth-gliding, retractable keyboard holder offers a stable platform to position your keyboard and mouse underneath the desktop in this Retractable Clamp-On 6″ H x 33″ W Desk Keyboard Tray.

    When typing, the keyboard is set at a more ergonomic height, and the front edge is beveled for added typing comfort. Slide the keyboard drawer under the desk and out of the way when you need to take notes or make a phone call.

    The keyboard weighs 5.45 pounds and is made of blask plastic (top material) and metal (frame). We love the oversized nature of this tray because we sometimes switch keyboards or mice and want our trays to accommodate these extra products or their potentially larger sizes.

    • Cost-effective design
    • 3 stage height adjustment
    • Additional mouse tray

    Next up in line is the Fellows Office Suites keyboard tray. This is another 3 steps height-adjustable keyboard tray with a unique cost-effective design. So we recommend this one as the best budget buy.

    With the 3 adjustable height, you can easily suit it to your preferred work position. Whether you’re standing or sitting, simply move it up or down to adjust as you like. Also, this 23.5″ wide keyboard has enough space for placing the mouse as well. Saves desk space and accelerates your work.

    But if you have a large keyboard, don’t worry. There’s an additional mouse tray that you can adjust. Keep it to your left or right, based on your dexterity. Also, the tray is retractable. Saves valuable workspace. You can glide the keyboard tray about 10 – 10-1/2 inches.

    In addition, to cope up with a bustling work environment, this keyboard tray has immense impact resistance. Fully made of durable materials to withstand high usage. It’s also fire and heat resistant. Suitable for restaurants, kitchens, and other heated work environments.

    Moreover, the product is made of 100% recycled materials.

    • Mouse surface included
    • Ball bearing hardware
    • Extra wide for all keyboards

    The 3M Company is a multibillion-dollar American multinational conglomerate with interests in industry, worker safety, US health care, and consumer goods. They have been making great products that we all know and love for decades. That degree of historical precision and quality extends to this underdesk keyboard tray. 

    It has all of the 3M durability, quality, and ruggedness built in. Weighing 9.25 pounds it can hold a large array of keyboards and fits nicely under all desks.

    Unlike many other keyboard trays, this one is made of steel. The black metal finish and coloring is great to look at and feels great in one’s hands. And even better: no assembly is required. It comes ready to use right out of the box with a 2 year warranty.

    • 7" height adjustable
    • Wrist rest
    • Retractable

    The HUANO keyboard has a simple yet ergonomic design. It’s a plain keyboard tray with a comfortable wrist rest and a 7″ height-adjustable design.

    With this keyboard tray, you can work while sitting as well as standing. Excellent for narrow and tall worktables.

    You can easily the tray as well. It supports tilt and swivel. You can tilt between 6 degrees up and 22 degrees down for maximum workability and ergonomics. to get to let you adjust a comfortable working position. And aside from tilt, you can swivel the platform by 360°

    Additionally, it reduces vibration and minimizes bounce while operating. Only requires a 25″ x 9.8″ space for installation. Fits all kinds of keyboards, mouses, and accessories that you may want to keep.

    Also, this tray includes a soft wrist rest covered with leatherette. Perfect for the long work hauls. Also when not working, simply slide it under the desk.

    The installation process is very easy. You’ll get a step by step installation manual with the package. Mount it under the desk and start working right away.

    • C-clamps that are reliable
    • Works with sit-stand desks
    • Built in cable management

    This keyboard tray will help you organize your office desktop. By simply clamping on the tray, you can easily upgrade your desk. With the big, padded C-clamps, secure the tray to your existing tabletop. To connect the clamps, simply twist them together. The tray is big and deep enough to fit an ergonomic keyboard and mouse combination. 

    For ergonomic usage, a beveled front edge serves as a wrist rest. The solid finish allows for a nice optical mouse mousing board.

    We love that the product works with sit-stand desks as these are increasingly popular for workers optimizing their health. The built in cable management reduces clutter and enables a more minimalistic vibe.

    The product weighs 11 points and has top thickness of slightly more than a half inch. This makes it durable and comfortable. It is made of laminate and plastic but the base finish is steel.

    • Solid construction
    • Sturdy C-clamps
    • Easy installation

    This mount’s solid steel track construction makes it extra durable and long-lasting. The under-desk tray provides an ergonomic configuration for the spine, back, and shoulders, reducing fatigue and muscle strain.

    With Vivo’s clamp-on keyboard tray (mount-kb05e), you will gain from ergonomic typing angles and a spacious, extra-sturdy work space! Add a lower-tier surface for the keyboard, mouse, and other small things to recover precious desk space. 

    This mount was designed to work, with user-friendly features including smooth gliding motion for easy positioning, durable c-clamps for comfortable mounting, and anti-skid padding for scratch resistance. 

    Lastly, the product is so easy to use right out of the box. All appropriate hardware and instructions are included, and the adjustable clamps make mounting your keyboard tray to the desk a breeze.

    And if you are unhappy, relax. The product has a 3 year warranty and great tech support to back it up!

    • Extra large
    • Holds up to 11 lbs
    • Ball bearing slider

    The Seville Classics keyboard tray offers extra wide space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. It has a clump mount design with sleek finishing. Matches most work environments and work desks.

    The simple clamp design easily attaches to almost any computer desk, office table, & electric standing desk. The C-clamp fits desktops around 0.75″ to 1. 75″ thick. Also, the soft pads protect your desktop from damage and penetrations.

    The tray measures around 31. 5″ in width & 11″ in depth. It’s perfect for ergonomic keyboards of any sizes as well as mice and other accessories. Also, the tray can hold up to 11 lbs while keeping the load evenly distributed.

    Unlike regular keyboard trays, it has a steel ball-bearing design that extends up to 12. 2″ from below your desktop. Push it back under the desktop to keep your workspace organized and safe.

    Additionally, it guides your cables along the rear of the desk to keep the mouse and keyboard cables sorted.

    You can also pair it with the airLIFT S3 electric standing desk as well as some other models for a perfect sit-stand desktop. And with the detailed assembly guide, installation is very easy.

    • Under the desk
    • Comes with wrist rest
    • Compact design

    Next up, we have a Mount-it keyboard tray. This one is an under the desk keyboard mount that has drawer features for a clutter-free and organized desktop.

    It comes with 3 adjustable height settings so you can easily suit it to your preferred work position. Work comfortably while standing or sitting. You can simply move it up or down to adjust. Also, the tray has a 21″ wide platform. Matches compact and ergonomically designed keyboards.

    Also, there’s an additional mouse tray that you can adjust. Keep it to your left or right. And since the tray is retractable, it’ll save you valuable workspace. You can glide the keyboard tray about 17 inches from the base.

    To cope up with a busy work environment, this keyboard tray is made of durable materials. Lasts for a long time and withstands high usage. It’s also fire and heat resistant. Suitable for restaurants, kitchens, and other heated work environments.

    Also, an ergonomic wrist rest will let you work without wrist pain or numbness for a long time.

    • 27" wide tray
    • Beveled edge
    • Quality build

    And finally, we have the Stand Steady clamp-on keyboard tray. It’s a typical clamp-on tray with a large 27″ holding surface. Simple and ergonomically designed. The clamp can hold on to 1.5″ or less thick desks.

    The entire setup is about 33″ wide. So make sure your desk is 33″ or wider for the perfect fitment.

    Suits narrow as well as standing work tables. Tune the height to adjust to your most comfortable typing position. So, it can be an excellent addition to your workspace.

    The 27″ wide platform offers plenty of space. Keep the keyboard, mouse, notepad, and other necessary accessories in it and declutter your desktop. Also, you can slide it back under the desk while not in use. Saves valuable workspace. Hangs about 6″ below the desk. Besides, the claps are padded to keep your desk from damages

    Moreover, the Stand Steady tray has very good durability. It’s made of high-quality wood and steel. The materials are recycled and recyclable. Doesn’t contain any plastic or non-degradable components.

    It also has an ergonomic beveled edge for comfortably resting your wrists.

    • 3 different height settings
    • Retractable design
    • Chamfered front edge safety

    So on top of our list, we have the Stand Up Desk Store keyboard tray. It’s an excellent ergonomic keyboard tray that can hold on to desks of different sizes. With the thumbscrew clump, you can easily attach it to up to 1.5″ thick desks.

    With this adjustable keyboard tray, you can fine-tune the height. So you can adjust it to your most comfortable typing position. This can be an excellent addition to your workspace, especially if you have a narrow and standing work table.

    Moreover, you may find it’s large design convenient. The keyboard shelf is wide and it can accommodate a mouse as well. Its dimensions are 27.5″ x 33″ . It also has three height adjustment settings, following 2.69”, 3.44″, and 4.19”.

    This under the desk keyboard tray also reduces clutter from your desktop. And besides, it’s retractable so you can slide it out of the way when you don’t need it.

    Additionally, thanks to the robust metal clamps and the thick non-skid plastic platform, it has excellent durability. Freely use it in your home, office, & workplaces.

    • Single, compact platform
    • Tilt, Swivel and Adjust
    • Different warranty plans

    Time for our premium recommendation. And the 3M AKT60LE keyboard tray claims that position. It’s a comparatively simple and smart looking keyboard tray with high durability.

    One of the key features of this tray is that it’s easily adjustable. Simply turn the knob to adjust the height between +1.25″ to -4.5″ from the mounting surface. The tray also supports a mild tilt between +15° to -15° to get to let you adjust a comfortable working position

    Additionally, the sturdy all-in-one wood platform reduces vibration and minimizes bounce while typing and mousing. Keeps the design very simple yet workable. Also, it requires a 26″ W x 17.25″ D surface underneath to mount. Accommodates a large space for the keyboard as well as the mouse.

    Also, this premium tray includes an easy to clean gel wrist rest covered with leatherette. Also, you’ll get a precise, battery-saving mouse pad that positions right or left.

    Aside from the tilt, you can also swivel the platform from left to right by 360°. And when you’re not using it, just stow it under the desk to free up your workspace.

    Additionally, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on the keyboard arm, one year on gel wrist rests, and five years on the keyboard platform.

    • Spacious design
    • Retractable feature
    • Cord management

    The Kensington smart fit keyboard tray system can fit the largest of keyboards. The oversized ones as well as the ergonomically designed ones. This extra-wide keyboard tray also holds a wrist rest as well as a mouse pad.

    The tray is height adjustable. Supports 3 different height stages. Adjust it between 2″, 2.5″, and 4″ to suit your work station. Doesn’t matter if you’re working standing or sitting, it’s compatible with all kinds of desks. 

    It requires a 29.5″ L x 28″ W surface underneath to mount. Spacious for different keyboards of different sizes and a mouse. Also, it’ll help declutter your desk by storing consoles and other devices. Works as a drawer as well.

    Additionally, it has two holes at the end for easy cord management. Keep the cables out of your way while working.  And also when you’re not using it, stow it under the desk to free up your workspace.

    Overall the large desk, clutter-free simple design, and sturdy build make it a great addition to any workspace.

    • Clamp-on design
    • Wide surface
    • Lifetime warranty

    The TechOrbits Desk Store keyboard tray is another great clamp-on ergonomic keyboard tray. The thumbscrew clump holds on to 1.5″ thick desks.

    A notable aspect of the keyboard tray is that it can only mount on desks having a 32″ or larger width. With this adjustable keyboard tray, you can tune the height to adjust it to your most comfortable typing position. So, it can be an excellent addition to your workspace. Suits narrow and standing work tables as well.

    Moreover, it has remarkable durability. Entirely made of high-quality wood and steel. So it can withstand rough usage and vibrations. The materials are recycled and recyclable. No plastic components were used.

    Use the 27″ wide desk to your advantage. Keep the keyboard, mouse, notepad, and other necessary accessories in it and declutter your desktop. Also, you can slide it back under the desk while not in use. Saves valuable workspace. 

    Additionally, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty on this clamp-on keyboard tray. Just make sure that your desk is wide enough for this tray before purchasing.

    Keyboard Tray Buyer’s Guide

    There are a variety of things to consider when buying a keyboard tray. The core components which we’ll cover are flat verse different leveled trays, the proper width to fit in your desk, and their ergonomic tilts. If you have other questions, drop a comment and we’ll be sure to respond. We hope you find this guide helpful!

    Level tray for mouse

    While most keyboard trays are flat, some have a separate section for your mouse. This separate section can sometimes be raised or lowered a few inches from your keyboard height. Unfortunately, this eliminates some of the ergonomic benefits. Ideally, your mouse is right next to your keyboard and at the same level so that you don’t have to change the tilt of your arms and wrist. This is important because changing the angle of your arms and wrists can cause pain and overuse in them. We recommend buying a tray that will allow you to keep your wrists at a neutral position at all times.

    Measure your desk width

    Why is your desk width important? Keyboard trays are great because you can slide them underneath your desk when you aren’t using them. But, if your desk width is shorter than your keyboard tray width, your tray will stick out. To avoid this, make sure your desk is at least a few inches wider than your keyboard tray. For most trays and desks, this shouldn’t be an issue. But, it doesn’t hurt to double check!

    Spring loaded verse sliding trays

    Keyboard trays generally come in two varieties. Spring loaded trays generally have one arm that is clamped or screwed into your desk. It will allow you push the tray down and under your desk with ease in a very easy motion. Spring loaded trays also allow for more customizability as they often include tilt control. More on tilt control in our next section though.

    Sliding trays are exactly what they sound like. They tray is fastened to each slider on wheels of some sort, allowing you to slide the keyboard tray in and out. These generally stay at the level of your desk and don’t allow you to raise them any higher or lower. Thus, be sure you have a desk chair that is at the optimal level to keep your arms and wrists in a neutral position when typing.

    Ergonomics and tilt

    Ergonomics are ultra important with any home office decision. Keyboard trays are no exception. The best keyboard trays are spring loaded ones that will allow you to change the height and angle of your tray, and thus, your keyboard. Your goal should be to keep your arms at roughly a 90 degree angle and your wrists in a very neutral position. But if you need to , a keyboard tray that tilts up/down can allow you to tilt the tray if your arms are at a wider angle (say, something like 110 degrees). Tilting the keyboard in this fashion will allow your wrists to stay neutral, and your muscles to stay less stressed.

    For more information on ergonomics, this video below is very informative!



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