Wondering what a computer keyboard stand is & what it does? If so then you’ve found the right place to find some answers.

What’s more? We’ve featured some of the best keyboard stands below. Because by the time you finish reading the article, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be intrigued and willing to take an in-depth tour through the products.

A keyboard stand mainly lifts your keyboard and sometimes the mouse as well to provide you with a comfortable working angle. Sometimes it’s just tilting and sometimes a considerable lift from the table surface. It works for just about all keyboards, wether you have a typewriter keyboard, mechanical, bluetooth, or something else.

What’s wrong with a flat keyboard setup, you say? Working for a long time with a flat setup may induce fatigue on your fingers, wrist, elbow, & shoulders. Pretty much affects the entire arm zone without your knowledge.

Also, a flat setup reduces your performance and ergonomics. So a computer keyboard stand will improve your speed and posture while providing you with some much-needed comfort.

Besides, some of the computer keyboard stands feature a built-in wrist rest for enhanced comfort. So with a proper keyboard stand, working will become as comfortable as it can be.

Pretty sure you’ve gained some interest by now. So why don’t you check out our list below?


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    • Acrylic, strong, lightweight
    • Rubber stripped bottom
    • Usable as whiteboard

    We recommend the Nat-Hom computer keyboard stand as the best product of this category.

    This computer keyboard stand will raise your keyboard at a decent angle. So in the process, it eliminates tension from your wrists, spine, forearms, and elbows.

    Because if you spend long working hours while sitting and typing in front of the computer, these points are more likely to develop stress. Working at a flat or downward angle won’t help either.

    Additionally, this keyboard riser raises the keyboard to a healthy scientific angle. It gives you more vision as well as better control, protecting your body from neck and shoulder issues. Also, don’t ignore these issues. If you feel uncomfortable, consult with an expert for a proper setup.

    This transparent & ergonomic keyboard stand also comes with a rubber strip that protects your table from scratches. The rubber also holds the stand in place, so no more sliding around.

    Besides, this keyboard stand is made of acrylic materials. So you can use it as a desktop whiteboard as well. 

    • Scissor lift design
    • Height adjustable
    • Wrist rest

    Our premium recommendation, the VIVO single top keyboard stand is a lot different from the crowd. It has a unique, adjustable scissor lift that’ll let you reach greater heights.

    This keyboard stand features a 26.6” x 11.4” platform to raise your keyboard as well as the mouse to a comfortable typing position. And with its 11 lbs load-bearing capability, it could be a perfect addition to any workplace. Especially useful for standing workstations.

    Moreover, you’ll get 8 different height settings (8.2″ to 13”) with this innovative scissor lift design. So you can accommodate to your ideal setup. Also, switching between different height settings is fast and easy. Quickly switch without compromising productivity.

    Additionally, there are elevated padding that supports your wrists. So you can comfortably work for a long time without fatigue. The 22” x 11.3” steel base along with the sturdy frame provides excellent support for your keyboard and mouse. Also, there’s a security lock that steadies the keyboard stand and keeps it stationary.

    The keyboard stand is very easy to set up as well. No complicated mechanism. Also, you’ll get a 3 years warranty with it.

    • Cost-effective
    • Silicone grip
    • Low lip design

    As the best budget buy, we suggest the Richboom Clear Acrylic stand.

    This stand holds your keyboard at a comfortable angle for your hands to get used to. And unlike other conventional keyboard stands, this one has a low front lip. So it won’t get in your way when you’re gaming or working.

    Moreover, it has highly polished sides and smooth corners. The rounded edges and corners trigger a perfect touch of feeling. Also, the A-grade acrylic material reinforces sturdiness and durability. Perfect for heavy usage.

    Besides, it has food-grade silicone material strips instead of rubber pads. So it’s odorless and has better anti-slip property than rubbery ones. Enjoy the extra grip and stability while typing frantically.

    This clear acrylic board is also scratch-resistant to some extent.

    Moreover, this keyboard holder will fit most standard keyboards. Its dimensions are 17″ W x 1-1/2″ H and 5.5″ D. Eliminates tension and stress from your shoulder, wrists, and backbone. Adopt a better and healthy work style with this cost-effective keyboard stand. 

    • 3 height modes
    • Better grip
    • Blends in

    The ESC Flip Keyboard Stand supports three different height settings. You can switch between taller, shorter, and folds mode. It works like regular keyboard legs, only lets you reach more height and better angle compared to the stock ones.

    The simple & sturdy design also gives your keyboard stable, rock-solid ground support at your preferred angle.

    Primarily, adjusting your keyboard angle allows for better comfort and reduces wrist strain as well as repetitive strain injury (RSI). So with this keyboard stand, you can effectively minimize muscle strain & improve typing speed and accuracy. Greatly reduces typos.

    Also, the three adjustable heights will accommodate all compact, mini, & full-size keyboards. Won’t scratch your desk and damage any keyboard either.

    Besides, the ESC Flip keyboard stand comes with micro-suction grip pads. Allows free moving, cleaning, and readjusting. Also, the slip-proof rubber foot holds onto any stable surface such as wood, veneer, or glass desk.

    You can readjust, improve your posture, and boost ergonomics with this minimalist and portable keyboard stand.

    • Up to 18" raise
    • Separate mouse pad
    • Tiltable

    The WorkEZ stand offers separate elevated platforms for both your mouse and keyboard. It’s a tabletop stand that’ll let you reach greater heights than conventional stands. Raise your keyboard and mouse to up to 18″ height so you can comfortably type while standing.

    The keyboard stand stabilizes your keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height. So no matter which height setting you to use, the stand won’t even budge. Great for working while standing as well as low, uncomfortable tables.

    You can further adjust your keyboard by tilting. The keyboard tray lets you adjust your typing angle by 15-degrees. Also, the increments for a negative tilt optimizes your wrist health.

    The large 7″ x 7″ mouse pad is also adjustable. Quickly connect to either the right or left side. Also, the mouse pad angle is independently adjustable. You can freely move your mouse on the large platform. A trackball mouse would be a better choice though.  

    No additional installation required for this product. Simply unpack and start using.

    • Large front lip
    • Polished edge
    • non-slip, no-glare

    The Source One Premium Tilted Keyboard Stand is another acrylic keyboard stand that boosts ergonomics and workability. It blends in with your work environment and provides the necessary comfort.

    Like similar keyboard trays, this stand holds your keyboard at a comfortable angle for your hands. However, it has a higher front lip. While it may effectively retain the keyboard from sliding down, it may get in the way of your typing and gaming. It also has a non-stick padding at the bottom so that it won’t slide around on your desktop. 

    This keyboard stand eliminates tension and stress from your shoulder, wrists, as well as your backbone. So, adopt a better and healthy work style with this cost-effective keyboard stand. 

    Moreover, the A-grade acrylic material reinforces sturdiness and durability. Perfect for heavy usage. Also, it has highly polished edges accompanied by smooth corners. And the rounded edges and corners trigger a perfect touch of feeling. This clear acrylic board is also scratch-resistant as well.

    The 17″ wide keyboard surface accommodates keyboards of most sizes. Also, it’s very stable and skid-proof on any surface. 

    • Silicone exterior
    • Plastic body
    • Lightweight & portable

    The SUPBEE keyboard/laptop holder isn’t just a stand, rather it’s a combination of small, angled platforms. Unlike the other keyboard stands, it takes up very little space on your desk, providing a smooth and clutter-free environment.

    The stands can lift your device to a comfortable typing angle, despite their small size. It’ll greatly help reduce the pressure on your palms, shoulders, wrists, and fingers. Also, it creates a ventilation area for your laptop to dissipate the heat. And besides, the stands are designed with holes through them. So you can organize the cables and keep your desktop clean and tidy.

    Moreover, the stand has multiple usages. You can use it for a laptop, keyboard, notebook, or tablet. Besides, the stand is made of a non-slip silicone exterior on a plastic base. So, it’s lightweight as well as skid-proof. You can place it on any flat surface to support your devices. Maintains a steady balance while keeping away unnecessary moving and shaking. 

    The non-slip exterior coating also prevents your device from unwanted scratches. And the sturdy plastic frame offers durable and prolonged support.

    • Gel filled wrist rest
    • Positive and negative tilt
    • 2 years warranty

    The 3M tilt-adjustable keyboard stand is unique in its own way. It’s a soft and compact product that supports a flat, positive, and negative tilt.

    The stand or tray is made of soft and durable material for maximum comfort. Blends right in with your work environment.

    Although the most notable feature is the gel filled, soft armrest. The soft padding makes it very comfortable to use. Also, it assists your typing by keeping your arm steady and resting in place. So they won’t become fatigued as fast as they used to.

    Maintaining a healthy typing angle is also crucial if you spend time working or gaming for an extended period of time. An ill-practiced angle can sprain your wrist, shoulder, arm, & backbone in the long run.

    The keyboard stand is also easy to clean. It has a leatherette covered surface that has antimicrobial properties. Prevents the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold, fungi, etc on the surface. Also prevents stains and odor.

    The stand comes with a 2 years warranty as well.

    • Acrylic, lightweight
    • Pre-set angle
    • Large front lip

    And finally, we have the Source One premium acrylic keyboard stand. It’s a typical keyboard stand with a pre-determined angle and a sturdy surface. It also has a large front lip for keyboard protection.

    This computer keyboard stand raises your keyboard at a comfortable angle. It finds the perfect angle to eliminate tension and stress from your wrists, spine, forearms, and elbows. As you spend long working hours typing in front of the computer, you may experience discomfort and numbing sensations in your hands and wrists.

    So this Keyboard raiser effectively keeps them away. However, the large front lip may prove to be a bit of a hindrance. While it keeps the keyboard steady, it may get in the way of gaming and typing.

    Additionally, this keyboard raiser maintains a healthy and scientific angle. You’ll have better control and access to your keyboard while protecting yourself from neck and shoulder issues. Although if you feel uncomfortable, consult with an expert for a proper setup.

    Besides, this keyboard stand is made of acrylic materials. So you can also use it as a desktop whiteboard. 

    Computer Keyboard Stand Buyer’s Guide

    A common accessory to your home office setup is a computer keyboard stand. A computer keyboard stand is a very simple product that tilts your keyboard about 15 degrees toward you. 

    This creates a slightly more ergonomic feel, allowing your wrists to rest on your desk surface while your fingers are slightly elevated on the keyboard. In fact, some keyboards come standard with a small stand that you can flip up. If that’s the case, you likely don’t need a separate computer keyboard stand. 

    What Are The Most Important Factors To Consider?

    Is it Ergonomic Friendly?

    You will want to buy a computer keyboard stand with roughly a 15 degree tilt. You should also be mindful of a big lip that your hands will have to reach over. Some models have large lips that might cause some discomfort. 

    Is It Stable And Durable?

    The last thing you want is for your keyboard stand to slide around while you are typing. Be sure to read reviews to see what people say. If you want to remove any chance of it sliding around, a full desk mouse pad is a great way to keep it steady and still on your surface. 

    It must also be durable. Cheap plastic will last for a while, but it is more likely to break on you one day. 

    Is It The Right Size ?

    There are different size keyboards and thus, different size keyboard stands. If you have a typewriter keyboard for example, they tend to run larger in size. A good size computer keyboard stand is basically exactly the same size as your keyboard.

    If your stand is about an inch larger or smaller, that’s also fine. But if your keyboard rests off of the edge by more than an inch or so, it might wobble when you reach for the keys on either end of it.

    Other Types Of Computer Keyboard Stands

    We added a few reviews for keyboard stands that actually raise the height of your keyboard by about two feet. These products are useful if you want to turn your desk into a standing desk for part of the time. It’s important to note a few things for these:

    1. You’ll want to make sure your computer keyboard stand has enough space for your mouse.
    2. These types of stands go best with wireless keyboards and mouses since you will be moving them up/down quite a bit. 
    3. Make sure you have a monitor that can easily get lifted as well to meet your eye level. We advise looking into a monitor wall mount that can go up and down with ease. This way, when you move your keyboard/mouse up on the tray, you can just raise your computer monitor up as well. 


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