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Tired of the mess of cables? Why don’t you try a cable management box? Here in WFH, we bring you the 10 best cable management box with excellent features which you can buy right now.

In our dynamic lifestyles, we have to deal with a lot of devices. And each of these devices comes with a lot of cords and cables even chargers for our small devices.

Even you buy the coolest desktop there is an amazingly organized CPU but what about the messy cables outside. This mess disrupts the natural look of the home and office.

This mess of cables can seriously cause accidents if you have kids or curious pets in the house. Without proper management, they can get electrocuted at any time when playing!

So adopt a cable management box as soon as can. It manages your power stripes, cords, the cable mess and keeps them organized. You can also add the fact these boxes can also cancel out the heat generated and keep the interior safe from overheating. Also, they greatly reduce the chance of short-circuiting.

Furthermore, these boxes varieties have cool and elegant looks and build to satisfy the aesthetic aspects of your home and office interiors.

So, take a look at our top selections and pick up a suitable one.

1 Best Choice Tokye Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
2 Premium DMoose Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
3 Best Value Resulzon Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
4 Changsuo Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
5 Baskiss Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
6 HomeBliss Wood Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
7 TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
8 NTONPOWER Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
9 GO-Oblong Cable Management Box Check Price ➡
  • 4 cable clips
  • 6 cable ties
  • Has XXL sockets

We highly recommend The Tokye cable management box as the best solution for organizing your messy cables. This cable management box has a modern and unique design with a premium high-density material and an anti-scratch surface. So, no matter how long you use this product it will always look refreshing.

This pack includes 1 stylish wire box 1 Cable Sleeve, 4 Cable Clips, and 6 Cable Ties. And they’ll solve your problems by just simply filling the large cable box with the multiplug. Effectively wrap all the messy cords with cable sleeves. It also has XXL sockets and it easily fits with 6-12 outlet power strips of cables.

Moreover, you can store the cables out of the sight with its amazing structure which makes the job easier. You can make your TV rack, PC cables and also can clear up extra spaces taken by cables in the kitchen by using this amazing product from Tokye.

Additionally, it is animal friendly, it’s designed to save pets from possible electrocution.

You can wrap, store, and cover your cables with the cable sleeves that come with color variations which can easily define the cable types and its length as you choose.

2 DMoose Cable Management Box

Premium Choice
  • Unique look
  • Cables come of the sides
  • Minimum chances of accidents

The DMoose Cable Management Box is our premium choice. It’s one of the best cable management solutions for you. It has an aesthetic look that can be effectively used in both home and office. Also prevents unnecessary accidents with kids or pets increasing the level of safety.

To start off, it has a smart design that hides all of your power strips, USB cables, surge protectors, TV and video game console games, adapters. It can ensure better management of cable even you can place it behind desks, TVs, or any systems because of its fireproof ability.

Besides, It even has rubber feet under the box to provide extra stability on the surface. You can charge any kind of device and place it on the beautiful looking top surface. Besides, you won’t have to worry about any kind of risk because the cables come out from the sides.

With DMOOSE lifetime guarantee you can use this product worry-free which saves your space, manages your cable, and also looks stunning ensuring top-notch quality.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Minimal Features
  • Scratch resistant plastic

Resulzon Cable Management Box is a budget-friendly magic box that disappears your messy cords out of sight. Especially in dormitory, bedroom, living room, entertainment center, office, school, etc. It creates a safe environment for kids to play freely.

Moreover, it’s very simple to use. Just wrap cords together and bond with a sleeve that has black and white minimal colors matching any kind of decorations. Also, the box surface contains scratch resisting ABC plastic which can hold the new look for years.

So no need to worry about your pets scratching on it. Keep your children and pets safer than ever.

Furthermore, you can store your power strip, wires, chargers, and outlets without worrying about any dust. You can remove all of those messy areas on your floor or desk and make it neat and clean, visually pleasing and also you can even place any of your devices on the especially designer lid and safely charge them avoiding unnecessary accidents.

  • Compact design
  • Diverse functionalities
  • For smaller outlets

You want to manage your cables, but you like small and aesthetic looking boxes? The Changsuo Cable Management Box can be the perfect solution for you. It can manage your power cords, surge protectors, and chargers and has a dimension of only 11” (L) X 3½” (W) X 4” (H) available in both black and white colors.

Also, this box transfers no additional heat and ensures safety for your kids and pets organizing and hide the cluttered clots.

Moreover, you must make sure you are purchasing the right size because it will only hold a four-outlet power strip and will not hold a 6-plug outlet. You will find the feature slats of this cable management facing down so it is a must to remember that before buying that you have to disconnect the power strip to put it inside the box.

Finally, we can say that it is a good choice for use in home, office, and kitchen for small uses.

  • 12" in Length
  • 2 main, 3 side outlets
  • Boosts aesthetics

Baskiss cable management box is a natural-looking box with a wooden style cover. It boosts aesthetics with minimal features.

It has a length of 12” that can contain any messy cords and power strips. So you can easily fit any small/medium-sized multiplug inside. Keeps all the complex and frustrating cable systems in check.

Also, it frees the extra spaces acquired by cable by organizing them. It makes a safe and accident-free environment in-home office and even the kitchen makes it safe for your kids and even pets.

It has double directional outlets for power strips and three smaller outlets for your smaller device charging.

Like other cable management boxes, you can also use its lid for storing your devices which are charging like iPad, phone, camera, etc.

Finally, we suggest this cable management box by Baskiss for those who need a moderate size box with a gorgeous natural look which even serves the aesthetic purposes well.

  • Wooden Box
  • Cable sleeves & clips
  • Large design

Up next, we have a different cable management box. This black Walnut Wood box from HomeBliss has an elegant and classy look.

It has beautifully curved edges as well. Also, the brown texture makes it aesthetically more eye-pleasing than other cable management boxes in the market.

Also, it has well designed open slots for cable in the width section and open space which allow charging of phones in the length section.

It has a bigger inner dimension which dimension is 15.3” (L) X 5.7” (W) X 4.4′ (D) which is a lot of space and saves you from your worries about managing messy cables all-around your house, kitchen, and office. Besides, it blends in with your surroundings pretty well.

Also, it comes with the colorful protector cable sleeves in a cable organizer box with which you can differentiate each cable with different colors and also cable clips which will help you with smaller charging cable management on the table or desk.

  • Magnetic lid
  • Wall-mountable
  • Two outlets

If you’re looking for a unique, aesthetic, and sustainable way to manage all the dangerous and messy cables, then Teyga is just the product for you. Teyga is an eco-friendly handmade product containing 100% natural bamboo.

The product is available in 4 different colors and style choices. With a modern and eye-pleasing design, it complements any decors of home and offices. Besides, it has spacious internal dimensions (14.5 x 5 x 4.5 inches).

Moreover, this stunning looking cable organizer helps you organize all the messy cords around. Prevents cord-related injuries as well. You can sort out your chord chaos by using this cable management box which supports up to 2 power strips using it as a charging station.

Also, you can hang it on the wall horizontally or vertically because it has 4 holes in the bottom surface. It has a well flushed top surface which is great for keeping any devices on top of it. And it has a surge protector cover.

Finally, the size, looks, ecological design with proper safety features like a magnetic lid and a year of warranty it is a perfect buy for the price.

  • Removable lid
  • Anti-slip rubber pad
  • Durable plastic body

You can choose the NTONPOWER cable management box if you need a box with larger sizes (17 x 7.1 x 6.3 inches). You can keep it on the floor. Also, it comes with a medium size (12.2 x 5.4 x 5.1 inches) for desk usage.

This box can hold almost any type of power strips, USB hubs, surge protectors, etc. It has 6 cable holes on the lid to manage the messy cables in your home, office, or entertainment center.

It has a large space, and it is built with ABS plastic which is high-temperature resisting and has higher durability which can hold up to 140lb of weight with a long-lasting performance. You can store as many devices or books as you want on top of the surface.

Also, it provides safety for your kids and pets. It has multiple ventilation holes on the bottom surface. Solves heat problems effectively through its efficient hollow design. Also, the rubber mats on the bottom make it stick to the surface.

Finally, for a large, organized, safe, and durable cable management box you can obviously choose NTONPOWER Cable Management Box.

  • Classy look
  • Safe for children
  • Good ventilation

Last but not least, we have the Go-Oblong cable management box. If you want a slim, Apple-like minimal and classy design, elegant looking easy to use cable concealer you can choose the GO-Oblong Cable Management Box.

It has dimensions of 14.3”x 5.5” x 4.7”. Large enough to keep messy or ugly looking clustered cable organized without taking many spaces on the desk, floor, or entertainment center.

It can hold various types of cables like power, aux, HDMI, USB, and other cables and hides from sight and keep the space neat and clean. You can keep your devices like a phone on the top and charge them without any harm.

Moreover, it has a child-resistant, pet-proof locking lid which saves them from any kind of electronic accident. The raised inner plate even protects the cables inside.

Furthermore, the unique grid platform cancels the risk of any kind of overheating or fire and provides enough ventilation needed. And finally, for a minimal look and effective organized cable management box, it is a preferable choice.