8 Useful Resources for Business and Marketing Students

More and more learners decide to focus on business and marketing, and this is not surprising. First, marketing skills are in high demand today. Such knowledge will be relevant for future entrepreneurs, sales managers, PR professionals and so on. Second, everyone can find their own cup of tea in this field. Are you more into numbers and calculations? Engage in market analysis, strategy creation and financial matters. Do you love creativity? Write advertising texts, work on unique content and grow the social media following.

If you want to know something more than the university program, read on. We’ve put together a list of handy resources to widen your horizons. You will also find useful platforms in case you have already started your career. However, if you struggle to study the topics you are passionate about, try outsourcing. All you need to do is send your task to a trusted essay writing service EssayHub.com and mention the necessary requirements. And while the author will make your paper perfect, you can finally concentrate on the activities that are important to you. Thus, an experienced essay writer becomes a real-life saver.

Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course (HubSpot Academy)

The curriculum includes 10 lessons, 34 videos and 9 tests. Here, beginners will study:

  • Inbound marketing basics;
  • Long-term content strategy planning;
  • Promotion in blogs and social networks;
  • Optimization strategies;
  • Client marketing.

E-Business Courses (Alison Academy)

Alison is an open online learning platform developed in 2007. The course focuses on Google Analytics and AdWords, search engine optimization, company analysis, traffic tracking, etc. This course will not take you much time, only 6-10 hours.

Growing As A Marketing Manager (LinkedIn Learning)

The course teaches how to unleash the team’s creativity, demonstrate empathy and proactivity, develop leadership skills, create a marketing plan and implement it successfully. Viewing all the content will take you less than 5 hours. By the way, you can always buy essay on the 7 top essay writer services to free up your busy schedule. Yes, the time-turner from the Harry Potter universe doesn’t exist, but the essay writing service copes with this function no worse.

Digital Strategy And Action (edX Courses)

This one’s for students from beginner to advanced levels. The course contains information about the strategies used by the leaders of the world-known companies (Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Google).

How to turn a good idea into a huge profit? How to use knowledge to accelerate your growth? Lecturer Peter Cohan will help you learn from the success of digital businesses. The course is super inspirational and only takes 4 weeks of your time.

Digital Media And Marketing Strategies (Coursera)

An exciting digital marketing course offered by the University of Illinois and Coursera is made up of 15 video lessons. The program focuses on video and internet marketing, social media promotion and the role of email marketing. 

Now let’s move on to resources for students who are starting their own initiatives. The sites below will certainly ease your daily routine.


A free CRM that, in combination with other SendPulse services, helps automate sales, marketing campaigns, and communication with customers. The system allows you to work on deals in a team and appoint managers for specific tasks.

Client cards are created in one click. You can specify all the necessary information in them, designate a priority, add checklists and links to other tasks, deals or contacts, etc. By the way, there is also a task manager.

  • Simple, clear and completely free CRM;
  • Possibility of teamwork;
  • Omnichannel sales funnel and communication system: chatbots, email, push notifications;
  • Ability to view transaction data for several years;
  • Help from technical support in case of difficulties.


Trello is a simple task manager that is great for both school and work. There are kanban boards for displaying tasks by stages (To Do, In Progress and Ready), cards with detailed descriptions, checklists, a calendar, as well as integration with other services. The cards represent all the information needed to complete the job. With Trello, you will definitely keep the workflow under control and finish all your duties before the deadline.


Free CRM named Zoho supports up to three users and includes the necessary set of tools for communication with customers and sales. It covers such areas as:

  • Lead management;
  • Task execution control;
  • Multi-channel marketing.

Also, you can create more personalized emails directly from this CRM.

And here is an additional list of books, films and platforms that will allow you to understand the world of business even deeper:

  • “Wag the Dog” (1997), “What Women Want” (2000), “Mad Men” (2007 – 2015) thanks to these movies, you can explore the topics of PR and advertising;
  • “House of Cards” (2013 – 2018) shows the work of large corporations;
  • “How To Tell A Story: The Essential Guide To Memorable Storytelling from The Moth” is a profound book on how to keep the audience interested;
  • “Bottom-up Marketing” by Al Ries, Jack Trout is a classic that highlights the importance of brand positioning;
  • Google Trends: in a few clicks, you can determine the popularity of a product, its search geography, plus, compare competitors’ requests;
  • Behance is a great platform for analyzing visual trends. The best works are selected daily and displayed on the main page;
  • MindMeister or Coggle come in handy if your team needs to brainstorm. Try to be creative in solving the problem. 

To Wrap It Up

To find a great position in marketing and work for successful businesses, you will surely need to make an effort since the competition is growing every year. In 2021, LinkedIn published a report showing that the demand for marketing professionals increased by 63%. That is why it is so crucial to develop hard and soft skills from the moment you are in college, and the resources we have listed will help you expand your expertise. Good luck!


Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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