Looking for an ergonomic keyboard for your home office? We reviewed dozens of ergonomic keyboard to bring you the very best.

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  • Numeric keypad
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Low profile keys

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad features an extended layout, with document navigation controls for quick scrolling while working from home. A scissor mechanism beneath each key allows for increased stability, while optimized key travel and a low profile provide a comfortable and precise typing experience. The numeric keypad is also great for spreadsheets and finance applications. And the built-in, rechargeable battery is incredibly long-lasting, powering your keyboard for about a month or more between charges.

  • Multi-touch navigation
  • Slim body and ultra-thin
  • Power saving design

Type naturally while working from home with the Ergo k860 from Logitech. This advanced ergonomic keyboard that promotes an improved typing posture. The curved, split key frame reduces muscle strain on your wrists and forearms—keeping your hands, neck and shoulders relaxed. you’ll confidently Type on perfect stroke keys—crafted for precision and fluidity. Increased key stability reduces noise and optimizes responsiveness so you feel—but don’t hear—every keystroke. An integrated number-pad, multi-device capabilities, and two-year battery life ensure that you won’t compromise performance for ergonomics. Ergo K860 is certified ergonomic by United States ergonomics.

  • Wave design
  • Three years of battery life
  • Pairs with wireless mouse

Give your hands and wrists a rest while working at home. The ergonomic wave-shaped keyboard—with a cushioned palm rest, Constant Curve keys, and familiar layout—puts you ahead of the comfort curve without the learning curve. Your fingers vary in length so this keyboard supports the actual, varied lengths of your fingers. The palm rest helps position your hands comfortably on the keyboard—and offers a comfortable place to rest your palms when you’re not typing. The extended battery life of up to three years practically eliminates the need to replace batteries.

  • Wireless, sleek design
  • Low profile keys
  • Pairs easily

Apple’s wireless keyboard is a no-brainer. Although Apple may not have great software products (when’s the last time you used Numbers instead of Excel?), their hardware products are second to none. Seriously, for anyone punching keys on a keyboard all day, you are going to want a quality and quiet one to do it on. It’s also wireless which cuts down on clutter. Simply put, there is a huge difference between the quality and design of an apple keyboard versus a generic one. Treat yourself (and your fingertips) to this keyboard – you will be thankful that you did!

This keyboard is elegant and highly useful. It not only pairs automatically with your Mac but it enables you to type in multiple languages including English. The keyboard is optimized for performance and comes with Apple’s signature quality. If you need an elegant solution to typing, this keyboard will exceed your expectations. The metal backing is smooth and the keys are durably made.

  • Connect to 3 devices
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all devices

Arteck is known for making very high quality and affordable blue-tooth devices. This keyboard is no exception to that rule: it features simplicity, low cost affordability, and broad based compatibility with all computers, iPads, tablets from Microsoft, Google, and Apple. If you want a multi-device stainless steel full size keyboard, this is a great on for a price conscious buyer.