The Top 8 Online Resume Tools

We have reviewed the best online resume creation companies so that you don’t have to search far and wide. We want you to quickly and easily get help writing a resume, constructing a cover letter, and starting the process of standing out when applying to jobs. All of the top resume firms discussed below are comprised of a network of professional HR leaders and writers. These accredited experts need to know more about you: who you are, what kind of work you want to do, and what you have done in the past.

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About Online Resume Tools

This article is about online resume tools that can help you best tell your story to a future employer or to earn invitations to interview. Online resume editing, building, and creation tools are very helpful. You can leverage the insights, data, and expertise of a professional services firm to:

  1. Best explain what you have done
  2. Quantify your skillset and impact
  3. Concisely and professionally explain why you are a strong candidate

Professional Resume Service Options

Generally speaking you have two options: on one hand you can create a resume and share it for constructive feedback. On the other hand, you can fill out a detailed worksheet pertaining to your career. In either case, a dedicated professional author will examine your current resume or answers. During this step, the writer will want to match your past story with your future aspirations.

Some of the guidance will be strictly tactical: you should expect feedback on grammar, syntax, design, and visuals. Some of the feedback will be strategic: how to improve your story to stand out to hiring managers in your field.

What To Expect When Writing a Resume

When writing a resume you need to decide which type of worker you are: new to an industry or an industry hire. If you are new, perhaps it is because you are a recent graduate or because you are switching fields. In either case, you will want to specially ask for help translating what you have done (as a student or worker in another domain) and how the skills you have acquired will be useful to your new role and position.

Another alternative is that you are an industry hire. This type of worker is staying within the same general field but is looking for a new title, role, or firm. For these types of workers a resume that demonstrates a track record of completing the requisite tasks or milestones is important. A professional resume writing service will probe to see which type of worker you are so as to best help polish and shape your resume.

Tip: Tell A Story When Writing a Resume

An important part of resume building is telling a story. Ideally you want your story to be holistic, accurate, and linear. What do we mean? First, you want a holistic story: you should tell a full and complete story of your work or academic experiences. This will help your future employer understand who you are. Secondly, accuracy is important to building a strong resume.

This might seem obvious but truthful writing is critical to landing a job. If you are provided an offer letter it might be provisional based on a background check. It is always a good idea to be candid. Accuracy does not just pertain to truthfulness. It can also pertain to the words you use, dates of employment, and the responsibilities you held.

Lastly, a strong narrative is often linear and has themes embedded in it. A strong resume points to steady progress and shows how you have either taken sensible but calculated risks, earned more responsibilities, obtained promotions, or added additional value to your firm or clients.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Using a Resume Service

When using a professional resume service, you still need to do some work. You are paying for guidance and expertise and writing help. But you can’t outsource thinking critically about what you have done, why it matters, and what you want to do next.

A professional service is best thought of as an augmenter: you can use a service to better explain who you are. But you can’t expect the company to know everything about you. So think of it like Jordan and Pippen. You are in a position to team up with someone who can help you achieve greatness. But you need to bring your energy and focus to the table.

How To Get Your Resume Seen

Did you know that 75% of resumes never get read by a human. This is because companies (more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies) use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Applicant Tracking Systems are software programs that scanning resumes and use an algorithm for keyword searches. The keywords are looking for certain skills training, previous work experience and even former employers. The ATS automatically remove and advance resumes through to the next round of recruiting.

Most resumes are never read because they are formatted in a way that is incompatible with ATS. Professional resume services will optimize your resume for ATS, increasing your chances of getting your resume past ATS and seen by a human.