We reviewed dozens of typewriter keyboard selections to bring you the best of the best. These typewriter keyboards can be a little pricey due to their mechanical design, but users say that the feel, quality, and aesthetically pleasing design of these keyboards make them worth it.

All of these typewriter keyboards can be used across any of your devices: phones, tablets, computers, PCs. These digital typewriters combine ease of use, quality, and reliability to make your typing experience enjoyable and unique. Here are our top picks:

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  • Classic look and design
  • Leather and wood top
  • Enhanced battery life

The Azio Retro is a classic reborn: it is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future. This product is elegant and very high quality. It feels amazing in your hands and is tactcile and clicky. The sound from each keystroke is subtle but distinguished. The product provides high versatility and supports Windows or Mac, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via USB. The ultra-moden keyboard frame is forged with aluminum alloy and plated into a beautiful chrome/Satin finish to accompany the leather top plate. The backlit mechanical keys are reminiscent of vintage typewriters.

Lastly, the fit and finish are world-class: the Azio Retro has genuine leather on wood. The leather reflects taste, craftsmanship, and exclusiveness while emitting a unique charm that inspires you while typing.

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  • 3 connection types
  • Available in multiple colors

This keyboard brings together a retro feel with up-to-date technology. The mechanical keys will provide a beautiful sensation as you punch each keystroke. It’s a very trendy keyboard that will compliment your desktop quite nicely.

The 87 key typewriter keyboard supports all three types of connection modes. You can use it wirelessly with a USB receiver, via Bluetooth connection, or wired mode. It can support up to three connections via Bluetooth and doesn’t require any drivers or software to install. You can literally turn it on and you are good to go.

It also features 9 backlit effects, a wireless connection range of 32 feet, and a beautiful metallic finish. It’s also available in white, pink, or silver pink key colors. That and more, earn this typewriter keyboard our premium pick.

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  • Many color options
  • Easy to use wired

This typewriter keyboard from The PNK Stuff is created with the finest materials but comes at a great price. The mechanical keys will provide a beautiful sound and feeling as you stroke each key. Much like the wireless counterpart, this trendy keyboard will compliment your desktop quite nicely.

The 104 key typewriter keyboard connects directly to your computer via a wired USB cable. Just plug in and you are good to go.

It’s available in white, blue, black pink, or silver colors. The backlights come in all different flavors including the rainbow shown in the product image here. You can adjust the backlight brightness and frequency to match your needs.

This typewriter has it all: affordable price, easy connection, and sleek design. We love it!

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  • Wireless and USB mode
  • Choose language key layout
  • Sleek and scratch resistant

The Qwerkywriter S is the original typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard. It has a wired USB mode and supports multi device wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. In short, you can connect your monitor, tablet, and laptop all at the same time. The dual scroll knob encoders gives you enhanced flexibility when working as you can touch the keyboard gently to move up and down documents or PDFs or webpages.

The Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches are the most beautiful on the market. If you are a mobile person – and work across a tablet or phone and computer – you will absolutely love the integrated tablet stand that is built in for back support so you can prop up your tablet while typing. You can also choose from a variety of language layouts: US, UK, German, Spanish, French, Nordic, and Italian

Lastly this product embodies the virtues of durability. The scratch resistant aluminum chassis and round typewriter inspired keycaps create just the precise sound you will want to hear while typing. If you want the best typewriter keyboard on the market, this is it.

  • 30 lighting effects
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Top-grade metal pane

The Basaltech Retro Steampunk Vintage Typewriter Keyboard is a gaming, working, and playing keyboard all-in-one. The typewriter finish gives this keyboard an elegant but highly useful aesthetic. If you value durability, this keyboard will impress you as it is made of top-grade metal panel and heavy-duty plastic body, with matte-finish texture.

  • Dual Modes: Wireless Bluetooth
  • Connect 3 Bluetooth Devices
  • 17 backlit lighting effects

The DoubleW Typewriter Keyboard is great if you want a typewriter style keyboard with ultimate optionality. You can connect via bluetooth or wired USB to your laptop or computer monitor and start typing immediately. The keyboard is an assistant as well; it can easily help you recognize the keys in the dark with the illuminated characters. The lighting brightness and speed are also adjustable with 5 levels.

  • Full-size layout
  • Retro design
  • Ergonomic customizations

This all black and sleek modern typewriter keyboard is an amazing accessory for your home office. Why? Firstly, it is modem and has a 1.5 meter cable length. Secondly, it has a customisable tilt for comfort. Lastly, the 11 multifunctional keys can enable you to perform even more efficient work.

  • 30 lighting effects
  • 104-key anti ghosting
  • Removable keycaps


The Basaltech Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a gaming, working, and playing keyboard all-in-one. Before discussing its durability, let’s discuss the color and aesthetic. It has beautiful and stunning key colors which not only light up your workstation but can add value in helping your enjoy work while typing. The typewriter finish gives this keyboard an elegant but highly useful aesthetic. If you value durability, this keyboard will impress you as it is made of top-grade metal panel and heavy-duty plastic body, with matte-finish texture.

  • Compact and fashionable
  • Integrated ergonomic design
  • Long-range wireless connection

The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Mini Portable 84-Key Typewriter is perfect for your home office. It is very easy to set up and has enhanced ergonomic features and wireless connection strength.  Thanks to 2.4 GHZ wireless technology, this bluetooth keyboard provides a fast and reliable connection up to 25 feet away. This means that once its connected you can type and walk around or sit on the couch and complete your work. This product has 84 round keys which are a nice touch and give you the ultimate suite of functionality you need.

What is a typewriter keyboard

A typewriter keyboard is a keyboard that has buttons and the feel of typing on a typewriter. That combination of retro feel and modern simplicity is why so many people love using this product. A typewriter keyboard is ideal for people that want to travel back in time, love style and fashion. But, it’s also for people who value contemporary design standards.

When I first used a typewriter keyboard I was impressed by its weight. It sits on your desk and connects to your laptop, computer, or monitor via bluetooth. The keys are impressionable: they are solid, beautifully designed, and make a sound akin to a typewriter when you press them. 

If you have high design standards, are hip to trends, or have a home office replete with wood, glass, and cheery oak, the typewriter keyboard will add a stunning stylistic nuance to your environment.

How a typewriter keyboard works

Many typewriter keyboards come with a built-in tray which enables you to connect to your iPad or phone as well. You can place this tablet computer into the tray and it serves as a stand.

These wonderful products are throw-backs to an older age but have all the bells and whistles needed for the modern worker. You can expect the following out of the box: USB connector, a volume knob, and mechanical enter.

Many typewriter keyboards also enable volume control and vertical scrolling, much like a mouse. The advantage of this is that you can work even faster: by using your fingers on the keyboard you don’t need to remove them to touch or interact with another device. If you want to work even more productively, buy a typewriter keyboard with a scroll wheel.

How the keyboard feels on your fingers

The biggest difference between typewriter keyboards is the physical design of the form factor itself. Some typewriter keyboards go above and beyond: they look like actual typewriters! Others look far more like contemporary computer keyboards but the keys themselves are set in such a way that when pressed they make a typewriter sound. When deciding which type of typewriter keyboard to buy, keep this in mind.

Circuit Technology

Beneath the keyboard lies a circuit board called the key matrix, which consists of lots of tiny circuits. Much like a traditional keyboard, typewriter keyboards are built using matrix technology.

When a key is pressed, a circuit on the key matrix is completed, sending a current / signal to the character map. This makes the keyboard very responsive. This remains true if you are using a bluetooth or Micro-USB connection.

Among the best typewrite keyboards we have reviewed, we also have included a number that have intelligent power saving designed in their circuitry. If you want your keyboard to automatically go to sleep, consider a keyboard that has this operation natively built-in.

Why does a typewriter keyboard add value to my work from home setup?

A typewriter keyboard adds value in three ways:

  1. It looks splendid and unique. This gives your work from home office a creative flair.
  2. It feels simply amazing in your hands. These devices are very durable and sturdy. You can press the keys with confidence and your fingers will feel a bit of magic with each click.
  3. These keyboards offer the same functionality as all other modern keyboards and are particularly well suited for multi-device setups (computers, tablets).

Is a typewriter keyboard the same as a computer keyboard?

Yes. A typewriter keyboard is built to be used with a phone, small or large tablet, PC, or laptop. You connect the typewriter keyboard to your device via a cable or via bluetooth. You can then type, just as you would with a traditional computer keyboard. The big difference is experience.  The look, feel, and sound of the keys when pressed is different between a typewriter keyboard and a computer keyboard. This short helps you hear what typing on such a device sounds like.

Final Thoughts

Typewriter keyboards are unique. They bring together a vintage feel with excellent materials, multi-use functionality, and high design standards to help you work, type, and feel great while pushing the keys down.

These keyboards tend to be slightly more expensive – which makes sense given that fewer of them are made and because they are made of very robust materials.

Having a typewriter keyboard is about design and functionality. If you want a keyboard that enables you to work well and feel cool in the process, this product will serve you well.