Helpful guides with our recommended books and book reviews.

31 Books on Confidence and Assertiveness

Do you want to be a successful and confident woman entrepreneur but feel like you lack the tools or knowledge to make it happen? Having confidence and ...

Best Books On Mindset For Women Entrepreneurs

There are many books on the market about entrepreneurship and mindset. So, which ones are the best for women? First, let's consider why woman should read ...

Leaders Eat Last Summary

Leaders Eat Last is a book about the connection between leaders and their teams. In it, author Simon Sinek explores the question of why some teams pull ...

From 6 to 7 Figures: A Review of Austin Netzley’s Book

If you're looking for financial freedom, then look no further than Austin Netzley's book "From 6 to 7 Figures." In this review, we will discuss the main points ...

Best Books on Self Compassion

Do you want to be kinder to yourself and more compassionate towards others? If yes, then the concept of self-compassion might be something worth exploring. ...

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