Everyone needs a chair to pair with their desk. We prioritized chairs with great ergonomic features, a sleek design, and a breathable back rest with tilt control. Here is our list of the 10 best desk chairs

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1 Best Choice ErgoChair 2 By Autonomous Check Price ➡
2 Premium Herman Miller Embody Chair Check Price ➡
3 Best Value Alonte Task Chair Check Price ➡
4 Sihoo Ergonomics Desk Chair Check Price ➡
5 Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair Check Price ➡
6 HOMEFUN Ergonomic Office Chair Check Price ➡
7 Herman Miller Aeron Check Price ➡
8 X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair Check Price ➡
9 Steelcase Leap Office Chair Check Price ➡
10 CLATINA 247 Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair Check Price ➡
11 Herman Miller Mirra 2 Check Price ➡
12 SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Check Price ➡
13 High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair Check Price ➡
14 Serta Faux Big Office Chair Check Price ➡
15 AmazonBasics Bonded Leather Chair Check Price ➡
  • Tons of ergonomic settings
  • 30 day trial | 2 year warranty
  • Built-in headrest

The ErgoChair 2 By Autonomous is our top product for good reason. It has a ton of ergonomic features at a very affordable price. It also comes with a two year warranty and a 30 day trial period. If you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

As mentioned, it features a lot of different ergonomic settings and controls to help you create the ideal setup. It has a height adjustable headrest where you can also change the tilt angle. You can adjust the tilt of the mesh backing as well as the tilt of the seat. You can also adjust the back tilt tension so that you can lean back and have the chair naturally lean back but give a bit of tension to it. Lastly, the arm rests can be adjusted up/down but also side to side. Essentially, you can configure this chair in a million different ways to best fit your own ergonomics.

It comes in a variety of colors including black, grey, blue, and red. It can swivel 360 degrees and supports up to 350 pounds. This chair will support your back and entire body very well. It will become your chair for life.

2 Herman Miller Embody Chair

Premium Choice
  • Six ergonomic functions
  • 12-year warranty
  • Rhythm fabric

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is an answer to the previously unresolved dissonance between people and their technology. Every part of the chair was designed to serve a very specific and healthful purpose – setting a new benchmark for pressure distribution, spinal alignment, and natural movement. Designed to mimic the human back, this chair has a central spine and flexible ribs. If you’re planning on sitting at your desk for very long hours while working from home, the Embody Chair is worth the investment.

3 Alonte Task Chair

Best Value
  • Ergonomic backrest provides great Lumbar support
  • Synchro tilt: the seat and back will tilt as you lean backwards
  • Tilt lock

This chair has an open mesh design on the backrest – it’s very breathable! This style of chair also really helps promote good posture and supports your back. The arm rests are in a fixed position but for most people that’s not really a dealbreaker. Overall it’s a nice design, very affordable, and a great overall value.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Ergonomic headrest
  • Comfortable seat cushion

Sihoo is a professional ergonomic office furniture supplier that dedicated to providing a full range of office space solutions to global consumers. Their chairs are recommended by the Ergonomics Application Association. This chair is full of features like the two-way fine-tuning healthy lumbar pillow that protects the lumbar spine, a multi-dimensional free rotating head pillow to protect the Cervical vertebra, 120° back-adjustment office rest and correctness, comfortable soft cotton cushion, and adjustable handrail. Overall this chair offers an affordable luxury for working from home.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 3 position tilt-lock
  • Pivoting armrests

The EuroTech Ergohuman Mesh Chair feature eight ergonomic adjustments for maximum comfort all day while working from home. Breathable mesh seat and back promote air circulation and offer increased support. This chair is highly adjustable with tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle, back height, synchro tilt, seat height, seat depth, and arm height.

  • 90-135 degree inclination
  • Extra lumber support
  • Reinforced construction

The HOMEFUN Office Chair is an affordable work from home office chair that comes packed with high-end features. Available in a variety of colors, the chair has 90-135 degree adjustable backrest and 16-20 in adjustable height of seat. It can be adjusted to meet length of your back and leg. The whole back is made in one-piece, with supportive headrest and mesh support to protect your neck and back. The mesh office chair with upgraded sponge padded seat for extra support. The HOMEFUN chair is ideal for long hours of working from home.

  • Advanced synchro-tilt
  • Highly adjustable
  • Breathable mesh backrest

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most iconic and historical chairs on the market. It is highly adjustable and has a very comfortable mesh backrest. The backrest has adjustable lumbar support and tilt tension. This chair looks beautiful and modern, even though it has been around for decades. It is the industry leader and found all over major office buildings. 

  • Dynamic variable lumbar
  • SciFloat infinite recline
  • 4-dimensional armrests

Feel like you’re in a corner office while you work from home. Gone are the days of behemoth leather executive chairs. x4 is sleek, intuitive, and elegantly dynamic. Supple leather and polished aluminum cover its dramatic curves and sleek lines to bring a touch of refinement to any office. Experience the ergonomic technology you deserve and the comfort you desire with SciFloat infinite recline and dvl support. Sometimes tradition needs to be broken.

  • Live back technology
  • 98% recyclable
  • Range of adjustments,

The Leap chair has quickly become one of Steelcase’s flagship products. With an exceptional range of adjustments, Leap delivers full support for all body shapes and sizes while working from home. The streamlined, stylish contour of the Steelcase Leap chair is just the beginning. The Leap office chair actually changes Shape to support your movements! With its live back Technology, it moves dynamically as your back moves, mimicking the movement of your spine. Even when leaning forward, the seat edge flexes to relieve pressure on the back of the legs. In short, The leap chair’s ergonomic advances allow you to work from home comfortably, and more productively.

  • 3D arm rest
  • BIFIMA certification
  • 5-years free warranty

Clatina’s 247 series chair is not just an ordinary office chair, it is fully adjustable with ergonomic designed especially for people who work in long hours at home with high concentration. The patented Synchro Movement Technology increases sitting comfortability and safety. 247 series chair is a universal chair that fits for everyone.

  • Standard tilt control
  • Highly adjustable
  • Breathable mesh backrest

Just like the Aeron, Herman Miller’s Mirra 2 has a very iconic design with a breathable mesh backrest. It has the standard ergonomic adjustments that you would expect with armrests, tilt, and lumbar support. When you sink into the chair, it will really feel like the chair is moving with you in a very comfortable way. 

  • Breathable back rest
  • Easy seat adjustment
  • Angled arm rests

This chair is the perfect combo of back support, design, and price.. It has excellent ergonomic design and is built to last long and support your back. It’s also minimalistic and not very bulky, making it a nice complement to your home office or work station design. And lastly, it’s reasonably priced and not going to cost you a whole paycheck for it.

  • Build for heavy duty use
  • Gaming centric
  • Ergonomic swivel

Gaming chairs are designed and built for people who love to sit and engage with screens. If you want to work in this type of chair, look no further than this chair. It is deeply comfortable and provides luxurious benefits. It has swivel capabilities and is adjustable. Because it is so durable you will melt into the chair and feel great working in it. The rich blue and black design are stylish as well.

  • All day broad cushions
  • Neck support built-in
  • Smooth rolling casters

This leather chair is built for the moden executive. It is elegant and large with deep cushion padding and a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. But that is not all! It enables smooth rolling and mobility with it’s dual-wheel design that makes it easy to swivel across many surfaces, including wood and carpet. This chair is high end and you will love how it makes you look and feel while working at home.

  • High-back
  • Soft brown leather
  • Set chair to preferred angle

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s branded items and they always nail the design, finish, and price. If you want a high quality item with a strong and high-back for all day comfort this chair will bring you a professional feel for your home office at an affordable rate. The chair comes with a 1 year warranty which is a nice feature in case you have any concerns. The dark and rich brown leather will look next to any desk.

Best Desk Chairs: Buyer Guide

Do you have a job that requires you to use a laptop or phone? If so, you might be surprised how much time you spend in your chair. Over a 40 hour work week, you will log roughly 2,000 hours per year working and most of this time will be spent sitting. Multiply that times the years a person works by and it is easy to see that a large part of one’s life is spent in an office chair.

Despite this estimate, some people spend more money on buying a desk or a watch than on the piece of equipment that will support their entire body as they work. Some people spend more time on their computer than they do sleeping.

It’s not just smart and forward thinking to have a nice and functional office chair for both the workplace and the house. It is healthy. If you have read this far you likely agree that having the best desk chairs are important for your long term well being and productivity. So let’s get to the heart of the article: what should you evaluate and know when picking your next chair? What are the different attributes that a chair can have? And how are all of these features priced into a chair? We’ll cover all of this and more. And we also suggest checking out our other chair selections like the best white office chairs if you are looking for a specific style.

Every Desk Chair Is Different

Here is what you must get right when evaluating a chair. Every chair is different and every human body is different. Nevertheless, the tips outlined below will help guide you through simple checks you should be mindful of. This guide can help give you things to think about that perhaps you might have overlooked.

Desk Chair Lumbar Support

The lower back will provide help from a good office chair. Many of the better chairs you might evaluate will also have a lumbar support that can be modified allowing you to match the chair to their lower back curvature and sensitivity. This is important to prevent back strain that can deteriorate and become sciatica, a condition that can be debilitating.


Nearly all office chairs have an adjustment to the height and arm; however, these are not the most significant changes to look for when searching for an office chair. There are at least five modifications to the right office chairs with some having up to 14 different adjustable features. Important adjustable features include lumbar support, arm width and height, sitting back width and height, seat and back angle, and tension control. Many of the supports are operated by click or rotation, while a few are operated with a handheld bulb pump. Make sure you can adjust your chair – if you can’t and you can’t test it out, it won’t work.

Wheel Base

Almost all office chairs have what is called a wheel base; but, if the office is carpeted, a chair with wheels specifically designed for the carpet may need to be purchased. Rolling is necessary to avoid strain as it stretches across a desk to retrieve objects that are not within reach. If you work on a wooden floor or hard surface you might want a chair with ball wheels. This makes sliding less common. Knowing the surface you are working on is important for knowing the kinds of wheels you will want at the base.

Desk Chair Swivel Base

All office chairs should swivel freely to allow easy access to different sections of the desk. If the chair does not swing freely, the tiredness of the arm will result from stretching over to reach various objects. Some chairs enable 360 rotations. Others less so. If you are working from home and only facing a desk, perhaps your chair doesn’t need to rotate entirely. If your home office has multiple desks/monitors or you want to quickly turn and see others behind you (i.e. your kids or partner) then you will want a chair with greater rotational abilities.

Desk Chair Fabric

The fabric should be breathable to prevent the chair from getting hot and uncomfortable after sitting in it for hours. It should also have enough cushion to support you sitting in it without feeling through the cushion at the base of the chair. The fabric is a personal decision based on different things you might care about: how much do you sweat (if at all) while working, do you like to sink into fabric or be “on top of it”.

As an alternative, you could also opt to buy a chair cover

Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying The Best Desk Chairs Online

A common issue is that you won’t be able to “test” the chair you will use, as increasingly people are turning to online venues to acquire chairs. Here are additional things to ask about when looking for chairs online.

  • The backrest should be flexible, and should match the spine shape. It should also help the lower backward curve.
  • Feet should rest comfortably flat on the floor. If not, change the height of the chair, or install a footrest. Having a footrest or not is a personal choice that interplays with your desk. Some desks have built in places for your legs, others do not.
  • Arm rests are meant to be close to the body to help the shoulder relax.
  • The height of the arm should be adjustable, and suit the desk height. This removes pressure to the shoulders.
  • In a forward looking sitting position, what should be seen is the center of the computer screen.
  • To provide adequate support, the back of the chair should come to the middle of the shoulder blades, and be even better above the shoulders.
  • The chair seat should be sufficiently long to put two or three finger lengths between it and the knee.
  • The cushion will be memory foam where possible.

If possible, try to test the chair you buy. Find a chair that a colleague enjoys and ask why. If you can visit a local retailer, sample sitting in a few. Adjust your posture. Picking the right chair is all about understanding what the chair can do for you – how it helps your body, how it makes you feel, the ways in which it energizes you when working. By following this guide you should have a few more topics (or many!) to think about when purchasing your next home office chair.