Health and Well Being

Maximize your health, happiness, and well being while working from home with these helpful guides.

What to Do When Your Boss Wants You Back in the Office

Pardon the workplace pun, but much of the talk around the water cooler has been about the merits of working in the office versus working from home. Most ...

Exploring Foraging Opportunities in College Green Spaces

The idea of foraging might conjure up images of ancient civilizations or remote communities collecting wild plants and fruits for sustenance. However, this ...

100 Good Habits for a Successful Meaningful Life

What does it mean to live a meaningful life? To the ambitious entrepreneur striving for success, living a meaningful life can include developing better habits ...

Types of Self Care for Busy Women

In today’s busy world, life can be particularly hectic and overwhelming for busy women. Yet, taking the time and effort to practice self-care is essential for ...

6 Ways to Reduce Stress and Burnout

People have to endure many stresses during their lifetime. Yet, many of us can’t cope with pressure and always fall victim to stressful times. Learn these six ...

What is Holistic Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in life and searching for a way to create lasting positive change? Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop an empowered mindset and ...

What is a Mindset Coach

Mindset coaches are life coaches who work in a new way. They move beyond traditional methods of self-help to tackle specific problems with considered, ...

5 Lifestyle Habits to Develop to Stay Healthy

If you want to feel better this year, get your health under control and learn the best ways to take care of yourself.

Negative Mindset vs Growth Mindset Infographic

Do you ever find yourself saying negative things to yourself instead of encouraging thoughts? You're not alone! Negative thinking can be a difficult habit to ...

How to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals

If fitness is something that you’re thinking about when planning your New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to also plan a way to stay on track with your ...

150 Morning Affirmations for Women

You've probably heard of affirmations before, but what are they, really? An affirmation is simply a positive statement that you repeat to yourself on a ...

7 Easy Ways to Improve Mental Health When Working Remotely

Aside from dealing with the work stress and everything happening around, remote workers now must be ready to work in isolation. They are also required to be ...

Covid-19 And Mental Health Crisis: How Did Working From Home Make It Better

When the pandemic first broke out, the globe went into a panic. Health professionals advised social distancing as one of the measures to curb the spread of ...

5 Ways to Reduce Election Anxiety While Working From Home

Today I woke up at 5am with mild anxiety about the election. I am a remote worker and my peers and manager and I do not discuss politics. Having no outlet ...

Keeping Your Indoor Air Quality Clean

As wildfires rage across the Western U.S. many home office workers are experiencing poor air quality outside and inside of their homes. Bad air quality ...

Best Stretching Exercises

Everyone is susceptible to pain or injury as a result of tight, overactive, or shortened muscles. In order to combat this, it is best to incorporate a regular ...

Self Care Ideas

Self care is more than a luxury product trending social media, or the latest extravagant outing or purchase that you made. The label of #selfcare gets used to ...

The Best Treadmills For Your Home

One of the best things we can do for our health is increasing our daily activity level. This doesn’t need to mean enlisting in a workout program, taking a ...

Home Exercise Ideas With Dumbbells

One of the many consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought is that almost all of our daily routines must now take place within the confines of our ...

The Best Exercises To Improve Posture

I think we’ve all been told at one point or another that we should sit up straighter or work on our posture. But if you haven’t yet, I’ll be the first to tell ...

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