How To Get Paid To Read Books

Do you love to read books? Did you know that you could get paid to do it? There are many different jobs that allow you to work from home and read books. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 jobs that allow you to read books for a living!

For just about any book lover, the opportunity to get paid to read the best books can be a thrilling prospect. Most jobs that pay readers also require them to write and communicate with others. This can make working more fun and give them opportunities to learn new things. If you enjoy reading and have a good understanding of the text, you can enjoy working in a position that lets you read books for income.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might want to work in a career that allows them to make extra money by reading books. Among the most prevalent reasons is that most passionate readers enjoy reading books in their spare time. They, therefore, seek out jobs that enable them to do what they enjoy while still earning money.

If you’re interested in the publication sector, you could consider a job that requires you to read books, since reading is a big component of any publishing job. The best thing about jobs that pay for reading is that they are also flexible and you can work from home. This appeals to the avid reader who wants to strike a good balance between their work and life.

So, whether you’re looking for a new career or just want some extra cash from a side hustle, keep reading. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these interesting and lucrative jobs!

Ways You Can Get Paid To Read Books

1. Summarize Books

Try summarizing the books you’ve read. There are a handful of companies that pay readers to write book summaries, which they subsequently post for customers to get a quick overview of the content. There are also businesses that may pay writers to create extensive summaries which make novels or books on complex subjects more clear and understandable to the general public.

If you’d like to get a job writing book summaries, then you can check platforms or companies that offer these opportunities. There are both freelance book lovers and full-term positions for these kinds of jobs. 

2. Proofread Books

One way you can make money reading books is by proofreading them. Proofreaders look for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. They also check to see if the book flows well and makes sense. To be a proofreader, you must have excellent attention to detail and be able to catch even the smallest of errors.

If you’re interested in becoming a proofreader, a great way to start is by taking a course. There are many online courses you can take to get started. Once you’ve completed a course or two, you can start applying for jobs. There are many companies that hire remote proofreaders, so you can work from the comfort of your own home.

3. Review books

If you love reading and providing your opinion on books, then this job is perfect for you! Book reviewers are responsible for giving their thoughts and opinions on newly released books. This helps potential readers to determine whether or not the book is something they would be interested in. In most cases, book reviewers are given free copies of the books they are assigned to review. However, they may also receive an hourly wage or be paid per review.

Begin writing book reviews for the books you’ve finished reading. There are several ways through which you can get compensated for writing book reviews. You can start by writing honest reviews on your own and then submitting them to book review sites and literary journals that publish reviews. Since you get to select the books you’ll review, you can customize your reviews to suit your interests.

Being a paid book reviewer is a terrific way to begin your career as a professional book reviewer. Another way you can go about this is by finding publishing companies or publications that hire employees or freelancers to write reviews. This might help you earn money by writing book reviews.

4. Create Book Indexes

If you have a love for books and an eye for detail, then working as a book indexer may be the perfect job for you! Book indexers are responsible for creating indexes for books. This helps readers quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. In most cases, book indexers are employed by publishing companies but freelance book indexers jobs also exist.

5. Narrate Audio Books

Getting a job as an audiobook narrator is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get paid to read books out loud. Basically, what being a book narrator entails is reading a book from cover to cover. You get to become fully acquainted with its contents, and then you record an audio of yourself reading the book aloud.

Not all audiobook readers are professional voice actors. Aspirants with a great voice can join an internet platform that offers them a collection of books that require to be narrated. It then links them with writers to get freelance gigs as audiobook narrators. Other places you can look for audiobook narration jobs include on freelance websites where writers need to record audiobook versions of their writings.

6. Work as a Book Editor 

If you have a keen eye for detail and a passion for books, then working as a book editor could be the perfect job for you! Book editors are responsible for reviewing manuscripts and making sure they are free of errors. They also provide feedback to authors on how to improve the overall quality of the books before they are published. Developing characters, language, and syntax, story or plot cohesion, and other issues may be discussed.

Working as a book editor is often a full-time job at publishing companies, which often engage publishing teams for various genres or divisions. However, you may be able to become an editor on a freelance basis in some cases.

7. Become a Manuscript Reader

If you want to get paid to read books, get a job as a manuscript reader for a literary agent. Because literary agencies frequently represent numerous self-published authors, they frequently have submissions to consider. As a consequence, most literary agents hire freelance readers to analyze manuscripts and give specific details that might assist an agent in deciding whether or not to represent a particular book or author.

Working for a literary agent entails reading complete manuscripts or some parts of them. This is all while taking thorough notes about the defining traits of the script, and interacting with the literary agency that selects books or novels to represent.

Platforms That Offer Book Reading Jobs

There are a number of platforms that will pay you to read books. Fancy being able to indulge your favorite pleasure which is reading, while also getting compensation for it. Here are some of the places you can get reading jobs:

1. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is a publishing house that focuses on book reviews. They are always looking for reviewers to read and write good reviews for a variety of genres. This means the company frequently hires reviewers to read books and then produce 350-word reviews. To be eligible for a job on this platform, you must send Kirkus your CV, samples of your writing, and a summary of your reviewing expertise. Kirkus also recruits copy editors and proofreaders on a regular basis. This means you have several alternatives for making money reading books with the platform.

2. The Online Book Club

The Online Book Club is a website that helps connect readers with new books. This organization is frequently searching for people who can give genuine reviews of the books it sends to members. The Online Book Club provides you with free books and membership is free.They pay from $5 to $60 for book reviews. This mainly depends on the book-length and other factors. You must complete your first review for free for consideration. This is how the company determines whether or not you are qualified for a position as a book reviewer with them. There is payment for any additional reviews you write for Online Book Club.

3. The Women’s Review of Books

The Women’s Review of Books reviews books that women write about women. The forming of the website was in conjunction with Old City Publishing in Philadelphia at Wellesley College, by the Wellesley Centers for Women. To be eligible for jobs on this platform, you should submit your CV, a cover letter, as well as writing samples of published reviews. This company values punctuality and professionalism, which is why they prefer to hire reviewers that can meet deadlines. The majority of reviewers get fourteen cents for each word, and the firm also accepts book suggestions.

4. The U.S. Review Of Books

The US Review of Books is a publishing house that provides book reviews for numerous titles across a wide range of categories. The firm employs reviewers on a regular basis to produce 250-300 word book reviews for publishing on its website. Whenever this company posts books that are available for review on their website, you request reviewer status. On a monthly basis, you’ll receive payment for reviews you have finished.

5. Publishers Weekly

This is a weekly news publication that focuses on the book publishing industry. Publishers Weekly haa a career page on their site that frequently lists employment openings for editors, book reviewers, and copyeditors. They do, however, regularly seek out book reviewers for both fiction and non-fiction. They pay an honorarium to all reviewers they hire, though the website does not really disclose how much it is. Both commercially published and self-published books are welcome to submit reviews to Publishers Weekly. To apply, you should email a CV and also a 200-word review of a book that is a recent publication as a sample. 

6. UpWork

You can find opportunities to get paid to read books and write reviews for websites or blogs on Upwork. This is a freelancing platform that links freelancers with clients that are in need of assistance. Job availability varies, but once you have built a portfolio and gathered some reviews on the site, you will get more jobs. Upwork has hundreds of jobs in a range of categories, including many opportunities for book reviewers, book audio narrators, and editors to work as freelancers.


A proofreading service checks your writing for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Proofreading services can be used for any type of writing, from emails to essays to books. You can find proofreading jobs that offer competitive pay ranging from USD 19 to 46 per hour depending on turnaround time, with the highest pay for the most urgent deadlines.

How much do book readers get paid?

Narrators get paid to read books. Novice book narrators are likely paid an hourly rate between zero to $50 each hour for small publications. Publishers that are both medium and big sizes could pay from $100 to $350 every hour. Since there is competition from audiobook narrators that are well-connected or more experienced, most novice narrators join the profession on a part-time basis and don’t get work frequently. In addition, the majority of new narrators are not paid at standard rates.

How can I earn money by reading?

Audiobook narrators record themselves reading books for public consumption. Audiobooks have been increasingly popular over the years among those who enjoy reading and may not have the time to actually read the book themselves. Audiobook narrators are usually actors who have a special talent for bringing the characters and words on a page to life. The pay for an audiobook narrator varies based on the book’s publisher, the talent experience of the narrator, and also the book publication. 

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