Hot-swappable keyboards are taking over the keyboard market very fast. The integrity, highly customizable features, and solid build of a hot-swappable keyboard has make them more appealing than traditional keyboards.

So if you’re looking to purchase a hot-swappable keyboard, WFHAdviser has got you covered. Later in the article, we’ve featured some of the best hot-swappable mechanical keyboards on the market.

The main advantage of a hot-swappable keyboard is that you can repair/replace and customize a button without disturbing another. Even with similar typewriter keyboards, these keys can’t usually be interchanged, Because the buttons are individual switches that you can customize within seconds.  

You just have to pop the switches into a printed circuit board and add keycaps. And you can get started straight away. Most of these keyboards prefer the Cherry MX, Gateron Brown, and similar high-quality switches. Some of the keyboards also support highly-customized silent switches as well.

Most of the mechanical keyboards come with RGB backlighting which are also customizable. You can control the light pattern, intensity, contrast, and other features for the best experience.

Mopreover, they are mostly compact. Usually 60-70% of a full keyboard. This is to reduce space and cost. Also, compact designs make them more practical for gaming and typing.

You can choose between a wired or wireless keyboard as well.


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    1 Best Choice Compact Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Check Price
    2 Premium Drop ALT High-Profile Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    3 Best Value Hot Swappable keyboard by PNK Stuff – 68 keys Check Price
    4 GK61 Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    5 Womier Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    6 EPOMAKER SKYLOONG SK61 Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    7 KEMOVE 61 Wireless Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    8 Glorious Modular Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    9 Keychron K6 Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    10 DIERYA DK61E Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    11 GK61x Hot Swappable Keyboard Check Price
    • 87 Mechanical Keys
    • Connect from up to 32 feet
    • Dual Modes for Wifi/Bluetooth

    A great keyboard is light, durable, easy-to-use, and always connected to the computer, tablet, or phone you wish to control. The Compact Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard by Pnk Stuff is all that – and more. It connects to any device (or operating system) via external bluetooth. This means you can type on Windows, Mac, Chrme, your Iphone or Ipad, and Android.

    Secondly, in addition to the connectivity benefits, the keyboard is compact and actually nearly 85% smaller than a regular keyboard. The keyboard achieves this without sacrificing ergonomic benefits or design. If you are working from home and switching rooms often – or traveling with your keyboard – the durable design and light frame will be useful features of this product.

    Lastly, many WFH workers have multiple devices – you might have a computer, a phone, and a tablet. This keyboard connects to up to three devices at a time, which is critical for getting work done quickly without having to always change the bluetooth pairing. Overall, this product works well, will exceed your expectations, and is well priced.


    • CNC milled body
    • Heavyweight
    • Customizable LED backlit

    Next up, we bring you the Drop ALT High-Profile swappable keyboard. This one has some quality features alongside the excellent build. We recommend it as a premium buy.

    First of all,  the Drop ALT is pretty similar to the original ALT, but it comes with a tall case made from CNC-aluminum for better concealment of the switches. Protects better than regular hot-swappable keyboards.

    Also, since it’s made out of a block of anodized aluminum, it has better integrity and weight. And this extra weight keeps the keyboard in place, even when you’re in the midst of a hardcore gaming or typing session.

    Besides, this ALT High-Profile swappable keyboard supports Cherry MX Brown switches. And unlike some other keyboards, it comes pre-equipped as well. So you won’t have to go through the trouble of ordering additional switches anytime soon.

    Just to let you know, the Cherry MX switches have a tactile bump, require medium actuation force, and offer silent travel. So it’s excellent for typing, gaming, & working flawlessly.

    The keyboard is also LED-backlit with fully customizable color settings.

    • 65% layout (68-key) keyboard
    • 18+ backlit effects
    • Bluetooth connectivity

    This 65% keyboard by PNK stuff is a small and customizable keyboard. It has 68 keys and is great for traveling. It also has numerous customizable features. For one, it has 18+ backlight effects that you can play with. Additionally, the keycaps come one multiple colors. And probably most importantly, you can configure the key switches to have different effects.

    There are a total of four different key switches that you can choose from. Their blue switch adds a tactile bump and an audible click for each time you make a keystroke. The brown switch has the tactile bump but no audible click. The black switch carries no tactile bump or audible click with a heavy actuation force. And their red switch is similar to black, but with a light actuation force. You can review more of the details on their website, but these colors don’t refer to the aesthetics of the keyboard at all, just the different settings it allows for.

    This keyboard can connect to your computer via usb or bluetooth.

    • Vibrant colors
    • Compact, ergonomic
    • Programmable

    Next up, we have another GK61 keyboard. This colorful RGB backlit mechanical keyboard has over 16.8 million color combinations. Create a dream work environment with Aurora, Ripple, Rainbow, Gradient, and many other color patterns.

    Similar to other hot-swappable mechanical keyboards, this keyboard is fully customizable and has a solid build. Also, the compact size of 60% of a full keyboard boosts ergonomics. Besides, you can hot-swap the Gateron optical switches as you wish. Replace switches and install a new set without any soldering.

    Additionally, you’ll get a key puller with the package for comfortable swapping as well.

    Moreover, this keyboard comes with customizable driver software. With the software, you can adjust many settings like driver mode, onboard settings, DIY lights, & macro settings.

    This ergonomic and compact keyboard is great for typists, gamers, office workers, and people from other professions as well. It has an overall solid build that boosts performance, saves desktop space, and improves working speed. And with the type-C to type-A USB connector cable, it’ll work on a variety of computers running on different OS.

    • Customizable color schemes
    • Acrylic body
    • Up to 40Gbps speed

    The WOMIER hot-swappable keyboard is yet another compact mechanical keyboard with an acrylic body and a vibrant, colorful design. 

    Like many products, you can swiftly swap the Gateron switches in this hot-swappable mechanical keyboard. Altering a switch takes as best as 5 seconds only.

    Besides, you won’t need any soldering either. Simply pop them in and you’re done! Freely customize and set the layout to play your favorite action-packed game. You can program the switches as well.

    As mentioned above, it has a PMMA acrylic cast body. The transparent appearance allows it to glow in the dark. Also, it increases the surface of atomization treatment that evens out the light transmission.

    Additionally, the built-in lighting mode gives you a variety of choices. So you can fully customize and control the entire lighting system to reflect your taste and personality. You can also control the contrast and key lighting.

    Moreover, this hot-swappable keyboard has a compact & portable design. It comes with a detachable USB 3.1 Type-C cable with up to 40Gbps data transmission speed. 

    Boost your ergonomics and working speed with this stunning keyboard.

    • 16.8M RGB
    • Compact build
    • PBT keycaps

    Up next we have the EPOMAKER SK61 hot-swappable keyboard. This is a compact and economic mechanical keyboard that has a fairly simple design. It’s also waterproof, programmable, and features RGB backlighting.

    It has a pretty similar design to other hot-swappable mechanical keyboards. It’s fully customizable with a solid build. The compact size of 60% of a full keyboard boosts ergonomics as well. Moreover, it has high-performance Gateron optical switches for heavy-duty operations.

    You can use this keyboard for relentless gaming and typing works. Also, you can fully replace the switches and rearrange them as you prefer. Replacing is easy as you can do it without any soldering.

    Moreover, the keyboard has PBT material keycaps. These are sturdy and oil-proof, perfect for using for a long time. Also, the letters won’t fade away soon. And to top it all off, it has an IPX6 waterproof & dustproof mainboard design.

    This keyboard supports 16.8M RGB backlighting. Customize and control the combination & contrast as you prefer. It’s usable on windows & Mac alike. Simply connect with a USB Type-C.

    • Bluetooth 5.1
    • Control 3 devices at once
    • Supports a variety of switches

    The KEMOVE mechanical keyboard works both wired and wireless. It can run on Bluetooth 5.1, giving you greater convenience and minimizing desktop clutter.

    This compact keyboard has a layout featuring 61 customizable keys. While the layout is minimal, it projects an excellent, elegant appearance. Enhances the quality of your working environment by several levels. So it’s perfect for office workers, gamers, programmers, etc.

    Moreover, the keyboard initially comes with the Gateron Brown switches. But it’s compatible with most mechanical switches on the market. So you can replace the stock switches with the ones you’re comfortable with and enjoy a fully customizable working experience. Some of the supported brands are Cherry, Gateron, TTC, Kailh, as well as some customized silent switches.

    What’s even more amazing is that you can pair with up to 3 devices and simultaneously switch between them. The Bluetooth 5.1 assists speed and ensure smooth data transmission. Besides, the PBT keycaps guarantee a much higher oil resistance & hardness compared to ABS keycaps. They also increase light transmission for a better appearance.

    You’ll get 3 extra switches, a keycap puller, a switch puller, and some other essentials with it.

    • Full keyboard
    • Non-removable USB
    • Compact, yet sturdy

    Our next recommendation, the Glorious Modular Hot-swappable keyboard is different from the previous ones. It’s a full-sized mechanical keyboard with a non-removable braided USB cable.

    Initially, it has Gateron Brown mechanical switches installed, which are equivalent to the popular Cherry brown switches. Though you can install any mechanical switch as you like. The switches are laid out in a standard ANSI QWERTY format. And there are 104 switches altogether.

    Moreover, this keyboard has a sturdy build. It has a sandblasted Aluminum faceplate that improves durability and shock absorbance. Also, you’ll find the raised keys quite convenient. They are easier to strike and offer 100% anti-ghosting. So they’re perfect for typing frenzies and hardcore gaming sessions.

    The keyboard also offers a 16.8 RGB backlighting feature. So you can have an easier time typing in the dark. Besides, the ABS double shot injected keycaps prolong its life and absorbs better shock.

    Also with the package, you’ll get a keycap puller, switch puller, two Esc button variants, and some other necessary things.

    • Bluetooth supported
    • 4000 mAh battery
    • NKRO & 6KRO

    And finally, we have the Keychron K6 hot-swappable keyboard. It has a 68 key compact build with RGB backlighting. Sizes around 65% of a full keyboard. It works both with and without wire as well.

    The keyboard is hot-swappable, so you can alter any switch within 5 seconds. And you won’t have to solder/desolder anything. Simply pop them in and get straight to business. 

    Additionally, with the Bluetooth feature, you can connect with up to 3 devices. Switch and control multiple devices at a time. The high-speed Bluetooth, as well as wired connections, make it a perfect choice for gaming, programming, typing, and other works. 

    Moreover, the K6 comes offers up to 4000mAh of battery capacity. So it easily lasts up to 72 hours or up to 9 days of normal use. N-key rollover (NKRO) on wired mode as well as 6KRO on wireless mode.

    Besides, this ergonomic keyboard has a convenient RGB backlighting feature like the majority of products out there. Control, customize, and reflect your taste through the unique color combinations.

    • Programmable switches
    • Fully waterproof
    • Longer Key Life

    This DK61 mechanical keyboard has a compact design, sizing 60% of the usual keyboard. And it’s a perfect size for home and office applications. So here at WFH, we recommend it as the best budget mechanical keyboard.

    The DIERYA DK61E keyboard comes without a Numpad, which makes it more practical for office workers and gamers. It also gives more space to your desktop. Besides, the keyboard features dedicated software, so you can personalize the switch functions as you like.

    Moreover, the keyboard switches have a much better wear resistance and hardness than the ABS keycaps. They’re also oil-proof to provide you with the best working experience. You can swap the keycaps stock keycaps with your preferred keycaps as well.

    As you already know, hot-swap keycaps are easier to install and replace. They require no soldering. The keycaps are also RGB backlit for greater convenience.

    Additionally, this keyboard has an IPX4 certified circuit board. Sturdy and stays functional for a long time. It’s also easy to clean and waterproof.

    • Compact, durable PCB
    • Supports Cherry switches
    • RGB Backlight

    We highly recommend the GK61 mechanical keyboard as the best hot-swappable keyboard for you. This customizable keyboard has a solid build and compact size, 60% of a full keyboard.

    The keyboard has a printed circuit board (PCB). And the circuit board features pre-soldered RGB lighting. So every switch is backlit. However, the keyboard does not support optical switches. You need to use the Cherry MX switches and clones with it. 

    Additionally, this kit supports 6.25u space as well as split double space. And the circuit board along with the keyplate is screwed to the metallic case. So you need to replace a non-replaceable GH60 size plate if you want to replace the normal GH60 case.

    Besides, the GK61 PCB is fully programmable with the GK software. It’s a wired kit as well. Though you can’t change the Fn key position. It’s the last key at the bottom.

    Also, remember that this is the PCB, plate, and case only. There are NO switches inside. So, you have to order a set of suitable Cherry switches by yourself. But since it’s swappable, simply put in the switches into PCB. No soldering necessary. 

    What Is a Hot Swappable Keyboard?

    A hot-swappable keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that is on the rise these days. What makes it so special is that its circuit board has special sockets that enable you to click switches into place and take them out without even having to use a soldering device. Instead, they’re like keycaps that can be taken off and back on with a single click. Meaning, you don’t have to waste hours desoldering switches whenever you would like to try a new switch.

    In the mechanical keyboard world, hot-swappable mechanical keyboards are becoming even more prevalent. Hot-swappable keyboards are a perfect way to try a range of switches without knowing how to solder. We usually recommend a hot-swappable keyboard for someone who has not yet decided which kind of switch they’d like or beginners who are looking to try out multiple switches.

    If you’re trying to test out several different switches or simply want the option to update with each new switch release, grab a hot-swap keyboard.

    What Are the Benefits of a Hot-Swappable Keyboard?

    Easily Add and Remove Switches

    No need to watch a billion Youtube tutorials in order to learn how to solder and desolder your mechanical keyboard switches. The top benefit of having this kind of keyboard is that it is super easy to replace switches using a switch puller or by simply clicking them in and out of place.

    Trouble-Free Fixing of Broken Switches

    Faulty switches don’t have to ruin your day anymore since you can simply replace them. You can easily substitute your old broken switch with a new one for a quick repair which will elongate your overall keyboard lifetime.

    Straightforward Upgrade Process

    Without hot-swap sockets in your keyboard, your modification possibilities can be quite limited. With a hot-swappable keyboard, you have the ability to update switches whenever you want. This allows you so much versatility and personalization. It also means less stress when deciding your initial purchase.

    How to Choose a Hot Swappable Keyboard?

    There are some basic key components of any keyboard that you should look out for including build quality, size, design, features, etc. When it comes to a hot-swappable keyboard, we know the ropes so let us show you around.


    In your search to find the perfect hot-swappable keyboard, you will see a variety of layouts out there. There is no right or wrong answer here, just the one you would prefer. Your options vary between either complete ones, Tenkeyless (TKL), 75%, or 60% layouts.

    If you are willing to let go of the Numpad, you can go for the TKL and 75% which include most of the complete one anyway. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, the 60% is ultra-compact which means a lot of the keys such as the dedicated arrow keys will not be there. Which compact designs, you can save up on your money as well as your space. These can be perfect for gaming and extra quick typing.

    Build Quality

    Mechanical keyboards are not inexpensive, so you’ll want to ensure you are getting the most value for money, especially when it comes to what’s around the PCB (circuit board) and keycaps.

    For instance, you should look for longevity in the keycaps by choosing the double-shot ones. If you can go all out and spare no expense, the PBT one is the way to go. Alternatively, you have other options such as ABS and PBT.

    Switch Compatibility

    The most mainstream style of switch is the MX-style which is compatible with brands like Cherry, Gateron, and Outemu.

    More Features

    In both appearance and performance, RGB lighting, macros, or even just customizable kickstands can really make a difference. Most mechanical keyboards come with adjustable RGB backlighting which you can control with some trippy and colorful light patterns. You can always go for a wireless vs wired option as well. If you want your keyboard to stand out, look for more features that make it worth the buck.

    So, while you are browsing, keep these key elements in mind. If you want to have the ultimate PC setup with an amazing 4k computer monitor, its comfortable monitor stand, and powerful CPU, spending that extra few on the perfect keyboard should finish off your awesome mix.


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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