If you’re looking for an ergonomic saddle stool or a set of saddle stools for your home office, we’ve got you covered. Here at WFH Adviser, we’re featuring 10 of the best saddle stools for you to choose from.

Stools have continuously evolved over the years. Compared to the traditional wooden stools, these are more dynamic, functional, & diverse. A saddle stool stands out even more from regular stools because they mimic the saddle of a horse. They allow a better posture and more comfortable angles for your legs.

Better leg placement ensures a healthy angle for your lower back. Reducing stress and chances of pain and injury. It also reduces fatigue, allowing you to work for extended hours.

Additionally, these saddle stools are height adjustable, So you can use them with any table. Also, they support 360 swivels so you can multitask with a minimum effort.

Some of these stools are available in multiple color variations. You may come across professional colors as well as vibrant colors. So you won’t have any problem matching them with your home office set up.

So let’s get on with our list.


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    1 Antlu Saddle Stool

    Top Product
    • Improved posture
    • 360 rotation
    • Height adjustable

    So, on top of our list, we have Antlu Saddle Stool. This saddle stool eases your back and spine. It also lessens any extra pressure on your back. boosting comfort.

    We all know how annoying it is to deal with painful backaches. So, Antlu comes with a comfortable solution with a unique and modern design. It has an easily adjustable height range (21”-28”). Also, it is 4” taller than any regular stool you can find.

    The saddle stool also lets you roll & glide. You can rotate this stool by 3600 and go to any place in the house or office depends on where you use it. This stool can make you fly on the ground. It is comfortable and easy to use in the kitchen, living room, office, clinic, salon, or any place you want!

    Moreover, the base of this product is made of solid steel. It can bear up to 400 lbs. And compared to any plastic base stool, it’s both durable and comfortable. So, buying this stool is like killing two birds with one stone.

    2 FRNIAMC Saddle Stool

    Premium Choice
    • Tall height, Adjustable
    • Back support
    • High-quality build

    As for our premium choice of this category, we recommend the minimal-looking grey colored adjustable FRNIAMC saddle stool. This stool is taller (20”-29.5”) than any other conventional stools. If you want a stool for heavy or long hour usage it can be a better choice for you.

    The saddle stool can take up to 450lbs. Saves your neck and back from frustrating pain with the intelligent design. This ergonomic saddle shape brings you comfort with the increased workability.

    Make your long working hour fun with the incredibly well-designed chair. You can use this stool anywhere you want. Especially for beauty salons, massage parlors, or dental clinics even in-home or office.

    Moreover, the well-made parts are easy to put together. Even it has SGS explosion-proof gas lift of premium quality. 5 pieces of caster wheels make it able to roll smoothly. Also, the rolling is so smooth it makes no noise! Glide comfortably without disturbing anyone around you.

    So finally, if you want the premium quality saddle stool with maximum comfort you can obviously choose this one.

    • Budget-friendly
    • Leather seat cover
    • Rotatable, height-adjustable

    Looking for a saddle stool that meets your budget and ergonomics? Then try the AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Drafting Spa Bar Stool. With its simple and practical build, it’ll bring you comfort in a cost-effective way.

    This leather made stool can be used in the home or office comfortably. Its load-bearing capacity is 250 lbs. The seat is also height adjustable (20.3”-25.4”). The dimension of this stool 24.2 by 24.2 by 19.9 to 25 inches (LxWxH) which is suitable even if you got less space there will be no issues.

    Additionally, you can rotate the stool by 3600. So you can easily multitask in L-shaped as well as U-shaped desks.

    Furthermore, the base is made arched with chrome. You can move smoothly with this stool as it features dual-wheel casters underneath. You can use it for multipurpose according to your need also.

    So finally, if you want a comfortable, good-looking, and budget-friendly amazon branded saddle stool you can obviously choose this. Also, it got a one-year limited warranty from Amazonbasics.

    • Colorful variants
    • Height-adjustable, 360-degree
    • 5 wheel glide

    Our next recommendation is the KKTONER Rolling Saddle Stool. It comes with some aesthetic looking colors which are eye-candy for sure. Available in black, blue, pink, white, and yellow variants.

    The build is unique. It got adjustable height 19.5″-25.8″ (Front), 17.7″-24″ (Center), 18.3″-24.6″ (Back). It can also hold a lot of weight. The load-bearing capacity of this amazing stool is 300 pounds.

    With a really pretty look, it is also a comfortable one. If you work for a long time you will generally face neck and back pain. This unique stool can solve that for you and provide the most needed comfort for better workability.

    Additionally, it is rotatable by 3600 like any other stool. It is easily movable over a hard surface because it got 5 rolling wheels. Also, it is safe even for soft floors.

    You can also assemble this multifunctional stool in just 2 minutes! The soft cushion is also water and oil proof. You can use it at the home, office, or as a dental chair, spa chair even as for massage stool without any risk.

    • Bears up to 400lbs
    • Noise-free rolling
    • Sturdy steel base

    The Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool is yet another comfortable saddle stool with various options of vibrant, colorful design. It is available in 4 colors, classic black, grey, light green, light purple.

    The cushion is made of comforting materials like dense sponge coated PVC leather. The build of this stool got elegant stitching and gives it a premium feel with a minimal look.

    Besides, it can take some heavyweight! The load-bearing capacity of this stool is 400lbs. The high-performance metal base comes with a 3600 rotation function as well.

    As mentioned above, the height of this saddle stool is also adjustable like any other stool via the hydraulic lift feature. The unique thing about its durable stylish reinforced nylon casters for a scratch-free smooth movement over any surface.

    Additionally, this stool got an anti-exploding plate beneath the cushion to ensure safety. It is also easy to assemble anywhere, anytime!

    Boost your workability and comfort and try this amazing saddle stool.

    • 100% molded foam
    • 5-color variants
    • Adjustable features

    DR.LOMILOMI saddle stool is an ergonomically designed comfortable product. It comes with some aesthetic looking colors which are rich and classy. It’s got black, Burgundy, English violet, Queen blue, and vanilla color variations.

    The stool is elegant & comfortable. If you work for a long time you will generally face neck and back pain. This unique stool can solve that for you and provide the most needed comfort for better workability.

    Moreover, the cushion is made with top qualified foam and upholstery meets Flame-retardant medical standards. What is even more amazing is that the cushion is water and oil proof. The leather quality is also top-notch. The vinyl covering easily withstands any kind of abrasion.

    Seat height is also adjustable as your need which is 20.5″-26.5″ for Front tip 18.5″-24.5″ for center 19″-25″ for the back. This stool can also withstand larger weights up to 400 Lbs.

    This amazing stool is best for use in the clinic, spa, or massage parlor. Also, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty by DR.LOMILOMI.

    • Strong metal base
    • High-quality finishing
    • Height adjustable, 360-degree

    Up next we have the EASY LIFE Saddle Stool. As its name, it also makes your life easier with a comfortable and ergonomic design. It comes in 3 colors (black, grey, and white).

    It has a similar design to some other saddle stools. The unique thing about it is the ergonomic and concave cushion design. Its intelligent design wraps around the lower back and hips to make it more comfortable. It also got a chrome finish surface.

    Moreover, the stool also got a 3600 rotation feature with a heavy-duty metal base. It also got an adjustable seat (22.4”-30.3”) controlled by a hydraulic lift. The great feature about this stool is it is suitable for most people for its 350lbs load-bearing capacity.

    Finally, the nylon reinforced dual casters feature is great for smooth movement and stability. So, you can buy this saddle stool and can use it anywhere like home, salon, or spa studio as your need.

    • Back support
    • Metal frame, chrome finish
    • Dual wheel casters

    Our next recommendation, the AmazonBasics Saddle Stool with Back Rest. We’ve discussed AmazonBasics Saddle Stool before so what’s different about this version? The name is self-explanatory, you will get an extra back cushion feature with it. The general dimension of this product is 24.4 by 24.2 by 32.5 to 37.6 inches (LxWxH).

    Initially, it comes in a black variation with high-quality leather. It has a metal framing and a chrome finish, weighing 18.5 pounds only. Still, it can carry up to 250 lbs.

    The most unique feature of this saddle stool is the back-cushion measures 16.5 by 10.2 inches (WxH). It gives you extra comfort and support during long hours of work.

    Moreover, it got an adjustable seat (20.3”-25.4”). It also has a 3600 rotation feature with high performance, dual-wheel casters. It allows the stool to move freely and smoothly over any hard surface.

    Finally, this simple yet amazing stool comes with n AmazonBasics one-year limited warranty.

    • Metal base, 5-casters
    • 360 rotation
    • Height adjustable

    The Kaleurrier Saddle Stool is an ergonomic and heavy-duty choice for multipurpose uses. It comes with some minimal looking colors which are classy. It got coffee, grey, and white leather variations. This leather is water and oil-proof which always keeps it dry.

    The stool also got a 3600 rotation feature with an adjustable height of 22”-30”. The adjusting of the seat is controlled with a smooth operating hydraulic gas cylinder. It got an anti-exploding iron plate build that supports weights up to 350 lbs. This amazing feature makes the seat safe.

    Another interesting thing about the Kaleurrier Saddle Stool is that you will get noise-free and smooth movement from it. The reinforced nylon twin-wheel casters that allow smooth maneuver around any surface.

    Besides, the installation process is easier than other stools. You will not need any extra tools. Also, Kaleurrier provides a 1-year warranty with this product. So, for a worry-free comfortable experience of a lifetime, you can choose this product.

    • Up to 550 lbs bearing
    • Soft, yet sturdy casters
    • Rotatable, height-adjustable

    And last but not least, we feature the Master Massage Saddle Stool. The design provides comfort and saves you back and spine from the stress of working for long hours. It weighs only 11 pounds and the dimension is 22.44 x 10.24 x 20.47 inches.

    The stool’s special feature is its seat and the ergonomic design. The exclusive 2.5” thick foam is wrapped around the well-designed seat. So, it feels great to seat on it even during a long hour of work. You don’t have to worry about the stress on the back if you regularly use this stool.

    Furthermore, the height is adjustable (20.5″ – 27.5″) according to your need. The most unique feature is the weight-bearing capacity of this stool. As it can carry an impressive 550lbs load!

    Even this stool will last for a long time and will look new after years for its durable build. Its upholstery is hypoallergenic, CFC-free, oil, and waterproof so it is both safe and environmentally friendly too. You can use it anywhere like a clinic, spas, salons, home, or even in the office as your need.

    So, finally, for a worry-free, long-lasting product, you can trust the Master Massage Saddle Stool.


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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