A 4k Computer Monitor is a premium product that boasts excellent picture quality. They are great for designers or people who work a lot with high quality imagery on their computers. Here are our top picks for the 7 best 4k computer monitors:


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    • 27 inch ultra high definition
    • 3 side borderless display
    • Intuitive on-screen controls

    To more fully realize content creators’ vision, this monitor is compatible with VESA DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic range, supporting specific levels of color and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors and this feature embodies why LG is known for making some of the best hardware on earth. At 27 inches the LG 4K UHD LED Monitor will leave you wanting for nothing. You can use this monitor for work, play, entertainment, and all of the creative tasks you must accomplish.

    • High Definition 4k resolution
    • Video reflects lifelike color
    • World’s first 31.5” 4K monitor

    The Dell U-Series 32-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor offers an incredible ultra HD resolution output with every photo, video, or document on your screen. If you have creative work to complete and need the image or video on the screen to reflect the exact color and output of real life, this monitor will help you achieve that aim. It has a 5 millisecond snappy response time and supports USB-C connections.

    • 4k High Definition resolution
    • Connect multiple devices
    • Unrivaled color variation

    This monitor is terrific for the home office. It offers a superior 4K screen with unrivaled variation, impressive contrasts, and image detail. Extra clarity is provided by the 1 billion colors in displays and is optimized for home office workers because it has a powerful split screen function so you can see documents, images, video, and your software all in one place. The Samsung 28-Inch UE570 UHD 4K Monitor is great for work, leisure, gaming, and your home office. A very fast 1ms response time keeps quick-moving images from blurring and ghosting.

    • Great for gaming too
    • Dual screen mode
    • Eye fatigue protection

    The Sceptre IPS 27″ 4K UHD LED Monitor offers the best of 4k displays without the higher price tag that is all too common. The 4k picture is brilliant and the screen delivers 8 million pixels, over four times as many as a 1080P unit will. This monitor will save you time, money, and deliver excellent image and screen quality for work and play. It also has blue light technology built-in to reduce eye fatigue and headaches.

    • Ergonomic stand
    • Easy to customize
    • Lenovo quality guaranteed

    If you want a high quality 4k monitor with USB HDMI to connect to your computer or laptop, the Lenovo LCD 4k Monitor offers just that. It is stunning in output and image quality, it has an affordable price tag, and is made by Lenovo, a leader in monitor displays. This product will meet your home office needs and exceed your expectations.

    • Stunning clarity
    • 23.8" Ultra High Definition
    • 4x the resolution of Full HD

    The Dell Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2421DC 24-Inch Screen provides wide color coverage and reliable performance every time. It is affordable but slightly higher priced given its excellent hardware components. The gorgeous 3840 x 2160 resolution (yes that is over 8 million pixels) gives excellent resolution every time you turn your monitor on. Great for work and seeing stunning images on your screen while in your home office.

    • Curved elegant stand
    • HDR 10 Compatibility
    • 27 inch 4k High Definition

    The LG 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor is all about design: it has a stunning and elegant curved holding base that the monitor sits on. The monitor itself is 27 inches and uses every aspect of the screen to deliver stunning clarity and resolution. The monitor is white and will look tremendous on your desk or compliment any home office furniture that you have.

    4k Monitor FAQs and Buyer’s Guide

    What is the benefit of using a 4K computer monitor?

    The name 4K denotes that a screen contains approximately 4,000 pixels lengthwise. This is considerably more than the approximately 2,000 pixels found in a standard 1080p display.  All of the additional pixels mean users can see colors more accurately and the images are sharper.  More pixels also mean more precise movement tracking and less lag between devices.  

    What is HDR and why do only some monitors have it?

    HDR is an acronym for high dynamic range imaging. It’s a term used to describe the quality of photographic imaging and films.  When a screen has HDR it is able to display a greater variety of colors with a greater contrast between the lighter and darker colors.  Not all devices automatically have it built into their systems. But recently, it has become more popular in smartphone cameras and computer screens.  

    What is UHD and how is it different from HDR?

    UHD stands for ultra high definition, and it is commonly used as a synonym for 4K. But, that is not usually an obvious fact to buyers.  Ultra HD monitors are all 4K monitors complete with a resolution of 4,000 pixels.  Some monitors may use the 4K and UHD labels separately. They do so in order to draw more attention to the quality of their screens. But, it is important that buyers know 4K monitors all have UHD even if they do not explicitly mention it.  

    Which 4K computer monitor should I buy?  

    When determining which monitor will work best for you it is important to understand the different capabilities that each offers.  Some models can display two images at once with a split screen mode, some come with built in speaker systems, and some have screens that automatically protect users from becoming fatigued. 

    The 4K monitors are generally 27” in length, but some are a few inches smaller or a few inches larger.  The size of the monitor does not necessarily correlate to its quality, so it comes down to buyer’s preference and what works best in their workspace.  These features are definitely not necessary for every user, so compare the different options based on your needs and your budget.

    How do 4K computer monitors connect to devices?

    It is common for most of the monitors to have both HDMI and USB connection ports. However, some may have multiple of one port and none of the other.  Buyers may need to purchase an extra adapter in order for their monitor to work with their device. Many devices come with connection cables, so make sure to do your homework and read the label.  Some of the monitors on this list even support connections to multiple devices at the same time. Essentially, they can can simultaneously display the input from each device.

    Are 4K monitors worth it?

    4K computer monitors may not be the perfect solution for every buyer, so you should evaluate your own needs before investing in a high end secondary screen.  Buyers who plan on using a second monitor to elevate their gaming experience and/or edit videos will likely find that 4K monitors make a huge difference for them. 

    On the other hand, buyers who are simply looking for a secondary screen on which to display another document will likely not use these features while gamers or video editors will need them.  More features usually means a higher price. So if you do not intend to use them it is best to save some money with a less advanced monitor.  

    How do 4K monitors compare to portable monitors?  Which is better for a home office?  

    4K computer monitors are designed to be stationary. They establish a more permanent connection to your devices than a portable monitor.  The hardware and display of 4K monitors is usually higher than that of portable monitors, but that does not mean the portable monitors cut any corners.  The main draw of a portable monitor is having the ability to change your work from home setup and create space when you need it, or take it on the road if you have to travel. 

    If you never imagine yourself needing to transport your work from home setup and instead want to build your workspace around two monitors, a high quality stationary 4K monitor will work perfectly for you.  If you do see yourself needing to move your setup, or if you want the ability to store your secondary monitor when you are not using it, a portable monitor will be handy.  

    What is a refresh rate and will it affect how I use my monitor?

    Refresh rate refers to the speed at which a screen displays images one after another.  The refresh rate of a computer monitor is mostly going to be important to gamers. This is because they play fast-past games and do not want to experience any lag.  The higher the refresh rate the better, with 144 Hz being the ideal. 

    Response time is another metric used to indicate the speed and quality of a monitor’s display.  The response time of a monitor is the time it takes for the display to reflect the movements made by the user.  Unlike with refresh rates, a good response time is indicated by a low number. A response time of under 1 millisecond is an ideal time.

    The 4K monitors on this list are not all specifically designed for gaming.  Thus, they will not have the fastest response time of any monitor on the market. But, all of them respond quickly to instructions and some even have the option for users to manually lower their response times.  

    What is aspect ratio and how does it impact the size of the monitor?

    Aspect ratio is the size of a screen as defined by the relationship between the height and width.  It is standard for more recent TV and computer models to have screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9. 

    Before flatscreens were invented, computers and TVs were much larger in volume and displayed images in an aspect ratio of 4:3.  Movies and TV shows that were filmed in 16:9 format were considered “widescreen” until they became widescreen.  A 4K computer monitor usually has an aspect ratio of 16:9.  

    What are nits and how do they impact a monitor’s display?

    Nits are another term commonly used in electronic product descriptions but they are rarely defined.  Nits are a unit of measurement that describes the brightness of a screen.  For reference, a screen with the brightness of 1 nit emits the same amount of light that the flame from one candle does. 

    Most computer monitors have a brightness of 200 to 300 nits, but more powerful monitors reach 400 nits, including many of the models on this list.  Although the average consumer may not feel strongly about a computer monitor’s nits, gamers and video editors will likely be interested in in models that have a higher rating of nits and can more accurately display colors.  



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