Mid Century Modern style is a design movement defined by simple forms, clean lines, organic curves, and high functionality. One product category that embodies mid century design ethos are mid century desks.

Mid century modern desks are very elegant pieces of furniture that are sure to highlight any room in your house. Given their beautiful design, they generally go well in living rooms, offices, or bedrooms. They are functional and have clean lines that evoke an eminently cool aesthetic.

We reviewed the ones that will go great for your work from home setup.


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    • 48" x 24" large surface
    • 1 spacious drawer
    • Full DIY assembly

    The Erin Mid Century Modern desk has a rather sleek and minimalist design compared to typical mid-century desks. A combination of less-bulky design and sturdy frame is bound to boost the aesthetics of your environment.

    The table has a manufactured wood surface. And it mostly contains medium density fiber. You’ll find the large 48″ x 24″ surface very convenient. As you can use it for writing, drawing, DIY projects, office works, etc. You can also use the surface for stacking up files, papers, documents, books, etc.

    Additionally, the desk also has a compact drawer. It blends in so perfectly with the table that you won’t even notice it’s there. It can carry up to 75 lbs as well. Ideal for storing your phone, tablet, or other office accessories.

    Also, the table has a low shelf. You can use it to keep the tools & materials. Or use it as a foot-rest. Any way you see fit!

    As for the assembly, you get to do it entirely by yourself. All the necessary tools and instructions are included, so don’t worry.

    2 Chassie Hairpin Air Desk

    Premium Choice
    • Whiteboard wood finish desktop
    • Various sizes available
    • Photograph image on desktop

    There’s a lot to love about Chassie’s signature hairpin air desk. It comes in multiple desktop sizes (S, M, L, XL) which range from 42″ x 23″ at the small end, to 58″ x 29″ at the extra large size. You can also swap out the black metallic hairpin legs for white ones if you’d like. Lastly on the customization front, you can add a storage shelf to your order, and/or built-in usb and power outlet ports.

    The desktop surface itself features abstract work “Air”, an inspiring photograph by photographer Stefano Pasqualetti. There are also a number of other designs and prints you can order from Chassie.

    The desktop is also made with a whiteboard safe wood finish. Meaning you can use the entire desktop as a whiteboard surface that you can wipe clean with an eraser. How cool is that? Chassie also has a 5 year warranty and a 30 day risk-free return policy.

    Use code WFHBootcamp for a 15% discount at checkout.

    • 2 shelves, 1 drawer
    • X-braced legs
    • Laminated 47.25" x 19" surface

    Next up, we bring you the Kubiak Mid-century modern desk. This is a cost-effective desk with a sleek design and minimalist features. Also, this Scandinavian style desk comes with a warm wood-grain texture as well. So it adds a retro vibe to your home or office environment.

    The table is consists of manufactured wood & PVC laminate. Provides you with a 47.25″ x 19″ rectangular surface. Besides, it has a metal trestle base. The convenient X bracing adds extra stability to the table.

    You can use the two shelves on the sides to store papers, files, letters, tablets, notebooks, and pretty much every useful thing. Additionally, there’s a convenient drawer to keep other office accessories. The drawer sits on metal ball bearings for easy gliding. It can carry up to 10 lbs.

    The table also has a smooth, laminated surface for comfortable writing and office works. You can apply up to 150 lbs on the table surface. So you can keep your important stuff on the table alongside decorating it. Ideal for writing, drawing, & doing office works.

    • Multiple colors available
    • Mid century design
    • Easy assembly

    Elevate your work area with this elegant writing desk. This Mid Century modern desk is available in a range of attractive finishes, the desk features clean lines, crossing X legs, and decorative corner hardware for a sophisticated addition to any decor. Two drawers provide convenient storage space.

    Bringing retro mid 20th century vibes into the 21st century, this Modern desk blends mid century aesthetics with contemporary elements. This beautiful piece will complement your modern lifestyle and provide an extraordinary workspace. Clean lines and straightforward materials like wood finishes and sleek metal accents bring to life the dynamic, vintage ambiance of this desk.

    Whether you’re cool and contemporary, retro, free-spirited, vintage, or classic this desk will make a great addition to your home office.

    • Four available colors
    • Rotate any way you want
    • Modern design

    As one of the top L-shaped mid-century modern desks, we bring you this one by Mercury Row. This desk has a number of useful features. Also, the desk comes in four color variants: dark grey, cappuccino,  grey driftwood, or white.

    This modern L-shaped desk has a manufactured wooden body. The entire body is coated with scratch-proof material. So it lasts longer than other typical composite desks. Also, the back of the table has proper finishing. Boosting suitability for commercial usage. The shelf part of the L actually rotates, so you can orient this desk however you like. Additionally, you get three different sized drawers for ample storage.

    As mentioned earlier, the table has a number of useful features. This desk has a beautiful L-shaped design that allows for ample storage and enough desktop surface to easily support multiple monitors.

    • Elegant Solid wood
    • Walnut color
    • Built in drawers

    This mid-century desk embodies beauty: it is simple, elegant, made of solid wood, and has built in storage in the form of enclosed drawers. The surface is broad and smooth; you can easily write, type, or work on your computer while resting your arms on this elegant and polish walnut wood. The brown color is sober and professional and the desk gives a hint of seriousness without losing a playful spirit.

    The desktop surface measures in at roughly 41″ X 27″. This desk also has free returns within 30 days and comes with a 1 year warranty. The drawers slide on ball-bearing slides – this is far better than a wood on wood option. It only takes about 15 minutes to assemble, then you are good to go!

    • Metal elegance
    • Minimal assembly needed
    • Storage drawer built-in

    This is a high end mid-century desk that you can use and share with your kids too. It is elegant, sturdy, dark in color (which can hide blemishes), and has storage built-in. Coming in at 50 pounds, it is lighter than many other mid-century desks and has 4 elegant wooden legs to stability and support. We love this desk because it so clearly is an example of “what you see is what you get”. If you like how the desk looks, and the space you have can accommodate it, you will love working from this desk in your home office.

    • Contemporary design
    • Hybrid desk and eating table
    • Table frame durability

    This table can serve as a desk, workstation, elegant work table, or place to eat. It is compact enough to fit easily into a home office but spacious enough to enhance mixed use-cases. This table has three materials that embody elegance: glass, wood, and steel. The combination of these materials makes the product beautiful and highly functional. The table is glass and the color of the legs is wooden skin. This mid-century desk is affordable and elegant.

    • Sturdy at 59.5 pounds
    • Glass top
    • Acacia wood frame

    The Christopher Knight Home Camila Mid-Century Tempered Glass Desk looks like an old-school mid-century drafting table used by designers, architects, and creative professionals.

    There is a reason for that: the glass, wood, and curved angles create a symmetrical and beautiful table top desk.

    This desk embodies no frills. It is simple, powerful, and useful.

    The glass is solid and one piece, which makes it easy to clean. The natural stained legs and dusk grey color are charming.

    This desk will work well for any room color pallet.

    • Walnut finish
    • Some assembly required
    • Wooden mid-century desk

    This wooden mid-century desk has lovely legs, a built-in drawer, and gorgeous working room up top. Of particular note, this desk has the same color theme throughout, meaning that the legs and desk are the same color. Many other mid-century desks have different color patterns. If you want uniformity in aesthetic this mid-century desk will serve you well.

    • Classic mid-century design
    • Sleek and elegant lines
    • Exceptional craftsmanship

    Create a space that is distinct from its surroundings with the Sector modern office desk. Our premium pick for mid-century modern desks, this desk will make a great addition to any office space.

    With its clean lines and distinguished look, the design was intended to be both simple and prominent as the office desk rests at the forefront of many worthwhile endeavors. Sector is constructed of fiberboard and sturdy high grain paper, high gloss coating and a stainless steel frame.

    • Built in USB Ports
    • Easy to Assemble
    • Made of Solid American Oak

    Our top pick for mid century modern desks, the Freedom desk is a simple, elegant, and practical desk for any home office. Built of solid American oak desk, four USB ports integrated into this desk allow easy charging of all your devices while keeping them close at hand. The two drawers provide storage space for office supplies to avoid clutter. These spacious drawers smoothly slides in and out to store all of your productivity essentials.

    Designed for those who value tradition, liberty, and fully charged batteries: The Freedom Desk with USB Ports is all about highlighting the timeless beauty of Solid American Red Oak while adapting to the technological needs of today. The 4 USB ports are easily accessible for charging your phones, tablets, bluetooth devices, and more. The compact footprint of this handsome desk makes it ideal for smaller spaces and ideal for WFH.

    Assembly is simple and easy, just spin the legs into their proper holes, connect the power chord, and you’re done. A progressive piece inspired by the timeless crafting of American hardwoods from American Trails.

    • Mid-century design
    • Solid hardwood top
    • Splayed and tapered legs

    People who love mid-century designs, ought to love the Wilbur Desk. This study desk with its rustic feel strikes all the right visual cords. It can be a welcome addition to any interior setting, especially one with a warm interior approach. With Wilbur, you get style and substance in one package. 

    Besides a spacious solid hardwood top, you get four splayed and tapered legs. We love the top finish with birch veneers which blend well with any color palette. Thus, aesthetically, you could do no wrong with this pick. As for functionality, it comes with three drawers with cutout pull-on extension glides. 

    These drawers are handy when you want to store office supplies and other essentials. Though you’ll have to assemble the desk, you can do it easily using the instruction manual and the tools. The back end of the table is finished and you’ll be getting a fully finished desk with natural wood grain color variation. 

    • 40.5” x 18” desktop area
    • Shelves + storage cabinet
    • Compact Design

    The Ryker Desk is a nice dark wood color and features a compact design. It has ample storage space with its two built-in shelves and lower storage cabinet. At 40 inches wide, you can easily fit a second monitor. This is an ideal desk for folks with slightly less space to work with – but it gets the job done!

    Why mid-century desks are so charming

    A mid-century modern desk is versatile. You can use it to both work effectively from home and to make any room look great in your house. This type of desk has clean lines and highly usable open spaces. This means that you can not only derive utility from your desk but you can leverage the desk to decorate a room.

    When deciding which mid-century desk to purchase, there are a few core variables you should consider. Some of these variables include: price, size, material of the desk, and aesthetics.

    Mid-century modern desks combine elegance, grace in design, and incredible functionality into one piece of home office furniture. As such, you should not only consider which desk to purchase but how it will fit within the room you want to place it in.  In some cases, an L-shaped desk may work best if you are putting it in a corner.

    What is mid-century decor? 

    Mid-century decor was popularized during the conclusion the Second World War, in the late 1940s. Furniture that is mid-century has the following attributes:

    1. Clean lines and trim finishes
    2. Uniform colors
    3. Minimals screws, corners, and harsh edges
    4. Durability and ample functionality for multiple use-cases

    Mid-century modern desks have tapered and strong legs that are defined by their narrowness. These legs connect to an angular and solid base frame made of wood or glass.

    Because a mid-century modern desk has an empty back you can see the space (or wall) behind the desk. This is a particularly nice feature if you are not placing the desk directly against a wall. Because you can see behind the desk this affords extra light and leg room. It also reduces the overall weight of the desk which makes it easier to install, transport, and assemble.

    What is the difference between mid-century and mid-century modern desks?

    We are glad you asked! The difference is subtle but important. Mid-century refers to design standards from roughly the late 1940s to the early 1960s. During this post war era, furniture and homes were designed to have the following attributes:

    1. Clean lines
    2. Geometric shapes, which is the geometric information which remains when location, scale, orientation and reflection of furniture is evaluated.

    Mid-century modern desks pay homage to these design standards. However, mid-century modern desks are more durable and have ample functionality because they could are built in contemporary times. The precision and quality of a desk made in 2020 but in the design standard of mid-century modern gives the user ample benefits and the best of both worlds. The mid-century modern desk is durable, light, portable, and not only has functionality to enhance your work but can look stunning as a stand alone piece of furniture. For these reasons, the mid-century modern desk is widely adored.

    At its most basic level, mid-century modern desks combine strong and sleek lines with skinny legs. This reduces wasted space and extra material under the desk and to the back of the desk. This has two key benefits:

    1. It makes the desk weigh less as its made of less materials.
    2. It enables you to see behind the desk easily, which creates the appearance of extra space light.

    These benefits can enable you to reimagine space and how your home office is constructed. The mid-century modern desk has a beveled frame, which makes the desk look like it can almost float in your room. If you don’t like design “noise” (i.e. heavy lines, heavy wood panels, messy surfaces), the mid-century modern desk can be an incredible asset for your office.

    Why I use a mid-century desk

    I have a mid-century desk that I absolutely adore. The reason why is that it is not only highly practical for work, but it looks great. Sometimes I find myself just admiring it. I almost always get compliments on the desk from visitors who marvel at its simplicity, grace, and utility. It has beautiful wooden built-in shelves which enable me to hide items that yield clutter. This is well suited for my work. I largely leverage a single computer, a notepad, and a pen to work. I believe in the old adage “an uncluttered desk yields an uncluttered mind.”

    I love a neat desk and built-in shelves help me ensure that my small messes remain hidden. I absolutely love a minimalist and sleek design, and a mid century desk brings this to the forefront. It is one of the few office products that I have that most resembles a simple work of art. When I see my mid-century desk I usually smile: this desk looks great and brings form and function into my home office.

    My home office is adjacent to my bedroom, and I value a positive fengshui for my work space. A mid-century desk not only enables me to work well and efficiently, but it is very light. This makes portability easy to do which is a huge benefit of this type of product compared with other desks. Other office desks are usually solid wood or metal and are heavy.

    Not so with mid century desks which combine elegance in design with lightweight composition. As a result of their lightness, mid-century desks can also be used for space that is not set aside for working alone. For example, you can place a mid-century desk in a hallway, which can be used for topical storage. Its as simple as lifting and moving the desk.

    I own two mid-century desks. One I use exclusively for work, and I have a second one which I leverage for general household organization in a hallway. This type of desk embodies minimalism, which is a household design principle I strive for. No other desk enables work, design, and utility in the way that these desks do.

    How mid-century desks complement space and home offices

    Mid-century architectural design is all the rage. Mid-century furniture designs are defined by strong lines and a fundamental acknowledgment that less is more. This means less bulky material, less weight, less drawers, and less space. These desks are solid pieces of natural material and wood, and have durable finishes. When I first purchased my mid-century desk, I knew I had a beautiful product on my hands. I also had the kind of desk that I knew I would never want to part with. More importantly, I have come to understand that my mid-century desk has high preservation or re-sell value. I would look forward to the day that I can either pass my desk on to my children or other family members or sell it to a worthy buyer. In short, mid-century desks are a timeless piece of home office furniture. This certainly cannot be said about many other types of desks that are neither designed for the future not sustainable.

    When paired with an ergonomic chair, a mid-century desk can turn any space into an elegant environment for casual work, study, writing, or serious business.

    If your home office environment has many computational devices, like a printer, a large monitor, or multiple computers, a mid-century desk might not be large enough to handle all of your office products and work needs. So when thinking about purchasing a mid-century desk, think about how much office equipment you want to place on, above, or near your desk itself. That is because mid-century desks tend to empower minimalistic work environments and won’t enable you to easily place a file cabinet or additional storage above or below the desk.

    Creative Settings

    If you feel creative and still want a desk to make any environment feel chic, we recommend a modern computer desk from the middle of the century because the design standards pay homage to simplicity, openness, and utility. We have gathered some of the best mid-century modern desks that will help you create the right environment to nurture your creativity and tackle difficult tasks in your home office setup. These desks bring elegant accents and a modern atmosphere to your work place.

    They look beautiful and can easily be complemented with a few other modern accessories such as a table, chairs and a modern minimalist lamp. 

    Mid-century furniture adds personality to your office and makes you feel comfortable while working. The curved rivets of these desks are designed to make the desk more comfortable. We find the seductive wood grain and smooth surface that many of these desks have a classy touch.

    Mid-century desks are highly durable and have thick legs, many of which are made of Oak or Redwood. Although it is the original technical wood, plywood is made by taking 3-5 slices of thin wood and combining them with an adhesive. Often referred to as fibreboard, chipboard is also made with a wood chipper to break the wood down into tiny fibers and glue them together with adhesives. Some mid-century desks have plywood backs, which contribute to their lightness.

    Wood Selection

    There is a wide range of solid wood used for mid-century desks including hardwood and coniferous wood, as well as prefabricated timber, an engineered material often made of composite materials made of real wood and plastics.

    Most of the high-quality wooden furniture you see comes from the hardwood furniture family.

    Solid wood is often expensive and heavier. Many mid-centrury desks are made of a mix of woods. Although prices will certainly vary, you can end up paying for an item you can use for decades. One wood popular for mid-century desks is Cherry. Cherry wood is harvested mainly in North America and has been popular in modern office environments for many years due to its high quality, performance, and durability. Cherry is an excellent sustainable alternative to cobolo, and walnut itself is one of the most sustainable wood species available in the US. Eight native sustainable wood that mid-century desks are made of include walnut, oak, maple, pine, birch, pomegranate, cedar, redwood, mahogany and pine cones.

    A final note about wood. When pairing your mid-century desk with your room, consider how the wood will age. As desks get older, they often turn colors and can become darker in complexion. Be mindful of this if you are buying a very dark color desk.


    Kevin is a WFH veteran. He has spent the better half of the past decade traveling the world while working remotely. Kevin has recently settled down and stopped traveling frequently, but continues to work from home and has created a spectacular home office. He loves reviewing new products for his office and sharing his insights so that people can improve their home office experience.

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