Spending long hours standing at your desk and in need of a standing desk mat? A standing desk mat can drastically reduce the stress on your body. It also improves your posture and adds comfort to a long day of work. We have reviewed dozens of standing desks mats to bring you the best.

If you are looking for a chair mat, be sure to look at Anji Mountain’s beautiful chair mats.


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    • No slip design
    • Foot massager
    • Promotes health

    This mat has a built in foot massager. Need I say more? Not only does this mat protect your legs and feet from fatigue and stress while working, but it enables you to rub your foot on a massage ball to relieve stress while working. You can use this ball to stretch your calves, massage your foot, or loosen your ankles. This mat is excellent: not only is it affordable and small (it doesn’t take up a lot of room), but it has extra cushion for your heels. I love this mat!

    • Specifically for standing desk
    • Highly cushioned
    • Durable

    The Topo Comfort Mat by Ergodriven is a high quality standing desk mat that will keep your feet and legs comfortable throughout the day. The Top is one of the first and best anti-fatigue mats that was built specifically for the home office worker in mind. Ergodriven products are designed with you – and your body – in mind. Stay fresh and energetic with this mat that absorbs the blows so you can focus on work and remaining healthy.

    • Massage tecture
    • Ergonomic tilt
    • Durable rubber

    This adjustable footrest has a built-in massage surface which you can use to rub your feet together and keep them comfortable when working. This product has a naturally elegant ergonomic design and is adjustable. The rubber it is made from is sustainably built and highly durable. Moreover, the product is scratch resistant so it will always serve you well and won’t let your animals (or kids) ruin its aesthetic.

    • Commercial grade
    • Safe
    • Modern look

    This is a no frills solution to staying safe and keeping your feet and legs protected when working from a home office standing desk. The mat is comfortable and will feel great – with or without shoes on. The mat is safe and has a non-slip bottom to prevent tripping or the mat moving underneath you. The style is minimalistic and sleek. If you want a solid color and reliable mat, this will serve you well.

    • Very affordable
    • Simple and effective
    • AmazonBasics reliable

    The AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest is the ideal footrest if you care about cost and have simple but reliable needs. This product is exactly what you can imagine: it is monochrome, safe, rubberized, and will feel good on your shoes. It is among the most cost effective mats so you can try it out without breaking the bank.

    Standing Desk Mat Buyer Guide

    Imagine working from home for extended periods of time. It’s been a long day filled with client calls, internal meetings, and focused work. One of the simple products that you can purchase to make your body feel better throughout the day is an office mat or footrest to protect your feet, ankles, and lower body. I use both standing desk mats and a footrest while working, and this guide will help you make informed holistic purchasing decisions when evaluating these products.

    What are mats? What are Footrests?

    Standing desk mats and foot rests are different products and I will spend time evaluating both. But they do have some attributes in common, including support for your feet, ankles, and legs while sitting or standing for long periods of time.

    Office mats are particularly valuable if you have a standing or hybrid desk. If you are standing while working, you will want to take great caution and protect your legs and knees from the stress of your upper body weight. A great way to do that is with a cushioned and rubberized mat. Some of the mats I have reviewed are meant to be worn with shoes. Other mats are meant to be used barefoot. There are important distinctions between these types of mats. 

    Different Use-Cases For Different Feet

    If you are mobile throughout the day and wear footwear to protect your feet, a mat that is built with shoe use in mind is likely the appropriate mat to purchase. My mother, sadly, has broken toes in her feet on more than one occasion. As a result, when she works from home she always wears shoes. Her feet are sensitive. The mat that she uses is extra thick and rubberized and is designed for shoes to be worn on top of it.

    Compare that to my situation. I often have my shoes off when I work, and like a mat that doesn’t require shoes to be worn on it. In particular I have used a mat (and provided a review here) that enables me to get a foot massage while working. I can rub the balls of my feet or heel into the massage ball to relax my foot while working. I find that this not only makes my feet feel good but makes my entire body relax. Who knew how much stress I carried in my ankles and the bottoms of my feet.

    A footrest is different from a standing desk mat in that it is particularly well suited for people that have hybrid or seated desks. This is because a footrest can help you angle your foot into a comfortable and ergonomic position while seated. Like mats, footrests can be used with or without shoes. Some footrests have embedded and rubberized form factors that you can use to massage and angle your feet. These feel particularly nice on long conference calls or while seated for long durations.

    Affordable and Pleasurable

    Footrests and mats are very affordable accessories for your home office. I strongly recommend these products for people that have ankle, knee or other ergonomic ailments or related physical body pains.

    I have some friends that are elite athletes who swear by foot rests because it helps keep the blood flowing in their feet comfortable while they work at their desks. If you have knee pain and have long home office hours, these products can greatly help you. They are small in form and don’t require a lot of space to use or store. They cost little and offer immediate and tangible benefits.

    Do your body a favor: pick the product you need and buy it. Pick the material (rubber or metal), pick the size, and stop treating your feet and ankles like they don’t matter. They do and your work from home experience will be better if you leverage these products.

    Pam Wiselogel

    Pam Wiselogel

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