If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a computer mouse, we’ve got you covered! This is our list of the best computer mice for on a budget. We found a mix of corded vs wireless mice, all for less than 25$.


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    • Adjustable cursor sensitivity
    • Forward/back buttons
    • Wireless USB receiver

    VicTsing’s MM057 wireless mouse connects via a usb receiver chip. It has forward/back buttons plus a scroll wheel. It’s rubber grip and large size feel great in the hand – it also makes for a pretty ergonomic design. By holding down two buttons on the mouse at once for a few seconds, you can easily change the cursor sensitivity for the perfect speed.

    • Adjustable cursor sensitivity
    • Forward/back buttons
    • Wireless USB receiver

    This wireless mouse features the standard right, middle, left buttons, a scroll wheel, as well as forward and back buttons. It is ready to go by just plugging the usb receiver into your computer. It’s universally compatible with all devices and operating systems, and it has a pretty nice ergonomic design that fits well in the hand. This mouse offers just about everything you need at a very good affordable price. 

    • Universal Compatibility
    • Clickable scroll wheel
    • Wireless USB receiver

    The Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim is a wireless mouse with a left, middle, and right click button. The middle scroll wheel functions as the middle click button. It connects wirelessly via a USB receiver. One AAA battery will get you 18 months of battery life with this mouse. 

    • Easy setup
    • USB cord connection
    • Two buttons + scroll wheel

    You are getting a tried and true mouse in Logitech’s B100 model. There are no major bells and whistles like forward/back buttons or adjustable DPI, but if you just need a left and right cilck plus a scroll wheel, this mouse is for you. It’s a very inexpensive mouse, great if you are on a budget, and the Logitech brand is very reliable. 

    • Adjustable cursor sensitivity
    • Noiseless click
    • Wireless USB receiver

    This mouse is an excellent and highly affordable option that suits most needs in your home office. Directly from the mouse, you can adjust the cursor sensitivity to find your preferred speed. It also features noiseless clicking for anyone sensitive to the constant sound of a mouse clicking. And with its wireless USB receiver, you just need to plug it into a USB port and you are all ready to go.

    • Universal Compatibility
    • Two buttons + scroll wheel
    • Plug-in and you are done

    This mouse is about as simple as they come. It has a corded connection, three buttons including a clickable scroll wheel. It’s compatible with all major devices and operating systems – just plug it into a USB port and you are good to go. It’s also the most inexpensive mouse on our list!

    What To consider When Buying A Computer Mouse

    If you are looking for an inexpensive mouse, you are in luck! While the really premium ones like Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 can run you close to 100 dollars, there are other budget options that you can find for 15-30 dollars. You will have to sacrifice a little bit of functionality, design, or durability but if you do your research, you can find what you need for a very reasonable price. 

    It’s also worth noting that most mice are relatively similar to each other. There are only a handful of bells and whistles that you get with some computer mice – we’ll walk you through the different features to consider, and we’ll do so with the price in mind. 

    Types of Computer Mice

    Device Specific Computer Mouse

    There are a handful of mice that only work with specific computers. Most of these are for Apple products (although there are some windows specific ones too). They have feature specific swipe gestures that you can perform and pair with Apple devices. However, there are a few pc specific mice as well. Our list of inexpensive mice do not feature any of these. This is because they tend to be more expensive than the average mice with the features you need. If you’re looking for a breakdown on these however, check out our top 10 computer mouse list.

    Travel Computer Mouse

    Travel mice are very small and generally pretty affordable. They will weigh almost nothing, and can fit in a very small pocket. Microsoft’s Sculpt Mobile Mouse is 2.29 ounces for example, and it’s under twenty dollars and essentially the size of a golf ball. The caveat on travel mouses is also their number one selling feature: size. Very small mouses are great for on-the-go work, but if you intend to have this at your desk all the time, you’ll want a larger mouse that better conforms to your hand and fingers. 

    Ergonomic Computer Mouse

    Ergonomic designs in mice (and all office equipment) is all the rage these days. For example, look at the Penclic B2 Bluetooth Ergonomic Wireless Laser Mouse. These types of mice aren’t as conventional as your average two or three button mouse, but they do a good job of reducing carpal tunnel and increased stress injury to your hand and fingers.

    Additionally, they tend to be far more expensive than the average mouse. Some will run you upwards of 100 dollars!. We recommend passing on these if you are on a budget. Instead, review our list for the ergonomic designs that are more conventional and still around 30-40 dollars.  

    Wired Vs Wireless Computer Mouse

    The simplest and fastest way of connecting the mouse to a device is through a wired USB connection. These types of mice come with almost no configuration. Just plug it in simply and you’re ready to go. Often, these mice do not have batteries because they get their power from your device and from the USB link. Wired mouses on average are cheaper than wireless mouses, and you’ll save a small amount of money on having to replace the battery – although it’s a very small cost (generally 1 aaa battery every 6-12 months). 

    Wireless mice are a great way to keep a cleaner desktop and reduce clutter. We definitely prefer them to their wired counterparts, just as long as the price is right since we know you are on a budget. Luckily, you can still find affordable wireless mice for under 30 dollars.

    You should keep in mind that there are two types of wireless mouse connections to your computer. First, is through a wireless frequency, similar to the type of frequency your home wifi would connect through. This works by plugging in a small USB dongle into your computer. So obviously, make sure you have a usb port to spare for this type of mouse.

    The second type of connection is via bluetooth. This is a nice feature because you don’t need to spare a USB port this way, and these mice will also pair well with tablets. They tend to be a little more expensive in price, but there are plenty that are pretty affordable like this Tracknet mouse.

    Optical Vs Laser Tracking

    Except for cases of unique ergonomic mice which we won’t get into in this affordable buyers guide, there are two types of navigation methods for mice: optical and laser. The differences in each likely won’t factor into your decision making if price is the primary decision making factor.

    Optical mice use imaging equipment that essentially captures very small digital images from where they are located, aided by a small LED light. They take hundreds of pictures per second to keep up with the fast mouse movements of an individual user. As this technology is optical-based, going over rough surfaces is typically fairly performant.

    Laser mice use a small laser which points downwards to navigate and understand its location or where the user is moving it. Because it is so sensitive, a laser mouse is best used on a mousepad or perfectly flat surface to best control the laser movement. You could also think about getting a full desk mouse pad. This type of mouse is a bit faster than an optical mouse and as a result, gamers love them!

    Scroll Wheels And Middle Click Buttons

    Scroll wheels come standard in most computer mice and we highly recommend them. They promote the computational needs, like slowly scrolling through this very text! Quite a lot of scroll wheels work as a middle-click option! You can configure what this click does on your device. For example, when “middle-clicking” on a link, you might configure it to open a new tab in your browser. Best of all, you won’t be breaking the bank for these features as they are in most inexpensive mice. 

    Forward And Back Buttons

    For the average computer user, forward and back buttons on mice can be very useful for web browsing. You can use your mouse to go back in an instant instead of having to find the back-button in your browser! This is certainly a feature we consider when looking at mice and as a result, this feature is included in most of the mice we’ve selected. Long term, it will save you time.


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