Want to brighten up your room or add an extra touch to your decor? An LED Floor Lamp can surely help you with that! Today’s modern designed floor lamp helps to create not only a perfect atmosphere but also saves your money.

So we’ve reviewed some of the best ‘LED floor lamps’ for your living room or Home Office.

A perfectly designed LED lamp with the right features can totally define the ambiance of your home or office. Because LED lights are more versatile, customizable, and long-lasting compared to the traditional incandescent lights.

You can set the color, temperature, brightness, and other features to match your preference and set the mood. Besides, the very build of the light is enough to draw attention sometimes.

So check our recommendations below and let us know what you think.

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  • Energy Saving
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • 10/40 Timer Setup

The Sky Super Bright LED Lamp with Dimmer can be a great addition to your abode. The sleek design of the lamp goes quite well with your surroundings.

Super sturdy from the base that makes it stable and lessens the risk of fall. 180W LED helps you to brighten the whole room. Also, what makes it more interesting is, it’s highly sensitive to your touch! You can easily adjust the brightness according to the mood of the environment.

Moreover, you can adjust the temperature from 2800 K to 6800 K as the lamp has four several color adaptable setups. Besides, the LED light is anti-glared and flicker-free. So, it protects your eyes from any kind of inconvenience.

Furthermore, you can set a timer for the lamp to auto-shutdown. It has the feature of 10 to 40 minutes rest mode and auto-shutdown. So, you can easily fall asleep without bothering to turn it off.

  • Four-step Brightness Level
  • Flexible Joint
  • Wide Area Coverage

If you are looking for a premium lighting system for your work like fine arts, making crafts, or sewing, the Daylight Company LLC Brushed Steel Floor Lamp is a perfect choice for you.

The sleek design of the lamp and the base makes it quite sturdy and durable. The light doesn’t get hot easily. So, you can work under the light without the concern of getting burned or bothered by the heat as the LED light is quite indifferent to heat.

Besides, it has a four-step dimmer. So, you can easily adjust the brightness the way you want. Also, you can rotate the base and swivel the light as you want.

The aluminum shade emits an extreme level of bright lights. You can brighten up your whole room with this single lamp quite greatly.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to assemble. You can easily set up the whole lamp by yourself. Also, the light comes with 2 years warranty.

  • Eye Friendly
  • Touch control
  • Adjustable Neck

The Addlon Gooseneck LED Floor Lamp can be a great choice for a budget buy. As the lamp goes great with the desk or small space, you can place it anywhere you want.

The brightness of the LED is adjustable with a simple touch in 4 steps of brightness level. So, you can set the brightness according to your preference.

If you are worried about the electricity bill then be assured! The LED saves energy which means you can save up to 40% of your bill!

Besides, the swiveled system allows you to rotate the neck and adjust the position. So, you just need to set the angle in the way you prefer.

Also, the base is quite heavy. So, it makes the lamp enough sturdy, stable, and more durable.

Moreover, you can easily assemble the whole lamp just in a few steps.

  • Multiple Control System
  • Rotatable in 350°
  • Sturdy and Safe

The Joofo Remote & Touch Controlled Lamp is a great addition for any place or room at your home. The 30W lamp brightens the whole room with wide area coverage.

You can rotate the light at any angle as the light can be rotated up to 350° angle. The heavy base makes it stable and sturdy that prevents fall. So, your kids and pet can freely move around the place without any problem.

The multiple control system of the lamp allows you to control the lamp at your convenience. You can control the lamp through the remote without moving from your seat. Also, you can joint the light with your witch to flick it off.

Moreover, the touchable switch is highly sensitive to control the brightness and the function. You just need to press the switch for a short time to adjust the color or a long time to change the brightness.

  • Multiple Color Adjustment
  • Easy to Operate
  • Remote-controlled

If you are looking for a modern designed lampshade to decorate your room, the LEONC RGB LED Fabric Shade will be a great choice for you. This lampshade comes with the feature of the RGB color model. You can select or adjust the lamp in various shades and colors.

The fabric of the shade helps to illuminate a soft glow. Besides, you can adjust the brightness according to your preference or mood.

Also, the shade is quite easy to assemble. It needs 2 people to assemble the whole shade. So, you along with your partner can assemble the shade without difficulty.

Moreover, the shade is quite stable and light-weight. You can replace or move the shades anywhere with ease.  You can keep the lamp dust-free as the fabric can be easily cleaned.

What more! Want to create a modern and cozy look in the room? This lampshade is just for you!

  • Flexible Neck
  • Greatly Stable
  • Energy Saver

The Natural Daylight 14W LED Standing Light is a super bright lamp that can be a perfect addition for any place in your abode. The LED technology of this lamp makes it long-lasting for up to 20 years and also, helps you to save energy.

You can adjust the brightness to two-level. The super-bright mode helps to illuminate the whole room like broad daylight.

As the brightness can be adjusted, it makes it eye-friendly for you. You can keep it in any place and use it for any kind of work like reading, writing, crafting, or sewing.

Also, the gooseneck is quite flexible. You can rotate the lamp as you like or adjust the height of the neck.

Moreover, the heavy base makes it stable and sturdy. Kids or pets can move around the room without the risk of its falling.

It’s easy to assemble. Moreover, another interesting fact is you can have a refund or replacement if it doesn’t satisfy your preference.

  • Adjustable Beam
  • Super Bright
  • Flexible Gooseneck

The FOCUS Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp provides natural and brighter light. You can see the actual colors of things without inconvenience.

The 5W LED bulb illuminates brighter and natural shades of light. Just flick on the lamp and have a greatly illuminated room.

As the lamp is adjustable, you can adjust the beam of the light at the 12 inches distant from 3 to 33 inches. Also, the gooseneck is adjustable. So, just rotate and position the neck as your preference.

It’s quite stable. You can simply place it anywhere you want.

Moreover, you can assemble the whole thing in a few moments with ease. The lamp is light-weighted. Want to change the position? Just do it.

Furthermore, the lamp comes with 3 years warranty. So, if there is any kind of manufacturing defect. You just need to inform the authority.

  • Remote & Touch Control
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Memory Function

The NXONE Stepless Brightness Lamp is greatly designed and a perfect fit for any place. If you are looking for something cool with unique features then this will be a good choice for you.

The 4 step level of the temperature and brightness control system allows you to adjust the brightness level to your preference. You can easily set the brightness with the help of the remote or touch control.

Besides, the base is quite bigger and heavy. That makes it sturdy and stable.

Also, the lamp has a memory function. If you turn off the lamp with adjusted brightness and temperature, it will store the function. So, when you turn on the light again, it will provide you the same brightness.

Moreover, you can twist, rotate or turn the neck of the light and adjust the position as you want. It has highly qualified anti-blue light bulbs that protect your eyes from any harm.

  • Adjustable Illumination
  • Two Lamps
  • Flexible Heads

This versatile designed TaoTronics Adjustable Remote & Touch LED is a great choice for both office and abode. The main interesting feature of this light is it is a mother-daughter lamp. It means it has two separate lights with the capacity of 32W and 9 W.

If you want to have a brighter ambiance then turn on the main light. For a softer glow, you can always turn on the second one. While they both can be lighted separately, you can also turn on both of them together.

Besides, you can rotate both lights into 90-degree angles on both sides. So, you can easily adjust the light.

Also, the light comes with both touch and a remote control system. You can control the brightness of both lights any way you want.

Moreover, the base is sturdy enough to make it stable. The base is flat and round and you can easily slide it under the sofa or table.

  • Energy Saver
  • Eye-caring
  • Memory Function

The dodocool Adjustable Multifunctional Lamp is all same as another floor lamp. The height is adjustable. So, you can use this lamp as both a desk and floor lamp.

As the LED light is flicker-free. It makes it eye-friendly for you. You can adjust brightness and have a comfortable environment for you.

Also, the lamp has a memory function. You can have previously set-up brightness even after turning it off.

Besides, the flexible gooseneck allows adjusting the light. You can rotate the lamp to 360 degrees. So, you can twist and turn or make it straight to have the perfect position for illumination.

Moreover, the 12W LED light saves energy and makes it long-lasting. The lamp has a 500000+ hours lifespan that ensures the durability of the light up to 20 years.

Best LED Floor Lamp – Buying Guide

Lost in the world of beautiful & decorative lamps? Let us help you out with a few pointers.

How do I choose a floor lamp?

This depends on quite a few factors. First of all, what will be the primary purpose? Do you want the lamp to act as the primary light source of that room? If so, then how big is the room? Or do you want it as an alternate light source? To read a book or to provide a comfortable illumination while you work? Or do you simply want a decorative floor lamp?

Most lamps that have high brightness also come with dimmer functions. So you can use them as a primary light source as well as a reading lamp. As for a decorative lamp, you can choose one with a colorful shading to enhance the beauty of the room.

Which light is better for eyes?

Most of the users prefer a warm light source. It’s easy on the eyes and creates less eye-strain. That’s why modern blue-light filters use a warm light. Also, the more widespread the light is, the better. Concentrated light fluxes are likely to hurt your eyesight. That’s why try to settle for a well-distributed light source.

Is an LED floor lamp good for reading?

LED lights are more clear and directional. So they’re good for reading and doing other kinds of paper works. However, they run a risk of glare and eye strain. So a warm temperature is preferable.

Are LED Lamps any good?

They are more than just ‘good’.  The LED technology is transforming everything with a bang. The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Compared to traditional filament light tubes, these bulbs are smaller, more durable, and customizable. That means an assembly such as a Desk Lamp is now more dynamic and customizable than ever. They now have different color modes, brightness levels, and significantly longer lifespan.

Additionally, they ensure more stable, uniform, and flicker-free lighting. Reducing glare and eye stress. So an LED lamp is more of an essential nowadays.