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L-Shaped Desks are desks in the shape of an L that fit parallel to two walls. They are optimized for the corner of your home office. L Shaped desks are specifically valuable for people that want to increase the surface area of their workspace.

They are also helpful and for workers who want “Corner Symmetry”.

These desks enable you to easily place different tools or products in simple relation to each other. L Shaped Desks are versatile and provide great below and above desk storage.

Naturally these desks come in different sizes and dimensions that impact how much surface area and storage you will get. A hugely overlooked but important aspect of L-shaped desks is the size of each side of the desk relative to the other.

L-shaped desks, made of two smaller desks perpendicular to each other, can contain equal sized sides. This is the most common construction. But, you can also buy L-shaped desks where one side is larger and has more room for your primary work station.

  • Available In White Or Walnut
  • Customizable: Fits Any Corner
  • Triple motor, 330 lbs capacity

The Autonomous L-shaped standing desk is a sit-stand desk with a lot of great features. The corner desk features three motors that can support up to 330 lbs. It’s strength and quality make it our top product – it will last a lifetime. The desk comes in two pieces and can be configured to form an L shape to fit any corner. Thus, you can match the long and the short side for whatever suits your needs. In total, the desk is 77 inches on the long side, and 64 inches on the shorter side.

The standing desk comes with an easy panel to move the desk up and down. It also has four built-in memory presets. Thus, you can raise or lower your desk to your desired presets with the push of a single button. Autonomous offers this desk with a white or walnut colored table top. Additionally, the frame is available in either black or white.

Assembly takes between 15-30 minutes and the frame comes with a five year warranty. There is even a useful assembly video directly on their website to walk you through the process – it’s pretty easy! Overall, this L-shaped standing desk will take your working from home and/or gaming level to the next level. It is our top choice by far!


  • Perfect for corner office
  • Simplified assembly process
  • Great for dynamic work
  • Symmetrical Design Flow: perfect for a corner space and enables you to reach things with equal speed on the left and right side of the desk.
  • 2 bellow desk shelves: amble space for storing papers, books, or other items that you need but not often enough to store up top.
  • Ample work room: The desk has generous space allocation for your computer, monitor, and other workstation office supply needs.
  • Easy to start using: The beautiful color, easy assembly, and affordable price make this L-shaped desk a great starter desk.
  • Spacious workspace
  • Open bookshelves
  • Incredible design, durability
  • Industrial sign: The solid wood and iron aesthetic make this L-shaped desk well built and nice to look at.
  • Built-in storage: below desk storage space: The Tribesigns desk features two built in storage options underneath each of the desktop surfaces. Use it to store books, materials, a printer, or any other office supplies that you need. Not having to see the items you are storing is a major plus if this desk.
  • Spacious work areas: Industrial L-shaped desks are built with work in mind. This desk affords you plenty of surface area to work and “two-thirds” symmetry. This means that one portion of the desk is slightly longer and can be used as the primary work-station.
  • Flexibility built-in: Made of large desktop in 3 pieces, this desk can be separated into two tables, which help expand the space effectively even for a small room.
  • Built-in File Cabinet
  • Easy Assembly
  • Ample Storage Space

This desk by Vasagle has a lot to offer. It features a built-in file cabinet to store all your files. Specifically, it can fit A4 sized documents. Additionally, it can just function as a normal drawer to store anything you want. Right above the cabinet, you have a single shelf to store more desk items such as a small printer. On the other side of the corner desk, you have two more shelves. Basically, this desk has a ton of storage options for you!

The rustic brown wooden desktop and black supports go well in any home office. The longer side of the corner desk is 59″ long and the shorter side measures at 24″. This gives you plenty of room to feature two or more monitors, a printer, a docking station, and any other home office needs. This desk is also eligible for free shipping and is a breeze to assemble at home.

  • Glass and Metal
  • Sleek Design
  • Highly functional

If you like glass and metal (think about how Apple designs its products) then you will love this desk: it is simple, clear, glass, strong, and highly usable. It has two multi-pitched surfaces so you can place a monitor or other equipment higher. The glass design means that you can see the floor below it, which is a nice touch in open home office spaces with lots of light that can reflect from windows to the floor. The desk comes with a lifetime warranty so you can buy it with full confidence. Given its elite material it also is affordable, a plus for buying glass products.

  • Sleek design
  • 3-piece glass surface
  • Underneath computer storage

This glass desk brings together great design with respect for limited work space needs and material. Firstly, the glass creates a modern and futuristic vibe to the work environment. Secondly, the desk hsa built in storage for a CPU stand or computer. This means that your CPU stand is out of site which is a delightful design touch. The steel frame compliments the glass and it gives the desk a timeless look. This desk is great for corner placement and home offices.

  • Two Storage Drawers
  • Bottom Drawer Lock Included
  • 28.5" h x 72" w x 30" d

This L-Shaped Desk by Smart Furniture comes in a variety of colors. It’s core is MDF with a customizable laminate from walnut, to other colors such as cherry or oak. The two surfaces provide plenty of room for multiple monitors, a printer, laptop stand, and anything else you desire for your workspace.

It comes with two drawers. The bottom drawer also comes with a lock to keep files safe and secured. This desk is also available in reverse – be sure to check their website for the other option if that’s what you need. Most of the desk comes already assembled. You will just need a power drill to screw together the two pieces and legs.

Again, we love the 72″ surface to go with the additional 48″ surface. Plenty of room for everything. The desk is also nice and thick at 1.25″ in thickness.

  • Sleek glass surface
  • 29" h x 83.25" w x 23.5" d
  • Built-in keyboard tray

This glass L-shaped desk by Smart Furniture is both sleek and modern. It comes with a built-in keyboard tray which you can install on panel of the desk. The desk itself is also symmetrical, so it will work in any corner of your room.

It comes with minimal assembly – it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up all the way. The legs also come in a nice cherry finish which provide a nice contrast to the desk. Each glass surface measures 39.25″ x 23.5″. This gives you ample room for monitors, a printer, and a whole bunch of other stuff to fill our your workspace. If you are looking for a modern desk, glass finish, and symmetrical design for any corner, this is your desk.

  • Stunning aesthetic
  • Glass finish
  • Elegant and durable
  • Stunning in any room: this 60W x 24D home office L-shaped desk is functional, durable, and complete with a glass finish.
  • Modern and Minimalist Presence: the desk features a raised glass surface, creating space below to store paperwork and office supplies.
  • Durability Built-in: sturdy metal frame provides structural strength and adds to the office desk’s modern industrial aesthetic. It is made of the highest design and material quality and supports up to 150 pounds.
  • Imported
  • Beauty meets Functionality
  • Side drawer and file included
  • Best Storage Available: it comes complete with 2 side drawers and a file cabinet.
  • Craftsman style: minimalistic and sleek design in which pieces of the desk fit elegantly together for maximum functionality.
  • 60 inches of length: surface area of the desk is maximized and you will have plenty of space for a computer, lamp, picture frames, and offices supplies.
  • Minimalist design
  • Adjustable shelf
  • 5 color variants

The Union Rustic Vansant L-shape desk brings a modern vibe to your home and office. It has an unconventional design that boosts ergonomics.

The table has a manufactured wood surface that’s coated with laminated particleboard. Which rests on top of powder-coated metal hairpin legs. Although the table looks sleek & vulnerable, it can easily carry up to 135 lbs.

You can use the large, laminated desktop for writing, drafting, DIY projects as well as for office works and other stuff. Besides, the table also has an adjustable shelf that you can attach on either side.

So even though the table doesn’t have many compartments or shelves, it still offers plenty of space for your computer, books, journals, documents, etc. You can also use the shelf for keeping office accessories, tools, decoration items, etc.

Additionally, this modern table is available in 5 color variants. So you can weigh your options and choose the one that matches your surroundings and tastes.

You can set up the table by yourself with a screwdriver and hammer. And for further convenience, the company also offers a 1 year warranty.

  • Amble storage space
  • Two workspaces in one
  • Modern wooden design

Do you want to combine the old with the new? If so, this desk brings together old wood with modern design. The L-shaped utility makes this desk great for home offices environments and multi-storage perfection. You can place items above and below the desk in an elegant fashion. The desk is very durable and has edge technology into its thick steel frame for enhanced robustness. The desk won’t break but the bank but will give you tremendous value. It is stunning and highly useful.

  • Reversible L shaped
  • Metal frame
  • Up to 300 lbs bearing

The Inbox Zero Reversible L-shaped desk stands out from the crowd due to its very simple, yet sturdy design. And as the name suggests, it supports two orientations. Besides, since it’s made from recycled materials, it’s also cost-effective.

The top of the table consists of manufactured wood. And it sits atop a metal frame. Such a combination gives the table a high bearing capacity. As it can carry up to 300 pounds with ease.

Additionally, the adjustable foot pads offer a firm footing on any uneven surface. Also, they’ll keep your floor free of scratches. Another good thing about this L-shaped desk is that it’s freely adjustable. You can set it up with a suitable orientation matching your room.

You can use the desk for writing, drawing, office works, DIY projects, etc. It has a good load-bearing cap so you can stockpile your stuff on the desktop as well. It’s also sturdy enough to hold computers.

Once it arrives, you need to do the full assembly by yourself.

  • Manufactured wood body
  • 2 shelves, 1 drawer
  • Bears up to 200 lbs

The Rosecliff Heights L-shape desk brings a rusty vintage look to your home or workplace. It has a manufactured wood body from to bottom. And to protect the table from damage and decay, there’s a laminated layer over the engineered wood.

The table perfectly fits into any corner. It has a perfect, angled design that snugly fits and reduces space requirements. Besides, it has a large surface that easily holds your computer, documents, files, papers, etc. Altogether, the table can carry up to 200 pounds.

Additionally, this L-shaped desk has a compact drawer, a fixed bottom shelf, and a height-adjustable intermediate shelf. The drawer can hold up to 15 pounds. You can niftily store your valuables, office accessories, etc inside the drawer. As for the shelves, they’re ideal for storing papers and documents.

Furthermore, there is an external bracing that holds the legs. So you can expect increased stability compared to other tables.

And to conclude, you can easily assemble it with a screwdriver and a hammer. But in case if anything goes wrong, use the 1-year limited warranty to your advantage.

What Are L-shaped desks?

As the name implies, an L-shaped desk is a desk made of essentially two decks that form the letter L when built together. L shaped desks are a desk type that form a specific form and position best suited for placement in the corner of a rectangular or square room.

What makes An L-shaped desk useful?

L-Shaped desks give you more space to work, leverage space in your room more effectively, and enable you to have “Corner Symmetry”. Traditional symmetry is when an idea looks the same regardless of the angle in which it is viewed. Corner symmetry, in contrast, is the balance that an L-shaped desk gives a room because it affords harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. The desks use space efficiently because of their construction and because of how the two sides of the L fit together to fill the corner edge of a room.

An L-shaped desk can make a small space seem more spacious. Additionally, it can enable a large space to achieve office flow because the products that you need to work – a computer, printer, lamp, paper – can be placed evenly on either side of the desk. L-shaped desks come in many shapes and sizes and colors. Picking the L-shaped unit that works for your space is critical to having a good experience. Some of these desks are optimized for below desk storage and others for work-ready surface area.

Benefits of L-shaped desks?

Remember Geometry in high school? Fortunately for you, we do. The key thing in this form of mathematics is how shapes fit together. An L-shaped desk gives you more surface area to work because less space is wasted. If you are on a space budget, this is a particularly compelling reason to consider this product. By placing the desk in the corner, you can use your room space to its maximum efficiency.

These desks are particularly well suited for spaces where walls or other furniture are fixed and you want to build around these obstacles. For example, it is popular to place these in corners so that you can work from two sides of the room facing in both directions. Many people user desks that have built-in compartments and drawers. L shaped desks give enhanced beneath desk storage space and utility.

A second key benefit is that you can have two distinct surfaces on which to work. I have an L-shaped desk and have my monitor and keyboard on one side. On the other, I have my writing utensils and paper and tablet on the other. When I want to type I swivel and move to my left. When I want to sketch or think away from my computer, I turn to my right. This division enables my body and my mind to take breaks all without leaving my general work station. It also creates flow in my workspace. I know that my desk is using the space in my room to the best of its ability.

Pricing for Value

A final consideration for L-shaped desks is their value. Essentially you are getting nearly two desks for the price of slightly more than one. If you are a value conscious buyer, you will want unparalleled surface area for your home office for the cheapest possible price point. L-shaped desks provide that. 

Measuring Space for an L-shaped desk

When buying an L-shaped desk it is important to measure the space for the entire desk and where the two desks come together. Because you will likely place your chair under one portion of the desk you need to factor in which side of the desk you want to be your primary workstation and which side you want to be your secondary area for work. L-shaped desks are made of the same materials (wood, metal, or glass) as others desks. Thus, you can get more space without worrying about the design aesthetic or quality you might want.

As with all desks, ensure you know the space you planning to use the desk in and take a moment to measure the length, width, and depth requirements of the desk relative to your room. L-shaped desks may require more assembly work unless you order it pre-assembled. This is because you are essentially joining two desks together.