If you are working from home and starting to use Outlook on a Macbook for the first time (and are used to Gmail shortcuts), you will likely want to add shortcuts that save you valuable time and effort. 

At first I found it hard to find this shortcut. I was sweating the details and remember my box fan cooling me off as I looked, learned, and searched for answers.

Eventually I found what I was looking for and now what to pass those lessons on!

In Gmail I loved sending emails quickly and archiving messages out of my inbox.

Sadly, there is no way to do that easily on Outlook on a Mac. So I created a set of hot keys to do that want to pass those lessons on to you.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Simply put, keyboard shortcuts will save you time once you spend a few minutes learning them.

Think of keyboard shortcuts as akin to learning to play the piano. It takes practice, patience, and a willingness to learn. But once you have the basics down you can create music! Using shortcuts reduces stress too so you can spend less time on your feet or sitting and typing away.

Using shortcuts gives you more time to invest in fun activities, like exercising, decorating your office with products that actually make your life better, or investing in a great folding desk to help you.

While using Outlook on a Mac I had one very simple goal. I wanted to press one key to make messages enter my archive or to delete messages. This functionality doesn’t exist naturally so I created a solution.

Step by Step guide on how to create a Hotkey or Keyboard Shortcut for Outlook on a Mac.

  1. Open your Outlook mail client. Here is mine and you can search for Outlook as well by using Spotlight Search. 
  1. Open Spotlight Search and type in “Keyboard.”
  2. Next select, “Shortcuts.”

5. Select: App Shortcuts on the left hand-side.

6. Select Outlook

7. Next, pick the key command you want. For example, I use Command + E to archive messages.

8. Select the name of the keyboard shortcut. So in my case, I called the action archive.

9. Save your preferences and head back into Outlook. Select a message and use your keyboard shortcut.

I loved investing time to make this work for me and I hope that this makes your home office experience a bit better if you are using a Macbook and use the Outlook mail client.

Please reach out if you have questions or want more tips.