The key to efficient remote testing and assessment

Since the COVID-19 breakdown in 2020, many processes in different fields of our lives have changed forever. The approach to testing and assessment had also changed, and providing these complicated processes, not face-to-face, could become a challenge. Applicants and instructors face issues that are resolvable by applying some effective methodic. Let us look at the key to remote testing and assessment more closely.

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Potential stress factors

One of the main keys to successful remote testing and assessment is reducing the stress of applicants who would wish more likely to be examined personally than online. The potential stress factor harms overall applicants’ performance and may influence the result of testing and assessment. There are some ways to reduce the negative impact of remote testing that all depend on the attitude of instructors in this case.

For example, instructors of testing must plan the process properly and in advance.  To reduce possible stressful factors planning the testing and assessment must be concentrated around defining and predicting possible situations that could confuse a respondent.

Moreover, it is crucial to be aware of situations that could be taken by an applicant as a concern to be able to monitor such situations during the process of testing. An instructor should be prepared to review potential factors of stress after testing to provide an evaluation of results correctly. 

One of the main stress factors that can concern an applicant is possible problems with access to the internet and technical equipment (laptops, webcams, Wi-Fi, etc.) The instructor needs to have a backup plan in case of crashing a connection during testing. Applicants must be previously informed about the backup plan and how they should act in a force majeure if connection crashes or equipment problems occur.

Privacy concerns

Many applicants are worried because of privacy concerns regarding remote testing and assessment. Among the potential issues are third-party monitoring systems that are often used by instructors, for example, for proctored exams.

Not all applicants are ready to use such systems during remote testing, so the instructor should be capable of offering a working alternative.

For example, during COVID-19, many universities that used to provide remote exams offered to students who had privacy concerns some options of private assessment accommodations. The main idea related to potential privacy concerns is an ability of an instructor to offer a student a good option that can be similar to the desired option of face-to-face testing. Excluding the option of third-party monitoring systems could be a working way to resolve a problem.

Early planning is one of the key strategies for remote testing and assessment

Most remote testing and assessment are provided at the end of the semester. Hence, it is crucial for instructors to start planning the tests as early as possible.

If providing testing remotely seems to be the only possible option, then instructors should be ready to organize providing them earlier than they should be done according to standard schedules. Early planning would be helpful in case of delays, problems with equipment, etc.

Moreover, earlier planning tests make it easy to modify something, which is often required to adjust the program to remote processes. For example, when planning the test, an instructor should consider such factors as the time needed to upload documents and all required materials, the time limitations, potential issues with connections, etc. 

Alternative assessment strategies

When figuring out what an instructor can offer to students as an alternative, one should begin with defining the best ways for how students can demonstrate their knowledge in terms of a specific course. A lot will depend on the character of a learning program and the results of completing the course.

Here are some effective methods to use as an alternative to remote testing and assessment:

1. Home assessments

Some disciplines are already adjusted to providing testing at home. By choosing specific questions and formulations, teachers can make it impossible for students to take a quick look at the book for the answer.

2. Quizzes

One of the effective basic ways to evaluate the level of knowledge is by providing a series of quizzes. One of the ways to reduce the possibility of potential cheating from the side of applicants is to randomize the questions.

3. Presentations

Creating a good presentation in a Keynote or PowerPoint is only possible with an understanding of the subject. Hence, assigning applicants to do a demonstration could become a good alternative to remote testing.

4. Annotated bibliographies

This is the task that requires evaluating the source and choosing the most relevant ones from many. Moreover, students should explain their choices.

5. E-portfolio

These projects show the compilation of the selected works of a student made during a specific period. For example, an applicant could include in his or her e-portfolio several most successful works of the semester.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Good luck!

Pam Wiselogel
Pam Wiselogel

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