If your day-to-day work relies heavily on computers, then it becomes essential to work in comfort. One way to work in comfort is to optimize the space on your desk. This reduces clutter and helps you maintain spacing between you keyboard, monitor, and mouse. A desk with a keyboard tray is one that has space under the desk for you to place a keyboard that slides in and out when you need it.

This type of desk is effective for space utilization and helps facilitate better posture while working in your home office.

Selecting the best computer desks with keyboard trays requires due diligence. This is because you are not just selecting either a desk or a tray. You are buying both at the same time as many keyboard trays are installed on the underside of a desk. As a result, you need to consider critical aspects of the desk itself. This includes what it looks like, its size, and how the keyboard tray is placed in proximity to your body when using the desk.

Additionally, consider general product elements like pricing, space, the ergonomic nature of your keyboard, and if you prefer a seated or standing desk.

Here, you will get the top-rated computer desk with a keyboard tray reviews for your home or office use.


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    • Reversible L Shaped Desk
    • P2 wood boards with PVC cover
    • Keyboard Shelf

    The L-shaped computer desk product from Frunimall is a simple yet functional desk for your home office. The simplicity of the product takes nothing away from its standard and expected functionalities.

    The product has a unique P2 class-elected and premium eco-friendly wood board material, all shaped into a functional L to utilize any corner in the room. Additionally, it has a keyboard tray that helps when trying to maintain a proper posture while working. However, the best feature entails the reversible feature of the computer desk that makes it highly flexible and suitable for almost every type of workspaces. If flexibility and simplicity rank prominently in your life, then you can hardly go wrong with this product.

    • Sliding keyboard tray
    • Glass L-shaped desk
    • Stylish floor glides

    The spacious and stylish corner desk from Flash Furniture comes as a premium choice option for a computer desk with keyboard tray lovers. It proves highly functional with extra and enhanced attributes. Firstly, the desk comes highly spacious and in an L-shape, with a 5mm tempered glass surface to accommodate several monitors. As a result, you can enjoy a large and stable working space, especially if your job needs multiple monitors.

    The desk also has stylistically designed cherry crisscross stands with floor glides, which provides stability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Further, the sliding keyboard compartment tops the standout features, ensuring the correct posture and subsequent productivity. So if you want the functionality to meet elegance in boosting your work productivity either at your home or at the office, look no further than this glass computer desk.

    • Engineered wood material
    • Built-in monitor stand
    • Slide-out keyboard compartment

    The highly-rated computer desk with keyboard tray product from FURINNO proves a valuable option for individuals seeking functionality at the best value. The Econ multipurpose home office computer desk comes highly functional with enhanced physical attributes that range from the material to the color finishes. The engineered wood material consists of composite wood that is CARB-compliant. The non-woven bins are sturdy for your computational work.

    Additionally, the unit comes stylish and straightforward with a rectangular design that ensures suitability to any space. It also has a slide-out keyboard compartment that effectively maintains the correct posture besides maximizing space usage. The right side of the desk is also elevated, which makes for a built-in monitor stand. With this desk, the ideal setup is to have a large monitor on the main surface, and connect your laptop monitor on the built-in stand. This will keep both screens at the same level and create a better ergonomic setup for you.

    • Metal manufactured wood
    • Rectangular shape
    • Sliding keyboard compartment

    The simple yet elegant computer desk product from Calico Designs comes as a highly functional desk and as the best choice option for your kid’s homework needs. And although it’s marketed as a kid’s desk, we think this would look pretty nice in any home office, right? The product comes with all the basic functionalities of a computer desk but with a few extra features. It comes rectangular with overall dimensions of 55.25W x 19.75D x 30H. Additionally, it has two table extensions that are removable, increasing its flexibility both while in use or when moving it. It also has a removable storage shelf.

    With a powder-coated steel frame, you can use the product for an extended period. However, the highlight of the product encompasses its sliding keyboard compartment and detachable shelf.

    • Pull-out keyboard compartment
    • Elegant design
    • MDF, PVC, and steel material

    This Stanton Computer Desk with keyboard tray is compact, simple, and functional. While it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, it does boast a keyboard tray and a storage shelf below. You can also use the shelf as a foot rest if you’d like.  In case of heavy computational needs within a limited budget, this will prove the best solution to ensure maximum productivity.

    While perhaps not the desk for a large and dedicated office, this desk can easily fit into a living room or bedroom. Its black color will work with just about any home decor.

    • Cherry legs
    • Clear glass material
    • Black & sliding keyboard tray

    This computer desk product flash furniture comes as one of the best choice options for your work needs at home or at the office. The desk product comes as a highly functional unit beside its fascinating design and cherry finish. We really like the glass top – it adds a touch of elegance to any room in the house. At 39.25 inches in length, fitting two monitors on this will be doable, but a bit tight.

    Additionally, the product comes with a black tempered and clear glass top accompanied by cherry crisscross stands having the floor glides to secure your PC as your work. As much as these factors prove key selling points for the flash furniture product, the overriding quality comes in the form of its sliding keyboard compartment. The retractable feature gives you the flexibility to work with the right posture on your machine and create more legroom when finished. It can prove perfect for your modest budget and intense computational needs.

    • Smooth keyboard compartment
    • Engineered wood material
    • Triangular in shape

    The compact computer home office desk from VECELO proves the best choice desk option for your computer work needs. The desk will fit in any corner of your room. It comes with a large desktop surface area and a shelf below for extra storage. Most importantly, the product comes with a smooth keyboard compartment that allows you to maintain the correct posture while working.

    Additionally, the desk material proves durable and sturdy because of the quality MDF material used. Consequently, you can get assured of stability when operating on your computer. It also comes shaped like a triangle with enough legroom to make you comfortable while working. The shape enables it to have two distinct shelves that you can use as bookshelves, and it comes with an easy DIY installation instruction manual. If you have a moderately tight budget, then this product might be your best option.

    • Steel frame
    • Triangular in shape
    • Smooth keyboard compartment

    Big on vintage? The corner desk from ODK proves sophisticated in its style. It has a black metal frame with a beautiful rustic wood finished desktop. We love that they also match the sliding keyboard tray with the same rustic finish.

    This desk is very easy to assemble. It’s also on the smaller size – having a dual monitor setup would be pretty crowded on this desktop. It also has a nice but small storage shelf on the bottom which could be used as foot rest, alternatively. With it’s thick metal frame, the ODK corner desk can support a ton of weight. Overall this is a very well built and sturdy desk that can support just about anything. If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a small corner desk, this is a good bet.

    Buyer’s guide for computer desk with keyboard tray

    When looking for a computer desk, you will probably come across computer desks with keyboard trays, and this may prove baffling, primarily if you have never heard of nor used one before. This guide will help you understand what a keyboard tray is, how they work, and why you can benefit from one when you are working from home.

    Can you add a keyboard tray to a desk?

    Yes. The simple answer to this question is that you can install a keyboard tray beneath any desk, but that will require some engineering work. But mounting a stand alone tray is an option if you don’t want to buy the entire desk with a tray. The keyboard tray parts come as the keyboard platform, track brackets, and screws. You can install this if you are handy or you can buy a desk that has this tray built-in. If you are installing a tray yourself you will need a drill and screw driver to complete assembly.

    So if you are looking for a desk with a keyboard tray, you have two options. You can either buy one with a built-in tray or, you can buy a desk without one and then install the tray separately.

    Is it better to have a keyboard tray?

    Most people who own computer desks with keyboard trays can attest to the diverse benefits of having the tray compared to their previous experiences using ordinary desks without the keyboard trays. The immediate benefits of a keyboard tray include:

    1. Saving space
    2. Ergonomic benefits
    3. Reduce clutter

    Keyboard trays prevent the tendency to slouch while working because of their convenience level. You have to place your hands and arms lower which helps keep your back straight. Having a straight back while working can prevent slouching which may lead to back stiffness, fatigue, and headaches. Additionally, most keyboard trays enable flexible work, as you can move them in and out from under the desk as desired. This is a great benefit for keeping the workspace clean.

    Which computer can you place on a desk?

    Both laptops and desktop computers can be placed on a desk. Some people use desktops with stand alone keyboards and monitors and this is where a keyboard tray adds particular value. If you are looking at a monitor and doing a mix of typing but also hand writing, a keyboard train will give you a bit more space because the tray can be neatly push under the desk when its not in use.

    If you are using the keyboard on your laptop, a keyboard tray will add less value.

    What constitutes the best desks for your home office?

    In the end of the day you need to like how your desk looks, feels, and enables you to work. The best desk for your situation will vary based on your needs and the size of your room. A keyboard tray desk is similar to other desks except that it comes with storage for your keyboard which saves you space, looks great, and keeps your posture straight. You can buy a keyboard tray desk or “make” one yourself.




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