Proper lighting is very important while reading and working. However, with so many different choices of reading lamps and light bulbs, it is tough to decide the best. So, here we will try to help you with our reviews to find the best reading lamp.

A floor reading lamp can give you the suitable lighting you need. While working, resting, or reading a good book, a decent lamp will lift your mood and spirit. And, a classy design will make your room and table look more stylish and presentable.

See, not all lamps are created equally, and some are better than others. Where some have a longer lifespan, and some have more brightness. However, currently reading lamps with LED bulb seems perfect for every situation. It has a wide range of colors with temperature settings.

Moreover, a proper reading lamp can protect and preserve your vision from any harm. Also add-ons like a USB charging port will help you to charge any devices and keep your cords in order.

Here our our favorite reading lamps:


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    • Wireless charging
    • Foldable plastic body
    • Auto-off timer

    If you want to enlighten your desk appearance and have some multifunctional features, this product is for you. With the stylish design, eye-caring brightness, and wireless charging this is the top product for you.

    This AFROG led desk lamp comes with a cool foldable design. You can rotate the lamp up to a 225-degree angle. The shade material is plastic. Weight is low. So, it is easy to take from one place to another.

    Additionally, it has a 5V/2A powerful adapter. Have both wireless and USB charging option. Just put the phone on the wireless function. You can charge the phone easily with the integrated USB port.

    Moreover, sensitive touch control makes the lamp easy to use. No need to press any button. Have 25 brightness choices. It also has 5 levels of brightness and 5 lighting modes.

    Besides, this versatile lamp dims the light at night time to reduce eye fatigue and save valuable power. You won’t see any flicker lighting. Suitable for office, home, and kid night bedroom reading.

    Also, you don’t have to worry about turning off the lamp. Have half an hour and one-hour auto-off timer. So, feel free to sleep after reading.

    • Flexible neck
    • Adjustable clamp
    • Rechargeable battery

    For those looking for something wireless and easily portable, this product is the overall best product for you. Lots of brightness features, flexible and cool design make you love the product.

    Additionally, this Topelek book lamp comes with 9 lighting moods. Provides 3 color temperatures X 3 brightness settings. Helps you to do all your important tasks like reading, working, studying, sewing. Also, you can read at night without disturbing your partner at night.

    Moreover, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery ensures 60 hours of wireless reading at a low brightness setting. You can recharge your book light with a USB cable. And, for a full charge, it only needs 1.5 hours.

    Besides, you can easily carry the product anywhere. Mini and lightweight. Just 39gm.

    Also, the flexible neck and the adjustable clamp allows to adjust it anywhere with 360 lightings. The adjustable clamp provides secure grips. Opens about 3 cm. Hooks perfectly on books, laptops, etc.

    Furthermore, 7 led lamps illuminate clear and comfortable light. Anti-blue light, no flicker, no shadow, no dizzy light protect your eyes from radiation and fatigue.

    • USB charging another device
    • Flexible goose neck
    • Eye protection

    This Taotronics led desk lamp is a flexible, portable, and durable lamp. Sleek and elegant plastic build gives a classic appearance. Provides light to refresh your life.

    We recommended The Taotronics led desk lamp is one of the best budget lamps. You will find this product as value for money.

    Comes with 5 lighting moods and 7 brightness level. Total 35 combinations best suitable for your work. Smart touch provides an effortless user experience. You can tap to adjust the color and slide to adjust the brightness.

    Additionally, a built-in 5V/1A USB port provides a power supply to other devices. Have energy efficient led technology. Compared to traditional led lamp save 75% energy while illuminating the same lights.

    Moreover, very nice classy finishing makes it aesthetic looking. Fit any environment. Suitable for work, personal use, or even bedside table.

    Besides, a durable and flexible gooseneck helps you to cast light anywhere your want. Stainless steel ensures improved corrosion resistance. Helps bend the neck easily.

    Also, it has an eye-friendly led panel. Supply uniform flicker-free light beam. Protect the eye from any kind of fatigue.

    • Touch switch
    • Metal body
    • USB, and Wireless charging

    If you are looking for something old fashioned but has modern technology, this Betsy reading lamp is for you. The stylish silver color makes it beautiful. Have multifunctional features.

    Additionally, comes in the perfect size. 14.4″ long and 6.7″ dia helps to put easily at any place. Made with a high-quality metal material. Give your room a modern look.

    Moreover, it has a led bulb included. Traditional round shape cover surrounds the light. Helps to cast your light beam at your desire place. Avoid flashing of lights. Protect your eyes while reading or studying.

    Besides, you will find the base of the light multifunctional. Wireless charging helps to charge devices up to 10W fast charging. Also, the built-in USB charging port helps to charge your mobile devices, tablets, kindle readers, and other electronic devices.

    Furthermore, a simple and quick touch switch provides an effortless user experience. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

    • Flexible gooseneck and clamp
    • Long USB chord
    • Professional eye care

    This Bohon led lamp is a combination of unique features. Classy looks, durable build, clear light makes a comfy feel.

    Additionally, it comes with 3 lighting color temperature and 10 brightness levels. A total of 30 illumination moods is available. You can set the ambiance according to your wish.

    Moreover, included AC adapter makes the lamp use safer. Easy to use. Just plug the USB cable into any USB port of any electronic device.

    Besides, a durable 360-degree gooseneck ensures adjustment of the light beam at your desired place. Have a strong metal clamp. You can attach your lamp to any surface. Provides stability of lamp.

    Also, non-ghosting and non-flickering light protect the eyes from fatigue and any stress to eyes. Designed for those who read the book for a long time. Consumes energy up to 80 percent and ensures an eco-friendly atmosphere.

    Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about turning off the light. Have automatic turn off after one minute. Reduces your current bill.

    • Touch sensor tech
    • Adjustable head
    • 2700k warm bulbs

    Our next product is the Industrial Dimmable Reading Lamp with 2 USB Charging Ports. This user-friendly touch lamp with a sleek black design is a pleasant addition to your reading table. Light up your mood with just a light tap.

    This Brighter reading lamp has the latest 2020 touch sensor tech. You can adjust the brightness on all occasions simply by touching anywhere on the base or pole. Convenient for nightlight at midnight in the study room.

    Additionally, the durable metal body, base, and lampshade weigh 3.5 pounds only. Also,  it can charge three electronic devices simultaneously. The dual fast-charging USB ports have a voltage of 5V and a current of 2.1A ability.

    Moreover, it has a flexible head with a golden finish that can rotate up to 360°. And, the stylish and vintage design gives this lamp a fresh feel. Matching all types of decoration in a room.

    Furthermore, it offers a bonus dimmable A19 vintage LED Edison Bulbs. These high quality 2700k warm bulbs provides a relaxing and cozy glow with no flicker and dazzle. So, buy this reading lamp and save 90% of your electricity bills.

    • 4 color adjustments
    • 6 different scenes mode
    • 50,000 hours life

    The Dodocool Floor Reading Lamp has a classic shape design. This black color lamp is a modern decoration for your living room, bedroom and office as well.

    First of all, it has 4 different color adjustment features with temperature settings. Ranging from 2500k to 6000k.  The  80W warm lights can bring you a soft night, while the coll lights can increase your concentration at work.

    Additionally, it has a 2 in 1 touch control and smart remort control facility. You can adjust the brightness by touching and control it from your bed or sofa. As the remote has a 15m range. And, you don’t need to adjust brightness every time, as the lamp has a memory function.

    What is more, the 6 different scenes mode and 360 degrees adjustable head will make your reading and working more comfortable. It will protect your eyes from harm with flicker-free and stable lighting. The reading lamp can last more than 50,000 hours without overheating.

    Finally, it has a sturdy design and weighted base which is safe for children and pets. This Dodocool product can help reduce your electricity bill by up to 75%. So, consider choosing this reading lamp.

    • 50,000 hours lifespan
    • 1-hour timer
    • 18 months warranty

    Our next recommendation is the Miroco LED Floor Lamp. It has 5 Brightness Levels with 3 color temperatures that set the perfect scene for your reading, working, and resting.

    To begin with, this 8.05-pound metal reading lamp has a modern style painted finish. So, it is suitable for any scenario such as a sleek desk lamp or floor lamp. It is also easy to move for its low weight.

    The 12W LED gives 1815 lumens brightness which is sufficient for lighting up your bedroom single-handedly. Also, the LED bulb has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. And, it will save you 75% electricity bills as well.

    Moreover, It comes with a handy 1-hour timer feature. You can automatically turn off the lamp after 1hr by simply press and hold the timer button for 2 seconds now.  Also, the lamp head is 30-degree tilt adjustable and the 5ft cord allows you to roam around freely.

    Furthermore, the company offers an 18 months warranty. So, check out this reading lamp and see if it fits your requirement.

    • Wide desk illumination
    • Auto-dimming mode
    • 1-year warranty

    Introducing the QISDA product BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp with Swing Arm. This is the world’s first e-reading lamp. It also has a broader lighting coverage, unlike the regular lamps.

    Firstly, the simple and classy design with a silver appearance makes it a great addition to your room environment. The 18W lamp can light up your entire 35 inches desk. Making it appropriate for large workstations and multiple monitor setups.

    Also, fully adjustable arm structures with a curved head and ball joints make it a comfortable lamp for reading. And, it has a flexible knob that permits you to change between warm and cool color temperatures. Controlling your brightness levels.

    What is more, the lamp weighs 10.4 pounds only. Also, the auto-dimming mode will detect atmosphere brightness and dynamically adjust to that brightness level. The smooth design avoids screen glares and provides a soothing light without flickering. Protecting and preserving your vision.

    This floor reading lamp comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. So, enhance your workspace flexibility by choosing this product.

    • 59 –inch long power cord
    • Dual USB charging ports
    • 2700k white LED bulb

    The last product we feature is Boncoo Industrial USB Table Lamp. It is a mix of industrial and modern style. Also, the vintage black appearance makes an elegant presentation wherever you place it.

    To begin with, the lamp gives cozy lighting with the white opal glass lampshade filtering the light. Protecting your eyes and meeting your lighting needs in a different situation. So, you can smoothly adjust the brightness and get a comfortable environment.

    Additionally, it has a very small dimension of 7.6 inches in length, 6.3 inches in width, and 22.05 inches in height. Saving your space. Also, the long 59 inches power cord allows you to move freely to the right position at will.

    Moreover, the night light lamp provides a dimmable 2700k white LED bulb. And, it is free from infrared, UV radiation, humming, or flickering. The 6W LED saves up to 90% electricity bills as well.

    Last but not the least, this side table lamp offers dual USB charging ports for your laptop, phone, watch, etc. You can save your energy and time and also avoid cord messes using this Boncoo product.


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