The COVID-19 situation seems to be lasting forever! It made work from home the new norm and we need to adapt. So today’s article is on the best computer desk with hutch.

You might be one of the people stuck working from home, quite unprepared for teleworking. So it’s high time you make your life easier by buying things that will greatly facilitate your work routine.

Bearing that in mind, here is a list where you can find the best computer desk with hutch on Amazon today.


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    • Lots of space
    • Beautiful looks
    • Will fit into any corner

    Not quite as mobile and compact as our top choice, but certainly fantastic looking and full of great features.

    VECELO’s corner home office desk is a bit bigger than our top choice, but will fit perfectly into any 90-degree corner and will enrich it with fantastic aesthetics. You can choose from black, teak, and natural rustic brown colors, based on your current room aesthetics.

    There is a fairly large space on top for your laptop or PC monitor, and a few other things can be placed as well. Below it is a keyboard retractable shelf, and further below are two shelves connected in the corner. In other words – there’s plenty of room for everything!

    And at almost half the price than the top pick!

    2 Safco Muv 35-49”H

    Premium Choice
    • Four shelves
    • Compact and sturdy
    • Fully mobile with wheels

    There are many great home office desks to be found, and picking our number one spot was quite challenging, but in terms of full functionality, Safco’s desk must come on top!

    There are many reasons why this desk is our top choice and we will go through them one by one.

    First of all, the desk is incredibly compact and will fit in any room in the world. Its shelves are just about the right size to fit laptops or PC monitors on top, a keyboard on a retractable shelf, and all of your documents on two additional shelves below. All the shelves are height-adjustable and this makes the job quite easier.

    The shelves are made of wood, of course, while the frame is made of steel with a coated finish. In combination with its compact size, it is both light and sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weight.

    The desk is fully mobile with four wheels on the bottom, making it incredibly useful when cleaning the room or simply needing more space for off-work activities.

    • Very nice looking
    • Compact design
    • Top bang for the buck

    This one is truly a bang for the buck deal – OneSpace’s Stanton computer desk will provide much at a completely affordable price!

    First of all, the design is both fresh and modern, and traditional at the same time! It will perfectly fit any office room you may have due to its compact design. In addition, you can choose from black, maple, cherry red, and white oak colors! Our pick is the black variant since it looks classy, adapts to all kinds of furniture, and is the cheapest one!

    The desk is made of steel, PVC, and MDF (medium-density fibreboard) materials, meaning it is quite sturdy and well-balanced.

    Although the top board is not as huge as it is the case with the previous pick, it will fit the laptop or a monitor just right. The keyboard shelf is of course retractable, while the bottom shelf is just slightly above the ground, where you can put lots of folders, books, or simply your feet.

    • Fantastic looks with 4 colors
    • A lot of workspace to operate
    • Combining many desks into one

    One fantastic workstation desk comes from Walker Edison company, and it’s called Soreno. It is kind of a mixture of our second and third choices (VECELO and OneSpace Stanton), and just as being such is worth being on the list. Although the company advertises this desk as a gaming desk, we find that their home office qualities far outreach gaming purposes. Why?

    First of all, there is a lot of desk space. A lot! We recommend buying two of them, because when combined, they will make a single L-shaped desk, meaning it will go into the corner of a room. You can add another side as well if needed, having three joined desks around your chair!

    The desk is made of metal. It looks quite modern and comes in four colors – black, silver, white, and smoke grey. But combining two or more parts is quite bulky, so it is recommended for spacious home offices.

    Although there are no bottom shelves (hence the suggestion for two combined desks), the top plates will satisfy all your needs. Of course, there is a retractable keyboard hutch to make even more free space on the desk.

    • The metal frame is very strong
    • The aesthetic is quite nice
    • Does not take up much space

    This pick is purely for aesthetic purposes. It looks amazing but there is not much free space left beside your laptop/PC components. Also, for this price, you can pick some of our previously mentioned choices that are much document-friendly.

    Be that as it may, in case you have a sweet tooth for this kind of stylish furniture, and you actually don’t need more space than to just fit your laptop and a coffee mug, then feel free to buy this wonderful Glass computer desk with hutch from Flash Furniture.

    You can choose from two colors – Cherry red and black. Since the whole metal frame is in cherry red, buying a glass top of the same color really looks dashing. On the other hand, black glass is incredibly classy as well, and we simply cannot pick our favorite. Keep in mind that the keyboard hutch is always in black though.

    • A lot of desk space
    • Strong and durable
    • Does not take up much space

    Don’t let the purpose fool you! The Calico Design company states that this desk is meant for kids to be either an art drawing desk or a computer desk. Although it can be used that way, we strongly recommend it to be used as a home office desk. Why?

    First of all, there is a lot of top space for both your PC and your documents. In case this may not be enough, you can buy additional shelves that you can attach to the sides of the frame. You can add up to 14 shelves if you want! Two extensions come with the package.

    Of course, since this desk has a keyboard retractable shelf, we find it to be a computer desk with hutch, the one that you are looking for.

    The looks are quite simple yet nice – the graphite-colored metal frame has an Ashwood top. The extensions go from white to black with three shades in between.

    • Five color variations
    • Quite a lot of storage space
    • High functionality

    This multipurpose home office computer desk is quite old-fashioned in both looks and features.

    The construction is of engineered wood, making the desk durable, stable, but heavy as well. It is also a bit bulky, so buying it for larger rooms is advisable. Econ comes in five different color variations – black/brown, Columbia walnut/dark brown. French Oak grey/black, Sonoma Oak/ivory, and white/black. The first one indicates the color of the whole frame, while the second one is simply a storage bin door color.

    The top space is suitable for your laptop/PC monitor, below is a keyboard tray, there is one additional smaller shelf on the top, and a before-mentioned bin for storage on the floor.

    • A lot of storage space
    • Eco-friendly
    • High value for money

    Our final pick resembles the previous one. The Sauder company’s Beginning collection is very unique, and this computer desk is no exception.

    While the frame is completely the same as with the previous model – top space, a keyboard tray below, an additional smaller shelf on top (great for printers), and a storage box on the floor – the material is different. Sauder has used recycled materials to build this desk, therefore it is eco-friendly and much cheaper than wooden or metal desks.

    The material finish comes in a cinnamon cherry color, making it quite dashing; but also not compatible with every home office. Those who have more traditional homes will absolutely love it.

    Of course, its functionality is good enough to be put into our list as potentially the best computer desk with hutch at least for some people.

    Computer Desk With Hutch Buying Guide

    The list containing your best computer desk with hutch follows shortly after, but before you jump into it, it may be advisable to take a few things into consideration before buying one of the following products. Although you can’t miss with our choices, not every desk will fit your needs. Here is what to pay attention to.

    Space available

    The first and most important thing to pay attention to, as it usually goes with any type of furniture, is the room space available. If your home office is not very spacious, it will be advisable to buy a smaller desk with hutch. Although big desks can be quite useful, you don’t want to “eat” your room with a huge desk and leave no free space aside. There will be smaller desks on the list that you will absolutely love.

    How much desk space you need

    Speaking of having big desks, it is always nice to have lots of space for all your documents, files, equipment, and everything else you may need for your job. Having everything in front of you is always nice, but there are desks with lots of shelves specifically designed for smaller rooms as well. It’s pretty simple – if you have a big office room and you need a lot of desk space – go for bigger desks; if you don’t have much room space and but you have lots of things – go for smaller desks with lots of shelves; and finally, smaller room without many documents – smaller and cheaper desks.


    Some people like modern things, some people like more traditional stuff. Based on your office room aesthetics, you will choose the desk that will fit in perfectly. Luckily, this list contains many products, and each and every one of them is unique in their appearance. If they fit your room, then you will have your pick in the next 10 minutes.


    Of course, a price tag should not be overlooked. Spending big on furniture and your comfort is always a good idea, especially if you spend a lot of time in that room or on that furniture piece. Of course, working 8-hour shifts takes one-third of your day, and having the best furniture is of utmost importance. But, in case you can’t spend big at the moment, there will be some cheaper options on this list as well.


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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