A floating desk? Does it like hover above the ground magically or attach to a wall? What good is it? How much weight does a floating desk support?

If you’re wondering these questions, then this article is just for you. We’re going to talk about the features and usefulness of floating desks. We reviewed dozens of desk to bring you our top floating desk recommendations.

So once again, what is a floating desk? Floating desks, L shaped desks, mid-century modern desks, ladder desks, … so many to choose from! A floating desk is a smartly modified desk that you can mount on your wall. It works on the cantilever principle, one fixed end and one floating or free end.

And what good is it? First of all, it significantly saves space. Typical stationary desks take up a lot of space. So when you’re not working, gaming, reading, or doing stuff that require a table, they’ll just get in the way.

But floating desks are mostly foldable. So you can conveniently fold & keep them out of the way. Besides, they also serve as shelves for tools or decorative items. So they won’t look like a boring chunk of wood hanging from the wall.

Anyway, take a look at our top 10 recommendations below and let us know what you think.


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    • Can bear up to 66.4 lbs
    • 3 drawer shelves
    • 5 top shelves

    This HAOTION Wall Mounted Floating Desk provides a simple & minimalistic design that can easily fill-out an empty wall which enhances the beauty of the room. This is our best overall recommendation.

    The desk takes very little space compared to a regular size table. So you can easily fit it at any place in your office room or study room.

    The top material of the desk is made of Engineered Wood which assures the durability of the desk.

    Also, The desk comes with 3 drawers and shelves that provide ample space to keep files, books, and other necessary items. Its classy design serves for multi-purposes like- writing table, computer table, mini dressing table, and many more.

    Moreover, the desk can lift up to 66.14 lbs.  You don’t need to worry about the assembling process either. As it comes with a detailed instruction manual so you can assemble the desk with ease.

    Now a small room won’t barrier to your fashion. So, let’s give your room a modern vibe with the help of this desk.

    • Zigzag shape
    • Foldable
    • Multifunctional

    If you are looking for a premium quality desk, Yusing Wall Mounted Convertible Floating Desk will be great for you.

    This convertible floating desk can give two different types of look to the room as you can fold & unfold the writing desk. Also, several folding doesn’t harm the mechanism of folding.

    It allows you to use the full area under the desk by simply folding the desk to the wall when the desk isn’t necessary. If you have kids at your place, they can easily go through the desk & play all over the house.

    Furthermore, multifunction usability makes this desk special from others. You can use this as a cabinet by folding it. Also, you can use it as a computer desk or writing table.

    This floating desk covers 59.5” height, 30.5 widths & 19” length which allows you to do the office work very comfortably.

    Moreover, great quality engineered wood gives a classical look to the desk. The white color of the product gives a fresh & lovely vibe.


    • Budget Friendly
    • Wire management
    • Two top shelves

    This Prepac Compact Floating Desk has a classic yet modern look that helps to enhance the beauty in both home and workplace. We recommend it as the best budget buy.

    This floating desk’s great advantage is- it has a wire management system. Helps you to use a computer and keep the surroundings neat & organized.

    You can easily replace your reading table with this simple yet elegant looking floating desk which will help you to save a lot of space. Those who have the fantasy of a tiny but personalized dressing table also can go for this.

    Moreover, the desk looks shiny with the help of the laminated products and is easy to clean.

    As it takes up the small area of the room by giving you a perfect workspace of 36.75″ W x19.25″ D, you can easily set it up in a compact space. Also, you can set it to the height of your comfort.

    The desk provides instruction booklets which means the desk is easy to set up. You can easily set the desk with the help of a flathead, Phillips head & hammer.

    • Simple design
    • Pure wooden body
    • Good Compatibility

    If you are a classic lover then you can certainly go for the Industrial Rustic Floating Desk. This pure wooden floating desk will give an impressive look to your wall.

    This floating table is perfect for a workplace as it allows two-person to work together with its 40″X 14″ length. It also helps a person who usually works with many documents & gadgets at a time.

    The specialty of this desk is- you can use it as a bench, desk, shelves, TV stand, Computer table as per your choice. This is adjustable to any place of home & office like kitchen, hall, bedroom, office TV room, bar and many more.

    As the package includes installation instruction, you can assemble it by yourself. Just make sure to use expansion screws for drywall whereas for other kinds of walls you can use self-tapping screws to assemble it.

    Furthermore, the desk covers less area of your wall and gives a free wall for decorating as your choice. Also, you can set another cabinet just above the desk.

    • 5 shelves
    • Foldable table top
    • 1 drawer

    The TANGKULA Floating Desk is a two-in-one versatile hanging cabinet which is a perfect package for a classic lover. Its sturdy structure is made of exalted quality MDF material which makes it strong enough for diurnal use.

    The spacious storage of this desk allows you to organize everything quite nicely to your preference. Completely ideal for your study room or home office. Also, the multiple storage chambers allow you to store and display different accessories. Suitable for books, files, flowerpot, photo frame, table lamp, and other decors.

    The desk comes in two colors – White and Red-Brown and both of these colors can easily blend with other furniture.

    Moreover, this wall-mounted cabinet is impeccable for succinct space as the desk can be easily folded. Helps you to save a lot of space and offer enough space to store important stuff.

    Additionally, the stylish design and fine lines give it an edgy look that adds an elegant vibe to your abode or workplace.

    • Smooth curves
    • 3 shelves
    • Adjustable

    Prepac Kurv Floating Desk is certainly an eye-catching piece of furniture for your abode. The adumbration of this piece gives a soft yet modern appearance which helps it to stand out in any place.

    The desk helps you to save a lot of floor space as you can directly hang it on the wall with the help of its innovative cleat system. Also, its lightweight design makes the assembly and installation process facile. 

    The measurement of the top shelf is 12.5″ W x 7.5″ H x 9 that can be decorated with some decorative accessories. Also, the lower shelf is 12.5″ W x 12″ H, where you can place your laptop and important files to work on. Besides, it can bear up to 60 lbs load.

    Moreover, the ample side chambers are perfect for you to put books, files, and other useful belongings.

    You can easily remove these shelves to place taller items.

    The desk also provides a built-in cable and wire management system that helps you to keep your desk organized. If you want an elegant look in your place, Prepac Kurv Floating Desk will be a great choice for you.

    • 7 shelves
    • Bears up to 66 lbs
    • Foldable design

    This stylish Tita-Dong Floating Desk is a multi-purpose desk that allows you to decorate the wall of your room smartly. The wall-mounted and fold-up design of this desk makes it perfect for compact space.

    It is perfect for the bedroom, living room, reading room, office, or any place at your abode.

    While the wall-hanging design of the desk helps you to save great space in your room, the High-Grade E1 15 MM chipboard of this desk ensures excellent strength and quality.

    The storage chambers on both sides provide ample space to store books, files, and other decors. The large workbench helps you to keep laptops and necessary documents to work on. Also, the built-in cable and wire management functions help you to be clean and organized.

    Moreover, the desk can bear up to 66 lbs and the measurement of the desk is 39.37” L x 42.13” W x 19.69” H.

    Furthermore, you can set the desk by punching on the wall and give it stability.

    What’s more! Its stylish design complements the looks of your room and gives a modern vibe to the place.

    • Modern Wooden design
    • Foldable
    • Bears up to 30 lbs

    Yu Yusing Floating Desk is a perfect catch for a compact-sized room. The Brown & white color of this furniture easily matches any background, and also capable of seeking attention on it. You can simply turn an empty wall into a decorated one with this product.

    This succinct & stylish looking floating desk helps you to save a huge space. You can work on the desk by keeping your laptop and documents with ease. Also, you can easily keep your heavy books and writing material as it can support about 30 pounds of weight.

    Moreover, the desk is made of engineered wood with a 24-lbs weight that makes the product comfortable for rush shifting.

    Also, You can use it both as a cabinet and desk at your convenience. The multiple sized shelves help you to place different accessories from small to big any size. The top shelf can be adorned with different showpieces.

    If you love to keep your room clean & organized then this wall-mounted floating desk will be a great choice for you.

    • Minimalist design
    • Foldable top
    • 5 years warranty

    Sauder Anda Norr Floating Desk is perfect for compact spaces and helps you to place it anywhere as your interest. It simply increases the beauty of your wall with its simple and classy looks.

    If you are creative & like to be organized with proper scheduling then this desk is perfect for you.

    Moreover, you can flip down the board whenever you want to write or work on the computer. The wide space of 24.8” x 18.5” helps you to keep the laptop & other necessary stuffs. While you can keep a photo frame, pen holder, showpiece, or flowerpot on the top shelf, the gray track board can be used to stick notes in front of the working space.

    The finished white look with Sky Oak accent gives it a very impressive look with the folded system of this desk.

    Furthermore, the desk is made of high-quality engineering wood that gives it strength and stability for diurnal use. Besides, Sauder Anda Norr is providing 5 years warranty for the floating desk that gives you extra clarity.

    Finally, the desk comes with a manual of proper instructions which helps you to set the desk with ease.

    • Ergonomic design
    • 7 shelves
    • Easy to assemble

    This environmentally friendly, Adpan Floating Desk gives a simple yet classy vibe to a room. This wall-mounted table is a well-built desk with a high-quality board which helps you to bear a heap of loads.

    You can easily fit the desk in a small space. It is convenient to set at any height. Also, the desk comes with a modern cleat system which helps you to set the desk easily.

    The polished looks can enhance the beauty of your room with a simple touch. You can adorn the upper shelf with a few showpieces, a photo frame, or a flowerpot. There are plenty of shelves to keep books and other accessories.

    Moreover, its great design with storage shelves provides you enough working space, and the hidden cable and wire management system helps you to be organized. You can easily put your laptop or documents on the main desk and work with ease.

    This desk comes with detailed assembly instructions which will help you to assemble the table within half an hour.


    What is a floating desk?

    A floating desk is a desk that doesn’t have legs – it attaches to a wall to save room and space.

    Floating desk are great for people who:

    1. Want to save space
    2. Value versatility in their work environments
    3. Have mixed-use work spaces
    4. Mobile and active and walk around in their home offices
    5. Have smaller work spaces and want to save money and space at the same time

    Traditional desks are heavy, take up ample room, and have wooden slabs or legs to hold the desk upright. Floating desks, in contrast, have neither. Rather, they attach to slabs or walls or dry rock for stability. 

    How and where do you install a floating desk?

    The answer depends on the size of the floating desk, its weight, and your mechanical skills. Some floating desks are minimalist and light. These can weigh as little as 7 pounds. On the other hand, some floating desks – although sleek and minimalist – are made of heavier wooden and metal composites. These larger floating desks can weigh upwards of 50 pounds. 

    Before installing a floating desk you need to understand what type of wall you will install it on. For example, load-bearing walls are ideal for floating desks because these walls are sufficiently strong (and designed to support) the weight of a floor and ceiling or roof. Partition walls, which include non-load-bearing walls, dividers, and doors are far less suited for holding and sustaining heavy objects. As such, you should not install a floating desk on a non-load-bearing wall if the desk is greater than 10 pounds. This 10 pounds includes the weight of the desk and the items you will place on it (a laptop, your keyboard, etc). 

    How much weight can a floating desk sustain?

    Different sizes and types of floating desks are suited for different physical weights. In general, smaller floating desks can support less weight. The largest desk we have recommended above can support up to 67 pounds of downward pressure. That is more than sufficient for multiple monitors, laptops, and your body weight leaning against it.

    Before buying a floating desk first consider:

    1. Where you will place it.
    2. The strength of the wall it will lean against or be attached to.
    3. The weight of the material you will place on top of the desk when it’s assembled and fully operational.

    Floating desks are lovely to look at, highly space efficient, and useful. But you need to ensure you buy the right one and the right size to support your work from home activities.

    Make sure to use a stud finder before installing your floating desk for best results and durability. A pro tip, if you are unsure of the weigh bearing capacities of your wall is to use a sheet of plywood in between the wall and the desk when you install it. The plywood will help distribute the weight of the floating desk more evenly across a broader surface area and ensure that it says upright.


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