Is your work table taking up all the space in the room? Finding it hard to do anything else and need more space? Then why don’t you try a folding desk? We reviewed dozens of products to help you find the perfect folding desk.

As the name suggests, a folding desk can be folded and stored away when not in use. So you won’t run out of space, ever. Most of these desk feature convenient folding mechanisms to save up as much space as possible.

A folding desk can be a great addition to economy apartments and small office spaces. You can use them for various purposes and fold them back up to free up space. Use them to read, write, eat, work, draw, etc. They can serve as a computer desk as well.

Most of these desks consist of wood & metal. Metal frames provide excellent stability alongside convenient foldability. Some of these tables feature bracing as well for added safety.

To learn individually about our featured products, check our list below.

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  • Two open shelves
  • X-braced
  • Wood & metal

So, on top of our list, we have AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Folding Desk. It’s a combination of wood and metal with a rectangular shape. It comes with 3 standard and minimal colors (Black, Espresso, and white).

Its solid wooden build makes it durable and aesthetic. This folding desk is amazing for most interiors of home and office. It is ideal for use in dorm rooms, study spaces, or small home offices as a computer desk.

Moreover, you can also store your accessories on two open storage shelves and a wide top. So you don’t have to worry about wasting your time finding computer accessories in the whole apartment. You can keep all of them organized with the spacious storage of this folding desk.

It is easy to assemble. Also, shelves are customizable as you need. So, for a classic branded aesthetic product you can buy the AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Folding Desk.

2 Need 55 Inch Folding Desk

Premium Choice
  • 6 color variants
  • 2.5" folded height
  • Wooden top, Metal frame

Sometimes you need a premium product that fits well in your office environment and also serves as a masterclass workstation. Can’t find a product like that? Don’t worry. Our next product Need 55 Inch Folding Desk is here to blow your mind.

The most amazing thing about this folding desk is it comes with 6 different minimal color variations. Which are black, black and white, teak and black, teak and white, white and white and black. This variation is suitable for any kind of office environment enhancing the aesthetic values.

Furthermore, it is suitable for any kind of large working space as its size is L47.2″ x W23.7″ x H29.5″. The interesting thing is it occupies only 2.5” height when folded. This feature makes it perfect for convenient storage. Also, 1.2 mm thick metal frames make it more durable and provide stability.

You also don’t have to worry about extra assembling. This premium product is certified with “BIFMA”, following US Office Furniture Standard.  So, for a long-lasting aesthetic looking large workspace you can definitely try this.

  • 2 colors, 3 sizes
  • Bears up to 220 lbs
  • Budget friendly

Looking for a budget folding desk? Then we recommend the Need Small Folding Desk. It’s available in 3 sizes according to your needs. It also comes in 2 colors (Teak Color Desktop & Black Frame).

The build quality of this folding desk is also amazing. It is made with high-strength, thick tubing steel that is powder coated for a perfect finish.

This desk is easily foldable in both up and down directions quickly. No need to search for how to assemble my folding desk anymore! Why? Because this folding desk needs no extra assembly for ensuring convenient transportation.

Moreover, it is as strong and durable as it looks. Its load-bearing capacity is 220 lbs. The surface is highly resistant to any scratch. Also, it is perfect for small spaces. It is suitable to be used as a laptop desk, small writing desk, sewing table, writing or study table, etc. You can use this premium table in anything you can think of.

So finally, if you want the best quality folding desk also a budget-friendly one that comes in any size you may need. Also, the durability looks, and for a workhorse kind of product, you can really try this folding desk.

  • Multiple color variants
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Well balanced

Our next recommendation is the 4NM Folding Desk. It comes with a large option of aesthetic looking colors which are classy and elegant. It got all black, brown and black, gray and black, natural and black, natural and white red and black and rustic brown and black.

The build is unique. The dimensions are  31.5 x 17.72 x 29.72 inches when expanded, and 31.5 x 2.55 x 29.72 inches when folded. So, you can easily store it in small spaces. Also, the desktop consists of high-quality materials and a sturdy metal frame for stability.

With a really elegant look, it is also easy to fold and unfold. Also, it needs no extra assembling which saves you time. It takes small space when folded so you can keep it in any corner of your house.

Additionally, you can use this desk in any room of your house or office also. The look and size make it perfect for any kind of interiors or workspaces.

.So, with these amazing features and all these color choices, you can definitely think about buying the 4NM Folding Desk.

  • 2 colors
  • Bears up to 110.3 lbs
  • Stability Braced

GTXMAN Folding Computer Office Writing Desk is yet another desk with various options minimal and rich designs. It is available in 2 colors which are black and brown.

This desk is so easy to assemble that you don’t need to search how to assemble my table in Google. You just have to follow 1 step.  Just put the top on the frame and you are done!

Besides, it can take some real weight! The load-bearing capacity of this desk is 110.3lbs. It comes with a high-performance metal frame which is thick and makes this desk more stable.

Additionally, you will get a larger workspace of 39.17″ x 19.68″. that enables you to use the desk for writing, studying, gaming, and other home office activities or anything you can think of.

So, with the larger space and minimal look, GTXMAN Folding Computer Office Writing Desk can be an amazing choice for your home or office.

  • 3 color variants
  • Very slim
  • MDF board and Metal

Tangkula Folding Desk is a well-designed and compact styled product. It comes with some aesthetic looking colors which are classy for any interior for home and office. Available in black, natural, and white color variations.

It consists of an MDF board which makes the tabletop quality top-notch. Also, the solid metal frame provides it with extra stability. Despite being durable, it just takes a small space. With an overall dimension of 1.5’’x 18’’ x 29’’ (L X W X H) a folding dimension: 31.5’’ x 3’’ x 29’’ (L X W X H), you can keep it in any corner.

Moreover, the thickness of the desktop is only 0.6”. It can be used in any room of your house or even in the office. You can use this desk as a computer desk, a writing table, a study desk, etc.

Anyone can single-handedly assemble this product in a short time. It is a lightweight table so you can move this table anywhere without any sweat.

So, you can really consider buying this folding desk if you want a desk that goes with any aesthetics and also durable.

  • MDF board, Metal frame
  • Braced legs, Extra stable
  • Quick setup

Up next we have the Coavas Folding Desk.  It comes with a wide variety of wood finished modern look and color choices. These are brown, cherry, matte black, slippy vintage brown, and vintage walnut.

It has a similar design to some other folding desks. The most unique thing about it is the MDF table top which makes it waterproof, durable, and solid. Also, this surface makes it resistant to deformation.

Moreover, you can install the desk in just 8 seconds. Isn’t it great! You can store it in any corner after folding and it takes little space. With a stylish look, the table is also spacious (39.4” x 19.7” x 28.3”).

So you can use it as a computer desk, learning tables, game tables, picnic tables, secretarial desks, etc. without worrying about spaces. Despite being large, less weight allows you to move it easily. You can even take it on a picnic with ease.

Finally, for a simple, minimal looking large workspace for you home and office you can choose this product.

  • 2 colors
  • Extra stable & strong
  • X-braced

Engriy Folding Computer Desk comes with 2 wood finished classy looking colors (Black, rustic brown). It is a combination of metal and particleboard with a rectangular shape. Dimensions are 39.4″L x 19.7″ D x 29.5″H.

This desk is easy to assemble. Just open the frame and snap into the tabletop and it’s finished. It’s got an additional metal bar underneath the desktop. This feature enables it to carry more loads than conventional folding tables. Metal frames and crossbars below desks also helps to make it more stable and durable.

Besides, another amazing feature about the table is the waterproof P2 wooden board. It also makes the surface scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Also, the feet of this desk is adjustable. So, even on uneven grounds, you can adjust the legs so it won’t cause a mini earthquake like the other desks you can find in the market.

Additionally, you can use this desk for multi-purposes in both home and office as study table, computer desk, game table. Even its folding feature allows you to take this to any picnic you want!

So, with the larger space and aesthetic or natural look, Engriy Folding Computer Desk can be an amazing choice for your home or office.

  • Minimalist design
  • Particle board
  • Balanced Frame

Our next recommendation is a little bit different looking than other variations of the list. SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk comes with two-tier variations which are one-tier and two-tier. The two-tier version comes with extra storage space on top of the desktop. Also, this folding desk comes in 2 wood finished colors (oak/black, oak/white).

Initially, it is foldable like other folding desks. But the smart pop-up style of this desk makes it more stylish and stable, saves space in both home and office. The well-balanced frame also gives it extra stability for holding your accessories with safety.

The most unique feature of this folding desk is the E0-grade particleboard. This board gives the surface premium feel for writing. Also, makes the desktop scratch-free and waterproof.

Moreover, it is suitable for students, small businesses, or any professionals. With the minimal design, it can also support weight up to 70lbs. This load-bearing capacity with durable heavy-duty and powder-coated metal tube legs makes it more stable even with this small size.

Finally, this simple yet amazing is perfect for you if you want a classy minimal décor for mainly gaming, writing, or small works in your home and office.

  • 3 color variants
  • Simple design, stable
  • Minimal Features

Finally, we feature Leopard Outdoor Folding Computer Desk. The design comes in three classy and aesthetic colors. These are A-white, black and rustic brown. Rustic brown color variation is more natural-looking and can be used outside. The desktop thickness is only 3.6” and the desk dimension is 31.5″L x 17.83″W x 29.13″H.

The desk foldable and great for saving extra spaces in your home and office. You won’t need to waste your time assembling, you can just fold or unfold it in seconds. Its build and materials make it stable and more durable.

Furthermore, you can use this awesome looking desk as a computer table, study table, or dressing table. You can use it and fit it in any space because of its small size. You can also adjust the footpad to make it stable also on an uneven surface.

So, for a worry-free, long-lasting, and simple product, you can trust Leopard Outdoor Folding Computer Desk.

What is the best folding table or desk?

Tables tend to be used for a broad array of activities and desks tend to be focused more towards productive work. There are foldable tables, as well as desks (see above for our favorite ones). When we selected the best folding desks we focused on the attributes that help people work, save space, and enjoy the reliability and mobility of a light weight desk that has legs that can be folded in. 

By folding the legs in the desk can be transported easily and rapidly between rooms. However, when the legs are erected, the desk needs to be strongly centered with no wobbling. The desks we reviewed have no wobble and are durable. They can be set up in a matter of seconds and placed away just as easily too. They are the ultimate tool for a versatile workspace.

How do you make a desk fold?

There are different types of foldable desks. The most popular ones have legs that fold. These legs – usually made of metal or wood – can be bent. You simply apply downward pressure on the middle section of the leg and it bends inwards.

When this happens the opposing legs are triggered to bend as well. This makes bending the legs easily and a uniform experience across the desk. As a friendly reminder, make sure to remove your possessions from the top of the desk before folding the legs because the legs will fit neatly under the main desk.

How can I work from home without a desk?

Many people use uncomfortable and cheap concoctions to work without a desk when at home. They might try using books stacked on top of each other to create a standing environment. Or they might stuff pillows by themselves to work from bed. People try these approaches to save room and to save money. With folding desks, however, both of these problems are solved.

Why? Folding desks are:

  1. Very affordable. The desks we feature here don’t cost more than $150 and many are less than $75.
  2. Versatile. If you are short on space a folding desk can help you out. By using the desk when you need it, but placing it away when you don’t you can best leverage the space that you do have.

Why use a folding desk?

  1. You value portability. Perhaps you will move the desk between rooms frequently or share it.
  2. You value storage space. You can place the desk in storage rapidly and remove it when you need it.
  3. You want a desk but don’t want something heavy or expensive. Folding desks are light (and made to be moved around) and cost far less than heavier desks made for one location.
  4. You like a folding design. Folding desks tend to be smaller and perhaps you like the minimalist aesthetic that a folding desk provides.
  5. You want to save the space that you do have. Many folding desks have smaller dimensions, such as 31x17x29. This is roughly one third less than a larger, normal sized desk.