Is your work table taking up all the space in the room? Finding it hard to do anything else and need more space? Then perhaps a folding desk is the type of desk you will benefit from. We reviewed dozens of folding desks to help you find the perfect folding desk that fits in your office, provides you flexibility for your workspace, and can be purchased on any budget.

As the name suggests, a folding desk can be folded and stored away.

A folding can either fold from underneath (i.e. the legs fold within the desk) or the desk can fold into a larger storage compartment (i.e. folding into a wall mount).

Folding desks are great for saving space and preserving optionality. Folding desks with legs are easily transportable and can be used in different room. Folding desks that fold into a wall are great for saving vertical wall space.

A folding desk can be a great addition to economy apartments and small office spaces. You can use them for various work functions and fold them back up to free up space and store them in a closet or another room. Folding desks can serve as a computer desk or light weight work desk.

A folding desk that is mounted to a wall is slightly different as these desk types will certainly come with weight limitations. In other words, you can use them for storage or a laptop but these will not be well suited for printers, monitors, or heavier objects.

Most of folding desks are made of lighter materials, such as manufactured wood or lighter metals, because pliability is important to the owners. Metal frames provide excellent stability alongside convenient foldability. Some of these tables feature leg brackets as well for added safety so that the legs can be locked in after folding them downwards.

To learn individually about our featured products, check our list below. If you want a folding desk that is mounted to a wall, please consider the type of work you will be performing and the additional installation work needed to place the desk on your wall mounts.

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  • Two open shelves
  • X-braced
  • Wood & metal

TheAmazon Basics Classic Home Office Folding Desk is affordable, simple, and comes in basic yet elegant colors.. It’s a combination of wood and metal with a traditional rectangular shape. It comes with 3 standard and minimal colors including Black, Espresso, and White.

This desk won’t cost you much, and that is an added benefit. Buying a folding desk for around $50 is a great deal – and this desk provides you the functionality you need without costing that much money. Amazon Basics is known for budget products and this desk is no exception: it works, it is strong, and it is cheap.

Secondly, its solid wooden build makes it durable and pleasing to the eye. This folding desk is amazing for most interiors of home and office. It is ideal for use in dorm rooms, study spaces, or small home offices as a computer desk.

You can also store your accessories on two open storage shelves that are built under the main desk. So you don’t have to worry about wasting your time finding computer accessories – simply place them below the generous surface area of the top desk.

It is easy to assemble and in stock.


2 Need 55 Inch Folding Desk

Premium Choice
  • 6 color variants
  • 2.5" folded height
  • Wooden top, Metal frame

If you want an affordable, simple, no-frills folding desk that is easy to use, light weight, and portable, then the Need 55 Inch folding desk will suite you well.

There are many reasons to like this desk: its cheap, its simple, it doesn’t come with drawers so it’s light and easy to transport, and it is dead simple. For so many other desks there are always additional features. Not so for this one: it comes in basic yet simple colors, comes ready to use (no assembly required), and just gets the job of a folding desk done very well.

This desk is well suited for large working spaces as its size is L47.2″ x W23.7″ x H29.5″. Interestingly, it only occupies 2.5” height when folded. This feature makes it perfect for convenient closet or wall storage. Also, the 1.2 mm thick metal frames make it more durable and provide stability.

You also don’t have to worry about extra assembly. Pull it out of the box and get going.

This premium product is certified with “BIFMA”, following US Office Furniture Standard.

  • 2 colors, 3 sizes
  • Bears up to 220 lbs
  • Budget friendly

Looking for a budget folding desk? Then we recommend the Need Small Folding Desk. It’s available in 3 sizes according to your aesthetic desires and comes in two simple colors including teak and all black.

When selecting a small folding desk, you will want to likely optimize for price, ease of use, and durability. The thick steel tubing is coated for an elegant finish and prevents the desk from wobbling.

In addition the desk comes with a warranty: if you are not happy, the manufacture offers a money back guarantee.

In addition to the small desktop, simple colors, and low price, easy foldability, and warranty, this desk requires no assembly. If you are like us, you likely dislike (or feel intimidated by) putting together furniture. Therefore, a desk that is ready to use right of the box gets some bonus points. This is one such desk.

One thing to be mindful of when buying a smaller folding desk is the load that the desk can bear. In this case, the Need Desk can support up to 220 pounds. That means you can easily place a laptop, books, and a monitor on this product.

In conclusion the Need desk is simple, durable, cheap, and easy to use. If you need to save space with a folding desk you will be well served with this product.

  • Multiple color variants
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Well balanced

The 4NM folding desk comes in many colors, including brown, black, gray, natural, rustic, and white.

We mention this because this desk is built for minimalists in mind who want simple color schemes and designs. The build on the frame is unique.

The desk has two folding contraptions: the legs move and so does the desktop. When the desk is erect, it is beautiful, simple, and truly elegant. It has ample room for light to shine through the open space under the desk and around the strong but minimalistic legs.

The dimensions are  31.5 x 17.72 x 29.72 inches when expanded, and 31.5 x 2.55 x 29.72 inches when folded.

What we love most about this desk is its pliability and elegance. Many folding desks have the appearance of being cheaper. In contrast, the 4NM looks great and is highly functional. If you have just a laptop and pad of paper for work, this desk takes up virtually on space and still affords you plenty of work room.

With this elegant look, it is also easy to fold and unfold. It needs no extra assembly and is ready to use right out of the box.

  • 3 color variants
  • Simple design, stable
  • Minimal Features

The Leopard Outdoor Folding Computer Desk is monochromatic and comes in uniform colors.

It can be folded, requires no work to assemble, has a width of less than 3.6 inches, and can be used for multiple purposes including work, studying, and storage.

The desk foldable and simple.

It is exactly what a home office user might want if he or she valued a desk that gets the job done with minimal frills, little costs, and solid colors.

  • 3 color variants
  • Very slim
  • MDF board and Metal

The Tangkula Folding Desk is a well-designed and compact styled product that comes in 4 colors and requires roughly 10 seconds to assemble or place in storage.

The colors you can select include black, natural, and white color variations.

The desk itself consists of two parts that are worth being aware of: the folding desktop and the folding legs. While some desks require folding of either the legs or the desk, this desk requires folding of both. That doesn’t change the user experience much but just an added detail to be cognizant of.

With an overall dimension of 1.5’’x 18’’ x 29’’ (L X W X H) a folding dimension: 31.5’’ x 3’’ x 29’’ (L X W X H), you can keep it in any corner, lean it against a wall, and easily configure it when ready for use.

The thickness of the desktop is only 0.6” which makes the desk lighter and easier to transport.

  • MDF board, Metal frame
  • Braced legs, Extra stable
  • Quick setup

The Coavas Folding Desk comes with in a wide variety of wood finished modern looks and color choices. These colors include brown, cherry, matte black, slippy vintage brown, and vintage walnut.

It has a similar design to other folding desks. The most unique thing about it is the MDF table top is that it is waterproof. If you are planning on sharing your desk with a kid or two, this feature is nice for dealing with potential liquid spills.

How long do you want to take assembling a desk? If the answer is around 8 seconds, then this desk will leave you smiling. Not only does it look stylish and add elegant functionality to your room, but it is spacious (39.4” x 19.7” x 28.3”).

The Coavas desk lives up to the reputation of other durable, simple, folding desks: you can use it as a computer desk, learning table, game table, picnic table, secretarial desk, or shared family desk with kids.

  • 2 colors
  • Extra stable & strong
  • X-braced

The Engriy Folding Computer Desk comes with 2 wood-finished classy looking colors, Black and Rustic Brown. It is a combination of metal and particleboard with a rectangular shape. Dimensions of this desk are 39.4″L x 19.7″ D x 29.5″H.

This desk is easy to assemble. Just open the frame and snap into the tabletop and its construction is finished. The desk has an additional metal bar underneath the desktop for durability and support. The added bar enables the desktop to carry greater loans with flexible support distributed to each leg.

The desktop is scratch-resistant and waterproof. If you have pets or kids or expect food, liquid, paint, or other impacts to your desk, this product will help give you added comforts.

Lastly, the feet of the desk are height adjustable. Even if your floor is not perfectly even, you can set the legs to react to spacing gaps. This prevents wobbles.

  • Minimalist design
  • Particle board
  • Balanced Frame

Our next recommendation is a little bit different looking than other desks listed here. That is because the SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk is so simple, small, and elegant that it almost doesn’t seem like a desk.

This desk is recommended for people with minimal working needs and even less space. This is the smallest folding desk we have tested and it screams “easy to use, light, and cheap”. However, it also has the least amount of desktop space. So be mindful of these tradeoffs when selecting this item.

The SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk comes in 2 wood finished colors (oak/black, oak/white).

The most unique feature of this folding desk is the E0-grade particleboard. This board gives the surface premium feel for writing. Also, makes the desktop scratch-free and waterproof.

  • 2 colors
  • Bears up to 110.3 lbs
  • Stability Braced

The GTXMAN Folding Computer Office Writing Desk is a popular writing desk because its easy on the eyes, affordable, light, and has elegant support rods that add gravitas to the desk’s aesthetic.

Unfortunately, the desk is only available in two colors: black and brown. Both colors come with dark leg stands.

Quick assembly is a feature of folding desks, and the GTXMAN is no exception. Simply remove the desk from the package, and you can start using it instantly.

Additional things you should be mindful of: it has a load-bearing capacity of 110.3 pounds. This means that the desk is strong enough to support your arms leaning on it, a laptop, and a monitor. But the desk not well suited for heavy workstations or multiple monitors and books.

What is the best folding table or desk?

Tables tend to be used for a broad array of activities and desks tend to be focused more towards productive work. There are foldable tables, as well as desks (see above for our favorite ones). When we selected the best folding desks we focused on the attributes that help people work, save space, and enjoy the reliability and mobility of a light weight desk that has legs that can be folded in. 

Folding the legs of a folding desk enable it to be easily transported between spaces or rooms. Some folding desks are not made with legs; rather, these desks fold out of boxes or wall mounts. When a folding wall desk is folded back into the wall, it is stored vertically on the wall itself. This means that desk can be “moved” but not lifted which is ideal for people who don’t want to lift heavier objects.

How do you make a desk fold?

There are different types of foldable desks. The most popular ones have legs that fold. These legs – usually made of metal or wood – can be bent and stored underneath the desk and locked in. You simply apply downward pressure on the middle section of the leg and it bends inwards.

When this happens the opposing legs are triggered to bend as well. This makes bending the legs easy and a uniform experience across the desk. As a friendly reminder, make sure to remove your possessions from the top of the desk before folding the legs so that no items are broken or fall off.

The second type of folding desk is the wall folding desk. For these types of desks, remove objects on the desk and fold them inwards towards the wall. Nearly always these types of desks come with latches that can be locked in with the desk is secured in its upward position.

How can I work from home without a desk?

Many people use uncomfortable and cheap concoctions to work without a desk when at home. They might try using books stacked on top of each other to create a standing environment. Or they might stuff pillows on their laps to work from bed. People try these approaches to save room and to save money. With folding desks, however, both of these problems are solved.

Why? Generally speaking, folding desks are:

  1. Very affordable. The desks we feature here don’t cost more than $150 and many are less than $75.
  2. Versatile. If you are short on space a folding desk can help you out. By using the desk when you need it, but placing it away when you don’t you can best leverage the space that you do have.

Why use a folding desk?

  1. You value portability. Perhaps you will move the desk between rooms frequently or share it.
  2. You value storage space. You can place the desk in storage rapidly and remove it when you need it.
  3. You want a desk but don’t want something heavy or expensive. Folding desks are light (and made to be moved around) and cost far less than heavier desks made for one location.
  4. You like a folding design. Folding desks tend to be smaller and perhaps you like the minimalist aesthetic that a folding desk provides.
  5. You want to save the space that you do have. Many folding desks have smaller dimensions, such as 31x17x29. This is roughly one third less than a larger, normal sized desk.