Looking for a way to declutter the mess on your desktop? Can’t get anything done due to the lack of space? Then you should definitely consider a desk shelf. 

Desktop shelves are smart solutions for keeping your desk in an orderly fashion. So here in this article, we’re going to recommend some of the best and functional desk shelves for you to consider.

Desktop shelves are non-stationary shelves that you can put on and easily remove from your desktop. They usually come in parts, needing assembly. Once you assemble, you’ll have the freedom to adjust them as you like. You can also choose how and where to use them.

For example, you can primarily use them to keep your books, documents, files, accessories, and other stuff. But, you can also use them to store your shoes, apparel, and other household items. Use them to keep decorative items. Or keep them in the kitchen to store utensils. 

A lot of these desk shelves are stackable. So you can create an entire storage system using them.

Now, it’s time to take a look at our suggestions.  


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    • 2 color variants
    • MDF particle board
    • Adjustable, 100% money back

    As our top choice, we recommend the Hossejoy Wood Adjustable Desktop shelf. This wooden desktop shelf offers plenty of space to declutter your desk.

    Its primary element is the MDF board. This board is light yet sturdy enough to hold books, files, tools, accessories, flower vases, etc. Besides, the square shape & edgy design makes it more ergonomic and practical. Put together the two separate pieces and get a functional shelf desk.

    The wooden desktop shelf is also adjustable. You can rotate one piece above the other to get any suitable angle. Suitable for placing on any corner table with limited space. Also, the 6.6 inches wide & 13.7 inches high shelf can extend to 24.7 inches.

    Additionally, the shelf can carry books, office accessories, tools as well as kitchen utilities, and DIY materials. So you can keep it in your home, office, kitchen, dining, garage, and pretty much anywhere you want.

    Organize and declutter your surroundings with this versatile desk shelf. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

    • 4 shelves
    • 1 drawer
    • Front shutter, Stackable

    Time for our premium choice. And Victor Wood Midnight Black collection desk shelf takes up that place. The desk shelf is excellent for organizing your desktop. Also, it’s available in 5 other color variants.

    The shelf is 13.3 inches wide, 10.5 inches in depth & 9.4 inches high. It has a plain box/locker shape that sits quietly atop your desk. And the plain design allows you to stack multiple shelves to make a creative storage system.

    As for the features, it has 4 open shelves. The shelves are compact and are of similar dimensions. You can conveniently store files, books, documents, papers, and other important stuff inside them. There’s also a pull-down cover that protects the files from environmental effects.

    Additionally, there’s a spacious pull-out drawer. It can store office accessories, cell phone, keys, and similar objects. You can use the top of the desk to keep decorative items as well.

    Furthermore, it features non-slip rubber padded feet. Resists skid and slip. Keeps your desktop surface free from scratches.

    • Adjustable design
    • MDF board body
    • Budget friendly

    As for our best budget selection, we bring you the Tilemall Expandable Wood desk shelf. The shelf has a minimalist and edgy design. Built to boost the ergonomics and promote functionality.

    As for now, the product is available in 3 color variants. Each is suitable for your home and office environment. Blends in with the surroundings while enhancing your performance.

    The shelf has two main parts. You can assemble and adjust them any way you want. Once you finished the assembly, let your imagination do the rest.

    Additionally, the desktop shelf consists of high-quality MDF wooden parts. They are smooth, free from the risk of corrosion. The paint coating also makes it waterproof. So you won’t have to worry about any accidental spill.

    Furthermore, the material has a sufficiently high load-bearing capacity. Can easily carry your stacked books, files, documents as well as tools, materials, and decorative items.

    Also, you can use this multifunctional desk shelf, anywhere you want.

    • Natural wood finish
    • MDF board body
    • 100% moneyback policy

    The Pengke Office Storage desk shelf is yet another convenient solution to your desktop clutter. It’s also an expandable & adjustable desk shelf made of MDF board.

    First of all, it consists of natural wood. So no need to worry about toxic & harmful substances. It also has a natural wood texture that elevates aesthetics. It blends in with your room’s surroundings and gives off a pleasant vibe.

    Like similar desk shelves. it’s also easy to assemble. Once you put together the two main parts, you can adjust them any way you want. If you have a small desk with a confined space, collapse it. Or if you’re looking for more space, simply expand it.

    The shelf material is also sturdy enough to carry a heavy load. Once you have the two parts stacked, you can keep your books, files, documents, office accessories, and other stuff. You can use it to decorate your home or office environment as well.

    This multifunctional desk shelf also comes with a 100% money-back policy.

    • Very simple
    • 2 compartments
    • Good bearing capacity

    Next, we have the ClosetMaid desk shelf. It has a very straightforward/plain design. Currently available in three color variants. Dark cherry, espresso, & white.

    The desk shelf has a fairly simple, yet solid build. You can easily assemble it within minutes using a hammer. Its primary dimensions are 31″ W, 11.6″ H & 11.6″ D. You can make use of two main compartments. Also, there’s plenty of space below to keep your stuff as well.

    You can keep it on your desktop, on top of the counter, by the side of your bed, at the garage, or at the entrance. As it can store and organize your books, magazines, documents, accessories as well as materials, tools, utensils, shoes, etc.

    Another good thing about the desk shelf is that you can stack multiple of them on top of one another. This way, you can make a storage setup very easily.

    Usable at the home, office, school, clothing stores, and pretty much anywhere.

    What is a desk shelf?

    A desk shelf is a small piece of external furniture that you can place on top of or next to your desk. As the name implies, the shelf helps you store important documents or items that you might not want directly on your desk.

    A desk shelf is great for adding to desks that don’t have built in storage or drawers. I use a desk shelf to organize my pens, calculator, and coffee mug which frees up valuable desk space for my computer and note pad.

    Desk shelves are great gifts because they are durable, reliable, and inexpensive but add instant storage and aesthetic value.

    Desk shelves can be made of wood, plastic, or metal and usually have a square or rectangular shaped finish.

    What are the benefits of a desk shelf?

    1. Supreme organization
    2. Minimilaistic aesthetic
    3. Instant space saving
    4. Very affordable




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