On the hunt for the best cheap office chair on the market? We’ve got you covered. Having a comfortable office chair is critical to your productivity while working from home. There are many seating options for your work from home office from the high-end office chairs to ergonomic seating to kneeling chairs. Making an economic decision while choosing your seating option can save you hundreds and even close to a thousand dollars.

If you are on a budget or do not see the need to spend over $100 for a chair, here are our favorite affordable office chairs.


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    • Great value
    • Very comfortable
    • Comfortable swivel

    The Sadie Task chair is comfortable, enables a full swivel, and is a great chair if you are on a budget. The sculpted arms provide comfy all-day support for upper body and shoulders. If you need a reliable and simple chair for your home office, this is a great product that will serve you wellThe Sadie Task chair is comfortable, enables a full swivel, and is a great chair if you are on a budget. The sculpted arms provide comfy all-day support for upper body and shoulders. If you need a reliable and simple chair for your home office, this is a great product that will serve you well.

    • Breathable mesh back
    • Durable
    • Very popular for home office

    This is your classic work from home office chair: comfortable, affordable, durable, all black. It will last you forever, is easy to assemble, comes with a warranty, and has a light-weight mesh back. The color is dark and will provide you a no frills way of working from home in comfort and traditional style. This chair is among the most time tested looks for the remote worker. It has wide arm rests to keep your arms comfortable while working.

    • Ships ready to assemble
    • Simple lever to lift and lower
    • Durable plastic

    If you have a home office and want to share your seat with your child or teen, this chair will serve you both well. It is simple to share because it has one lever to easily and without any confusion lift or lower the seat. The seat itself is very comfortable and comes with a plastic shell on the back to protect the fabric. It is very affordable and doesn’t take up much room. A win win for the budget focused professional working from home.

    • Fun colors
    • Swivel seat
    • Contemporary and sophisticated

    This chair brings together two things we love: fashion and budget purchasing. The chair is stunning: the red wine color pops and is sure to make you look good on video calls. The full swivel gives you maximum flexibility, and it doesn’t cost very much. It is a great chair for people in design fields: architects, designers, and creative folks. The chair screams industrial progress and has curved edges. A great chair for a futuristic thinker that wants comfort without breaking the bank.

    • High quality at affordable pri
    • Ergonomic design
    • Mesh seat - breathable

    This chair can support you all day, every day. It is high quality yet affordable and the easy assembly process will take you only a few minutes from unboxing to sitting. We love the feel of this chair: it enables you to work all day while the mesh keeps your backside breathing and fresh. It has an executive vibe: it is sturdy, strong, and powerful. If you want to have a serious edge on video calls while working from home this chair will provide you that image as well.

    • Very comfortable
    • Great lumbar support
    • Small and swivel

    This chair combines design with elegance and multi-functionality. You can use this chair to work hard, look great in a meeting, or sit at your desk to power through your To Do list. This chair not only looks great but it feels great. It doesn’t take up much room and it maneuvers easily in a room. You can tuck it in neatly under a desk or table as it doesn’t have armrests. We love this chair and it’s classic but minimalistic design.

    • High back support
    • Deep padding
    • Leather and mesh design

    You don’t need to be a gamer to benefit from a gaming chair. All that a gaming chair means is that you will love sitting in the chair for hours on end. If you have long days at your home office you might want to consider this chair: it is affordable, has deep cushion padding, and a weight capacity of 280 pounds. You can easily adjust the seat, the arm rests, and the height. We love the deep padded armrests – relax your arms and wrists while typing and soak it in. This chair is affordable and will keep your entire body at ease while working from home, all on a budget.

    • 360 swivel wheels
    • Sleek chrome metal
    • Molded seat

    This chair is a minimalist’s dream: small, compact, effective, affordable, with a ribbed back. If you want to work from home and keep the vibe simple yet dynamic, this chair will serve you well. It is very affordable and very comfortable. It doesn’t take up much room and can slide easily under your desk at the end of the end of the day. The seat molds to your body for extra comfortability.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Build for enhanced comfort
    • BIFMA Quality-Certified

    If you value products that are built using sustainable manufacturing technique, this BIFMA Certified chair will serve you well: it is comfortable, beautifully designed, affordable, and ergonomically enabled. The mesh on the chair will keep your back comfortable and you can easily adjust its height and lock that in with a simple to use locking system. This great chair won’t break the bank but will keep you comfortable while working all day long.

    Buyer’s Guide To The Best Cheap Office Chair Selections

    When buying a not so expensive office chair, you will want to make sure you are getting the best price and bang for your buck. If you want cheap you likely want to pay less. But that doesn’t mean you want cheap to apply to other aspects of the chair. For example, you likely don’t want the chair to beak after the first time you use it – or to have it fall apart. We did you a solid and reviewed chairs that are not only affordable, economical, and don’t break the bank, but that are comfortable to sit and will provide you a good working product for your home office.

    The first thing to consider is your budget. If you want a cheap chair you likely don’t want to spend that much money today. But what is a lot of money? Generally speaking a cheap chair is between $50 and $150. Now when you think about how long you can use this chair – years – it’s pretty darn affordable on a per day or per use basis. Moreover, you can always resell the chair so don’t worry about saving an extra few dollars if a slightly larger purchase can make you feel considerably better while working.

    A Warranty Matters with a cheap office chair

    When buying a cheap product in any domain, you will want to make sure that you are protected. This means getting a warranty. And by default many of the chairs that we reviewed for you have 1 or 3 year warranties built-in. This means that you can purchase the item and feel comfortable in its length of useful life. What makes a chair cheap anyway? Well for starters it might be made of less material. This could mean less fabric or less cushion on the seat and back. Another reason it might be cheaper is because it doesn’t come with arm rests.

    If you don’t care about arm rests you can easily save money but using a chair without them. Some people lean on their standing desks or have desks that replace arm rests. Others yet have lap desks. In all of these cases you can save money and space by buying a small chair without armrests.

    Material and Form Matters

    A huge cost of expensive chairs is the material. Just like those that fly first class, people who buy high-end and expensive office chairs do so for the immediate comfort but also the story. Those that fly economy just want to get from point A to point B as affordably as possible. The same is true with a chair. If you just need a chair to sit-on for a few hours or a day a week, you likely don’t need to over do it. Are you using a blended work environment in which you work from home but also have another office? Are you moving soon? 

    These are all reasons to underinvest in an expensive chair and buy something that is reliable and simple. If you can forgo fancy hand stitched leather, you can save hundreds of dollars. If you can deal with one setting chairs because you alone are the primary user, you can save even more money. 

    Final Thoughts

    Just because a chair is cheap doesn’t mean it’s not good quality. It just means it costs less. And cost is dependent on needs and taste.  You can buy a good cheap chair – we have reviewed many – but first take a moment to understand what you want and what you care about. If you are buying on a budget the chairs we reviewed for you will be hugely helpful.


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