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Experiencing back pain while working from home? Kneeling chairs encourage an upright posture that correctly aligns your back, shoulders and neck. They ease your hips into a forward tilt position. Kneeling chairs are a super sitting alternative for people with lower lumbar, sciatic and hip problems.

When sitting in a kneeling chair you place your weight on the bottom when you are sitting, and on your shins when your positions vary. This makes for a more ergonomic position. It forces you to sit upright and avoid slouching. Additionally, placing the weight on both your buttocks and shins, distributes the weight of your upper body and makes for a more ergonomic position.

  • Back support
  • Heavy duty
  • Height adjustable

The DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair provides superb protection for your back. This ergonomic kneeling chair with back support is equipped with a three-inch mesh dense cushion. It includes four casters (wheels) and you can shift easily – just like your old office chair. The sturdy X design is made to be supportive and holds up to 250 lbs.

  • Sleek design
  • A modern classic
  • Highest quality wood

Ranked #1 Best Kneeling Chair 2019 by Beyond the Office Door and many others, the Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair is perfect for a home office. Sitting on a kneeling chair at Variable Balans offers a brand new sitting experience. This kneeling chair is suitable for both children and adults.

Variable’s unique design and functionality makes it an icon that is instantly recognizable. The sophisticated kneeling design gently tilts your pelvis forward, which encourages a natural upright posture. With strong core muscles and minimal pressure on your spinal discs, your back and shoulders relax. Place your weight firmly on the forward sloping seat of the kneeling chair, and one or both of your lower legs on, in front of, between, or beside the shin pads to vary your sitting position.

Variable Balans offers an iconic embodiment of Scandinavian simplicity. Designed as an open construction free of mechanical adjustment parts, the chair is lightweight and can be moved around easily while requiring minimal cleaning effort, making it a stylish companion that meets the demands of a modern lifestyle for a modern home office.

  • Storable
  • Built for durability
  • 5 years warranty

The Master Massage kneeling chair us a great option for an ergonomic chair for working from home. A manual height adjustment function makes it simple to find the best configuration to suit your seat, whereas the dual-wheel carpet casters allow you to wheel this chair from your desk into the conference room. The frame of the chair is made of high quality wood and steel, but it can be adjusted to suit most people of different ages. With the exclusive high-quality materials, the pads on the chair are ultra-comfortable and it won’t be a hassle if you decide to stay for hours. There are front and back wheels so the chair is easier to get around. If you don’t use it, you can fold the chair, and save storage space.

  • Modern design
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Height adjustable

With a strong black metal base built to last, sleek three inch foam cushion to keep you comfortable all day, and 4 castor rolling wheels with brakes to keep you moving freely, you will love the Deft Desk kneeling chair new kneeling chair. The heavy duty and sturdy construction chair also supports up to 250lb, yet blending nicely into your work from home office. The Defy Desk kneeling chair has multiple height adjustable positions to make sure that you find your correct sitting position and remain comfortable all day.

  • Memory foam seat cushion
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble

With this Office Star ergonomic knee chair create a more unique seating arrangement in your work from home office. A manual height adjustment feature makes it easy to find the right configuration to suit your desk, while the dual-wheel carpet casters allow you to wheel this chair from your desk into the conference room or boardroom. Plush memory foam cushions add additional support to your knees and lower body. The armless, backless design encourages a more active seating experience which keeps you focused on the work of the day. This Office Star ergonomic knee chair brings a sophisticated look to your workspace, boasting soft fabric upholstery and rich espresso accents.



Buyers Guide

Do kneeling chairs help lower back pain?

Kneeling chairs are considered the best chair for lower back pain because of the following reasons:

  1. When sitting on this type of chair, you support your upper body with both your buttocks and lower leg. This increases the surface area in contact with the chair. And thus, it reduces the pressure on your back and legs while sitting. This method relieves pressure on the lower back.
  2. They improve blood circulation to your lower limbs, an area that is typically adversely affected in cases of lower back discomfort.
  3. An open-angled posture while sitting greatly reduces the pressure on your lumbar spine, thighs and buttocks as compared to while sitting on conventional chairs.

What are the downsides of kneeling chairs?

Some of the most common issues with kneeling chairs are:

  • It takes a while to get used to the new sitting posture, which can be uncomfortable at first. Your body may need time to adapt to the chair and takes time to get used to. But once people get used to a kneeling chair, most people never go back to sitting in a chair while working. Not everyone’s body is up for the task. 
  • It is not as easy as entering a standard sitting position, so kneeling chairs can be time consuming to get in and out of the chair. If you have a height adjustable desk and use it often, you might want to think twice. 
  • Since your knees are used in kneeling chairs, sitting on a kneeling chair for prolonged periods of time can affect your knees in the long run if precautions are not taken. You should stretch your muscles every hour in order to relieve knee pain from a kneeling chair.

Choosing an alternative ergonomic chair if kneeling chairs aren’t right for you

Even before transitioning to working from home, if your work requires you to sit in a chair or at a desk for the majority of the day, you have likely experienced the toll that this takes on your body.

Why Ergonomic Chairs are Important

Inactivity and looking at screens all day can lead our bodies to develop discomforts. Specifically, we can develop tightness in our muscles, muscle spasms, tension headaches, stiffness in our joints, muscle atrophy (when your muscles become smaller from not using them – use it or lose it!), and even detrimental changes in the alignment of our bones, especially our spine.

Our bodies are adaptable and responsive to our environment and habits. Therefor, they change based on the position(s) and activities we do most of the time. A 19th century anatomist and surgeon, Julius Wolff, described this phenomenon according to the way bones respond to the physical stresses that are placed on them. However, it has been demonstrated since then that these changes occur in other anatomical structures as well.

So how do we combat potentially detrimental changes in our body caused by working on a computer all day? There are two effective ways to do this that will safeguard your musculoskeletal health. 1) Increase your activity level throughout the day. 2) Make sure that your sitting position is ergonomically sound and conducive to optimal muscular and bony alignment.

In this article, I am going to elaborate more on the latter protective measure. More specifically, I am going to help you choose a chair that will help to promote better sitting posture. I will also include features that reduce some of the stresses placed on your body from prolonged sitting.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Each body and anatomical structure slightly differs. However, there is research to support what optimal spinal alignment should look like (see image below). This is where your vertebrae (the bones that make up your spine) are most congruent and the surrounding musculature (in your neck, shoulders, back, and hips) are in a position that corresponds with the least amount of tension or strain.

Pilates Collective Denver

When choosing an office chair, you want to find one that promotes this optimal spinal alignment. This ensures that you’re not contributing to detrimental changes in your muscles and vertebrae that can occur from chronically poor sitting posture. Aside from kneeling chairs, here are a few more great ergonomic chairs. All of these will provide you with excellent bodily support throughout the day.

Other Chairs That Offer Ergonomic Benefits

1. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels

best ergonomic chair for wfh

There are a few key features that make this chair ergonomically optimal. These are the headrest, the lumbar support, the tilt feature, the adjustable height, and the wheels. I always recommend getting a desk chair with a headrest. However, it is only beneficial if you use it. It helps prevent your bones and muscles from assuming a forward head posture. This places excess stress on the muscles and bones in the neck. You must keep the back of your head in contact with the head rest throughout your day to avoid this.

Essentially, it can serve as a tactile cue to maintain optimal sitting posture. The adjustable lumbar support and tilt feature can be used to help you achieve the ideal amount of curvature in your lower back. And, it helps to mitigate pressure on the spinal discs. The adjustable height feature will allow you to customize the chair to your unique body dimensions. Thus, you won’t have to stray from optimal alignment to see your screen, type, or perform any other work tasks.

Lastly, the wheels will allow you to turn the chair rather than twist your spine. This is important if you’re regularly having to reach for papers, files, print, or scan in areas outside of your immediate work station. Repetitive twisting can lead to excess pressure on your spine or overuse injuries of the muscles that help you twist. This is especially true if it’s always in the same direction. Therefore, using the chair’s wheels rather than repetitively twisting your spine can prevent or relieve pain.

2. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

reclining ergonomic chair


This chair features a lot of the same ergonomic characteristics as the Duramont chair at a lower price point. It includes a greater tilt/recline capacity with an extendable leg rest for when you’re fully reclined (155 degrees).

As I mentioned, reclining allows you to mitigate some of the pressure on your spinal discs.

The closer you get to a laying down position, the less pressure on your discs – so the increased reclining capacity this chair offers allows you to achieve a more beneficial position in terms of spinal disc pressure.

Even if you’re not planning on working from a fully reclined position for the majority of your day, it is still beneficial to periodically recline yourself fully to change your positioning, reset your posture, and relieve some stress on your low back. Remember that our bodies adapt to the positions that we spend most of our time in. So the more we can change our position throughout the day, the less likely our bodies will start to make reactive structural changes that can lead to pain or injury.

3. Homall Office Chair PU Leather Ergonomic Adjustable

ergonomic gaming chair

The Homall chair offers all of the important features to help ensure ideal sitting posture. This chair is great for those who know that they can’t take regular standing or activity breaks throughout the day. It is guaranteed to offer more support and comfort due to the increased cushioning through the seat and backrest.

If you notice that you feel soreness in your buttocks or the back of your legs from prolonged sitting, this chair may help relieve that pain from the increased padding in the seat cushion and the foam material used inside the leather covering.

5. Teeter Sit-Stand Desk – Adjustable Height Ergonomic Workstation

sit stand ergonomic desk

Similar to a kneeling chair, this workstation seating mechanism requires constant postural awareness and muscular activation. However, it still provides ergonomic features such as seat height and angle adjustability. And it has the option to tuck away the seat altogether to work while standing. Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the work day would inherently increase the variety of your positioning and posture, and up your activity level.

Another benefit that this option offers is that you can adjust and fix the distance of the seat from the desk, which would allow you to choose a distance where you’re not inclined to hunch forward or assume a forward head posture.

While having a mobile desk chair that has wheels prevents the strain caused by repetitive twisting, if you’re work activities don’t entail a lot of twisting then being able to fix your seat at a distance that promotes optimal posture is a useful feature. Again, if you already own a desk chair with back support and a headrest, this would be a great additional investment so that you can switch between the two seating options and promote better musculoskeletal health.

Ergonomic Desk Setup Infographic

I made this handy infographic to help you put together a more ergonomic workstation that minimizes the stress on your body.

I hope this article will help you choose the best desk chair for your personal and professional needs to help you improve your posture and your quality of life.