Tired of plain old keyboards that go into a “blind mode” as soon as the light go out? Need to work in the dark? Time to buy a backlit keyboard.

We have reviewed dozens of backlit keyboards to help you find the very best backlit keyboard for your needs. Good overall, premium quality, or a budget build, we’ve covered all the ground.

A quality backlit keyboard does not only light up your setup. It also sets the vibe. Whether it’s a plain white LED-backlit for a professional setup or an immersive RGB backlit for a gaming or streaming session, these keyboards got you covered.

Besides, if you want to go smart and wireless as well, it’s possible! Some of these keyboards also offer freedom from the mess of wires. Some of them come in a combo pack with a convenient mouse as well.

Backlighting on keyboards make typing easier and can brighten up your home office. We reviewed dozens of products to find you the perfect backlit keyboard. Here are our favorites:


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    • 15% off with code WFHADVISER
    • Wired USB Connection
    • Available in multiple colors

    This keyboard brings together a retro feel with up-to-date technology. The mechanical keys will provide a beautiful sensation as you punch each keystroke. It’s a very trendy keyboard that will compliment your desktop quite nicely.

    The backlighting is totally configurable. You can adjust the brightness and frequency to suit your needs. This keyboard also comes in various colors such as pink, blue, rainbow, or the black model shown in the picture. It’s compatible with windows, mac, linux, and xbox operating systems.

    It comes with a wired connection – just plug it in via the USB port and you are good to start typing. It is a 104-key model which includes the number pad to the right.

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    • Backlit keys
    • Laser-etched backlit keys
    • Perfect Stroke key system

    Experience better typing—even in the dark—with this elegant backlit keyboard. Bright, laser-etched, backlit keys provide precise illumination that can be adjusted to suit your needs while working from home. Each key is backlit to help you type easily in any lighting conditions.

    Logitech’s Ultrathin keyboard is compatible with Windows operating systems. It is a wired keyboard and connects via a USB port. Thus, you’ll never need to worry about keeping it charged. Just plug and play – no drivers needed. It’s also a full sized keyboard, meaning it comes standard with a number pad on the right hand side as well as function keys at the top.

    We love logitech keyboards because they are durable and made to last. The brand is a well known and tested keyboard maker.

    • 15% off with code WFHADVISER
    • Many color options
    • Easy to use wired

    This backlit keyboard comes at a great price. In addition, it’s a retro style typewriter keyboard which gives your fingers a great old-style feel. The mechanical keys will provide a beautiful sound and feeling as you stroke each key. Much like the wireless counterpart, this trendy keyboard will compliment your desktop quite nicely.

    The 104 key typewriter keyboard connects directly to your computer via a wired USB cable. You don’t need to worry about charging it and it you don’t need to install any drivers. Just plug it in and you are ready to type.

    It’s available in white, blue, black pink, or silver colors. The backlights come in all different flavors including the rainbow shown in the product image here. You can adjust the backlight brightness and frequency to match your needs.

    This typewriter has it all: affordable price, easy connection, and sleek design. We love it!

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    • Automatic backlighting
    • Flow cross computer control
    • USB c Rechargeable

    Logitech recently introduced MX keys. They are part of this advanced wireless backlit keyboard crafted for efficiency, stability, and precision. Perfect stroke keys are shaped for your fingertips. The backlit keys light up the moment your hands approach.

    This keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. And, it can pair with up to three devices. It comes with a USB receiver as well as a one year limited hardware warranty. It’s a full keyboard, meaning it comes standard with a number pad on the right hand side.

    Logitech is a well established and trusted brand in the keyboard and mouse space. You are getting top notch quality with them. We highly recommend this backlit keyboard!

    • Wide compatibility
    • 7 backlight colors
    • Rechargeable battery

    The Arteck Wireless 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard has a very cool and modern design. You can switch among 7 different colors by shortcuts. The keyboard is ultra-slim and portable, which is desirable for travel size. It is connected through Bluetooth, so it works well with iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. With a rechargeable battery, it saves you money on batteries and helps protect the environment. It also features low-profile keys for quiet typing. 

    • Automatic backlighting
    • Flow cross computer control
    • USB c Rechargeable

    Logitech recently introduced MX keys. They are part of this advanced wireless backlit keyboard crafted for efficiency, stability, and precision. Perfect stroke keys are shaped for your fingertips. The backlit keys light up the moment your hands approach.

    This keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems. And, it can pair with up to three devices. It comes with a USB receiver as well as a one year limited hardware warranty. It’s a full keyboard, meaning it comes standard with a number pad on the right hand side.

    Logitech is a well established and trusted brand in the keyboard and mouse space. You are getting top notch quality with them. We highly recommend this backlit keyboard!

    • 15% off with code WFHADVISER
    • Available in multiple colors
    • 9 backlit effects

    This keyboard has a retro feel and  up-to-date technology. The mechanical keys will provide a beautiful sensation as you punch each key on the keyboard. It will go great on your desk and the backlit effects will surely light up the room.

    The 87 key typewriter keyboard supports all three types of connection modes. You can use it wirelessly with a USB receiver, via Bluetooth connection, or wired mode. It supports up to three connections via Bluetooth and does not need any drivers or software to install. You can literally turn it on and start typing.

    This keyboard by the PNK Stuff features 9 backlit effects. How cool is that? It also has a wireless connection range of 32 feet, and a beautiful metallic finish. It’s available in a variety of colors as well so it’s totally customizable.

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    • 61 keys
    • wired/ wireless
    • Lithium 1850 mah battery

    Our next recommendation is VELOCIFIRE M1 Wireless MK Keyboard. It comes with 61 keys which you can use both wired and wireless. Also, it got an ice blue backlit which fully complements its elegant build.

    It got a Bluetooth feature which can connect to 3 Bluetooth devices. Also, the wired version has a type-C plug and 180cm cable. The dimension is 29mm x 103mm x 42mm which is easily portable. The weight of this keyboard is only 604g which makes it lightweight.

    Moreover, it got a built-in lithium battery of 1850 mAH. Providing 100+ hours without backlit and smart power management. So, you can use this keyboard without wire for a long time.

    Additionally, the switches are Jixian Brown or Red switches which are also unique. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista-7, 8, 10, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. Easily switch from one mode to another.

    So, with these must-have features and unique look you can obviously choose VELOCIFIRE M1 Wireless MK Keyboard.

    • Wireless
    • Water resistant
    • Rechargeable

    If you want to give a colorful aesthetic appearance and control your device from a distance, this product is for you. With the high performance, classy color, and comfortable user experience this is our best recommendation.

    For those who have to work at low lights, this glowing intense RGB lighting can solve your problem. Besides, it will shine on your desk all day long. Gives a real breathtaking feel. Also, you can adjust the light’s brightness and all 3 modes. Static, breathe, and off.

    This KLIM Chroma comes with wireless feature.No extra drivers need to install. Just plug and play.

    Additionally, Many find the typing sound of the keyboard is annoying. But, it is quiet and comfortable. Accurate and silent typing increase productivity and gaming experience.

    Moreover, it is made of durable ABS, a particularly resistant thermoplastic. So you don’t have to anxious about accidental drops or water splash. And also, just 480 g gives a light feel.

    Besides, you don’t have to spend a single penny for an extra battery. Have a built-in long-lasting battery. Simply charge it with the supplied cables. Not only that, for extending battery life the energy-saving mood turns off the backlighting after 60 seconds of the idle period.

    • White led backlit
    • Tilting stand
    • Nonslip pad

    For those, looking for something professional office style design, comfortable and efficient typing experience this product is for you. Also, you can use it at home, office, or business work. It will give you a premium service.

    This Mafiti wired keyboard comes with stylish low profile keys and a standard PC keyboard US layout. Slim dimensions of 440*163*33 mm and non-slip pads on the bottom keep the keyboard stable. Besides, the tilt stand allows rotating the keyboard to a suitable degree. Assure comfortable typing positing and reduce hand fatigue after a long time of use.

    Moreover, the simple led backlit design gives typing advantages in the low light place. You can control the brightness. Besides, White led lighting creates a formal appearance.

    Also, It is compatible with all platforms. Have 1.6M long cable, wired USB connection. Besides, among 104 keys you can use 12 multimedia shortcuts.

    • Huge print letter
    • White illuminated LED
    • Larger chiclet key design

    Perixx PERIBOARD-371 is a wired backlit, comfy, and trendy keyboard. Stylish chiclet key design provides spacing between keys. Avoid pressing the wrong keys. Also, oversized printed letter on the keys makes the typing more visible.

    We recommended Perixx PERIBOARD-371 is one of the best budget backlit keyboard. You will find this product as value for money.

    This product comes with slim dimensions of 440*129*27mm. Have low profile keys with a larger key surface. Provides accurate, mute, and responsive typing experience.

    Additionally, it has balanced white led bright backlit keys. Make possible smooth typing at dark. You can also turn off or on the backlit.

    Moreover, high-quality ABS print protects the color abrasion of the keycap. Besides, the key has a durable membrane coating that provides 5 million times of key press life.

    Also, It is compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10.No extra software drivers need to install. Just plug and play.1.6M long durable cable provides easy home or office set up.

    • Water-resistant
    • LED-backlit light
    • Anti-ghosting keys.

    Next, we have gorgeous NPET K10 wired comes with an ultra-thin floating keycap design. You can say this keyboard is a professional Gaming keyboard.

    UV coating and ABS keycaps design protect the letter from fading away. It has sweat protection. Makes the gaming performance smooth, increases durability, and resists keycap damage. Improves tactile feedback.

    Additionally, this product has a thick and strong stainless steel plate bar. Insures never deforms and long-lasting. You will find it more durable than the plastic keyboard.

    Moreover, it shines with 4 LED-backlit modes. Also, have 3 permanent adjustable mixed backlit modes. Changeable breathing or permanent lighting mood. It just sets the mood and gives a gaming vibe at night.

    Besides, high quality floating keyboard has 104 standard keys.13 multimedia settings and more importantly 26 anti-ghosting keys. There is no chance to miss a single keypress during the game.

    Furthermore, supports almost all the platforms. Just plug and play. Water-resistant features and durable cable ensure stable data transmission. Also, sleeping mood actives after 10 minutes of idle standing.

    • High precession sensor
    • Weight tuning
    • RGB LED light

    This combo pack is an all one PC gamer value kit. Specially designed for gamers.

    It offers 7 different RGB lighting moods and effects. You can control the brightness up to 4 levels. Breathing speed is also adjustable. Delivers uniform backlit always.

    Moreover, after a long gaming period, the integrated wrist rest gives a comfy feel. You also can use it as a typing tool at the office. It can consume both gaming and official stress.

    Additionally, this gaming keyboard comes with a total of 114 keys among them 25 conflict keys, 10 multimedia keys, and 14 extra functional keys. Keys are designed for the ultimate gaming experience. Quiet, durable and have precise tactile feedback.

    Besides, You can’t forget the gaming mouse. It has an ergonomic design, backlit features, and pinpoint accuracy. Has the resolution adjustable at 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI and 30G acceleration for high performance. Total 6 buttons of which 5 you can program.

    Both the keyboard and mouse are extremely durable and responsive. Have weight tuning. Also compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Mac Os. Runs smoothly in all major computer brands and gaming PC.

    • slim and lightweight
    • RGB backlit
    • 19 Anti-ghosting keys

    Rii wired keyboard is a standard keyboard. Suitable for both business and gaming uses.Comes with a responsive gaming mouse.

    It contains a total of 104 keys. Among them 19 keys are anti-ghosting. besides, Have some multifunctional keys. Durable and soft keys give good feedback.

    Moreover, this product has slim body dimensions of 43*13.6*2.6 cm and

    RGB backlit features. You can control the brightness and turn on/off the backlit. Also, you can press the backlit button three times. Besides, it is just a 450g super light keyboard.

    Also, a wired gaming mouse with RGB breathing circle LED makes it a complete package. It has 3 resolutions 1200/1600/2400 give smooth movement.LED lights give a total gaming vibe. But, there is no backlight control button.

    furthermore, the Rii keyboard and mouse compatible with several platforms. Windows 7/8/10 Gaming pc laptop. Also supports Xbox/Android Tv box/Raspberry Pi.

    • 2 backlit mode
    • 12 multimedia keys
    • Automatic breathing mode

    This Seenda wired backlit keyboard comes with a fantastic visual key. You can easily use it for business work or gaming. Also, have a foldable stand reduces hand fatigue.

    It comes with 2 backlit mode options. Permanent lighting and automatic breathing are available. You can easily adjust the brightness or go through automatic breathing lighting.

    Moreover, this product is a 104 keys full-sized keyboard. Have 12 multimedia shortcuts. Ergonomic design and low profile keys provide a smooth typing experience.

    Besides, you can use it easily.No extra drivers need to install. Plugin the USB cord and you are all set to begin.

    Furthermore, the keyboard compatible with Windows 10/8/Vista/XP/2000. But, you can’t use it on Mac Os. Besides, you can rotate the keyboard to your suitable position for getting a comfortable typing experience.

    Backlit Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

    Buying a backlit keyboard can be stressful. There are a lot of things to uncover and learn. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll walk through all the different things to consider when making a purchase.

    What is a backlit keyboard?

    A backlit keyboard is a computer keyboard that illuminates light from under the keys. Although each unique keyboard is different, there are generaly two place the light can be see from. First, the edge of each key is illuminated. And secondly, the symbol or letter on each key is also illuminated. This provides for an aesthetically beautiful experience.

    What other features does a backlit keyboard have?

    Some of the backlit keyboards that we reviewed have extra features related to the illumination they provide. Not only do the keys light up, but they light up in different colors, frequency, and brightness. Each keyboard is different here, so be sure to know what you want and then optimize for it.

    Frequency – Some keyboards let you customize how frequent the backlights illuminate. This means you can adjust how fast they light up as well as turn off.

    Brightness – Some keyboards allow you to turn the brightness levels up and down on your backlit keyboard. We think it’s most beautiful to have the brightness turned all the way up, especially when in a dark room. The contrast looks amazing! It’s pretty cool when the only two things that are omitting light in a dark room are your keyboard and curved monitor.

    Different Colors – Depending on the backlit keyboard you buy, you can control what color gets omitted behind behind the keys. Some keyboards even offer a rainbow style color. Others are available in blue, pink, and sliver.

    Wireless vs Wired computer keyboards

    Aside from lighting features, it’s important to know what kind of connection you want. A wired keyboard is great for a reliable connection. It also means you won’t have to worry about charging the keyboard since it gets its power through the usb port that it connects to.

    Wireless connections come in two types: bluetooth and usb receiver. If you choose a bluetooth wireless keyboard, just be sure that your computer can connect via bluetooth. Mac’s come standard with this, but some pc’s don’t. You can also buy a bluetooth pc adapter to solve this. The other wireless connection type is via a usb receiver. These work great and are very reliable. You just plug the usb receiver in to your computer or docking station port, and you are good to start typing.

    Different sizes

    Did you know that keyboards come in a variety of different sizes? There are different sizes for different computing needs. Let’s go over the most popular ones below.

    Full-size (100%) – A full size keyboard is the most common and standard keyboard on the market. They include the number pad on the right hand side of the keyboard. These come standard with 104 keys for USA-English keyboards.

    1800-Compact – The 1800 Compact keyboard contains as many keys as the full size. But, the layout is a bit more compact, which saves you overall surface area on your desk. In this type of keyboard, the number pad is much closer to the main part of the keyboard. On the positive side, it saves you a bit of desktop space and it  still has the number pad. On the downside, it can be a little difficult to find the right key since things are a bit closer together. Therefore, you might make a few more typing mistakes when you are starting out and getting used to it.

    Tenkeyless (TKL, 87%, 80%) – The tenkeyless layout is the most common mechanical keyboard layout. It is the same layout as a full size keyboard but without the number pad. PNK Stuff’s compact keyboard is a good example of this type of layout.

    60% – These ones are shrunken down even further, saving you more desktop space. They are pretty cool to look at and make any workspace look super unique. These keyboards do not have arrow keys or the Function keys (F keys). Needless to say, working from home on these can be a bit tricky and we recommend staying clear of this style unless you know exactly what you are looking for. There are even more shrunken down keyboards than this, but we won’t go into those.

    Is a Backlit Keyboard Right For Me?

    We hope all of the above information helps you decide for yourself. They certainly provide a very nice aesthetic to any home office. If you are thinking about other types of keyboards, you may also want to consider mechanical computer keyboards.


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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