Tired of using your boring old wired USB mouse? Suffering from numbing wrist pains? Then you should consider buying a pen mouse.

Wait, is it a pen? Or a mouse? No need to be confused. A pen mouse is precisely a pen-shaped mouse. That means you hold it like a pen, and use it as a mouse. That simple. We reviewed dozens of pen mice on the market for you to consider.

Primarily, pen mice are optical and wireless. Their main purpose is to ease the hand movements and ensure precise control during a presentation/conference. Some of these mice can support up to 1600 DPI. Which is on par with some of the latest mice. 

Also, you can use some of them from well over 30ft away. Very useful for large presentations, meetings, & conferences. 

Moreover, most of these pen mice work on a 2.4G wireless network for a fast response & smooth control. Typically uses AAA batteries. They also consume very little power, elongating battery life.

So here are some of our top recommendations for this category. Let us know what you think.


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    • Up to 1600 DPI
    • 2.4 GHz Frequency
    • Cross platform compatibility

    If you want to input some handwriting and perform a presentation from a distance this product is for you.
    This product is a mini pen-shaped mouse which is really innovative and very handy to use. It has a powerful 2.4 GHz chipset and works up to 10m effective distance.

    It has an adjustable 800/1200/1600 DPI pretty decent optical sensor. Providing smooth & precise control. Besides, you can use it as a pointer, scroller, and turner of the page designed with a wheel.

    Moreover, no need to install any extra driver, just plug in and use. For tracking method, it uses optical technology. Works between 2.402 GHz-2.480 GHz operating frequency. It works on a 15 mA operating current and 3v voltage.

    Besides, It is suitable for several platforms. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000. Also supports Android, Linus, Mac os platform.

    Not only smooth movement control, mind-blowing design to fit comfortably on your hand but also it has other special features. It has a low voltage alarm function. When the battery is dying, the voltage alarm will light up and warn you to replace the battery. Otherwise, the device will break.

    • 1000 DPI
    • 33 ft range
    • Silent click, fast response

    And if you want something that has a symmetrical design, long battery life, build in led light, this is our premium recommendation for you.

    It has a symmetric design. Suitable for both hands. Under any circumstances, you can use it smoothly.

    It features 2.4 GHz wireless technology which works up to 33 ft. No additional driver needs to install. Just plug and use. Besides, It is suitable for several platforms. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2003/2000. Also supports ME, Linus, Mac Os platform.

    It has a 1000 DPI sensitive advanced optical sensor. Besides, This product has a mute design. Provides silent click and nice response. Also, it has a keystroke test for more than 5 million times which ensures quality performance.

    Moreover, it comes with a powerful built-in 450 mAh lithium battery. Takes just 1-2 hours getting fully charged. And, that why you don’t have to change the battery frequently.

    You can also work in dark places because it comes with built-in led light. It emits suitable lights which make you comfortable to work and it will increase your fun.

    • Up to 1200 DPI
    • 33 ft range
    • Cross platform compatible

    This product is an innovative pen-style mouse that comes with an ergonomic compact design. Comfortably fits in both your hands and button placements give you an easy click. We recommend it as the best budget buy.

    It is an ultra-portable mini-sized pen mouse. You can take it wherever you go and use it in class, meetings, or anywhere. We recommend this product as the best budget product. Price is in range and quality is good.

    For tracking method, it uses optical technology. Perfect for laptop, tablet PC, smartphone.

    It has an adjustable 800/1000/1200 DPI which gives comfortable, smooth, and speedy movement. Built quality is very good, provides good grip. Besides, It supports multi-platforms Windows 10/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and compatible with Android, Mac Os, Oc, etc.

    Moreover, It is a 2.4G touch screen pen mouse works up to 33 ft.No extra driver needs to install, just plug and enjoy. One AAA battery power this device. Besides, it has auto sleep functions, so no power will waste. And, when you have to change the battery low voltage alarm will light up and warn you. So, it is a power-saving device.

    • Up to 1600 DPI
    • Cross platform compatible
    • 2.4 GHz chips

    Up next, we have the Sky Shadow USB optical pen mouse. Good for performing a presentation, handwriting, & controlling from a distance.

    It comes with a 2.4 GHz chipset that works up to 10m effective distance.No extra driver needs to install, just plug and play.1 AAA battery powers the device.

    It has an adjustable 800/1200/1600 DPI sensor, which assures a comfortable feel in hand and very fast movement of the device. Also, you’ll be able to do some precise & smooth maneuvering. Perfect for graphic designing and handwriting input.

    Moreover, the device design with a wheel. By which you can turn, scroll the page during the presentation. Besides, it is compatible with Android Os/Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/2000 also supports Linus, Mac Os platforms. For tracking method, it uses optical technology.

    Not only that it gives smooth performance it has a low voltage alarm function. When the battery is low, it will warn you to change the battery before the device breaks.

    • Up to 1600 DPI
    • 2.4G Wireless
    • USB 3.0

    Our next recommendation, the P USB 3.0 optical mouse is a premium class pen mouse. It has an ergonomic build, the latest technologies, and an ambidextrous design.

    This pen mouse has 3 adjustable DPI levels. 800, 1200, & 1600. And if you don’t already know, the maximum 1600 DPI can provide some quality precision & smoothness. You can also enjoy quick maneuvering and swift control with this quality mouse.

    Moreover, the mouse is wireless as most pen mice are. But the amazing thing is it uses a low-latency transmission system that requires very low energy. So even though it runs on only one AAA battery, it’ll work for months!

    Additionally, the mouse works on a 2.4G wireless transmission system. So it saves power and ensures fast response.

    The mouse saves you from the discomfort of using traditional mice. You can freely take part in conferences and presentations alike. And since it has an ambidextrous design, you won’t have to worry about the orientation either.

    Comes with a convenient 1-year warranty.

    What is a pen mouse?

    A pen mouse is, first and foremost, a computer mouse. You use a this type of mouse to interact with your computer or tablet just as you would any other mouse. You can select, click, point, drag and drop, and interact with your computer via this mouse. So what makes this type of mouse different and worthwhile? Well, the mouse is in the shape of a marker or pen. A writing utensile, which we all know is used for drawing, writing, or coloring, fits comfortably into one’s hand. These mouses brings these two experiences together: the optical mouse in the shape of a pen gives you total control and comfortability when using your computer.

    Think about all the things you do with a mouse:

    1. Point and click
    2. Drag and drop
    3. Zoom in
    4. Sign your name or documents
    5. Right clicking

    All of these functions can be done with a pen mouse, but remember that these mouses not suitable replacements for a tablet stylus. It is just a mouse in the form of a pen. You don’t use it to touch screens or draw on screens the way you would with your finger on a touch-screen display.

    How does this type of mouse work?

    A pen mouse connects to your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer the same way a normal mouse would. This entails bluetooth, USB, or nano-receiver. Your pen mouse is powered either via mirco-USB charging or via batteries.

    This mouse, when connected to your computer, provides the same functionality as a normal mouse except your hand will be titled when using it, as if you were holding a market. Like a traditional mouse, these mouses have scrolling buttons and right and left click functionality. 

    A normal mouse has an optical sensor underneath it. This sensor – normally LED – detects movement relative to a surface (desk or mousepad). This movement moves the mouse on the screen. A pen mouse performs this same function and has its optical sensor on the top of the “pen”.

    Moreover, most mice have three core buttons users can interact with: left click, scroll, and right click. These buttons are physically built into most pen mouses.

    Ergonomic Benefits of a Pen Mouse

    One of the key benefits of a this type of mouse is that it reduces tension on your wrists and fingers when using a mouse. Many people that want to reduce strain while typing and interacting with their computers enjoy these mouses because the product is light on their hands, easy to hold, and primarily supported by the thumb and pointer finger. 

    This stands in contrast to traditional mouses which require all fingers to apply pressure to different buttons and to push and move the mouse around. The reduction in side to side wrist movements can mitigate pain.



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