Etsy is an online marketplace where you may sign up for an online shop and share the platform with other vendors. The platform, like eBay and Amazon, allows you to show your products to a vast number of online buyers all over the world. Etsy is however better for small enterprises due to its size. With the Etsy bestsellers, you can build a small lucrative business from scratch. 

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a business, selling on this platform is simple. Etsy is a fantastic marketplace because it allows innovative people to sell their handcrafted art, crafts, as well as other treasures. Etsy has also established a strong community of people who help one another both in person and on their blogs.

How to start selling on Etsy

Getting started on Etsy is easy. Here are some steps you can follow to start selling on Etsy:

Find a market niche

The very first step in starting an Etsy shop is to identify a niche. You should conduct an extensive study to determine the level of competition every niche has on Etsy. For niches that are very saturated, you would have to develop whole new products if you want to enter the market. 

Select the ideal product/products

After you’ve decided on a niche, the next thing you’ll need to think about is what things you’d like to market. Most merchants will go to Etsy and imitate things that others have already created. This method is acceptable as long as there aren’t hundreds of vendors selling the same item. You can just use Etsy to search up things in your specialty and use them as inspiration for your own creations. It is always a good idea to get started with some of the Etsy best sellers. 

Make a list of everything you have

You can begin listing your stuff once you’ve identified a niche and items to sell in that niche. For the arts and crafts industry, you’ll need to produce several prototypes first so that you can get product images for your listings. Ample photos, a well-thought-out title, and a comprehensive description that targets keywords relevant to your niche should all be included in the listing.

Knowing a little bit about SEO is highly advantageous for Etsy merchants because it will help in ranking higher on Google. This can also potentially help outrank competitors just by using search engine optimization.

Promote your products

A huge percentage of sellers neglect this last step since they expect Etsy will handle the rest. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case because people won’t locate your item quickly if you don’t have any favorable reviews. Therefore, in order to get good feedback, you will have to conduct some self-promotion.

You may set up a blog in your industry, launch a YouTube channel related to your products, and publish some of the products on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, among other things. You can even start run promotions to get your first customers, who will leave reviews, among other best business practices.

10 Etsy Best Sellers in 2021

1. Vintage items

Etsy is a great platform for people who want to sell their used or vintage products. This is because retro is a popular style that many people enjoy. There can be a person in another part of the world who might find your meaningless items to be a collection. Classic designs or copper-like materials are common in vintage things. You can delve deeper into the Etsy vintage category, which includes anything from home and lifestyle things to collectibles and jewelry.

2. Home decor

The Home & Living category on Etsy not only has various boxes and furniture, but it also has a wide and exquisite assortment of products that will make you swoon. Among the most popular home décor items on Etsy are wall decors, prayer beards, dining, and dishes, as well as decor and outdoor gardening items.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is among Etsy’s most popular categories. On the platform, the majority of the jewelry alternatives are primarily customizable. Etsy is a beehive of creativity, where it’s natural for individuals to look for and buy jewelry-making kits and supplies there. Buyers are enticed by the conversational yet basic product descriptions, in addition to the designs. In 2020, jewelry ranked second on Etsy’s list of top-selling items in relation to gross merchandise sales (GMS), as per a report. As a result, if you’re selling on Etsy, jewelry is a viable option.

4. Crafts

Papercraft can either be a gift or decoration. Even in the digital age, there are still tons of people that are passionate about these masterpieces. Papercraft may be a potential item to launch your Etsy shop with. You can choose from craft supplies, miniatures, jewelry-making tools, beads, and even more. Antique charms, stickers, hooks, beads, and claws, are the most popular goods in this category on Etsy. Stickers are by far the most popular things. Etsy is also popular for selling antique charms, and beads. They also have other small items and essentials used in the arts, crafts, jewelry, and knitting industries.

5. Clothing

Clothing is another popular item on Etsy. You can get a variety of clothing styles in a variety of colors and designs. There are some clothing items created and designed by the sellers. Others are made up of vintage clothes that have been altered to make them more stylish. People are drawn to apparel that reflects their personalities. Shoppers will be drawn to the typographic apparel items, trendy shorts, and custom-made dresses. Etsy offers tens of thousands of possibilities in women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing.

6. Notebooks and journals

Notebooks and journals are also among Etsy’s best-selling products. This is because many people have interersts in writing. A journal would also be a fantastic alternative for people who want to record their experiences while traveling.

7. Toys and baby items

Etsy, being one of the biggest marketplaces for handmade goods, allows artisans to offer baby items and toys made out of wood, cloth, wool, and other materials. Because these materials are environmentally friendly, many parents prefer them for their children’s safety. With just one product from this category, several stores have surpassed 2000 sales.

8. Candles

Candles produced at home are also a common choice for selling on Etsy, with hundreds of sales. Producing a candle is quite inexpensive. If you can make the candle distinctive by sketching or decorating it, then you can sell it for a premium price.

9. Wedding items

Etsy is a leader in this sector. Wedding planning is never complete without a trip to Etsy. There are many  Etsy items that can help with wedding invites, outfits, and décor for the momentous day. Bridesmaid gowns, Handmade Invitations, Bachelorette Shirts, Jewelry, and much more are among the best-selling items.

10. Bags and purses

Bags and purses, like apparel, are among Etsy’s most popular items. These are, in fact, essential items for both women and men. When you search for “bags and purses,” you’ll get plenty of ideas for patterns, materials, and colors.


What are the most popular items being sold on Etsy?

If you’re not sure what to offer on Etsy yet but want to try out Etsy best sellers, here are five popular product categories to look into. Planners and journals are the first. There’s a place for you on Etsy, whether you specialize in bullet notebooks, printables, or handcrafted accessories. Offering digital products on Etsy is also a great way for individuals with Indesign and graphic arts talents to put their skills to the fullest use and earn some additional money. The party decorations available on Etsy aren’t just plain because Etsy has numerous creative people. You may provide even the most bizarre party themes here, and there would be people willing to pay for it. Clothing for babies and pets that is personalized is also an option.

How much do top Etsy sellers make?

According to a smartmoneymamas analysis, the average Etsy seller generates $291 profit every month. Profit margins for Etsy sellers vary greatly based on the scale of niche competition. That said, the average seller reports a profit margin of 40%. Etsy sellers on Reddit have stated that their profit margins are also about 40%. A half of Etsy business owners earn lower than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. After accounting for the hours spent creating and shipping products, responding to client contacts, and operating their company, some shop owners earn less than $1 per hour.

What sells for a lot of money on Etsy?

Because there are so many items to offer on Etsy, there are various ideal things to sell on Etsy to make money. Stickers, notebooks, personalized products, fashion accessories, greeting cards, knitting patterns, enamel pins, and clip arts are just a few examples of what you can sell. Even though being really creative might be quite advantageous when selling on Etsy, it is not required. There are people making a lot of money selling planners, printables, and other products that don’t take a lot of imagination. sells for a lot of money on Etsy?