With the advent of new technologies, pandemic-induced remote working is on a constant rise. There is no denying that remote working brings aboard work-life balance, location independence, and increased autonomy. However, it also leads to challenges such as communication, time management & effective collaboration. 

One can say that remote teams can’t communicate in the same traditional way. A simple delay in responding may cause a communication gap, lead to redundancy or hinder teams’ productivity and efficacy. In this post, we will talk about out-of-the-box ways to collaborate with your peers in a real-time fashion, ensure robust communication and create captivating presentations: 

Pick the Right Communication Technology:

When teams are working in a fast-paced, remote environment across different locations and time zones, it becomes imperative for peers to stay in sync at all times. Effective remote working starts with picking the right channels of communication. You can use popular real-time, business-grade communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom to connect with team members.

When the goal is to collaborate with your team members for a remote presentation, one must gather inputs from all the stakeholders, inculcate relevant details and generate a deck that represents everybody. You may use communication tools to create dedicated work channels, collaborate with peers and discuss important project details, respectively.

Use Professional Templates:

Often presenters start creating a presentation from scratch without giving much emphasis on overall design and aesthetics. One should understand that a poorly crafted presentation is ample to set your audience off track. Rather than worrying about creating quality design slides, presenters can simply leverage ready-to-use slide deck templates.

Utilizing readymade PowerPoint templates allow you to introduce corporate-grade design, aesthetics & layouts to your presentation. Moreover, you can collaborate with your peers, gather their inputs, and populate content in placeholders on the move. Readymade templates help you save considerable time such that you can focus more on content quality rather than fretting about slide background or diagrams.

Include Charts & Graphs:

One of the many reasons why presentations fail is because presenters overwhelm the audience with cluttered slides. Presenters often cause the phenomenon ‘Death by PowerPoint’ with ordinary and data-packed slides. There is no denying that data is an imperative part of any presentation. However, presenters can multiply audience engagement and make the presentation more comprehensive simply with charts and graphs.

You may use some of the most popular and free online tools such as SlideModel, Draw.IO, or Visme to get access to intuitive, readymade charts and graphs. Do you know the human brain can process an image in barely 13 milliseconds? Hence, presenters can ensure a memorable presentation experience for their audience with the help of informative yet appealing visuals.

Online Presentation Software:

Presenters may consider using Google Slides, Zoho, Visme, or any other online presentation software for creating slide decks with their peers. However, Google Slides is one of the most popular presentation software in the world. The platform allows you to use existing or upload custom business slides & collaborate with your peers, all on a real-time basis. You can connect with teams sitting two time zones away, thanks to Google Slides’ superior real-time collaboration technology.

Presenters can easily share the presentation with their colleagues. Peers can come online on Google Slides and can start collaborating on the same screen. Hence, you can capture valuable inputs, make improvements, and amplify your slides’ charisma. When it comes to presentation delivery, you can again leverage Google Slides since the presentation is stored in Google Drive and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

The End Line:

Collaboration is one of the most critical aspects of business. In today’s remote working environment, teams who collaborate well tend to encompass higher productivity & minimal information gaps. 

It is an ideal presentation that can draw a line between a closed deal or a missed opportunity in today’s fast-paced business environment. The above tips can help you collaborate seamlessly with your peers, create moving presentations, and achieve business excellence.