Whiteboard calendars are great ways to stay organized. For families with kids, they are a must. But even for the single work from home employee, they are fantastic tools to stay organized. We reviewed them all and compiled the favorite whiteboard calendars.


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    1 Best Choice 17″ x 12″ Magnetic Dry Erase Weekly Calendar for Fridge Check Price
    2 Premium Large Mobile Rolling Whiteboard on Wheels: Stain Resistant Technology Check Price
    3 Best Value Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Bundle for Fridge: 3 Boards Included Check Price
    4 Wall Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar, 40″ x 30″ Check Price
    5 U Brands Magnetic Monthly Calendar Check Price
    6 Audio-Visual Direct Magnetic White Calendar Glass Dry-Erase Board Set Check Price
    7 DesignOvation Beatrice Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Check Price
    8 Wall Pops Modern 4 Piece Organizer Kit Check Price
    9 VISTA Calendar Whiteboard Check Price
    10 Paper Junkie 6-Pack Adhesive Blank Monthly Dry Erase Wall Calendar Check Price
    11 Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Chart for Multiple Kids and Adults Check Price
    12 Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Set Check Price
    13 AmazonBasics Dry Erase and Cork Calendar Planner Board Check Price
    14 X Large Dry Erase Wall Calendar Check Price
    • 17" x 12"
    • Sticks to any magnetic surface
    • 4 markers + eraser included

    Organize your week, all on this magnetic whiteboard calendar by Cinch! This one is unique to many other whiteboards in that it will stick directly to your fridge. And since everyone in the family will always go into the fridge, it’s a convenient place to keep everyone on the same page with this weekly calendar.

    It comes with four different colored markers and an eraser. These objects are also magnetized so they will stick nicely to the whiteboard or on your fridge as well. Also worth noting, the markers erase very easily. They erase up with a quick swipe of the eraser, up to 50 days of being on the surface.

    At 17″ x 12″, it will fit on any fridge or decent sized magnetic surface. There are sections to organize each day of the week, as well as a section for notes or miscellaneous things.

    • Stainless Steel for Durability
    • Heavy duty wheels
    • Height adjustable

    Think about the different things that a rolling whiteboard can bring to your home office: reliability, durability, ease of use, height adjustability, and large enough to organize, record, and capture all of your ideas.

    This product does all that: it has stainless steel and heavy duty wheels for enhanced durability.

    It is large – the surface area is a huge 48 inches by 36 inches. This means you won’t run out of space when taking notes. If you want to boost productivity you will need space, and this product leaves you wanting for no more.

    The board is flexible: it moves on rolling wheels and the board is height adjustable. It can also rotate 360 degrees so you can easily flip and prevent others from seeing confidential notes on video calls.

    While this product is at the higher end of the price range for home office whiteboards, it is larger, stronger, more durable, and flexible. If you value having such a product for many years to come, this whiteboard will satisfy that desire. This product also comes with organization content, tools, markers, and calendar accessories to help with organizational optimizations for your home office and family.

    • Easy Wall Mount
    • 3 magnetic dry erase planners
    • Easy To Clean

    If you want a simple to use, easy to install, fast to clean, and well spaced out magnetic dry erase board calendar then this 3 board combo will leave you wanting for nothing more. We love taking notes on whiteboards to knock out To Do lists, mark down things that are coming up, and keep track of items quickly and easily. The magnetic dry erase board planners excels at its core job: it helps keep us organized. If you need help with organization skills, or want to remove clutter from your desk or brain, this product is built for you in mind.

    This pack also includes ready to use durable and bright fine-tip markers so you can start getting organized and writing out your thoughts as soon as it arrives. If you are sharing your home office with kids, they will also enjoy the bright colors and magnetic adhesives: the pens stick right to the boards. When you want to remove the ink, you can simply use the board erasers that come with the set. Leaving behind no ink stains is a nice to have feature: it will help your board always look clean and remain organized.

    Because 3 boards are included in this set, you have the ultimate control of how you organize your events, notes, and markings across the boards. You have ample real estate to get and stay organized!

    • White wood finish
    • Modern decor
    • Simple and elegant design

    This small wall mounted magnetic whiteboard is clean, easy to use, very simple to install, and perfect for getting organized. It  has the days of the week and calendar structured with nice thin lines which gives you ample space to add comments, post-its, text, or magnets. 

    The monthly view enables you to stay organized and manage your schedule. It is dead simple to use right out of the box and it’s easy to clean. The universal mounting system means you can either lean it against a wall or hang it on any wall you so desire.

    The simple frame is perfect for the home office as it’s elegant to look at and highly durable. You can even mark your To Dos and notes on the right hand side. Weighing just 12 pounds this whiteboard is large enough for your schedule, easy enough for your home office, and light enough to start using instantly. 

    This whiteboard also comes in different sizes so that you can optimize for size of wall and volume of data you wish to add to your whiteboard.

    • Sleek, modern design
    • Highly durable surface
    • Hassle-free mounting

    If you want a whiteboard that can effortlessly blend among your family photos, posters, and art collection, then this is the one for you. This calendar features a thin gold frame that gives off a modern look. The magnetic whiteboard has a durable, stain resistant surface with the inclusion of a U Brands marker specifically designed for easy cleaning. Being 20” x 16”, there is space for extra notes as well as items to be attached by magnets. The product comes with a universal mounting system that allows for a quick and simple set up.

    • Warranty protected
    • Glass surface
    • Magnetic

    The design of this contemporary calendar is extremely minimal, it is a perfect look for any home or office setting. The anti-scratch glass surface is stain resistant and incredibly easy to clean. The 3’ x 2’ feet set comes equipped with mounting hardware, magnets, and a detachable tray to keep all your markers and erasers within site. Audio-Visual Direct also sells additional accessories for the whiteboard calendar including a mobile stand in case you wouldn’t like to mount your calendar to a wall. This calendar will last longer and stay cleaner longer than any traditional aluminum whiteboard, it is definitely worth the investment.  

    • Highly decorative
    • Easy to install
    • Quality construction

    This magnetic whiteboard calendar is perfect for a family that needs to get organized but doesn’t want it to feel like they are in an office. The rustic wood frame gives a cozy feeling that should fit right in any home setting. This board is part of a collection that offers several other wall organizers so you can mix and match according to your needs. The 23” x 29” inch monthly calendar comes with a dry erase marker and four magnets for easy organizing. This product is the perfect mix of practicality and aesthetics.   

    • 4 piece set
    • Safe for walls
    • Easy to reposition

    This modern whiteboard calendar comes complete with a monthly and weekly calendar, as well as a blank panel for notes/messages, and a cork panel for pinning anything you might need. Each individual panel measures 13” x13” inches, and you are free to arrange the four peel-and-stick boards in any pattern you desire. This set is home friendly thanks to its chic style, and is unique due to its black (white)board design. With its easily repositionable configuration, this set is wall friendly and effortlessly moveable.  

    • Eco-Friendly
    • Scratch resistant
    • 3-in-1 design

    This is the perfect purchase for those who are striving to be eco-friendly while still wanting to keep up with appearances. The 24” x 36” inch magnetic whiteboard calendar features a frame made from 100% recycled styrofoam. Aiming to keep all your plans organized and within a glance, this board showcases a 3-in-1 design which includes a monthly calendar, notes section, and to do list. The scratch resistant surface will clean easily and quickly with the swipe of a hand. The calendar will blend in your home or work environment with ease.

    • Adhesive backing
    • Colorful pattern
    • Easily attachable

    This product is ideal for individuals searching for a bit of flare in their daily decor. This 6-pack of adhesive monthly calendars adds a bit of color to your everyday routine. The calendars are completely reusable once you wipe last month’s appointments away, and the pack of six allows for multiple rooms to hold your plans so you won’t miss a thing! The 13.75” x 12.8” inch whiteboards are easily attachable to almost any flat surface in your home or office. The blue, orange, and purple designs are sure to get your attention and brighten up your day. 

    • Durable and Kid Safe
    • Fun and Easy to Use
    • Big Enough for Sharing

    This Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Chart for Multiple Kids and Adults is built for families in mind. It is large, so easy to use, big enough for the entire family to quickly add chores, communicate when chores are done, and clean off old lists. So many whiteboards are too small for easy to use and you have to struggle to write in small letters. Not so with this product!

    Your kids will love the ability to see their chores and easily remove them upon completion because each pen has a small eraser cap built in.

    The super-strong magnet holds the board up for super easy installation: just place it on any magnetic surface, like a fridge. Because the board is strong and durable, you can use it year after year.


    • No-slip magnet backing
    • 6 markers included
    • Free grocery list magnet

    This magnetic whiteboard calendar is the perfect parent planner. This board is 100% adherent to any magnetic surface, meaning it’s an amazing addition to your fridge! There is no risk of the calendar falling or slipping while you write down your plans. This product is 17” x 13” inches of strong, flexible, stain resistant material. The purchase includes 6 multi-colored dry-erase markers that stay conveniently on your fridge. Also included is a smaller sized grocery list magnet to help sort out your household needs.

    • Magnetic surface
    • Integrated cork board material
    • 1-year limited warranty

    This AmazonBasics board features a small cork material section intended for displays of tickets, bills, invitations, photos, etc. The reusable monthly calendar is completely magnetic and is equipped with a dry erase marker and magnets. The dry-erase surface is easily cleanable, and resits those pesky marker stains. There is an extra “Notes” section that can be used for daily messages, drawings, or to-do lists. This is a 24” x 36” board that is surrounded by a sturdy aluminum frame for added strength. The sleek and minimalistic design is a perfect addition to any room. This product is backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty. 

    • 2 month planner
    • Easily moveable
    • Bonus items included

    This is the perfect calendar for those who love to plan ahead, the two month design is intended to help keep you way on top of your plans. The 36” x 52” whiteboard is completely bendable, contouring to any surface you aim to mount it on. The lined date boxes allow for neat and evenly spaced writing. This set comes with 6 multi-colored markers, an eraser, thumbtacks, double sided wall mounting strips, and an assortment of reusable icons. The waterproof calendar is extremely easy to clean by either dry or wet means. This product is great for a family environment and is visually engaging for children.     

    Best Whiteboard Calendars: Buyer’s Guide

    While on the search for the best whiteboard calendars it is important to make sure you are getting everything you want. Whiteboards can be made from different materials. They can be magnetic and can be either mounted on a wall or stuck on a refrigerator. So take a look at our buyer’s guide, as it should help answer your questions and give you a push in the right direction!

    How Much Should I Be Spending?

    While there are plenty of great deals for whiteboard calendars, the higher quality products tend to be $50 and above. The higher the price, the longer lasting the calendar. If you don’t really care about a calendar lasting 10+ years and are solely aiming for practicality, a cheaper ($10.99 – $19.99) option will be perfect for you. 

    When you spend a good chunk of change on a high end whiteboard calendar you are making an investment in long-term organization. Keep in mind you’re getting the bang for your buck, most costly whiteboards come with warranties!

    What Is the Best Size? 

    Whiteboard calendars come in a plethora of different dimensions. The smaller ones usually are 13” x 13” with larger ones reaching 6’ x 4’. It’s very important to make sure you have enough room on the actual calendar to write clearly. So if you have tiny neat handwriting you shouldn’t mind opting for the smaller calendar. But if you’re not such a tidy writer a whiteboard with more space is better for you. 

    Make sure you have enough space in your intended area of display before investing in a large calendar. Whiteboard calendars are available in both horizontal and vertical proportions, there is a size and shape perfect for your needs.

    Do They All Look the Same?

    It is important to make sure you choose a calendar that you won’t mind looking at everyday. With a range of styles, you can complete your minimalist, modern, cozy, rustic, etc. home with an aesthetically pleasing calendar. 

    There are plenty of whiteboard calendars that boast great quality as well as design, so you won’t have to choose which is more crucial to you.

    Other Types Of WhiteBoards

    In addition to whiteboard calendars, there are a variety of others on the market. Magnetic whiteboards are quite popular and handy for hanging things via magnets. For a more DIY experience, you can purchase whiteboard paint and turn an entire wall into a whiteboard. You could even use thin tape to create a calendar view on the wall after the paint dries.

    Does It Make Sense For Me To Buy One?

    If you have the goal to be more organized in your day to day plans with the simple swipe of a marker, then yes. Not only are whiteboard calendars efficient, they are easy to reuse and easy to introduce into your daily regimen. No matter if you intend to use them on your own, or are looking for a fun way for your family and kids to get involved in chores and activities, these calendars can be a perfect integration in your daily routine.


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