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Magnetic whiteboards make great tools to jot down ideas, set reminders, or make to-do lists. There are tons of designs out there as well. There are ones that mount to your wall, stand upright from the floor, or stand upright on your desk. We reviewed the 10 best magnetic whiteboards for your home and home office needs.

  • Magnetic dry-erase board
  • Includes magnets and marker
  • Use horizontally or vertically

At 24 by 36 inches (or two feet by three feet), this whiteboard is best suited for a home office or family room. It’s likely too big for the average bedroom and too small for any sort of learning environment. It comes with screws for proper wall mounting, or you can buy a few command strips to hang it up as well. We like this one because it is magnetic, its decent size, and the built-in tray to hold your dry-erase markers.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Won’t leave stains/ghost marks
  • Magnetic and easy to install

The Quartet Glass Whiteboard is an elegant and beautifully designed whiteboard that will last you a lifetime. Dry-erase marks will never sink too deeply into the glass, meaning you will always be able to easily erase your work and it will never leave stains or ghost marks. It’s also very easy to clean this way as well! Additionally, the solid glass won’t scratch or dent like other cheaper whiteboards. Quartet makes this in various sizes so you can find the one that best suits your needs – this definitely wins our premium choice honors for home office whiteboards.

  • Double sided and magnetic
  • Can tilt/stand at any angle
  • Markers and magnets included

For folks looking for a unique and portable whiteboard that can fit in the average backpack and sit on any tabletop, MerLerner’s 12 by 12 whiteboard is a perfect option. We love that it’s double sided – keep your to-do items on one and a grocery list on the other! The board can be tilted at any angle and it also comes with four transparent free anti-skid pads. This whiteboard also comes in smaller sizes if you are looking for something even more portable. 

  • Magnetic dry-erase board
  • Includes magnets and marker
  • Use horizontally or vertically

The ViZ-PRO magnetic dry erase board is almost identical to the amazonbasics offering except it does not come with magnets, a dry-erase marker and eraser tip. Thus, it is slightly cheaper. It is solid quality and will last you at least a few years in your home. But otherwise, it’s the exact same size, it is also magnetized, and it also comes with a built-in tray to hold your markers (that you will need to buy in addition to this whiteboard). 

  • Magnetic dry-erase board
  • Includes magnets and marker
  • Solid wooden white frame

The Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard is a great size for your bedroom or home office. It’s plenty large enough to organize to-do lists, reminders, and visualizations but it’s not going to take up an obscene amount of wall space. It’s magnetic which is always a plus, and it boasts a nice wooden frame around it. It comes with a marker with eraser tip, screws to mount it, and magnets. The marker also has a magnet attached to it so you simply keep it attached to your whiteboard while not in use – you’ll never lose a dry erase marker this way!

  • Magnetic dry-erase board
  • Includes magnets and eraser
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

Welmors Office’s Magnetic whiteboard is so great and it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee – you can always contact them with a free replacement and fast shipping if it ever stops working for you. How great is that?! It comes with color coded magnets which can be a great tool for organizing different things, as well as an eraser that sticks to the board via a magnet as well. It does not come with dry-erase markers however, so you will need to buy those separately. It also comes in a smaller size if two by three feet is a bit too large for your needs. 

  • Double sided and magnetic
  • Movable hanging hooks
  • Markers and magnets included

Tankee’s small dry erase whiteboard is built very strong and sturdy – it’s great for kids! It also comes with a lot of colored magnets and markers which make it great for kids and adults who like to color code certain reminders or to-do items. Oh, and we also love that it’s double-sided. The hooks are installed on two sides of the board so that you can hang it in either a vertical or horizontal direction. It’s dimensions are 16” x 12”.

  • Double sided and magnetic
  • Large 48 x 32 surface
  • Has markers, magnets, eraser

We wanted to include a large whiteboard that can be rolled around a home or office. This whiteboard is double sided, magnetic, and has a huge writing surface at 48 by 32 inches. It is great for the average office, or it also works for larger home offices too. You can repurpose it for pictionary game nights too. The four colored magnets, four colored markers, and the eraser are all included.

  • Folds up and easy to cary
  • Double sided and magnetic
  • 36 x 24 inch writing surface

This whiteboard by Scool comes with an eraser, three different colored markers, and six colored magnets. It’s great for classrooms that need an additional and portable whiteboard and it also goes great in a home office. You can be just like Sheldon and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory while using this whiteboard and solving problems with it. This whiteboard has an adjustable height and can rotate 360 degrees to whatever position you prefer! It’s also very easy to set up and install, and it’s available with a black frame if you prefer. 

  • Magnetic + Dry Erase
  • Includes marker/eraser
  • Includes pin-It cork magnet

Dry erase boards are great for keeping lists and knocking off to-do items! We like this one because it’s pretty compact and functions as a magnetic board as well. The dry erase marker has a fine pointed tip and there is a built-in eraser on the cap of it. You’ll love this board and use it a ton. It’s also fun for kids, although consider getting a larger one for your wall if they will be using it too. 

The Best Magnetic Whiteboards: Buying Guide

Erasing Marks On Your Magnetic Whiteboard

Depending on the type and quality of whiteboard, dry erase marks vary in how easy they are to erase. If you get a cheaper whiteboard that is coated with melamine, it can sometimes be a bit harder to erase. Its counterpart and more expensive option is porcelain. It will cost you more money but will last longer and be much easier to erase. 

Long Lasting Quality

If you are looking for a whiteboard that you are going to use almost every day, you should probably opt for a high quality one that is generally made of porcelain. These won’t scratch, dent, or leave ghost marks nearly as much as their melamine counterparts. They also generally come in larger sizes. Generally speaking, these run you three to four times more than a basic whiteboard with melamine coating. Thus, we recommend a simple cost-benefit analysis based on how much you are going to use your whiteboard. It might be that a cheaper option works best for you based on how much you use it and if you are willing to just replace it after a few years. 

Best Magnetic Whiteboards

Not all whiteboards are magnetic, but it’s a really nice feature to have in your whiteboard that you will probably find yourself using more than you think. If you want a larger whiteboard, there are accessories that will stick to the board via a magnet that will hold an eraser and dry erase markers. Or you can also use magnets on it just like you would for a fridge or something. Long story short – it’s very cheap to opt for a magnetic whiteboard so you might as well go for it!

Whiteboard Calendars

When buying a whiteboard, you may also want to consider getting a whiteboard calendar. These are quite handy, especially when living with family or roommates. Many of them are magnetic as well.

Whiteboard Paint

An alternative to buying a whiteboard is to paint an entire wall or section of a wall in whiteboard paint! This can be a fun DIY project and is also great if you have kids who can now draw on a wall at will. If you go this route, be sure to get the specific markers that go with this type of paint, as they are not your average dry-erase markers for whiteboards. 

How To Use Your Magnetic Whiteboard

There are a number of ways to maximize your whiteboard use and get the most out of it. Let’s explore a few ideas!

  1. If you share your whiteboard with others and don’t want something erased, write “SAVE” in big letters right by it to let others know. 
  2. When you don’t need something anymore, erase it right away – this will prevent ghost marks and keep your whiteboard looking cleaner.
  3. Use different color markers to signify and differentiate items. Color coding is a great way to separate ideas from each other and show a visual representation.
  4. If you have a lot of different things on your whiteboard, draw lines on the board to segment your thoughts.
  5. For todo lists, try this idea: Create three columns: “To Do,” Doing,” and “Done.” Then use post-it notes to represent each task, and move them into the different columns as you are knocking off items from your to-do list. It feels great to move a post-it note to the “Done” column and feel proud of all the items you’ve completed. On a regular basis that’s up to your choosing (daily, weekly, etc). Remove all the “Done” items and add more “To Do” items.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Whiteboard

For best results, you should clean your whiteboard with a cleaner and rag every one to two weeks. It’s also important to not let certain marks stay on it for too long, as they dry erase ink can get tougher to clean when it stays on the board for months at a time. 

If you have a pesky mark that is leaving a ghost mark, you can take a dry erase marker and cover the mark with more ink marks all around it. Then erase the whole thing with your eraser and it should help clear the mark. 


Whiteboards come in all different sizes and are becoming more and more popular in places outside of the classroom. They are now quite prevalent in office buildings, home kitchens, and offices. They are an excellent communication and visualization tool and are here to stay. We recommend thinking about the size, magnet, material (melamine vs porcelain), and price when you make your purchase – good luck!