Dell makes excellent PC’s and computer monitors. Their monitors are compatible with PC’s and Macs. They are high quality and long-lasting monitors that will make an excellent addition to your home office setup.


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    • Ultrathin bezel
    • In-plane switching
    • Full HD resolution

    The Dell P2419H 23.8″ Monitor is sleek and easy to set-up. It is light-weight and easy to clean. Dell even includes a special screen cloth to keep this HD monitor without dust. If you have a home office and want a nice monitor for your work, this one will work well. The same product is also available in smaller sizes if you have a smaller work-space with more compact needs. I prefer the 24 inch for my home office as it gives me even more screen real estate.

    • Stunning clarity
    • 23.8" Ultra High Definition
    • 99% sRGB color coverage

    The Dell Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2415Q 24-Inch Screen provides wide color coverage and reliable performance every time. It is affordable but slightly higher priced given its excellent hardware components. The gorgeous 3840 x 2160 resolution (yes that is over 8 million pixels) gives excellent resolution every time you turn your monitor on. Great for work and seeing stunning images on your screen while in your home office.

    • More room to work
    • Easily configurable
    • Consistent and rich colors

    This monitor enables you to have more room to work: with a thin profile and monitor base that’s approximately 22% smaller than its predecessor, you can free up valuable desk space. The monitor is easily configurable to your computer and has a display that reveals consistent and rich colors.

    • Full HD with 4k resolution
    • 60 hertz
    • 99% sRGB coverage

    The Dell U-Series 32-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor offers an incredible ultra HD resolution output with every photo, video, or document on your screen. If you have creative work to complete and need the image or video on the screen to reflect the exact color and output of real life, this monitor will help you achieve that aim. It has a 5 millisecond snappy response time and supports USB-C connections.

    • Very affordable
    • No stand included
    • Full HD resolution

    The Dell P2219H 21.5-Inch 16:9 Ultrathin Bezel IPS Monitor No Stand is unique in that it doesn’t come with a stand. Some people prefer no stand monitors because they want to hang a monitor on the wall or place it within furniture (i.e. on a desk or wall mount) directly. If you don’t want a stand in your home office then this dell product is a great buy. It is highly affordable, offers the benefits of Dell’s snappy processing speed, and affords full HD resolution for your home office.

    • Ultra thin bezel
    • In-plane switching
    • Full HD resolution

    The Dell P2219H 21.5″ 16:9 Monitor is sleek and easy to set-up. It is leight-weight and easy to clean. Dell even includes a special screen cloth to keep this HD monitor without dust. If you have a home office and want a nice monitor for your work, this one will work well. The same product is also available in large sizes if you have a bigger work-space with more expansive needs. 21 inches is great if you work part-time on your monitor and want to save space.

    Why Buy A Dell Computer Monitor

    The reasons to buy a Dell monitor are similar to why people in general have brand loyalty to different companies. When a company has a proven track record in producing high value and reliable products, they deserve your loyalty as a consumer! Dell is just that kind of company in our opinion. They have consistently made quality monitors (and other tech hardware). Thus, you know buying a Dell Monitor is a safe bet.

    In general, a monitor might not be the highest priority item you buy when setting up the right home office situation for yourself. Most people think that as long as they have some sort of monitor to go along with their computer, they should be fine. While that is somewhat true, there are different things to look out for and consider when buying a monitor.  And in this case, we’ll go over what to look for with Dell computer monitors. Let’s dive in:


    In our opinion, anything below 19 inches is a bit small. The sweet spot is somewhere between 21 to 27 inches. Anything over that and you probably have very specific needs for your computing or gaming purposes. For reference, a monitor’s size is measured diagonally. It’s the hypotenuse measurement of the screen real estate, and NOT the height or width. 

    Aspect Ratio

    Most Dell computer monitors come in the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the best ratio for full screen viewing on presentations and video. Most TV’s have this ratio as well – it’s pretty standard. Some Dell monitors are slightly different however. For example, this monitor is a 1.78:1 aspect ratio (ever so slightly different ratio than the 16:9. 

    Refresh Rate

    A refresh rate is essentially how fast your monitor refreshes images on your screen. Movies for example, are all just a series of still images sewn together very fast. If you are using a monitor for primarily work functions, any standard Dell Monitor will work. They all have a high enough refresh rate that does the trick (60hz is plenty). However, if you are a gamer, you will likely want a higher refresh rate that captures all the fast action as quickly as possible. Dell computer monitors with at least a 120hz refresh rate are best suited for that, like this Dell Gaming Monitor with a 165hz refresh rate.

    Let’s Talk About Price

    If you are just looking for a practical monitor with a standard refresh rate and nothing too huge in screen size, you can find monitors on the market for roughly $150, including trusted brands like Dell. As we articulate in our blog post: Setting Up Your Home Office On A Budget, you can get a 24 inch Dell Monitor for less than $150. If you are looking for more sophisticated monitors with a higher refresh rate, a larger screen size, or high resolution like 4k, obviously the price will go up considerably. 

    Other Features To Think About For A Dell Computer Monitor

    There are a number of other features that you might want to consider when buying a monitor. Some monitors now offer touch screen technology. Others have built in speakers which can be quite nice in terms of saving space if you are operating on a desktop PC and don’t want to purchase speakers. If you are like most people and have a laptop with built-in speakers already, we recommend just using those. 

    Buying a Dell monitor with an adjustable stand is also worth considering if you can afford it. This will give you far better flexibility on the height and tilt of your monitor, which will save you plenty of back and neck pain down the road.

    Curved monitors are also being developed and sold these days. A curved monitor directs the light angles more directly at your eyes from all points of the screen. This will allow you to exert less energy from your eyes when viewing the screen and it will also appear to be a bigger screen. Plus, they look pretty darn cool and futuristic if you ask us. 

    Lastly, you should triple check that your monitor has the right connection type. HDMI and usb connections are pretty standard in Dell’s and most other computer monitors. But you may need to buy an adapter or docking station to hook up your monitor to your PC or Mac computer. 



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