A mouse pad may seem like an insignificant accessory for your work from the home regime, but this tiny addition can make a world of difference to your working experience. With a high-quality and long-lasting full desk mouse pad under your keyboard and mouse, you can be more productive. 

Finding the right mouse pad can be a bit of a challenge with all of the offerings on the market. All the full-desk mouse pads appear to be similar, but they vary in quality, material, build, and durability. To help you out, we have listed below the products that will genuinely add value to your work life. So, here are the best full-desk mouse pads for your work from home office.

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  • 18 x 25 inches
  • Doubles as a whiteboard
  • non-slip, no-glare

This extra large mouse pad features a map of the world! Measuring at 18″ x 25″ it is a very practical extra large mouse pad that will keep you on efficiently working and on task. It provides a large enough surface for you to put your keyboard on it as well. With it’s non-slip surface, your desk items will rest steadily in place – even use it as a coaster!

It also features a no-glare matte finish which is very good for any optical mouse that relies on picking up the image it rests on. The surface can easily be wiped clean by any window cleaner. Additionally, there are antibacterial properties on this pad to avoid bacteria build up. Given your hands touch your desk surface so often, this is an excellent feature not to be overlooked.

And finally, this mouse pad can function whiteboard. It works with wet-erase pens such as Expo or Vis a Vis. This means you can use these specific types of pens to draw on the mouse pad and wipe them off with a moist towel or tissue. This is incredibly useful anyone who finds themselves taking a lot of notes throughout the day while on conference calls and such.

2 PECHAM Full Desk Mouse Pad

Premium Choice
  • Waterproof and skid-proof
  • Anti-fraying edges
  • Durable

The extended full desk mouse pad from PECHAM is another good quality product that assures a clutter-free work station while you’re working from home. This mouse pad allows enough room to keep your keyboard, mouse, and gaming items, in case you’re an avid gamer. 

Equipped with a skid-proof base made of rubber, and a waterproof surface, this mouse pad is all about convenience. Thanks to the smooth and well-made surface, the mouse runs through it effortlessly. Consequently, your workflow gets amplified, and you finish your work at a faster pace. 

The smaller mouse pads often fall prey to fraying and tearing, with regular use. But this product comes with tightly sewn edges that speak volumes about its durability. And in case you need to wash the pad, you can toss it inside the washing machine for quick clean up. 


  • 31.5 X 12 inches
  • Lights of 12 different colors
  • Waterproof and non-slippery

If you have been struggling with mouse control and accuracy, you can try out the RGB LED Extra Large Soft Gaming Mouse Pad. Made with premium braided material, this pad is all about longevity and comfort. Whether you’re working or playing a game, this comes handy at all times. 

With a firm grip, smooth gliding, and a non-slippery rubber bottom, this mouse pad helps you to get your job done without any interruption. The waterproof coating on the top surface protects the pad from water and food spillage. 

It comes with a high-tech light control technology. All you have to do is press one switch to turn the lights on. You can also get an array of colored lighting, in 12 different shades. Although this mouse pad was created keeping in mind the gamers’ needs, it works equally for work and other purposes. 

  • Very large size
  • Pixel-precision design
  • Low friction

This is the biggest mouse pad the world has ever seen. With a dimension of 48x24x0.2 inches, this product has ample space to keep your desk organized. After keeping your mouse and keyboard, you can also place another necessary stuff on top of this pad. You can use it as a cover for your work table, as it will protect the surface from dirt, spillage, etc. 

This oversized pad is made of superior quality rubber. With this item, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant smells oozing out of it. With the amazing pixel-precision design, the pad minimizes friction and ensures fast working. 

Available in black color, this is a product that you must have as a part of your home office work station. You can also use it to cater to your game binge sessions. 


  • Designed for precision
  • Comfortable for wrists
  • Functional and durable

The AUKEY Full Desk Mouse Pad is all about accuracy and precision. If your work involves graphic designing, video editing, or other such delicate stuff, you need to have better control over your mouse. The more precise you are, the greater the outcome will be. And to make sure that your mouse doesn’t betray you in the middle of the work, you have to invest in a quality mouse pad like this one. 

Not only for work, but this mouse pad also doubles up as a gaming accessory, helping you create the perfect setup. With this extended pad, your wrist and your hands will have enough space for rest. For fast typing, this is an ideal pad. 

It has a simple design that is not only functional but is also durable at the same time. The sides are stitched to ensure protection against fraying. The waterproof material makes sure that the surface remains safe from water and food spillage. If the mouse pad becomes dirty, you can give it a wash to revive its lost glory. 

  • Micro-texture material
  • Smooth surface
  • Durable

These full-size mouse pads with lights can be a good gaming aid for the video game fanatics. You can also use it for your work from home needs, for the times when you have to do heavy, relentless typing without any breaks. Thanks to its soft material, your wrists will receive optimum comfort. 

You can switch the color modes with just one touch of a button. The micro-texture material ensures durability, whereas the non-slip rubber at the back of the mouse pad assures no unwanted movements. The smooth surface allows you to have an advanced experience while conducting works that require a great amount of precision. 

With this plug-and-play pad, you won’t have to depend on a driver. Owing to the long-lasting control button, you can have a pretty seamless experience with this one.

  • Made of leather
  • Slip and waterproof
  • Good for writing and typing

The Aothia Leather Full Desk Mouse Pad is available in a wide range of colors. You can use this pad to add to the aesthetic quotient of your workstation at home. This is a suitable product for assisting you in writing, keeping your desk neat and clean, and of course, for placing your computer accessories. 

Enhanced with a suede design at the backside of the pad, it stays in place without leading to unwanted movements. Thanks to the premium material and design, the mouse movement on this pad is smooth and fast. While you’re typing or writing, spread this mouse pad on the table to provide some additional support and comfort to your wrists. 

It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. In case you are not too happy with the purchase, you can always claim for replacement. You may buy it for your own WFH needs, or present this to someone as a practical yet thoughtful gift.  

  • Natural rubber bottom
  • Fast mouse movement
  • Available in 4 sizes

Heavy gaming leads to stressed hands and wrists, and that’s why you can check out the HyperX FURY S Full Desk Mouse Pad. Suitable for both gaming and work, this is a multifunctional mouse pad that is a must for your study desk. 

It has anti-fray sides that prevent the mouse pad from developing loose stitched ends. Even with years of use, the product retains its beauty and utility. Simple, minimal, and useful, this mouse pad enhances your working speed. The specially designed surface allows the mouse to move faster with detailed precision, and as a result, you work at a better speed. 

The natural rubber design makes sure that it stays stuck to the table while you’re typing. The product is available in 4 different sizes. You can choose whichever size suits the most for your play setup or WFH setting. 

  • Soft, nano-textured surface
  • 15 light modes
  • Suitable for typing and gaming

The FLOPAD 14 Light Full Desk Mouse Pad is a great choice not only for your hectic work schedules but also for your gaming needs. The silky, soft, nano-textured surface provides comfort while you’re working on your computer. The enhanced material allows for greater mobility as you move your mouse. 

It comes with 15 different light modes that you can easily control with a single touch. The unique design and beautiful colors add a hint of personal touch to your setup. With 11 static and 4 changeable modes, the game sessions will be more amazing than ever. 

If your job requires you to type at the computer for long hours, you can finally expect to provide some respite to your wrists. With this mouse pad, you are less likely to feel burnt out after a tiring workday, or a full-fledged game. Designed to ensure accuracy and unmatched performance, this can be the perfect addition to your WFH accessories. 

  • Anti-skid mercerized rubber
  • Durable
  • Good for work and gaming

In case you are tired of clicking the wrong tab while presenting your screen during a meeting, here is a great solution for you. The Havit gaming mousepad is here to address your concerns, with a promise to improve your laptop experience. 

With this larger-than-life mousepad, you will never have to worry about running out of space. Be it your keyboard, your mouse, or even your phone – the pad’s anti-skid rubber will ensure that your items never slip away from you. Thanks to its stitched frame, the pad will never fray or fall apart and will serve you for years to come.  

The surface of mercerized rubber promises to give you a smooth and precise tracking experience. Rest assured – the gaming days of narrowly missing your target or accidentally ending a work call are far behind you now. 

This product will make you ready to join ranks with the gaming and work from home elites. Made using a high-quality mesh cloth cover with a 3 mm thickness, this pad is ergonomically designed to give the user maximum comfort and support. You cannot do without this essential item in the new work from the home era.

  • Non-skid bottom
  • Lycra for seamless gliding
  • Waterproof coating

The Ktrio Full Desk Mouse Pad is made of premium quality lycra, so you can expect it to last long. The smooth material allows effortless gliding so that your mouse doesn’t get stuck in the middle of your important work. The sides are stitched with great care to protect it from fraying over time. 

It has a non-skid bottom that keeps the pad fixed to the surface of your desk. As a result, there are no changes in slipping or unnecessary movements amid your WFH schedule. 

The waterproof coating on top of the mouse pad makes sure that water or any other kind of spillage doesn’t cause damage to it. This large mouse pad can easily accommodate your keyboard, mouse, and also your gaming accessories. Be it for work, or for those chilled-out game nights, this product is sure to be a great fit for your home office setting. 

Full Desk Mouse pad Buyer’s Guide

While choosing a full desk mouse pad, you have to keep a few things in mind. The material of the pad is important. It has to be thick enough to endure everyday wear and tear. It also needs to be anti-skid, so that it doesn’t slip away easily. A good mouse pad ensures greater control, and hence, optimum convenience.

As compared to regular smaller-sized mousepads, a full desk mouse pad is a better user experience. They help in keeping your workspace clean and organized. Modern innovations have come up with sensitive mice that work well on all types of surfaces, but you can never go wrong with this product if you want to finish your work faster than usual.


Mouse pads in general offer two things. Firstly, they help your mouse glide over a given surface. This makes your mouse more accurate when using it because the mouse tracks better over the smooth and even surface of a mouse pad – this is not always the case on a desk. 

Secondly, a mousepad offers protection on your desk surface. Without one, a mouse will damage your surface over time. Additionally, it can be very loud to use a mouse on a hard wood or glass surface. 

A full desk mouse pad not only provides a great surface for your mouse, but also for the rest of your desktop items. With a full desk mouse pad, your keyboard and vertical monitor can now rest on it as well. This protects your desktop surface. If you have a louder keyboard like a typewriter keyboard, it will also quiet it just a bit, as the keyboard isn’t echoing off of your wood or glass surface anymore since it’s dampened by the mouse pad. 

A full desk mouse pad is also very nice to rest your arms and wrists on while typing. They all come standard with anti slip rubber so that it won’t move around on your desktop. 

Water Resistant

A large mouse pad that covers most of your desk should also protect it! 

When buying a full desk mouse pad, you’ll likely want to get one that is water resistant. Why? So you don’t have to worry about a small spill, or even a ring stain from a glass of ice water. 

Especially if you have kids, the large mouse pad acts as a defense agent against spills. 


Be sure to know the size of your desktop surface before you purchase a full desk mouse pad. This may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing to see a large mouse pad hang off the edge of your surface. 

Most full desk mouse pads don’t actually cover your whole desk. They are generally a few feet in height and length, enough room for your keyboard and mouse to sit on. Others are a bit larger and can fit your monitor and potentially other desktop items.  


You can use a light-up mouse pad to provide a little bit of flare and lighting to your desk setup. This is popular among a lot of gamers. Sometimes people prefer a dark room with just the light from the screen and the mouse pad. 

Machine Washable

Having a full desk mouse pad that is machine washable will make your life a whole lot easier. It is certain that it will get dirty over time. It will attract dust, and even the occasional spill. Being able to throw it in the washing machine is a huge value-add and an easy way to keep your desk super clean. 


If you are on a budget, then you are in luck. Full desk mouse pads don’t cost very much at all. On the smaller end, they run about 15 dollars. For larger ones that get over four feet, they can run about 30 dollars in price.