While most people don’t really get too much of an opportunity to re-decorate their cubicles, you have full freedom to do so with your home office. Whether you simply feel like the aesthetics could be spruced up a bit or you need something warm and fuzzy to keep yourself comfortable while you’re working, a new shag rug could do the trick for start.

Given the fact that it’s winter and that shag rugs simply look cooler than plain, straightforward rugs, we’ve compiled a list of the best shag rugs you could upgrade your home office with. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to it:


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    • 6-by-9 feet dimension
    • Faux fur construction
    • Durable rubber backing

    The first shag rug on our list is Gorilla Grip’s faux fur area carpet. It comes available in multiple size options, ranging from 2-by-4 feet to six-by-nine feet; you’ll also be able to choose between several color style variants, such as Dusty Rose, Beige, Brown, Frosted Tips, Ivory, and such.

    It packs a solid texture pattern and is made of lightweight faux fur; some of its most notable benefits include easy cleanup and maintenance, topped with exceptionally durable construction. Furthermore, it sports a sturdy rubber backing, which further reinforces its durability.

    Moreover, this model is arguably one of the most comfortable and cozy shag rugs that the current market has to offer. Its thistles are remarkably soft and decently easy to wash.

    Overall, only downside of Gorilla Grip’s shag rug is the fact that it’s pretty expensive. Nevertheless, since it’s virtually unparalleled in terms of robustness and aesthetics, we daresay it’s well worth the buck.

    • Anti-slip bottom backing
    • High-density sponge absorber
    • Six-by-nine feet dimensions

    Next up on our list of the best shag rug models, we have Rainlin’s Fuzzy Abstract area rug. In comparison to Gorilla Grip’s faux leather model, the Fuzzy Abstract is lighter, somewhat softer, but also slightly less durable.

    The high-quality synthetic polyester construction can endure years of use given proper maintenance. Speaking of which, it’s remarkably easy to clean as it features a high-density sponge layer underneath the gentle thistles.

    This rug is nearly two inches thick, making it perfect for colder winter seasons. Another reason why we’ve liked this model so much is the fact that it’s pet-friendly. Namely, its thistles are fairly resistant to scratch marks and are resistant to tangling.

    Even though it’s not as pricy as Gorilla Grip’s model, Rainlin’s Fuzzy Abstract is not exactly cheap; luckily though, this is its only drawback. Overall, its durability, beautiful design, and exceptional aesthetic versatility are just some of the benefits it brings to the table.

    3 Ompaa Soft Fluffy Rug

    Best Value
    • Available in eleven colors
    • 4-by-6 feet dimensions
    • Non-slip backing

    Ompaa is one of the biggest names in the carpet industry, and we’ve handpicked this particular model for several reasons. First and foremost, it looks absolutely gorgeous, regardless of which color style you opt for.

    Further at the same note, Ompaa’s Soft Fluffy Area Rug comes in grey, black, cream white, gray blue, gray purple, green, pink, purple, and several other color variations. Its versatility as far as size is of concern is moderate – you will be able to choose between 3-by-5, 4-by-6, and 5-by-8 feet models.

    This shag rug packs a non-slip backing surface, just like our previous picks; it’s made of highly robust, but remarkably plushy velvet material. As far as maintenance is of concern, Oompa’s Soft Fluffy Area Rug is decently easy to wash by hand; however, it is not machine-washable.

    • 2.3-by-5 feet dimensions
    • Faux leather construction
    • Ivory-Suede backing material

    Carvapet’s Luxury Fur Rug is among the smaller models on our list. This particular version is 2.3-by-5 feet big, although you can choose from five other size variations (ranging from 1.2-by-1.2 to 4-by-4 feet). It’s perfect for home workers due to its smaller size and easy maintenance, but its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for pretty much any situation.

    This shag rug is made of top-quality faux leather; it’s significantly sturdier than most shag rugs in its price range, although it’s not exactly great for pet owners. The upper layer of Carvapet’s Luxury Fur Rug is susceptible to scratches and bites, although it’s non-tangy design won’t have any troubles when it comes to dog hair and smaller pieces of debris.

    Finally, there are several aesthetic options at your disposal, including black, black & white, brown, brown & white, gray, pink, and white.

    • 5-by-8 feet dimensions
    • Polyester and Velvet structure
    • Rubberized non-slip back

    Here we are looking at Ucomn’s Luxury Velvet Shag Rug. In a nutshell, this is a moderately sized, highly durable pet-friendly plush-like carpet that comes available at a decently attractive price.

    First and foremost, its dimensions measure 5-by-8 feet. It’s also available in 4-by-6 and 6-by-9 feet; we’ve picked the one in the golden middle, as it’s easier to clean and due to the fact that it doesn’t take up too much space for home office workers.

    As far as comfort is in question, Ucomn’s Luxury Velvet Shag Rug offers cozy, plushy comfort. Its pet-friendly design is another reason why we liked it so much; it’s also decently cheap, although we have a handful of more affordable models further down the list.

    • 1.58 inches thick
    • 4-by-5.3 feet dimensions
    • Made of high-quality velvet

    Our next pick is Ophanie’s Fluffy Area Rug. Specifically, what separates this model from the rest is the fact that it’s made of hypoallergenic materials; this means that office workers who suffer from various allergies can rest assured that this shag rug won’t trigger them.

    In terms of size, Ophanie’s rug sports 4-by-5.3-foot dimensions and is surprisingly light. An exceptionally sturdy velvet requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, other size variants include 2-b-y3 and 3-by-5-foot versions.

    Aside from the fact that Ophanie’s rug is remarkably comfortable and durable, it also looks magnificent. Finally, you will be able to pick from six different color styles – including black, blue, grey, pink, white, and black & grey.

    • 5-by-8 feet dimensions
    • Velvet construction
    • Non-slip design

    Next up is Pacapet’s Fluffy Area Rug – a pet-friendly hypoallergenic cozy carpet made of sturdy velvet. This particular model is a bit larger than some of our previous picks with dimensions that measure five-by-eight feet; also, should you want a smaller (or a bigger) one, Pacapet offers the same shag rug in 4-by-6 and 6-by-9 versions.

    This rug packs soft, gentle thistles and optimal thickness, providing a great balance between comfort and durability. What’s more, it also packs a non-slip back lining that makes it easier to fold and clean. Even though it’s not machine-washable, vacuuming it and air-drying it would do the job just fine.

    • Oval design
    • 2.6-by-5.3 feet dimensions
    • Robust construction

    Veken’s Fluffy Shag Area Rug is the first oval carpet on our list of the best shag rugs in 2021. Even though it’s a bit smaller than average, it’s a perfect choice for people who are working from home since it’s machine-washable, easy to move around, all the while offering excellent comfortability and sturdiness.

    This model’s dimensions measure 2.6-by-5.3 feet, and it weighs roughly 2.25 pounds. It’s also available in other size variants, including 2-by-3, 3.5-by-5, and 4-by-5.3 feet. Aesthetics-wise, this remarkable rug comes in grey, pink, black, blue, purple, black & grey, tie-dyed purple, and white color variations.

    Furthermore, some of the most notable features of Veken’s Fluffy Shag Rug include a non-slip bottom, a 1-inch-thick foam reinforcement in its middle layer, and a pet-friendly design. All things considered, Veken’s model is arguably one of the best shag rug models in the budget price point category.

    • 4-by-5.3 feet dimensions
    • Made of quality polyester and
    • Machine-washable and pet-frien

    Ophanie’s Area Rug is perfect for mid-sized rooms of office workers. It offers much in terms of robustness, and also offers comfort and convenience.

    It’s machine-washable and both child and pet-friendly, but what makes it so great for the buck is the fact that it’s also remarkably cheap.

    Furthermore, the dimensions of this model measure 4-by-5.3 feet. Overall, it’s the largest of the three models in the series (smaller variations include 3-by-5 and 2-by-3 feet models).

    • 5-by-8 feet dimensions
    • Microfiber construction
    • Anti-slip rubber bottom

    Let’s wrap it up with Andecor’s Soft Fluffy Bedroom rug. This shag rug’s dimensions measure 5-by-8 feet, and it weighs around 5.77 pounds. Although it’s not machine washable, it’s gentle surface is remarkably easy to clean by hand. It is also available in 3-by-5, 4-by-6, and 6-by-9 feet versions.

    What’s more, environmentally-friendly dyes were used in its manufacturing progress, reducing the wear and tear effects by a long shot. It’s slightly more expensive than some of rug models on our list, but it’s well worth the buck since it’s also sturdier, better-looking, and less demanding in terms of maintenance.

    Buying Guide

    In contrast to their more ‘basic’ carpet counterparts, shag rugs look a bit wilder, they’re bigger, thicker, and often feature a shaggy, perhaps even messy texture that earned them their name. Thousands and thousands of different models exist on the market, so in this section we’ll talk about what makes the best shag rug worth the buck.

    Size and weight

    One of the best things about the market’s shag rug diversity is the fact that you’ll be able to pick from a myriad of size options. Smaller models are typically two-by-four (feet) while the dimensions of some of the largest models could cover up an entire room with six-by-nine feet plushiness.

    Size plays an important factor for several reasons; first and foremost, bigger rugs obviously take up more space, but they’re also heavier, harder to move around, and much more difficult to clean. Smaller rugs are oftentimes cheaper than their large-sized counterparts, although exceptions are possible.

    How to clean a shag rug?

    The texture of different shag rugs demands a different cleaning process. Some are machine-washable, but most of them should either be pressure washed or cleaned by hand.

    Models that feature the thickest and shaggiest ‘hair’ are especially hard to clean since debris, pieces of hair, and bits of food can easily get tangled in them.

    Shag Rug Texture

    Aside from size, the texture of shag rugs is what separates different models. Some feature a plush-like, soft textures; some have thick, strong bristles. It’s up to you to decide what feels best caters to your needs and aesthetics-wise.

    Color & Style variations

    Essentially, every shag rug model comes available in at least a dozen color and style variations. While these different versions sport the same features and size, their looks and design change as you browse through the styles. Even though this aspect doesn’t really affect the performance of a rug, it should be kept in consideration.

    Shag Rug Types

    There are several types of shag rugs for you to choose from, including:

    Flokati – a shag rug made of wool, typically manufactured in Greece. Flokati rugs are often ‘unfinished’, which means that they’re not colored with any artificial dyes, although some brands color them.

    Leather – stiffer and more durable than most, leather-made shag rugs are heavy, robust and oftentimes more expensive than other types. Leather shag rugs aren’t perfect for pet owners, though, as they’re more susceptible to scratches and bite marks.

    Synthetic – synthetic fabric is flimsy, but it offers better affordability and easier maintenance.


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