There are hundreds of reasons for which you must be having a Best USB Extension Cable. The perk of transferring data smoothly yet speedily, without witnessing the errors or fluctuations, would be the convincing one. 

The cable makes you able to charge your tablets, smartphones, and other battery powered devices. Even it eliminates your discomfort of using mobile phones, while attached to the power outlet, because of being an extended cable. 

Not every USB extension cable fulfills the purpose, it is actually made for. To get the most out of it, you need to spot the best one from the plethora of options, which is a challenging job for an average user.

Considering all this, here at WFH Adviser, we top-picked 10 USB Extension Cable after going through the extensive research. Each of them worth your money, but better to go through the reviews to end up picking the one that aligns with your requirements. 

Here are the reviews of those top-picked best USB extended cable for your home office!


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    • USB 3.0 Fast Charging
    • Universal Compatibility
    • Extend USB A Connection

    NIMASO is a perfectly designed cable with alloy connectors, a metal shell, and an attractive texture. Constructed with the Nylon Braided material and multiple shielding layers for durability. Irrespective of how you coil or fold it up to put in your pocket, the quality and the performance won’t get affected. 

    You do not need to install any driver to make it compatible with your window, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Linux, or any other operating system. You just need to plug in the cable to start using it. As far as the devices are concerned, this cable can be used with almost any USB peripherals including, a scanner, printer keyboard, mouse, and many more.

    Interestingly, it comes in a pack of 2 consisting of a cable of 3.3 feet and 6.6 feet. So that you would have the required cable as per the situation’s demand. The processing speed, syncing capability all are similar to other Best 2.0 USB Cable Extensions.

    • Extend & Protect USB Port
    • Compact Design
    • Super Speed

    The strain relief and gold plated connectors, braided shield construction, and the perfect engineering make it second to none in terms of performance and even durability. There are no chances that the signals will be distorted and the quality of the signal decreases over time just because of this construction and quality material. 

    The NXP Chip feature is also very interesting, as it boosts the signals more and helps to transfer data efficiently even from a great distance. And to do so, you can easily attach it with any of the USB peripheral devices including, a camera, mouse, keyboard, printer, XBOX, and many others. 

    There is no need to install any driver. You can start using it right just by plugging it into the device with any operating system. Let it be Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows, etc. 

    This speedy extension cable comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support. Unlike many others, their support is responsive and easy to approach.

    • 3 ft USB Extension Cable
    • Eliminate hassle of syncing
    • Eliminate hassle of charging

    StarTech Extension cable may not be the fastest one, but the efficient one without any doubt. Even with the transmission rate of 480 Mbps, you won’t get frustrated because it does not cause any fluctuation or error in the process, unlike other 2.0 cables. 

    To extend your connection up to 3 feet, this cable would be the right option to explore. It can be connected with many USB Peripheral devices to make data transmission much easier and efficient. But bear in mind, you can use it well only with the USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices. Anything else would be beyond its capability. 

    The quality of the cable is far better than many others, not only in terms of performance but durability as well. And to back up their top-notch quality claim, StarTech offers a lifetime warranty to make your investment risk free. How interesting it is, isn’t it?

    • Oculus Sensor for hard drive
    • USB 3 Extension Cable
    • Up to 4.8Gbps

    Being at the bottom does not mean it is a substandard compared to the aforementioned cables because we have not put them in a proper ranking. It is also designed with quality material and can fulfil the purpose for which you are buying an extension cable. 

    Alike, it can transfer the data at a 10x speed comparing to the 2.0 cable. But the speed is not everything, the stability matters the most. And to make the transmission stable, they have equipped it with the dual foil shield along with the inner membrane bilayer. 

    Its Universal compatibility allows you to connect it with every USB device, and even it offers backward compatibility with 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 USB as well. 

    To get out of the frustration of shorter cables, you must try it out for its durability, faster processing speed, efficiency, and consistent performance.

    • High Speed
    • Incredible Durability
    • 36-Month Warranty Support

    Syncwire is one of the famous brands that is known for its simplest design, superior quality, and reliability. No one can deny the fact that the extension cable, which is manufactured by Syncwire would stop working any soon or will not perform well. 

    It has a 10x data transmission speed, which is standard in almost every 3.0 USB Cable. But, the speed does not matter that much. The thing that makes it a part of this list is the consistent performance. You will also not have to face contact issues, errors, and interfered signal problems. 

    Another added advantage of this cable is the superior construction, as it is made up of premium material only. Claiming it to be the most durable one relative to the competing cables, won’t be wrong.

    You can use it with almost every USB device like PlayStation, mouse, keyboard, tablet, and laptop without installing any driver.

    • USB 3.0 uses less power
    • One 9.8-foot-long
    • Gold-plated connectors

    If you are looking for a Male to Female extension cable, Amazon Basic Cable must be a part of your consideration list because of its convincing characteristics. One of them is quality engineering, which ensures the elimination of any interference in the process. And to achieve this feature, they have constructed it with shield protection. Further, in the construction, Gold plated connectors are also used, which supports the rest of the engineering for making it a long-lasting cable. 

    It comes in a variety of sizes including 3.3 feet to 9.8 feet so that you can grab the one that matches your requirement. And from the compatibility perspective, it can be used with printers, keyboards, mice, cameras, and other USB Peripheral devices. 

    The best part is that irrespective of the connected device, it keeps on serving you at a higher speed. You won’t be disappointed ever. Indeed, for convenience and usability, we would highly recommend you, give it a try at least once.


    To extend your computer connection up to 10 feet, there is no best option other than ANIOPE. You can easily charge the phone while playing the game, even if the power outlet is far from your comfort. 

    Similar to other best cable extensions, this one also has the SR design. And the material used in its construction is nylon braided, which means it is wear-resistant and durable. Further, the company has also featured the buckle to help you out in maintaining its quality for the longest possible time. 

    Not to mention, because of being 3.0 no one can easily compete with it in terms of syncing processing speed, and even charging speed. In fact, if you are a USB 2.0 user, right after grabbing this, you will become addict to this cable due to the higher performance level. 

    • Data transfer rate up to 5Gbps
    • Upgrade to SuperSpeed USB 3.0
    • Protection against noise

    For extending your USB Cable, while boosting up the data transferring speed, the SABRENT cable would be a perfect choice. It is one of the highly efficient males to female cable to connect the USB device with the computer or any other compatible device.

    It comes in 3 different lengths including 3, 6, and 10 feet to serve the wider audience and serving every individual as per his requirement. The longer the wire, the better the accessibility you will have. Along with the length, it also allows you to choose on the basis of colour preference as it comes in black and white colour.

    The feature that makes it a better option than a bunch of others is the noise shield that keeps its performance at a higher level. You won’t feel the loss of bandwidth ever, and the signals will be clear all the time. 

    Not to mention, because of being 3.0, it also has a 10x better processing speed relative to the USB 2.0. 


    If you are fed up with the Low transferring rate of the USB 2.0, better to grab this ANIOPE extension cable. It allows you to transfer the data at the 10x speed relative to the USB 2.0. During the process, you won’t be able to witness any sort of fluctuation or error.

    The main feature that makes it a part of our hand-picked extension cables list is the superior built quality and longevity. The cable is constructed with nylon braided material and designed to be flexible. There is no way that it would stop working soon or be worn out easily. 

    Further, it features a sticky buckle to keep it in an organized manner. It eventually reduces the chances of damage as it does not gets tangled. 

    Its compatibility is not limited as you can connect it with multiple devices inducing printers, USB drives, adapters, scanners, and many others. What else do you need?

    • Gold plated connectors
    • Molded strain
    • Transfer rate at up to 5 Gbps

    Cable Matters would not be the only but the best option for extending your USB Cable up to 6 feet without reducing the data transferring speed or facing errors. Despite being 3.0 USB, it is compatible with the USB and port 2.0. 

    The best thing about cable is its super speed, as it can serve you with the 5Gbps transferring rate. If you are still stuck at USB 2.0, you will surely be amazed by its performance after adding it to your desk. 

    The overall engineering of the cable is tremendous as well. Long story short, PVC Cable jacket, braided and foil shielding, copper conductors are all the material used in its construction. Ultimately, making it a premium quality, long-lasting cable. 

    Lastly, its compatibility with the keyboard, mouse, VR headset, USB Drive, Hard drive, printer turned it out as a versatile option. Having it on your desk will surely make your life easier.

    Buyer’s Guide for Best USB Extension Cable

    • Can you extend a USB Cable?

    Extending a USB cable is not a problem at all. You can use any of the USB repeaters to extend its reach. In a nutshell, repeaters receive the signals and send them forward to the device. If extending a cable, you can go up to 98 feet only in the case of USB 2.0 and 59 feet in the case of USB 3.0

    • Are all USB Extension Cables the same?

    No, the extension cables are of different types. Whereas, USB 3.0 and 2.0 are the most famous ones, so you would be finding the most of the time. 

    • Do USB extenders cause lag?

    There are some USB Extenders that can cause a lag and even an error during the data transmission. Therefore, you need to be careful, when buying an extender. The material quality, protective shield, and speed are the major factors that determine either your extender will lag or not.


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