When you’re working at an office, having an HDMI projector to conduct your presentations is readily available. However, when working from home, this may not be the case. While some laptops come with an HDMI port, most Macbooks don’t. This is where a USB to HDMI adapter comes in handy.  

An HDMI port basically helps transmit any audio/visual digital data onto an HDMI-compliant device. Simply put, it helps you view your data on another screen, usually done to present to a larger audience.

Most of the time, it is seen in schools or offices where people need to present their assignments or reports. However, these days it is very common to use an HDMI to view movies on your TV at home. 

If you’re considering buying one and are unsure about which one to go for, we have compiled a list of 10 HDMI adapters that will make this task easy


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    • Light-weight
    • Easy installation
    • Supports 2560 x 1440 res

    The Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB to HDMI adapter is a premium quality product that helps solve your connectivity problems. It is a compact little tool that will give you an additional video output whenever needed. This superfast adapter connects a USB 3 to HDMI up to 5gbps. 

    Besides offering excellent video resolution ranging between 1920×1080, you can get the support of up to 2560×1440. On top of that, you get excellent performance. It is portable and can easily fit into your laptop bag. Since it’s compatible with a projector, monitor, or HDTV, this adapter can be used for multiple purposes. 

    You also have the choice of purchasing it in either black or white, whatever suits you the best. The installation process is made easy with DisplayLink drivers available at the Cable Matters website. There is also a user manual included that can help solve any query you may have regarding this. The adapter is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (64/32 bit) XP SP2 32 bit. 

    • 4k video resolution
    • Lifetime technical support
    • Automatic drivers installation

    The StarTech USB to HDMI adapter is perfect when you need to screen high-resolution videos. This is a high-end product in the tech market with a 3-year warranty. Moreover, it offers free lifetime technical support upon purchasing the item which is a great deal to go for. 

    The picture quality will blow you away with the 4k resolution. Since it is backward compatible with 1080p displays, you can easily use this to stream anything you like. It is a great tool to have at work and at home. The DisplayLink 4K Plug-and-Display automatically installs all the drivers you need so that the installation process is easy. 

    Multi-tasking is made easier with this little device. Although it has a single configuration, it is enough, especially in a WFH set-up. You can mirror your laptop or PC with this tool to make your work easy and convenient. It can be used with Windows (7 / 8 / 10) enabled computers.

    • 5-in-1 Multi-port
    • 5Gbps speed
    • Mirror and extend mode

    For an adapter at this price, the Mokai Start 5-in-1 USB to HDMI adapter is the best tool you can buy. This USB 3.0 Hub comes with a slot for not just an HDMI cable but also 2 USB 2.0 ports and TF/SD card slots. However, the sound output is not supported when the HDMI USB adapter is connected to the laptop. 

    Although it is only compatible with windows based laptops, it is still a very good adapter if you have that particular OS. You will have to install the internal drivers on your laptop but the process is rather simple. The 5Gbps superspeed also allows quick transmission of data. 

    If you’re someone who is always on the go, this 5-in-1 adapter is perfect for you. With this multi-port, you no longer have to carry a bunch of things for one presentation. You also get a mirror and extend mode so you can choose how you want to use the adapter.

    • Gold-plated connector
    • Compatible with Mac & Windows
    • Video resolution available 108

    The Elecable USB to HDMI adapter is perfect if you need something to last for a long time. Compatible with Mac OS High Sierra (10.14.2-latest) and Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, it is a great option when you have multiple devices of different OS. The highest video resolution available with this adapter is 1080p/1080i. 

    When using it for the first time, the drivers need to be installed. However, you can easily find it on their website and find steps to guide you through the process. The premium quality chip results in a great performance by the adapter. Moreover, the gold-plated connector can help you avoid corrosion over time. 

    With the mirror and extend mode both available, you can work and relax at the same time. This one-way male-to-female gender changer connector adapter is the one you should go for. It is truly an efficient tool for your everyday functioning. 


    • Up to 6 screen expansions
    • Compatible with most systems
    • Sleek and modern design

    The UOEOS USB to HDMI adapter is not only an efficient tool to get your work done, but also has a sleek design that makes it fun to carry around. It is compatible with most systems, namely Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu. Moreover, its multi-screen facility allows it to support up to 6 screen expansions. This makes working a lot better and faster.

    Speaking of work efficiency, you can find a number of modes with this adapter like the mirror mode, extend mode, rotation mode, and sharing mode. This makes it an ideal accessory for multi-functionality. 

    The design of this adapter looks modern and is great to match your aesthetic. The ABS/plastic housing makes sure that the heat dissipation is done properly without damaging the product. The aluminum alloy shell makes for a sturdy product along with its gold-plated connector. The PVC materials also add to the safety and durability of this product. 


    • HD image output
    • Backward compatible w/USB 2.0
    • Multiple-shielding wire

    The AliciacMax USB to HDMI adapter is a multi-monitor solution to all your screen problems. With a split-screen and mirroring display function, it can be used for work and recreation. The HD image output at a superfast speed ensures that you don’t spend time getting it to load. 

    The USB 3.0 interface is backward compatible with USB 2.0 when the need arises. Moreover, the multiple-shielding wire improves the signal quality within no time. Not only is it compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 but also an Xbox and many other devices. This way you can truly achieve versatility out of one product. 

    Since this is not a plug-and-play device, you will have to install the drivers before using it. After which you can use it to play games, lead a conference, watch a movie or do whatever you like. This converter is used to make your life rather simple and efficient. 

    • Mac and Windows OS Compatible
    • Portable
    • Stable connection

    The Lemorele USB to HDMI adapter is a device that is known to be highly compatible with most operating systems. These include Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7; MacOS X v10.8 / v10.9/ v10.10 /v10.11; MacOS 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14/ 10.15. It supports both Mirror Mode and Extend Mode for you to pick and choose how you want to spend your day. You can split the screen or have the screens mirror exactly what your laptop is displaying by choosing the mode. 

    The adapter can display 1080p high-definition video output for you to get the best picture quality possible. Furthermore, the HDMI cable can be used with a monitor, projector, or even TV. Having a stable connection is extremely important, which is why this adapter has an uninterrupted connection when in use. 

    It is also important for the adapter to be compact and light-weight. Portability is an important factor when considering which product to buy. This feature can be found in this adapter. 

    • 12-month warranty
    • 24k gold-plated connector
    • Lifetime technical support

    The Vilcome USB to HDMI adapter is an effective tool to help you connect your laptop to your projector, TV, or monitor. With this, you get a user manual and a driver CD to install before using it. The audio/visual output is extremely high-quality. It supports a display up to 1920x1080P@60Hz which is pretty decent to use at home. 

    The 24k gold-plated connector helps ensure that the adapter lasts for a long time. It avoids any kind of corrosion or damage that it could be subjected to overtime. In any case, it provides a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support for any problems that may occur. 

    Although it does not support MAC, Chromebook, or Linux, it does a great job with Windows devices. A mirror and extended display give you the option to use it however you like. During the day, you can finish your work with the extended display and at night, you can use the mirror display to watch a movie on the big screen.

    • Plug-and-play feature
    • Backward compatible w/ USB 2.0
    • No external power required

    The RayCue USB to HDMI adapter is an extremely popular product in the market. With an excellent speed of 5gbps, it can be used to transmit the audio/visual output on a bigger screen with ease. This split-screen function helps you work faster and more efficiently. Even when it comes to presentations or watching movies, you can count on its stable connection to help you get your work done with ease. 

    It offers up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz resolutions for enhanced visuals. The plug-and-play features ensure that you do not have to install the drivers in order to use it. It is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and compatible with the Windows operating system. 

    You don’t even need any external power supply to use this product. More importantly, it is a light-weight and portable device that can be stored easily when not in use. Plus, its attractive design is a bonus. 

    • 3D video display
    • 12-month warranty
    • Power chip for stability

    The ABLEWE USB to HDMI adapter takes a USB interface and projects it onto an HDTV or monitor. Not only does it support video resolution up to 1080p but also 3D display. This is an elevated feature that is very rarely found in these kinds of products. 

    You can use this on any windows device and it comes with a 12-month warranty period. For an electronic gadget, having this kind of warranty period is extremely important. Not just this, but it also offers lifetime technical support which all the more makes the deal better. 

    If you’re looking for a low-range adapter, this is one of the best you can choose from. A strong and powerful chip gives this tool a stable connection to get your work done with ease. Nobody wants to constantly adjust their adapter in the middle of work. The 24k gold-plated connector eliminates that problem altogether. 

    Buyer’s Guide for an ideal USB to HDMI Adapter 

    An ideal USB to HDMI adapter will ensure that you can get your work done efficiently. Nothing worse than facing lagging issues right in the middle of an important presentation. Having the right tool such as a docking station or USB to HDMI Adapter will make sure that such minuscule problems are avoided. 

    When looking to buy a USB to HDMI adapter, keep in mind the following points to make your process easy.

    Gold-plated connectors

    If you’re looking for a long-term investment, you may want to consider buying a gold-plated connector. That way, you can avoid any sort of corrosion that may happen to the cable over time. As time passes, your adapter could suffer damage, however, a gold-plated connector could help you overcome that problem. 

    Especially when it is hard to replace it, having a gold-plated connector helps to make it last for a long time. Gold resists oxidation which is what keeps it functioning smoothly. However, if you’re someone who is not constantly in need of an HDMI adapter, then you can opt for a non-gold-plated one which will do its job. 

    Angled connectors

    Sometimes, having the connector being close to your device, be it the TV or projector becomes a difficult task because of its construction. Not only does it then require more space but it also increases strain on the cable. An angled connector, which is at a 90-degree angle to the cable, will ensure that all of these issues are resolved. 

    An angled connector is the key to flexibility. If you are constantly moving or upgrading your devices, this is the perfect tool for you. 

    Multiple TVs or Displays

    A splitter is an efficient tool that can send multiple signals to more than one display at the same time. The way it works is that it sends multiple signals from the same source. However, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the same resolution that you would want. If not, it can cause low-quality output. 

    Are there different types of HDMI adapters? 

    There are different types of HDMI adapters, which are: the high speed with Ethernet, high speed without Ethernet, the standard speed with Ethernet, and standard speed without Ethernet. Depending on what device you’re using, you can choose which HDMI adapter is appropriate for you. 

    How far can an HDMI cable carry a signal?

    In most cases, there is a 16-foot limitation for the HDMI cable to carry a signal. However, it can also vary depending on which cable or adapter you’re using. The HDMI Compliance Test Standards of each device determine how far it will be able to support the signal. Moreover, you can always buy a signal booster that will run longer than 30 feet. 


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