The COVID-19 hit us hard, and many people now work from home. Some people find this to be an utter disaster since they crave human interaction; others have welcomed this idea with both arms open. Be that as it may, working from home can greatly differ when comparing it to office work; mainly considering the difference in equipment. Today’s article is on the best microphone arm.

Everything in an office is adapted to the work environment, while the home was supposed to be a place where people will rest from work. Working an eight-hour shift from home can be challenging if not equipped accordingly. Bearing this in mind, here is the best mic arm selection you can find to make your teleworking easier.


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    1 Samson MBA38

    Top Product
    • Flexible for all positions
    • Heavy enough to be fixed
    • Side-mounted

    Samson MBA38 offers pretty much similar features to our top choice model, although in a tad less quality, but the difference in price is quite evident!

    There are four full-lengths to choose from – 18″, 28″, 38″, and 48″. Based on your needs, you can go for the most suitable one. The shorter ones are cheaper as well, so if your desk is smaller, there is no need to go all-in.

    The sturdiness is more or less the same as with PL-2T – strong parts with a strong clamp. Having a clamp means it is side-mounted, therefore not using desktop space.

    Its flexibility is amazing, and positioning your microphone in any position is a piece of cake. The only difference it has when compared to PL-2T is that the joints are not as powerful, and it is much easier to mess things up.

    2 Heil Sound PL-2T

    Premium Choice
    • Incredibly strong
    • Desk mounted
    • No hassle with chords

    For everyone who wishes to invest in top-quality equipment, the Heil Sound PL-2T is arguably your best bet.

    The whole microphone arm is of great quality – it is sturdy, quite fixed when mounted, and in no way will drift up and down when let go.

    It is made of two segments connected by the “elbow”, and each segment is 19-inch long. No matter how big your desk is, the microphone will be positioned wherever you want.

    Also, mounting it is incredibly easy – simply bite the desk edge with a clamp and that’s it! Additionally, you will have all the current desk space available since this microphone arm does not go on top.

    Oh, one more thing – the cord goes alongside the arm and is therefore hidden from sight.

    3 EJT Microphone Stand

    Best Value
    • Side-mounted
    • Flexible
    • Good bang for the buck

    It can’t be compared with the previous two choices in quality but will do the job just fine for a silly amount of money. The EJT microphone arm looks pretty much similar to the previously mentioned models, therefore has more or less the same features.

    Of course, the price difference means quality difference, hence a strong grip and strong joints can’t be expected. Additionally, the maximum microphone weight supported is 1,5 kg and a microphone space diameter is limited to 1,26 inches as well. In other words, only certain microphones will be compatible.

    But having compatible microphones with this microphone arm from EJT is such a bargain, and all of those who don’t want to spend big should definitely consider buying it!

    • Good value for money
    • Side-mounted
    • Great compatibility

    Gator has a great variety of series for any purpose, hence there are 2000, 3000, and 4000 microphone arm series. But for home use and Zoom meetings, we find the 1000 series to be more than enough. Each better series almost doubles in price, and spending $200 on a professional microphone arm is simply unnecessary, although you can go for them if the price is no issue. Nevertheless, the 1000 series will absolutely do the job perfectly!

    A fantastic range of microphone compatibility is present, and it can be a great choice for people who already possess a microphone at home. It also includes the XLR cable for more professional microphones as well.

    The mount type, flexibility, and sturdiness are of great quality, much like the first two models described above, although there are certain limits, like 1,2 kg max weight capacity.

    • Flexible
    • Highly compatible
    • Noise cancellation included

    One another fantastic microphone comes from TONOR’s T20 series, and it’s packing heat.

    The whole package includes, aside from the microphone arm, the Pop filter, microphone filter foam cover, and four cable strips! TONOR has put a great deal of emphasis on noise cancellation, and these additions surely depict the effort in making these microphone arms.

    Sturdy steel is quite durable and can withstand up to 1,8 kg of weight. Additionally, the desk clamp is quite strong as well, and its maximum thickness goes to 2.4 inches, making it suitable for lots of tables and desks.

    Speaking of compatibility, you can buy shock mount adapters separately to suit it to any microphone.

    The flexibility is pretty much similar as with other microphones, moving both horizontally and vertically, with the possibility of 360 degrees microphone spin.

    • Fantastic compatibility
    • Noise-cancelation features
    • Smartphone holder included

    As the name suggests, this microphone arm is pure fun and magic! It comes with so many cool features that it just might be one of the best deals on the market.

    Apart from the logical arm stand, table clamp, shock mount, and microphone holder, this package also includes the Pop filter, foamy microphone cap, and five ties (similarly to the previous model), but a phone holder as well! As silly as it sounds, it just might come in handy in some cases, especially if your meeting is via phone and not via PC or laptop.

    Another cool feature is the shock mount flexibility, where you can change the diameter to be anything up to 2 inches!

    Although everything so far sounds amazing, the joint strength is not as powerful as some more expensive models, and overdoing it with weight can be counter-productive.

    • Desk-mounted
    • Pop and noise filters included
    • Flexible and adjustable

    There is nothing much that can be said about OPULANE’s microphone arm that wasn’t said with the previous model. The package contains similar objects with the exclusion of a smartphone holder – everything else is the same – 5 tapes, Pop filter, microphone cap, and other microphone arm components.

    The flexibility is pretty much the same as with every other microphone arm on the list so far – moving vertically and horizontally, and 360-degrees shock mount rotation.

    The shock mount is also flexible and can be spread up to 2,05 inches, making it quite compatible with lots of microphones.

    Pretty much like MagicFun, just without a smartphone holder.

    • Both mic and smartphone stand
    • Light weight
    • Easy to use

    It’s time to move from desk-mounted microphone arms and on to desktop stands. Although arms are great – they are flexible, don’t use any of the desk space, and microphones can be placed pretty much anywhere, they are also bulky and, in some cases, unnecessary. The first on this list of stands is BILIONE’s 3 in 1.

    The 3 in 1 stands for –  microphone stand, smartphone stand, and an adapter that provides lots of compatibility for both!

    Using it is pretty much simple – just place it on the desk and put either a microphone or a smartphone in the holder. And that is it! Be that as it may, different holders are used for microphones and smartphones, and switching between them is needed.

    Anyone who can afford a microphone placed in front of them on the table, this is a great buy!

    • Easily transportable
    • Stable and non-slippery legs
    • Height is easily adjustable

    While the use is completely the same as the previous model, this one is a tripod. The legs can be adjusted so they will have better stability and the height can be adjusted this way as well. The bottoms of the legs are covered with Non-slip material, keeping the legs immovable on the desk.

    Iron construction makes this tripod quite light in weight but also susceptible to shaking when having a big load on top. Spreading the legs too much will also take up lots of desk space.

    Thread mount is compatible with 3/8 and 5/8 microphones.

    • Can withstand heavier mics
    • Clutch perfectly fixes the mic
    • A bang for the buck deal

    And our final pick is Pyle’s strong desktop tripod.

    Although heavier and bulkier in size than the previous model, Pyle’s tripod is incredibly strong and durable. It can withstand weights up to 2,2 kilograms (5lbs) which makes it compatible with most microphones on the market, at least in this regard.

    The other part of compatibility is the holder width, which is meant for 5/8 microphones only. In case you have one of these or planning to buy one of these, the Pyle’s tripod will be a great addition. Why? Because the clutch can tight-lock the microphone thus preventing it from moving anywhere! If you look for stability and strength – this is your choice.

    Buying guide

    Although buying a microphone arm can be relatively easy, there are still some things to pay attention to. You don’t want to waste your money and your time on a microphone arm that won’t work. Here are the main points to look at when buying a microphone arm for your home office.

    Microphone arm compatible with the microphone

    Not every microphone will fit into every mic arm. There is a variety of both microphones and microphone arms so you will have to choose carefully which two will be compatible. It is much easier when buying both at the same time, but if you need a mic arm for your already owned mic, then some research is needed.

    People also ask: How do I find which arm fits my microphone?

    Google it! If you are working from home, it is evident that you know how to use a PC and internet search engines. Just type your microphone’s name and find a microphone arm that fits.

    Does not take up much desk space

    Having all your files and equipment on one desk can really make a mess. Not to mention that those home desks are usually PC desks with not a lot of space anyway! The last thing you need is additional stuff on it. In case you have loads of free space on your working desk, then you are free to choose any mic arm you wish. But if that desk space is limited, then it would be wise to buy a smaller arm or the one that can be “attached” to the desk edge.

    People also ask: What kind of microphone arm will not use much desk space?

    Desk mounts are the best choice for all of those who are having difficulties with their desk schedule. Simply “bite” the edge of the desk and your mic arm is ready to use.

    Will not show up on your video call

    If you are not a vlogger or a podcaster, having your microphone showing in the video is not very professional in many cases. This is especially the case if you need to show charts, objects, or anything during the call and your microphone only gets in the way. Positioning your microphone so that you have both unobstructed vision and good sound quality is very important and therefore you should go for a microphone arm that will provide just such a feature.


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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