In the past year, practically everyone who could’ve worked remotely has experienced working from home at some point or another. Some people have spent the better part of the past year working in their pajamas.

And one of the first things that you come to realize as a remote worker is that having the best possible peripherals for communication is essential. A good microphone has three inherent benefits:

  1. It enables you to communicate clearly and effectively with others.
  2. It enables others to hear what you are saying.
  3. A bluetooth microphone means less cables and plastic between you and your device.

People use microphones because the last thing anybody wants is to deal with the crackling and background noise that lower-level microphones and headsets give you.

Microphones can either be wired or wireless. If wired, they connect to your phone or laptop via a plug. If wireless, the microphone can connect via bluetooth. This means that you will need to pair the microphone with your device which is a process that can take about 10 seconds to set-up.

With that in mind — we’re going to find you the best Bluetooth microphone for working from home right here!

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  • Noise reduction
  • Easy control and comfort
  • Both wireless and wired

Naturally, while you may want to have a high-quality product; not everyone wants to invest hundreds of dollars into a Bluetooth microphone. Or, for that matter — even a hundred dollars. On the other hand, you don’t want something that’s cheaply made and prone to breaking down; leaving you out of your initial investment and the microphone itself within a month or two.

There’s a thin line of affordable and yet high-quality products — which is precisely where the COOSII Bluetooth headset falls into, and the reason why it is our hearty recommendation.

The signal of this headset is definitely a clear and strong one; providing you with the lowest possible latency and plenty of stability. In less technobabble terms — this means that you can freely walk around your home while you’re wearing these and having an important call with someone. In fact, the range of the product is an impressive 50 feet.

It’s also amazingly comfortable — the earpads found within the device were manufactured from a high-quality memory foam, which serves to both block any background noise and provide maximum possible comfort. Finally, there’s also the fact that this product does not require a cable to work — but there’s a USB cable which you can use to charge it even while you’re working!

2 Plantronics Voyager Legend

Premium Choice
  • Voice command
  • Moisture protection
  • Sensor routing

When it comes to buying the best Bluetooth microphone for working from home; you definitely want the best possible quality. After all, nothing should be able to come between you and your work; least of all technical interferences. With that in mind, we’re going to recommend the Plantronics Voyager Legend as our premier choice among Bluetooth microphone sets — and as you’ll see, it definitely lives up to such expectations.

There are plenty of reasons why this is the best choice on our list. For one, the voice command options are impeccable; the level of voice recognition will (ironically) leave you speechless. There are plenty of different commands that you can use to interact with the device; you can check the status of your Bluetooth connection, battery level, and even ignore or answer calls to your phone or PC.

Apart from this, the Plantronics model also has an excellent moisture protection design; definitely an important feature if you’re going to keep this Bluetooth earpiece in your ears all day; condensation and sweat would otherwise be an issue. If anything, the only downside of this product is its somewhat lofty price; but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth investing in!

  • Superb noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility
  • Great battery life

While you work from home, being able to concentrate on your job is incredibly crucial. And yet, in a busy household — that can almost seem like a pipe dream. However, using noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones along the lines of the VANKYO C750 is your best bet for achieving your home working nirvana!

The best thing about this product is in its name itself; the VANKYO C750 Noise Cancelling headphones definitely live up to their name. The ANC technology that they’re equipped with handily manages to block out any notion of background noise. Also, the Bluetooth 5.0 signal allows you to move around as much as you’d like — the range of the wireless signal is a whopping 33 feet! It also comes with a great quick charging feature, allowing you to be powered up for work whenever you need to be.

There’s only one slight problem — there’s no way to turn off the feature for noise cancellation, as it’s hardwired into the product.

  • 50 ft range
  • Easy charging
  • Battery status LCD screen

If you’ve been working from home for a while now, you’ve probably noticed something; this is an incredibly sedentary way to perform your job. You’ll find yourself being seated in your desk chair for hours on end — and you don’t even get the physical activity of your commute; after all, you can’t really work and walk around the house.

But all of that can be changed with the KIFAMUN wireless microphone system! This lapel-based Bluetooth microphone allows you to perform all of your calls without being dragged down by a pesky PC cable.

The best thing about this wireless Bluetooth mic is the fact that it has an incredible range; you can use it for 50 feet away from your audio source without ever feeling any degradation in your audio quality. Furthermore, it has 6 hours of battery life — even if you’re constantly using it in that period! You can charge the receiver and the transmitter at the same time as well, allowing for maximum efficiency.

  • Comfort and reliability
  • Battery life
  • Universal compatibility

Our penultimate choice is a high-quality, relatively affordable, no-nonsense Bluetooth headset with a microphone — the Angteela V5.0. It contains plenty of features that make it a sensible pick for our list.

As we’ve already mentioned, comfort is an incredibly important part of any Bluetooth microphone; at least if you’re going to use it for work — after all, that means that you’ll constantly be using it. With this in mind, the Angteela 5.0 has a lot to offer. First of all, the angle of the mic and the headset can be adjusted to an incredible 300 degrees, allowing for plenty of versatility.

Apart from that, the battery life is the crucial selling point here. You can get an insane 24 hours of full working time from this, albeit not at full volume. Along with the 33 feet wireless range, this is definitely a notable choice on this list. Finally, you should note that this headset can quickly be paired with any kind of computer, tablet, or iOS and Android phone. It’s compatible with pretty much any device that has Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Flip to mute
  • Noise cancellation
  • Dual device connectivity

The last product on our list is definitely not the least — as the Mpow M5 is still a worthy Bluetooth headset for anyone who’s looking to complete their set of remote work peripherals.

One of the things that separate this device from the rest of the fold is its flip to mute functionality; allowing you to quickly mute your audio regardless of whether you’re connecting from a computer or a cell phone. This hardware mute feature works with all kinds of software — Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc.

The noise cancellation feature is definitely handy, and implemented as well as can be expected. But where the product truly shines is its dual device connectivity. Unlike many other microphone headsets that we’ve reviewed, this one can simultaneously be connected to 2 audio sources at once; allowing you to seamlessly switch between them whenever you want. For people who take meetings both on their phones and their computers — this is a handy feature. The only issue that we’ve noticed here is that battery life seems to degrade as time goes on.

Buying Guide For The Best Bluetooth Microphone For Working From Home

Before we get into our list of the finest Bluetooth microphones, we’ll tackle some of the questions and things that you should keep in mind while buying such a product.

Are Bluetooth microphones good?

As you’ll see below, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use a Bluetooth microphone for working from home. If you get a high-quality product, you will be able to experience all of the sound quality that you need.

There are models out there which provide impeccable voice quality, noise and echo reduction, and a host of other quality of life features; all enabling you to work without distractions regardless of whether you’re recording a podcast, making a call, or talking on video chat.

Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth microphone?

Now, you should bear in mind that people who work from home generally use Bluetooth microphones that are a part of wireless headsets. These do an excellent job when it comes to PA systems or PC audio.

On the other hand, there isn’t an abundance of separate Bluetooth microphones available on the market. The reason for that is simple — people rarely need them. If you’re working for home, chances are that you don’t require a stage microphone for performance art; there are stage microphones that are Bluetooth based for live performances. However, their sound quality is rarely on par with wired devices. Plus, if you have a headset as a part of the pairing as well — you can concentrate on your work far better, particularly if you’re in a crowded household.

Can I use a Bluetooth Microphone with Zoom?

Zoom meetings have become a staple of almost every office workspace during the pandemic. That’s why you’re probably wondering if Bluetooth microphones and headsets are compatible with Zoom. Luckily, the answer is a resounding yes — it takes little to no fiddling to get any sort of USB or Bluetooth microphone working with Zoom; if the peripheral doesn’t work immediately after you plug it in, you may need to adjust the settings in the Zoom Meetings app.

Which is better – a wired or a wireless microphone

Both wired and wireless microphones definitely have their place in the world; the one you’ll choose depends mostly on what you’re after. If sound fidelity is really important to you, then a wired mic may be a better option. However, the biggest advantage of Bluetooth microphones and headsets is that they allow you an unprecedented freedom of movement; something which you’re sorely lacking otherwise, if you work from home.