• Commercial-grade 48" X 24"
  • 4 memory settings
  • Built in USB port
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • 4 memory settings
  • Tabletop is 100% bamboo
  • 36” x 22” surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sit or stand support

Our recommended products are below. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on these products.

A height adjustable desk are a fantastic way to invest in your work from home setup and your health at the same time! So much medical data which suggests that sitting too much at your desk can be harmful to our overall health. We highly recommend these if you are tired of just sitting all day. There are a quite a lot on the market that vary in design, size, and functionality. We especially like motorized ones which take the hassle out of moving from sitting to standing positions.

Having a quality sit/stand desk is absolutely worth the investment. More and more research shows that sitting all day is bad for your health. So why not invest in your health and productivity with a sit/stand desk. We really like the beautiful walnut table top, the presets to remember your ideal desk height, and the built in USB port. The powerful motor also does all the work with just one press of a button. The 48” X 24” table top is a pretty standard size for desks – allowing for plenty of items like a second monitor and keyboard.

Top WFH Features

  • Commercial-grade 48" X 24"
  • 4 memory settings
  • Built in USB port

Jarvis’ Standing Desk is the sturdiest of them all, with an industry leading 350 lbs weight capacity. It’s 4 memory settings allow you to save your favorite heights with the push of a button, and it comes with a leading 7 year warranty on all parts. We love the beautiful table top made from 100% bamboo – one of the strongest woods in the world. The Jarvis sit/stand desk wins many awards for it’s amazing design and reliability, and for good reason. 

Top WFH Features

  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • 4 memory settings
  • Tabletop is 100% bamboo

The Vivo desk allows you to convert your current sitting desk into a sit/stand desk. It’s very easy to assemble, has plenty of space to support multiple monitors, and can be raised up and down with its dual gas spring force with ease. It’s also backed by a three year warranty. If you already have a desk that you like but want to turn it into a sit/stand desk, this is for you!

Top WFH Features

  • 36” x 22” surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sit or stand support

The ApexDesk Elite Series is an amazing desk with excellent features. It has a beautiful contoured design and a ton of space at 71” x 33”. It’s 6-button programmable controller allows you to save preset heights and the desk is incredibly sturdy – this desk will last you a lifetime.

Top WFH Features

  • 71” x 33” x 1” desktop;
  • 4 memory settings
  • Strong and quick motor

Bush’s Move 60 Series offers a very wide desk at 71” in total. It’s programmable controller allows you to save preset heights. It is sturdy enough to hold up to 200lbs. We also like this desk from Wayfair because you can choose 18 different wood top colors for whatever suits you best. 

Top WFH Features

  • 71” x 23”; 200lbs weight capacity
  • 4 Memory settings
  • 18 customizable desktop wood/color

Trendway’s Corner standing desk is one of the few corner sit/stand desks on the market. It is extremely big and sturdy, giving you enough space for multiple monitors and the powerful motor to move the desk up and down with ease. We like the clean and simple design which would go well with just about any office interior. 

Top WFH Features

  • 50” x 48”; 250lbs weight capacity
  • Corner desk design
  • 1.5" / Second motor speed

OFM’s adjustable standing desk’s wood top is made from solid bamboo wood. It also boasts a touch screen control panel with 3 memory settings to easily move this desk up and down. Programming its different heights is as simple as pushing one button. This desk is very sturdy and while it takes a long time to set up, it will last you for years to come. 

Top WFH Features

  • 72” x 30”; 200lbs weight capacity
  • Desktop made from Solid Bamboo
  • 3 memory settings and touch screen

This desk is for those looking for a more affordable sit/stand desk on the market. While its weight capacity is significantly lower than others, its 154 lbs capacity and 48” x 30” frame are more than enough to support any two monitor setup. And while it does not have a programmable control panel, you can easily hold the up/down buttons each time to adjust the height.

Top WFH Features

  • 154lbs weight capacity
  • 1” / second motor speed
  • 5 year warranty

Assembly is a breeze in putting together this sit/stand desk. It is also incredibly sturdy and an ideal size to support a multiple monitor setup. We love the different table top designs you can choose from, but our favorite is the reclaimed wood panelling, as pictured. Programming your favorite desk heights is as easy as a push of a button and it will also display the height on its built-in LED screen. 

Top WFH Features

  • 60” x 30”; 250lbs weight capacity
  • 3 Memory settings for ideal height
  • 6 different wood top designs

The SHW sit/stand desk has a pretty decent sized frame but a very low weight capacity. While 110 lbs can handle most work stations, those with heavy monitor setups and a stack of textbooks should be wary. Otherwise, it comes standard with a programmable memory pad and desk grommets to easily stow cords – a feature most other desks lack. 

Top WFH Features

  • 110 lbs weight capacity
  • 4 emory settings
  • Grommets to organize cords

What Makes The Best Height Adjustable Desk

Here are the most important factors that should go into your sit/stand desk evaluations. Every desk is different, and everyone’s needs are as well. But we boiled it down to a few major components that we think everyone should be mindful of when choosing a good desk. 

Why Height Adjustable Desks Are So Important

A height adjustable desk is incredibly important to your health, productivity, and comfort. There is now countless research which suggests that sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health and particularly your back. If you stand for just an hour or two while at your desk, you will demonstrate better back health. You will also lose more calories, and strengthen your legs. People also enjoy standing at their desk each day to keep them more alert and avoid those afternoon lulls. 

If we haven’t convinced you just yet, an adjustable sit/stand desk can also function as just an adjustable sitting desk. Most desks are designed to be 29” tall. This generally accommodates people of average height, anywhere from 5”4 to 6”0’. But what about people who fall outside of the normal height distribution? Or what about those who just prefer a shorter or taller desk to sit in? A motorized electric desk will allow you that customization that you’ve always wanted!

Hopefully we have you convinced that a sit/stand desk is worth the investment. Just think: this will likely be the last desk you ever buy for yourself. So, you ought to take your time, think things through, and make the best decision with your money. And since you want that desk to last, read our buying guide below on what to look out for. 

Size and Weight Capacity

When buying any desk, you should be crystal clear on how much space you can allot for it. We highly recommend getting a tape measure and figuring this out down to the centimeter. A great strategy is to put down tape, string, or anything you can find to make an outline. That will show you how much space your ideal desk would take up. Try letting it sit in the room for a few days to get used to walking near it. Asking yourself if that feels right to you. 

For weight capacity, you’ll want to consider two main things. 1. The weight of your everyday workstation that will sit on top of your desk (monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc). 2. Your own body weight that will occasionally be leaning on it. While we are not physics experts, here’s a good rule of thumb. Take a third of your body weight plus your workstation weight and make sure your desk is well over that capacity. In general, height adjustable desks can bear a 150 lbs at an absolute minimum. But the more weight it can hold, it’s likely that it will be a sturdier option for you. 

In short, you won’t have buyer’s remorse if you pick the larger and stronger desk. You can always find ways to utilize more desk space – so get the biggest one you’re comfortable with, given the size of your room. 


Sit/stand desks which use electric motors are far and away, the best desks on the market. They are more reliable, convenient, and safer than manual ones. We strongly recommend that you stay away from the manual ones which you have to crank dozens of times to raise and lower it, as they can be a pain to do so and they often have load-bearing issues. Given how difficult the manual sit/stand desks are to adjust, they discourage people from actually utilizing their utility to go up and down – and that’s the whole point of getting a sit/stand desk in the first place!


All motorized sit/stand desks come standard with up/down buttons to automatically raise and lower the desk. But, only some have built-in presets. This allows you to save your ideal heights. Most desks with these memory settings have four capable presets. But generally speaking, you really just want two: a sitting height and a standing height. It’s pretty nice and convenient to be sitting down, then simply tap a button and watch your desk rise to the exact height you want in seconds. 

Height Range

Wayfair suggests that a person’s ideal standing desk height can be found by multiplying their height in inches by 0.6. That means if you are 5” tall, you will need a desk that raises to at least 36” tall and if you are 6”4 you will require a desk that raises to 45.6” tall. We used these metrics in reviewing each desk and only included desks that would rise high enough to comfortably suit someone 6”4’. If you are an NBA player reading this, I’m sorry but these desks may not be for you. 

Bells and Whistles

Lastly, you should ask yourself when buying a sit/stand desk is if you want any additional bells and whistles. Some desks come with cable guards. Others have built-in stands to hold multiple laptops. Our favorite ones are the desks that come with a built-in power outlet or usb port. The built-in outlet is particularly useful for small desk lamps or cell phone chargers. These items generally have small cables that won’t reach a wall outlet when your desk is in the standing position. 

These accessories can certainly be nice additions. But in general, our advice is to not let these sway your decision-making too much. Sometimes you can get trapped or distracted by a cool looking feature like a built in LED light. But in the long run, you can always purchase these additions in the future. Our strong recommendation is to optimize for the core desk features instead. Focus on size, electric motor, height range, and of course, price

Health Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to various detrimental health problems, including: increased rates of obesity, increased risk for developing chronic illnesses, muscle deterioration, and bone loss. It also negatively impacts all major systems in the body, including our circulatory system, our digestive system, and even our psyche. It is no wonder that our country’s health (unrelated to the pandemic) is declining at such rapid rates as many of us are forced to adopt a sedentary lifestyle due to the demands of our work.

You may have noticed that it is nearly impossible to remain focused and diligent in completing work-related duties as you sit longer and longer at your desk as the day goes on. This is a subtle but important cue that your body is telling you that it doesn’t like doing nothing. Our bodies weren’t built to sit all day – we were made to walk or run to gather the food we eat and the water we drink, build tools and shelter, and make treks to stay safe and well-fed.

So if we continue to ignore these cues, we will deteriorate and increase our risk of suffering the consequences I listed above. Ignoring your body’s cues to move can be more tempting when working from home as it’s easy to remain in the same place to work, eat, watch shows, and sleep.

How To Increase Your Activity Level

This all doesn’t sound promising but lucky for us, there is a solution! It’s an obvious solution that we’ve no doubt all heard and seen on various social media outlets, from our health conscious friends or family members, or from our healthcare providers. The answer is – move more! I understand wholeheartedly that this is easier said than done. There is and always will be a reason why we can’t make the time to engage in some form of activity. A simple solution for this is to incorporate movement into a routine that is already embedded into part of your day. The most obvious and time consuming activity for most of us is our work.

How do you incorporate movement into work, you ask? Well, you purchase a desk that has the ability to move up and down so you can easily change positions from sitting to/from standing throughout your work day! It’s one small act of kindness towards your body and mind that has the potential to safeguard your health, and lead to a more focused and productive workflow.


What is a height adjustable desk?

A height adjustable desk is a desk that can be placed at different heights and adjusted so that you can use it when you are sitting or when you are standing. Many modern work from home professionals enjoy sit/stand desks because it increases their flexibility when working. These desks also promote healthy working environments because they enable you to adjust the desk upwards to stand and get your blood flowing while working.

Hand Crank Standing Desks vs. Electric Sit-Stand Desks: Which Is Best?

Some sit/stand desks are electric and you simply need to push a button to raise or lower the desk. Within electric desks, some even have pre-set settings that remember the height you want. An electric desk stands in comparison with a manual, hand crank desk. These, as the name implies, require you to turn a button or level to increase or lower the height of the desk. If you want a bit more exercise, go with a hand crank option. If you are optimizing for speed and envision going up and down many times throughout the day, an electric option is likely best for you.

What To Do After Purchasing A Sit Stand Desk

So now that you have a sit/stand desk, it’s time to use it! Start by setting a timer or reminder on your phone to go off every hour from the time you start work to the end of your work day. Every time the timer goes off, switch to/from sitting or standing. Try your best not to make excuses to avoid switching positions. If you know you have something important to do that will prevent you from easily switching positions on the hour, change the timer so that it goes off before you start that task so your workflow will not be interrupted.

You may find that an hour of either standing or sitting is too much for you. If that’s the case, change it so that your timer goes off every 30 minutes instead. The goal is to create a more active workday without significantly impacting or changing your usual routine. Simply moving to and from sitting and standing will help to increase the circulation moving to your limbs, activate the muscles in your legs and trunk, and signal your body to reset your posture rather than letting yourself fall into a zombie-like slump.

With this being said, it is still ideal to fit in some breaks away from your desk throughout your day. Your goal should be to get in some more movement and stretch out your muscles and spine. This can be done by doing a few stretches, like a hip flexor stretch, a pec stretch, and an upper trap stretch. Try doing these for 30 seconds each on both sides. Or, just go on short 5-10 minute walks intermittently throughout your day.

I hope this article will help make choosing the best height adjustable desk for you more convenient. I hope it will encourage you to increase your activity level to promote a more healthy lifestyle.