Item organization is a relatively easy task. However, once you begin, you start noticing that you have more ashtrays, cups, trays, and pen holders than you dared admit. Instead of buying dozens of boxes and spending an entire afternoon taking stock, considering some metal storage shelves unit may be a bit smarter idea.

We’ve handpicked the best metal storage shelves for working from home. These products offer superb adjustability and affordability to boot. But first, let’s take a look at the factors that make the best shelving units stand out from mediocre models.


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    • Five tiers of metal shelves
    • Chrome finish
    • 40 pounds support strength

    Let’s start off with Honey-Can-Do’s SHF 01442 shelving unit. In essence, this is one of the sturdiest models that the market has to offer, sporting a heavy-duty construction with a beautiful chrome finish.

    You’ll get five tiers of wired shelves, including a bottom compartment; each shelf can withstand up to 200 pounds of weight. The dimensions of SHF 01442 measure 36 inches by 14 inches by 72 inches while the weight of this unit is approximately 12.7 pounds.

    The spacing between the metal wires is fairly narrow. This further allows you to store even the smallest of items on the shelves without fretting they’ll get lost.

    If you’re looking for a bit of extra space for heavier items, our alternative recommendation is SHF-01912 from the same brand; essentially, it has the same features. However, it sports extra reinforcement on each tier, being able to support up to 350 pounds of weight in total.

    2 Alvorog 5-Shelf Storage Unit

    Premium Choice
    • Five-tier storage unit
    • Plated finish
    • 55 pounds support per shelf

    Our next pick is a five-tier metal storage unit that takes up the least amount of space possible, is exceptionally simple to assemble, all the while offering a sturdy construction comprised of robust metal tubes & wire meshes.

    Furthermore, one of the best features of Alvarog’s 5-shelf storage unit is the pack of 1-inch adjustable connectors. These allow you to adjust the height of your metal organizer without any tools whatsoever.

    In comparison to our previous pick, the wires built into Alvorog’s storage unit are slightly stronger; each tier can support approximately 55 pounds of weight. Additionally, the top-most tier features five metal hangers on each side.

    Alvorog’s 5-shelf organizer is slightly smaller in comparison to our previous pick. It’s also a bit heavier, weighing roughly 14.8 pounds. This shelving unit’s dimensions measure 23.6 inches by 13.78 inches by 59.05 inches. Though you may break a sweat assembling it, at least it’s a bit more compact and far more convenient as far as moving is of concern.

    • Five sturdy, rugged shelves
    • Alloy steel construction
    • Removable 4-inch wheels

    Next up we have Amazon Basics’ 5-shelf storage unit. It’s one of the most versatile and compact models on our list, as it packs a narrow & tall construction while being equipped with convenient rolling wheels.

    The alloy steel offers superior durability, albeit at the expense of weight. Even though it’s slightly more difficult to install due to the fact its parts are slightly heavier, it promises a longer life-time with less frequent maintenance.

    The supportive strength of each shelf is roughly 60 pounds with the leveling feet; it drops to 35.2 pounds (per shelf) when the wheels are on.

    Amazon Basics’ 5-shelf storage unit is among the heaviest metal shelf models on our review, weighing approximately 31.6 pounds; its size is similar to Alvorog’s model, measuring 30 inches by 14 inches by 64.75 inches.

    • Chrome finish
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Six tiers of shelves

    For people who have bigger ceilings and are in need of extra space, we recommend Homdox’s Shelf Wire organizer unit. Essentially, this is the first six-tier metal shelf model on our review. But oddly enough, it’s also one of the lighter metal shelves.

    The weight of Homdox’s 6-tier shelf organizer is approximately 13.47 pounds; the dimensions are 21.26 inches by 11.42 inches by 62.99 inches. Furthermore, the supportive strength of each shelf is approximately 36 pounds; this may be less than what some of our previous picks have to offer, but note that Homdox metal shelves are taller and slightly wider as well.

    You will also receive a set of 10 hanging hooks with your purchase, as well as a package of 24 1-inch connectors that you can use to easily adjust the height of your Homdox 6-tier metal shelves.

    • Carbon steel construction
    • Removable metal hooks
    • Fully adjustable height

    We are looking at another six-tier metal shelf organizer, only this time it’s from Devo. It bears a lot of semblance to the Homdox model in the sense that it offers exceptional adjustability (provided by 1-inch connectors), a set of metal hook hangers, and robust construction.

    The reason why these are some of the best metal shelves on the market is that they’re made of impeccably-crafted alloy steel; the construction secures years of use and abuse. And finally, you get fully adjustable leveling feet that dramatically enhance stability.

    Furthermore, Devo’s metal shelf organizer is fairly light considering how tall it is. It’s 62.99 inches tall, 21.26 inches long, and 11.42 inches wide while weighing merely 14.52 pounds.

    • No-tool assembly
    • Quality metal construction
    • Full height adjustability

    Singaye’s 5-tier shelving unit is among the more affordable models on our list of the best metal shelves for home workers. They’re fully adjustable and promise much in terms of durability, but what makes them stand out is the fact that they offer superior shelf support strength (60 pounds per shelf).

    Moreover, Singaye’s metal shelf organizer is remarkably easy to assemble. You can finalize the entire process by hand without having to rely on any tools.

    Furthermore, the dimensions measure 59.05 inches in height, 23.62 inches in length, and 13.38 inches in width. The weight, when assembled, is 14.61 pounds.

    • Three-tier metal shelves
    • Lightweight construction
    • Sturdy leg stabilizers

    Convenience Concepts’ Xtra Storage is shorter and wider than an average metal shelf organizer. Its dimensions measure 32.88 inches by 25.13 inches by 11.25 inches, and it weighs around 13 pounds. Even though it is lightweight, it offers remarkable shelf support strength and a compact design.

    What we’ve also liked about Xtra Storage is the fact that it’s made of exceptionally sturdy materials and was reinforced with powder-coated metal for additional robustness.

    Its only drawback lies in the fact that it takes up quite a bit of space. Its footprint is wider than that of an average metal shelf organizer, but in turn, it also offers more storage space per shelf.

    • Weighs approximately 7 pounds
    • Screw-in stabilizer feet
    • Sleek handrail

    The JSB shelving unit is arguably among the lightest and best metal shelves for home offices. Specifically, it measures 40.94 inches by 21.65 inches by 11.02 inches and just above 7 pounds of weight.

    It comes supplied with sleek armrests that can be used to easily move the organizer unit from one place to another (even if the shelves are all stocked up), and it packs a set of four fully adjustable rubberized feet for extra stability.

    On the downside, JSB’s shelving unit offers mediocre supportive strength and is best suited for smaller office items. However, it’s decently affordable, highly durable, and remarkably easy to adjust and assemble. Overall, it packs quite a punch for the buck.

    • Steel frame & silver finish
    • Plastic connectors
    • Four-tier metal shelf organi

    Whitmor’s Shelf tower is a schoolbook example of optimal size and weight in a shelving unit. Its dimensions measure 54 inches in height, 31.5 inches in length and 19.5 inches in width while it weighs roughly 11.68 pounds.

    This is a perfect model for people who value durability over simple maintenance and setup; specifically, it’s made of robust steel and packs heavy-duty connectors made of sturdy plastic materials. Whitmor’s Shelf Tower is not only sturdier, but it’s also stabler than most metal shelves in its price range.

    Speaking of which, it’s decently affordable and offers remarkable value for the money due to the fact that it packs a set of exquisite, highly durable features.

    • 50 lbs of support per shelf
    • 1-inch plastic connectors
    • Four-tier metal shelves

    Our final pick is Mind Reader’s 4-shelf organizer. It’s remarkably cheap, sufficiently durable, and fairly simple in terms of installation and setup. Each shelf can support roughly 50 pounds of weight while the leg stabilizers ensure that they don’t rattle when moved.

    Mind Reader’s all-purpose shelving unit is 48 inches tall, 23 inches long, and 13 inches wide. Also, it’s fairly light, weighing only 11.97 pounds. Overall, MR’s four-tier metal shelves are simplistic, straightforward, and cheap; even if they may not become your favorite item organizer, they could easily be used as backups due to their low maintenance and cost.

    Buying Guide – what to look for in metal storage shelves

    Shopping for metal storage shelves may appear easy, but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind before making the final decision, including the shelving unit’s size, adjustability, ease of assembly, durability, features, and price.

    Size and weight

    The size of office metal shelves should be perceived three-dimensionally; taller units are often less stable while wider units take up significantly more space. Ideally, you should try searching for a compromise between the two.

    Weight, on another hand, is slightly less important. Namely, you’ll only need to concern yourself with this factor when you’re initially assembling the unit and when you intend to disassemble it for maintenance (or moving out).


    Some of the most basic metal shelf organizers feature 1-inch connectors; these can be used to adjust the height of individual shelves (in one-inch increments). When you start your search for the best metal shelves, try inquiring about the sturdiness of these connectors.

    Another feature that plays a big role in the organizer’s adjustability is the set of feet it is equipped with. Some models, such as Amazon Basics’ metal shelf storage unit for example, features 4-inch rolling wheels instead of support feet; even though it offers minimal stability, it makes up for it with unparalleled portability.

    Ease of assembly

    People who are not exactly tech-savvy should probably look for metal shelves that are easy to setup. Having to hire a technician to install them for you will invariably rack up your total expenses, so it’s wiser to simply go with a model that costs a few bucks more while being easier to assemble.


    There are all kinds of metal shelves on the market, ranging from mediocre alloys, over quality steel, to top-tier powder-coated & thoroughly reinforced (or plated) metals. While adjustability and stability are slightly more practical components of a metal shelf organizer, its sturdiness should not be neglected.


    At the end of the day, we’re all limited by the depths of our wallets. Luckily, high-quality metal shelves are not overly expensive; however, if you’re on a cash-strapped budget, you may want to check out budget models, such as Mind Reader’s all-purpose shelving unit for example.


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