You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the best small desks for bedrooms. A desk is vital to a work from home setup. But not everyone has a large space for their workstation. We looked at quality furniture to find the most unique and space saving desks for when your office space is limited. For some of these, you literally just need an empty wall! Take a look at our four favorite small desks.

And if you are interested in other styles such as metal desks or glass desks, we’ve got you covered there as well!


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    • Beautiful, minimalistic design
    • 50 lbs. weight capacity
    • Doubles as bookshelf for when space is at a premium

    The Theophanes Leaning/Ladder Desk is a bookshelf and desk combined into one. At 38” wide, you just need about three feet of space and a wall to turn a room into a working station. With its elegant and minimal design, this desk goes great in a living room or bedroom. Each piece of wood is completely natural and has its own unique grain color.

    2 Mecor Computer Desk

    Premium Choice
    • Sliding keyboard/mouse tray
    • Ample storage space
    • Excellent durability

    This take on a computer desk is all about storage and shelving. There is a dedicated computer storage shelf, along with plenty of other shelves to store all of your office equipment. The slide-out keyboard and mouse tray is also a bonus to maximize your desktop space. At 23” by 47”, this is just about the largest desk we are willing to review for space that is limited. 

    • Sliding keyboard/mouse tray
    • Elevated stand for monito
    • Storage space

    We like The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk for it’s built-in elevated stand which would be perfect for your monitor or a printer. The slide-out keyboard and mouse tray are also nice, especially when you are trying to save space in a crowded apartment or home. The elevated stand, computer storage shelf, and storage door can also detach from the main desk unit, which is a nice option if you have even less space and only want the desk with the keyboard tray. 

    • Clean look with metal + wood contrast
    • 80 lbs. weight capacity
    • Built-in keyboard tray

    The Velia Compact Computer Desk measures in at 38” wide for folks limited on space. The unique design has a lot of shelves and comes standard with a built-in keyboard tray. This desk will easily meet most computing needs and is still plenty big enough to handle a second monitor setup. We also love the look of the metal + wood.

    • Chic, minimal, modern design
    • 50 lbs. weight capacity
    • Easy to assemble

    The Bergeson Desk is a beautifully designed desk that easily doubles as a nice display space to any room in the house. It has a single drawer on full extension drawer slides allowing you to pull it out almost entirely for easy storage and retrieval of your stowed items. We are just obsessed with the tapered, angled, dark wooden legs that contrast just perfectly with the white desktop!

    • Turn any wall into a desk in seconds
    • 25 lbs. weight capacity
    • Accented with leather pull

    The Brantley Floating Desk lets you turn any empty wall into a desk in seconds. This is absolutely perfect if you are short on space. When the desk is folded up, it still boasts a top shelf that you can use to decorate any room of the house. The unique design will save you a lot of space. And in case you have kids, this is a great desk for their bedroom if you are short on space as well! 

    • Folds up and hangs on the wall
    • Doubles as shelf/chalkboard
    • Durable and very compact

    The Kapono Floating Desk is a very interesting take on saving space in your home. While in its folded state, it functions as a chalkboard and storage shelving unit – we love this! When folded down, it doubles as a great surface to work from. This is not ideal for those who want a dedicated space to always store your computer, monitor, keyboard, etc. However, people with less dedicated needs in a workspace can find great utility in this dual purpose piece of furniture from Wayfair. 

    • Sliding keyboard/mouse tray
    • Adjustable bottom shelf
    • Ample storage space

    At 46” by 18”, this is also on the larger side for a small desk, so measure your space carefully before purchasing. The sliding keyboard tray is a nice bonus, and we like how the desk drawer folds up/down to hide the keyboard/mouse when not in use. This desk is simple, durable, and has a lot of storage areas. If you are setting this up against a wall, consider buying shelves to make use of the space above it!

    • Very narrow at 29.5” wide
    • 55 lbs. weight capacity
    • Doubles as bookshelf

    Why build out, when you can build up? The Bowersville Ladder Writing Desk is a unique way to save space. This piece doubles really nicely as a bookshelf for the tiniest of spaces. While it’s small desktop is not suitable for a multiple monitor setup, it functions perfectly for those who just have a laptop. 

    • Turn any wall into a desk in second
    • Built-in tack board behind cabinet
    • 25 lbs. weight capacity

    Posner’s Wall Floating Desk is another mounted desk option for when space is tight. This desk design features a built-in folder storage unit and tack board behind the cabinet doors. It’s walnut finish and design make it a very stylish addition. You only need a little bit of wall space to hang this up and get to work. 

    Buyers Guide To The Best Small Desk

    If you have limited space for your work from home station, we’ve got you covered! There are still a number of things to consider and countless options for each style of desk that may suit your needs. A lack of space is also a unique opportunity to get creative with the space you have. We’ll walk you through creative solutions as well as key decisions you should make before picking out the right desk for you.

    Defining What You Need From Your Workspace

    The first thing you should consider is what you need out of your workstation. Do you want to have a second monitor to give you two screens to work from? If so, we recommend a desk space of at least 36 inches wide 24 inches deep. If you want a total of three screens (two monitors, plus your laptop), you’ll want a desk that is at least 48 inches wide. And obviously, be careful about your monitor size because that’s still cutting it close.

    Secondly, would you like the option to stand part of the time while working? If so, you can always look at our smaller sized sit/stand desks. Or, consider a converter that goes on a desktop to give you a few feet of added height. If you want to save money, you could also opt to get a standing desk only. You can then buy a simple stool to sit on when you need a break from standing.


    Additionally, you may want a small desk that goes in the living room. There are a number of mid century modern desks that would accentuate your living space. The point is, you’ve got options, so figure out what your ideal setup is and optimize for that!

    Multipurpose Furniture Options

    If you don’t have much space to work with, consider buying a small desk that will also double as an additional piece of furniture. Think about this as an excellent opportunity to show off your creative interior decorating skills. For instance, consider a desk that also doubles as a bookshelf. The furniture designs on these desks are really modern and beautiful.

    And when you need it to be, it can function as a full time bookshelf. You really just need two to three feet of space, and a wall to make this the perfect addition to your home. If you don’t need extra shelf space, there are a number of desk designs that toe the line between desk and hallway table. These tables go great in open hallways or foyers. They are subtle enough to function as an elegant table or as your desk when you need to work from home. 

    Other Creative Options

    If you are really in a pinch, there are a few other options you can choose from. You could always use the kitchen or dining room table as a makeshift desk if all you need is a surface for a laptop. You could also look into getting a lap desk. They are all portable and can easily be stored under the bed or in other convenient areas. 

    These options are very inexpensive and easy to set up. But, we would like to point out that dedicated workstations are conducive towards far higher rates of productivity. While major corporate office spaces are on the decline, there is a reason why they all come with clean surfaces, good lighting, a sturdy chair, and a whole host of other amenities to help you work. So keep that in mind when thinking about setting up your desk. We highly recommend having a dedicated space in your home, even if it’s a small space. 

    Honorable Mention: Sliding Keyboard And Mouse Shelves

    Buying a desk with a slide-out keyboard and mouse tray can save you plenty of extra desktop space. These trays generally slide in and out underneath your desktop surface, so if you own a corded keyboard and mouse, it will do a nice job of hiding the wires. 

    Best Small Desk Conclusion

    All in all, there are just a few major points you should consider before finding your best solution. Be sure to consider how much space you have, what other items your work space needs to include (monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc), if you want to buy a desk that functions as another piece of furniture as well, or if you want to forgo a desk setup altogether and find a lap desk. And lastly, you should obviously consider the price and what you are willing to pay.