This review covers the best desks made primary of glass. Glass desks, as the name implies, are desks that have glass desktops and legs made of metal, cast iron, or wood.

If you want to see a broader array of other functional and great looking desks we provide reviews for these as well.

The primary benefit of glass desks are the aesthetic beauty they bring to a work space. Glass is inherently durable when it not not chipped or dropped. Glass doesn’t age, unlike metal or wood. Glass can make any room have a sophisticated air. And lastly, glass is easy to clean with a damp rag.

Glass desks do have some trade-offs: they can be heavier. Glass can be harder to move. Glass can get nicked, chipped, or scratched. And lastly, glass can shatter when pets, kids, or heavy objects fall into these types of desks.

Overall, glass is highly functional, creates free-flowing space because of the transparent nature of the material, and affords the same functionality as desks make from other materials.

Glass desks come in many styles with various features, as you would expect from metal or wooden desks. It is uncommon for standing desks to be made of glass because of the weight of their desktop. Some glass desks come with additional features like a keyboard holder or desk shelf to be placed on top of the desk.

Here are our top recommendations for glass desks with detailed analysis of what makes each desk special, functional, and useful for a home office.


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    • Frosted tempered safety glass
    • Ultramodern look
    • Supports up to 165 pounds

    The OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk comes in black and white colors, contains a frosted glass surface, and has a built-in keyboard tray. This desk is lighter and more compact than more other glass desks and brings together form and function into one product.

    With the sleek and adaptive design, it matches well with nearly any interior. It has a 33.5” width, 22.75” depth, and 30” height, which give the desk sufficient space for multipurpose work.

    Unlike many other glass desks, this one comes with a built-in keyboard tray. This is a nice addition because it adds depth and functionality to the desk. You can type and “work” below while extracting the charm and enhanced beautify of glass up above where your eyes will spend the most time.

    The desk can support up to 165 pounds so is external monitor friendly.

    • Spacious 50” surface
    • Ergonomic bent glass waterfall
    • 12mm thick premium

    The Neos Modern Furniture Bent Glass Computer Desk is among the classiest, most elegant, and stunning glass desks on the market.

    First, a few words of warning: it requires assembly, it is heavy (120 pounds), and is large.

    Now, on to what makes this desk so special: it is stunning in any room, exemplifies the best of minimalist and modern architectural design, and is spacious enough for all of of your technology devices. The openness of the desk lets light fill the space above, below, and adjacent to the desk creating space and airiness.

    This desk is a masterclass workstation. The 12mm thick premium quality, transparent, tempered glass build is highly durable and feels incredible when your hands sweep over it.

    If you want a professional and modern glass desk – and know exactly where you want to place it – this desk is a treat.

    3 bonVIVO Glass Desk

    Best Value
    • Shatter-resistant robust
    • Sturdy bamboo made legs
    • Elegant and classy

    If you want a glass desk that combines two unique qualities – lightness of weight and affordability – the bonVIVO Massimo Glass Writing Desk will exceed your expectations.

    The glass comes in two fashionable colors – all black and all white.

    The build quality of this desk is also incredible: it is made with shatter-resistant robust tempered glass on top and a white lacquered MDF-wood shelf underneath. This gives you the benefit of a glass desk that is open and elegant but also highly practical.

    The legs of the desk are made of bamboo, making this desk highly aligned with minimalist and modern design standards.

    The dimensions of the desk are 29.5″ H X 43.3″ W X 29″ D. It is a compact desk that is useful for work but also that won’t dominate a room. You can use it for external monitors and laptops without worrying about the weight capacity.

    Easy to care for and clean, simple to install and use, the bonVIVO Glass Desk makes a glass desk affordable for home office and highly practical.

    • L shaped
    • 8mm tempered
    • Pull-out keyboard holder

    The Techni Mobili L Shape Corner Glass Desk brings together two types of desks that are popular in home offices: glass and L shaped desks.

    The desk has 3 core attributes:

    1. It is made of glass.
    2. It has a pull out panel for a keyboard or mouse tray.
    3. It is built from a scratch resistant powder-coated steel frame

    A few things worth reflecting on: it is large, it is heavy, and it is made primarily of glass and metal. So you would be wise to not move it more than once. It is a desk for a person who clearly understands their working environment and doesn’t plan on moving or making changes once the desk is assembled.

    The Techni Mobili L Shape Corner Glass Desk creates open space as it fits snugly within a corner and the glass enables light to shine through it and create an open and airy feel.

    • Quality glass surface
    • 49.9 pounds self-weight
    • Spacious workspace

    The IDS Home Office Furniture Contemporary Computer Desk can serve as both a desk and as a table.

    It is large: 51.18” x 27.50” x 29.53” which will provide more than enough room for any work activities. When using this desk, we are reminded of visiting an Apple store. The desk has a glass desktop and wooden legs connected with metal joints.

    If you want a desk that looks tremendous and is optimized for reducing clutter, the IDS Home Office Furniture Contemporary Computer Desk performs the job very well.

    At just 49.9 pounds, this desk is one of the few with such large glass panels that don’t weigh a ton. This is great as it helps preserve some optionality: you can move the desk/table as you see fit. It is a great entertaining table and well suited for apartments too as its lovely for eating and sharing meals and then transforming back into a work station.

    The wooden legs and gray-colored footpads are on-brand. In short, they look great.

    Assembly is easy: the glass is shipped as a solid unit. Most of the parts (legs, joints) come pre-assembled.

    In conclusion, this desk is all class: its beautiful to look at, feels great to work at, and is versatile.

    • Stylish design
    • Spacious workspace
    • Tempered glass

    Christopher Knight Home Fiske Glass Office Computer Desk is a well-designed and stylish product made by one of the most popular desk brands on the internet. People love Christopher Knight because the desks look great, are well made, and yet don’t cost very much to purchase.

    In short, those all positive reasons to get excited about this desk.

    Let’s break down this desk and why we love it. Firstly, it comes with a gorgeous and professional-looking black color which is classy for any interior. Secondly, it combines glass and metal, a uniformly winning combination. Lastly, it is large and spacious for all serious work from home labor. The spacious dimension of 55.12” x 27.5” x 30.15” makes it breathable and you won’t feel crowded at your desk.

    Moreover, the glass surface of this desk is tempered. Tempered glass, or toughened glass, is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength. This glass is durable and won’t age.

    The desk is large, elegant, and popular. It is durable and combines design standards and materials that will enhance any home office.

    • Takes load up to 660 lbs
    • Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion
    • Waterproof

    The URRED Computer Desk Glass Top is cheap! If you want to spend as little as possible on a glass desk, this product nearly takes the cake.

    While the dimensions, design, and weight load are worth noting, the key selling point is the price. Simply put, you can’t get a desk – let alone a glass one – for this price often. This desk is built for the budget shopper in mind.

    Now, let’s cover the desk itself.

    It comes with 39.4” thick tempered glass. The glass is anti-scratch, high-temperature resistance, and anti-corrosion. Also, the surface is waterproof and resistant to impact and loads up to 660 lbs.

    The carbon made metal frame with a stable X shape makes the table both durable and lighter. The gasket beneath the desk feature anti-slip technology. This protects the floor under the desk as well.

    The desk is easy to assemble and can be constructed in roughly 15 minutes.


    • Glossy white wood finish
    • 2 drawers with a shelf
    • Carries weight up to 375 lbs

    The Coaster CO-Writing Desk is a no hassle glass desk, that is compact, simple, and optimized for one laptop and notepad.

    It has a heavy duty steel frame electroplated in chrome and is made of the elegant combination of steel and glass.

    Although assembly is required, the steps to build the desk are fairly simple and straightforward.

    There are no drawers and above desk storage is not included. These features save you money and space. They also are aligned with the use-case of needing to save fewer documents, books, or paper.

    The minimal design and high quality material make this item in the mid-price range. The heavy build gives enhanced durability and stability of the desk.

    • Eghan black clear 10mm glass
    • Spacious space
    • Lightweight (56 pounds)

    Christopher Knight Home Eghan Tempered Glass Computer Desk comes with a modern, stylish, clear, and Eghan black clear 10mm tempered glass.

    Christopher Knight makes very popular and elegant desks because they combine a touch of luxury and minimalism without costing very much money.

    This desk has an open back and very minimalist side legs. This means that the desk can be placed anywhere in a room and it will make aesthetic sense. Placed next to a wall, it will blend in. Placed in the center of a room, it will create airy flows because of the lack of material above, below, and on the side of the desk.

    If nothing else, the open back allows for free leg movement. We hate have constrained legs while working and this desk gives you room to stretch out.

    The desk is light and easy to move and easy to use right out of the box.

    • Lightweight (38.8 pounds)
    • 8 mm thick tabletop
    • Glossy stainless-steel finish

    The Cortesi Home Trixie Glass Top Desk is sleek: combining elegant and slim legs with a rectangular glass top, the desk is light but sufficiently spacious for heavy home office work.

    The product is simple and the simplicity stands out in a world where desks seem to combine more and more features and storage options. This desk has none of that. If you want a “what you see is what you get” type of desk, this product is for you.

    This desk is unique because its super lightweight, weighing only 38.8 pounds. This means it’s easy to move and carry, a big plus for a desk with a solid glass desktop.

    It has a contemporary and high strength stainless-steel finish to provide extra charm to the design.

    • Sleek glass surface
    • 29" h x 83.25" w x 23.5" d
    • Built-in keyboard tray

    This glass L-shaped desk by Smart Furniture is both sleek and modern. It comes with a built-in keyboard tray which you can install on either panel of the desk.

    The desk itself is also symmetrical, so it will work in any corner of your room.

    It comes with minimal assembly – it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up all the way.

    The legs also come in a nice cherry finish which provide a nice contrast to the wooden top of the desk.

    Each glass surface measures 39.25″ x 23.5″. This gives you ample room for monitors, a printer, and a whole bunch of other home office products that will fill your workspace. If you are looking for a modern desk, glass finish, and symmetrical design for any corner, this is your desk.

    • Sturdy at 59.5 pounds
    • Glass top
    • Acacia wood frame

    The Christopher Knight Home Camila Mid-Century Tempered Glass Desk looks like an old-school mid-century drafting table used by designers, architects, and creative professionals.

    There is a reason for that: the glass, wood, and curved angles create a symmetrical and beautiful table top desk.

    This desk embodies no frills. It is simple, powerful, and useful.

    The glass is solid and one piece, which makes it easy to clean. The natural stained legs and dusk grey color are charming.

    This desk will work well for any room color pallet.

    What are the benefits of a glass desk?

    A glass desk is a desk which has a desktop made of one or multiple pieces of glass. The majority of glass desks are made of one solid glass piece. However, for larger desks, including L Shaped Desks, it is common for desks to deploy multiple-pieces of glass.

    Glass used on desks is not traditional over the counter glass. Rather, it is strengthened chemically to produce extra durability. Much like car windows or eye glasses, desk glass is treated in a process to make it anti-scratch and anti-crack.

    The benefits of a glass desk are primarily around design standards and durability. Glass desks look elegant and people enjoy them in home offices because of the aesthetic benefits. Much like entering an Apple store, a glass desk instantly can transform a workspace with class and elegance.

    Glass is also a non-aging material. Glass doesn’t show wear and tear: it is easy to clean, easy to polish, and looks great adjacent to a variety of other materials including oak, solid wood, steel, and bamboo.

    Are glass desks heavy?

    Glass desks are usually heavier than cheaper, lighter, and smaller wooden, plastic, or metal desks. Though glass desks usually have the same types of legs as these desks, the desktop material is heavier and more dense.

    Glass tends to be heavier than metal or plastic.

    Are glass desks good?

    Glass desks are good in many respects, including the fact that they:

    1. Look great in many different room and work environments.
    2. Don’t depreciate.
    3. Are easy to clean.
    4. Appear elegant.
    5. Maintain a high re-sell value.


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