Looking for a great looking desk? Want a desk that enhances the aesthetics of your home and office and is also durable? A glass desk looks great and is sturdy enough for all of your needs. We reviewed dozens of glass desks to bring you the best products to choose from.

Glass desks come in many styles with various features. Spacious, lightweight, compact, etc. Some may come with additional features like a keyboard holder or desk shelf. Even many of them have steel, bamboo or metal made structure beneath the glass surface also. Also, some are lightweight enough for easy maneuvering.

No matter you need it for home, office, study, gaming even for writing purposes you can find your match from the below suggestions.

Here are our top recommendations for glass desks:

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  • Frosted tempered safety glass
  • Ultramodern look
  • Supports up to 165 pounds

So, on top of our list, we have OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk. It is made of frosted tempered safety glass. Also, it comes with 2 standard and minimal black and white colors. With its ultramodern look, it is also a highly reliable one.

With the sleek and adaptive design, it also matches well with any interior. Improving the overall aesthetics. Also, its 33.5” width, 22.75” depth, and 30” height give it sufficient space for using it for multipurpose.

Moreover, you can use it for the home office, kid’s room, or dorm room. It can support up to 165 pounds. So, its highly durable build quality of heavy-duty steel frame makes it perfect for heavy usage. Also, it got a tray for holding any kind of keyboard you find.

It got a minimal look with OneSpace brand quality. So, with all these amazing features, you can definitely think about buying this one.

  • Spacious 50” surface
  • Ergonomic bent glass waterfall
  • 12mm thick premium

Sometimes you need a premium product that fits well in your home and office environment also is a masterclass workstation. Can’t find a product like that? Don’t worry our 50” all-glass computer is spacious. Fitting your laptop, PC, keyboard, monitor, desk, lamp, fan, or any of the accessories.

The most amazing thing about this glass computer desk the 12mm thick premium quality, transparent, tempered glass build. This build makes this product great looking. You can use it in any studio, home or office, or any kind of business and commercial space you want.

Furthermore, acrylic and lucite, a great IKEA alternative. Providing ergonomic bent glass waterfall design and smooth surface. Its spacious dimension of 50″ L X 27.5″ W X 29″ ensures vast sectors of use. But the weight is just 120lb.

You also don’t have to worry about extra assembling. For any of your work like drawing, office works even for gaming you can obviously choose this.

3 bonVIVO Glass Desk

Best Value
  • Shatter-resistant robust
  • Sturdy bamboo made legs
  • Elegant and classy

Want the best buy for value? Then we recommend the bonVIVO Glass Desk. It also comes in 2 fashionable colors (black and white). The build quality of this folding desk is also amazing. It is made with shatter-resistant robust tempered glass on top and a white lacquered MDF-wood shelf underneath.

Also, the legs are made of unique and sturdy bamboo. The glass and bamboo are well-engineered and combined to ensure proper durability.

Moreover, the dimension of 29.5″ H X 43.3″ W X 29″ D makes it perfect for versatile use. You can use it as pc, laptop, or mac desk or even for study purposes with storage. Also, the modern look of this workspace brings a classy and elegant feel to your interior.

So, this best quality glass desk on a budget brings an air of professionalism and excellence. It’s easy to care for and for multipurpose use you can buy this product.

  • L shaped
  • 8mm tempered
  • Pull-out keyboard holder

Our next recommendation is the Techni Mobili L Shape Corner Glass Desk. It comes with an elegant and clear glass shaped man-made material. Providing a keyboard pull out panel.

This glass deck has an interchangeable 8mm tempered safety clear glass tabletop. Powder-coated steel frame providing a scratch-resistant surface. So, the rough use of the product won’t be an issue.

You don’t ever have to worry about the quality. And the glass is also interchangeable to the left or right side. Also, you can use the reversible pull-out keyboard even on the shorter side. The L shape of this glass deck well fits it for any corner of your home and office.

Besides, it’s easy to assemble. It lets you put & organize a lot of office equipment, books, computer, etc. You can switch between the two tables swiftly as well.

So, you can choose this amazing looking spacious glass table for a spacious space and elegant feel.

  • Quality glass surface
  • 49.9 pounds self-weight
  • Spacious workspace

The next one is the IDS Home Office Furniture Contemporary Computer Desk. It has a spacious dimension of 51.18” x 27.50” x 29.53”. Providing extra space for any activities can you think of. Especially it is best for use as a writing table.

The amazing feature about this desk is the quality glass top and white painted surface. So, the look is suitable for any home, kitchen, or office environment. As it intensifies the overall look of the interior.

Besides, it got flawless wooden skin and a gray-colored footpad. Which increases its stability. Most of the parts are pre-assembled so assembling is also easy. So, it takes almost no time for assembling the parts and it’s good to go.

Additionally, the weight of this desk is less. Just 49.9 pounds of weight makes it easy to maneuver. You can move the desk anywhere anytime just as you need without any sweat.

So, choose the high quality and simple product for a stress-free experience.

  • Stylish design
  • Spacious workspace
  • Tempered glass

Christopher Knight Home Fiske Glass Office Computer Desk is a well-designed and stylish product. It comes with a gorgeous and professional-looking black color which is classy for any interior for home and office. Its elegant look creates a better first impression of any interior environment.

The spacious dimension of 55.12” x 27.5” x 30.15” makes it breathable for any multipurpose work. Like even after placing your desktop or laptop and get extra space for other works.

Moreover, the glass surface of this desk is tempered. Providing a smooth and pleasant feeling. Also, the metal build body or framing provides extra strength to the surface and makes it durable. Also, it requires assembling which is also easy.

The best things about this table we found are the extra space and the outlook. It looks great and got a large space for putting your comfortable chair and easy leg maneuver under the table. You don’t have to keep it in a corner to fit the table. It looks great even in the middle of the room.

So, you can really consider buying Christopher Knight Home Fiske Glass Office Computer Desk. Because you’ll get the quality of the brand with the aesthetic look and durability.

  • Takes load up to 660 lbs
  • Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion
  • Waterproof

Up next we have URRED Computer Desk Glass Top. It comes with 39.4” thick tempered glass with amazing features like anti-scratch, high-temperature resistance, and anti-corrosion. Also, the surface is waterproof and resistant to impact and load up to 660 lbs.

The carbon made metal frame with a stable X shape makes the table both durable and lighter. No extra beam design like conventional glass desks that could make it heavy! The intelligent design also ensures no annoying shaking during any work.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about children getting hurt because of the round corner of this desk. Also, the 4 bottom gasket has non-slippy features. So, your floor beneath the leg doesn’t get any scratches.

Also, the 12 sticker pieces ensure proper stickiness between the glass and the frame. This desk with a dimension of 39.4” x 23.6” x 28.7” only takes 15 minutes to assemble. You won’t need any additional tools.

Finally, for great durable gaming, office, writing, or study desk or table you can rely on the URRED Computer Desk Glass Top.

  • Glossy white wood finish
  • 2 drawers with a shelf
  • Carries weight up to 375 lbs

Our next recommendation is more minimal looking than other variations of the list. Coaster Home Writing Glass Desk comes with a glossy white wood made finished which is great for professional places.

The overall built is unique. It has high-quality materials like engineered veneer wood, particleboard, glass, metal, and MDF. Providing a royal and delicate touch and glossy look. So, it’ll enhance the overall aesthetics of your interior.

Also, it has 2 drawers. So, you can store any of your small goodies in these. Like keys or ornaments which you lose every time! Also, the gliding feature of this drawer extends fully. It has a shelf where you can store more.

Moreover, it has 37cm in height from the floor. It gives you extra space for cleaning or keeping your feet comfortable. This desk can carry weight up to 375 lbs which is great for its size.

Finally, you can choose this minimal looking durable writing desk for improving the overall

  • Eghan black clear 10mm glass
  • Spacious space
  • Lightweight (56 pounds)

Christopher Knight Home Eghan Tempered Glass Computer Desk comes with a modern, stylish, clear, and Eghan black clear 10mm tempered glass. Its black elegant look with durable iron tubing leg material is a perfect aesthetic addition for any home office.

Its dimension of 47.24” length x 23.62” width x 29.53” height provides a spacious surface for using it for multipurpose. So, suppose you are working on your pc you’ll also get additional space for writing even storing your paper works too.

Besides, the open back allows free leg movement. So, you don’t have to adjust according to your table. Isn’t it cool?

Finally, having just 56 pounds of weight, it is lightweight furniture that you can move anywhere with ease. So, for an elegant feel and durable build, you can obviously choose this product from the brand Christopher Knight.

  • Lightweight (38.8 pounds)
  • 8 mm thick tabletop
  • Glossy stainless-steel finish

Finally, we feature a product which is simple but durable for regular office works. That is Cortesi Home Trixie Glass Top Desk with Stainless Steel Frame. It has a chrome color that enhances minimalism. You can use it in your personal office space.

What’s unique about this desk is it is super lightweight (38.8 pounds). So, you can move it anywhere with ease as you need. The dimension is 39.5″W x 17.75″L x 30.75″H, which is suitable for multipurpose works like writing, pc, or as a laptop table.

Furthermore, it got contemporary high strength and glossy stainless-steel finish to provide extra durability to the structure. The 8mm thick desktop also ensures the modern-looking aesthetics around the office. Also, assembling is easier and takes almost no time.

So, for a simple and minimalist look and durable product, you can choose this one.

  • Sleek glass surface
  • 29" h x 83.25" w x 23.5" d
  • Built-in keyboard tray

This glass L-shaped desk by Smart Furniture is both sleek and modern. It comes with a built-in keyboard tray which you can install on panel of the desk. The desk itself is also symmetrical, so it will work in any corner of your room.

It comes with minimal assembly – it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up all the way. The legs also come in a nice cherry finish which provide a nice contrast to the desk. Each glass surface measures 39.25″ x 23.5″. This gives you ample room for monitors, a printer, and a whole bunch of other stuff to fill our your workspace. If you are looking for a modern desk, glass finish, and symmetrical design for any corner, this is your desk.

  • Sturdy at 59.5 pounds
  • Glass top
  • Acacia wood frame

When you think about your workspace do you want a desk that combines glass and wood for a dose of elegance? If so, this is a great mid-centry glass desk that brings together simplicity and no frills so you can focus on working. The glass is solid and one piece, which makes it easy to clean. The natural stained legs and dusk grey color are simple and charming. This desk will work well for any room color pallet.