The term ‘metal desk’ stands for desks containing a large percentage of metal components. So generally, these desks have metal frames and engineered woods or tempered glasses as desktops.

Since they’re becoming increasingly popular, take a look at our top recommendations to consider for your home office.

Metal desks have metal frame components. They’re cheaper compared to solid wood frames. They’re also lighter and more customizable. Besides, they provide sufficient stability and a fair amount of strength.

Most metal desks feature a minimalist design. Some contain extra features such as drawers, shelves, and other compartments. Some of these desks are more customizable and flexible.

A lot of these desks can also balance on uneven floors as well. They come with adjustable floor pads and other customizations.

So without further ado, take a look at our selections:


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    • Variable designs
    • Customizable balance
    • Locking facility

    So on top of our list, we have the Alera Double Pedestal Steel Desk. It’s an office desk with a sturdy metal frame and board compartments. We recommend it for its spacious design and a reasonable price.

    The table has double square edges. The desktop surface has a lamination coating that prevents scratches and stains. Convenient for home or office usage as it’s very easy to clean. The table surface is also spacious. You can choose the default design (60″ W x 30″ D) or the cantilever design (72″ W x 36″ D). The desk comes in two color variants as well.

    The full-extension drawers can accommodate hanging file folders. They also have locking features for file protection. The box drawers come with dividers for necessary partitioning or file arrangements. There’s also a center drawer with a supply tray that supports a locking feature.

    Additionally, the table has leveling glides that help balance on uneven floors. You can also adjust the table height using the bottom screws.

    • Strong metal frame
    • Tempered glass desktop
    • Two spacious drawers

    Next, the InterGreat black computer metal desk comes into considerations. It’s a minimalist metal desk with a modern design, featuring all the necessary aspects. This is our best overall recommendation.

    The desk has an extremely sturdy build. The metal frame supporting the entire table is thick and capable of bearing heavy loads. Besides, the top of the table is made of quality tempered glass. So it adds an elegant look and helps the desk stand out even more. It’s 46″ wide and 22.5″ in depth.

    This minimalist table offers two retractable drawers as well. They’re also pretty spacious. You can use the smaller top drawer for storing office accessories, cell phones, tablets, keys, etc. The large bottom drawer is more suitable for hanging folders and such type of documents.

    Overall, the desk is well built. Thanks to the strong frame and stable joints, you can keep a whole lot of stuff atop it. And despite the minimalist design, space won’t be an issue. You’ll get a free replacement or refund for any quality issue.


    • USB rack with 4 ports
    • Waterproof, Full mousepad
    • Cable management, Hangers

    The Vanspace desk is not your ordinary desk. It’s a full-fledged gaming desk within an affordable price range. Thanks to its cool features and affordability, we recommend it as a great value buy.

    The desk is 55″ long and 23.6″ wide. Erecting at a comfortable height of 28″. Instead of a typical rectangular shape, it has a retro shape with edged corners, Built to boost the aesthetics of your work/gaming setup.

    It also has a strong and sturdy metal frame. The coated tube frame with high density provides maximum durability and stability. Besides, the desktop consists of high-density fiberboard. It also has a carbon fiber textured layer. So the entire assembly can carry up to 330 lbs for as many as 3 monitors.

    Furthermore, the table has a USB handle rack with 4 USB ports to charge your devices. The cable management grommets are also very helpful. You can smartly keep your headphone, coffee mug, and other accessories.

    Also, the entire table serves as a precise mousepad. So no need for additional ones.

    • Adjustable balance
    • Thick & sturdy
    • Large, Premium desktop

    This modern computer desk has a simple yet functional design. Especially, it has a very sturdy metal frame holding a scratch-proof and water-resistant desktop. Available in 3 color variants and two sizes.

    The table offers plenty of space. The engineered wood top has a simple rectangular shape with 47″ x 23.6″ dimensions. Erecting 29.1″ off the ground. You can use the wide-open space to keep multiple monitors and accessories. You can also attach monitor mounts with c-clamp designs.

    The 4 metal legs contain a heavy-duty powder coating. So they add to the overall stability lasts long as well. Moreover, they significantly boost the load-bearing capacity of the desk. The desk can carry up to 250 lbs.

    Additionally, the desk features height-adjustable pads that help balance on uneven floors. You can adjust up to 1-2 cm. Also, the desk is very easy to set up. It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

    The desk also offers a 100% refund and free ACCY replacement, accompanied by great customer service.

    • 3 tier design
    • Spacious, Multipurpose
    • 1 year warranty

    Next, we have the 3 Tier on Top & Below metal desk by Halter. This metal desk offers plenty of space to work and organize your workspace. Blends in nicely with your Home Office environment.

    To start off, it has a sleek, metal framing system that gives a modern vibe. Not exactly minimalist, but not too complicated either. The 47″ by 23.6″ desktop is made of wood while the entire frame contains premium quality metal. Also, the framing contains diagonal bracings that provide extra stability. The table can safely carry up to 100 lbs.

    Moreover, this desk is multipurpose. You can use it as an office table, a gaming desk, a workstation, or a reading table. The shelves can hold accessories and decoration items as well as files and documents. So it’s safe to say that space won’t be an issue anymore.

    Besides, you can easily set up the assembly following the user manual. No complicated tool required. The company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


    • Two shelves
    • Up to 300 lbs load bearing
    • Reversible design

    Another classic metal desk with a particleboard desktop and a metal framing. It has a fairly simple design that offers plenty of space. Practical, minimalist, and functional.

    You can use the desk in various ways. Use it as a computer table, workstation, study table, or a gaming desk. The 47″ x 23.6″ desktop can accommodate all. Besides, it provides 2 tiers below the desktop. You can also customize and reverse the shelves to further adjust your workspace.

    The desk is a combination of a p2 particleboard and a sturdy metal frame. The powder-coated metal lasts long and provides stability. While the spacious particleboard desktop offers plenty of space. The overall assembly is also strong enough to bear at least 300 pounds.

    Overall, it’s a good desk for various kinds of operations. While the design is simple, it enhances the quality of your workspace. You can store and arrange different accessories and decoration items on the ‘S’ shaped shelves.

    • Scandinavian design
    • Minimal features
    • Classy finish

    Next, take a look at the Nathan James Penny writing desk. It’s a white metal desk with a Scandinavian minimalist design. The clean-lined frame and the glossy white finish blends in with any type of interior.

    The desk is 43″ long and 24″ wide. Comfortable and sufficiently spacious. The desktop is also 29″ high off the ground. Giving you plenty of space underneath. Better compatible with a height-adjustable chair.

    You can use the table as a computer table, gaming desk, office desk, workstation, drafting table, etc. Since it has an open design, it supports monitor mounts as well. Or if you want to keep it as a decoration holder, it’ll serve the purpose as well.

    Moreover, this minimalist table is very easy to assemble. Shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. Includes an instruction manual, floor pads, and other hardware materials

    • Sturdy metal frame
    • Tempered glass desktop
    • Two spacious drawers

    Up next, the Pataku metal desk comes into consideration for your Home Office. It’s an excellent combination of tempered glass and metal frame, accompanied by a stunning design.

    Overall, the desk has a strong and solid build. The cold-rolled steel sheet frame is more durable and lasting compared to ordinary steel frames. And the tempered glass atop provides ample space and strength. The 46″ long and 22″ wide glass can easily hold computers, printers, books, files, accessories, decoration items, etc.

    Additionally, the glass doesn’t shatter easily. It’s scratch-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to high temperatures. Not to mention it can take a heavier compressive load and impact. And if you see cracks, it still won’t break. Lower chances of producing shrapnels.

    The desk also comes with two spacious drawers. They’re well built and concealed. So you can safely store your files, documents, and other important stuff. Easy assembly. Guaranteed satisfaction.

    • RGB Lighting
    • Cable management
    • Armored edge, large mouse pad

    And last but not least, we have the Vanspace 47 inch ergonomic Gaming desk. This Z-shaped gaming desk will take your gaming experience to another level.

    First of all, you have to admire it for its stunning looks. The table has a built-in RGB lighting system with armored edges. Giving it an otherworldly vibe. You can switch between monochromatic, cycle gradient, & flash color modes.

    The 47″ long and 25″ wide table is large enough to accommodate multiple monitors. You can use a monitor mount as well. And if you’re worried about the cables, the two cable management grommets will take care of them. Besides, there’s a hidden storage compartment for cables and multi plugs, giving you a wireless & neat gaming experience.

    Additionally, there’s a cup holder, headphone hook, height-adjustable balance pads, and a large, washable mouse pad. The desktop has a carbon fiber texture as well.

    So overall, this table is bound to skyrocket your gaming experience & environment.



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