Best Office Chair for Sciatica are readily available in the market. These chairs cater to people who suffer from a condition called sciatica which causes intense pain in the back, hip, thighs, and legs.

Chairs of these types have a specific construction. It provides a cushion to the specific parts of the back and legs which makes working for long hours convenient and painless. 

Today, the variety of sciatica office chairs is quite extensive. Therefore, you have to be aware of the crucial aspects that should be considered while purchasing one. 

To make it easier, our experts at WFHAdviser have shortlisted some of the best options available on the internet.

Read on to find out which office chair meets your requirements. 

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1 Volt Task Chair by HON

Best Choice
  • 250lbs load-bearing capacity
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism
  • Easy assembly

The Volt Task Chair by HON is a simple solution for people with Sciatica. Moreover, it comes with all the necessary features that you might need to get a comfortable posture. The chair is made using high-quality materials which makes it reliable and durable. 

It has a plastic frame that can hold up to 250lbs. Furthermore, it is covered with a polyester blend upholstery. The black color of the chair enables it to blend with any decor easily.

The chair has a 360-degree swivel for smooth rotation. In addition to the swivel, it also has a Synchro-tilt mechanism that lets you adjust the angle of the backrest. These features can help you get a good sitting posture that doesn’t harm your productivity. 

Also, the chair comes with a height adjustment feature that lets you increase the height of the chair. Lastly, the chair comes in an easy to assemble form with instructions and tools for assistance.

2 Gesture Executive Chair

Premium Choice
  • Ergonomic design
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Adjustable armrests

This award-winning chair from Steelcase is a worthy investment. If you’re looking for a chair that offers great support for your back while carrying a sleek look. Moreover, the chair comes with loads of features that come in handy when using the chair.

Its ergonomic design makes the chair suitable for long hours of work. Plus, it comes with an arched back that provides great lumbar support. The armrests of the chair are adjustable for a completely cozy posture. 

Owing to the high-quality material used for constructing the chair, it has a weight-bearing capacity of around 300lbs. Furthermore, the chair’s pedestal sits on a five star chrome base. Also, there are strong casters with hoods attached to them which allows the chair to glide smoothly on any surface. 

In addition, the chair comes with a seat adjustment feature to increase or decrease the height. With this feature, you can get a better position while sitting for work.

  • Affordable price
  • Mesh backrest
  • Adjustable armrest

A great office chair at an incredible price. The Task Chair by Inbox Zero features an ergonomic construction that relies on high-quality materials. Furthermore, the chair is designed for long-term use and provides a relieving posture for people with sciatica.

The chair features a sleek backrest made from high-quality mesh. Moreover, the chair features a plastic frame for additional back support. 

It has generous padding on the seat which keeps your hips in a stable position. Also, the padding ensures that there is very little pressure on your spine so that you can work long hours.  

Additionally, the chair comes with a swivel mechanism that allows you to rotate the chair smoothly. You can also use the tilt mechanism to get the backrest in a position that ensures you don’t feel uncomfortable. 

Just like most office chairs, this one also features a five star base with casters. 

  • Adjustable armrest
  • Mesh backrest
  • Excellent lumbar support

The Hon Wave Big and Tall Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair features a unique design. Moreover, it has many qualities that make it suitable for multiple purposes. It is quite reliable and comes with a simple appearance that looks good in any office decor. 

You can take advantage of the varying adjustment points in this chair. Firstly, the chair comes with a tilt adjustment that allows you to angle the backrest in a comfortable position. Secondly, the chair comes with an armrest that has multiple adjustment points. 

However, the main feature of this chair is the high-quality mesh backrest. It takes the shape of the back so that you’re comfortable no matter how you sit. Also, the backrest is arched in a way that provides excellent lumbar support. 

That’s not all! The wide seat of the chair supports users with different hip sizes. Whereas, the polyester upholstery and filling cushions your body quite well.

  • Mesh backrest
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment
  • Faux leather seat

The Lorell Mid-back Task Chair provides you maximum convenience with its unique construction. It features a bonded leather upholstery for the seat, whereas, the backrest is covered with breathable mesh fabric. 

Besides, the chair comes with an angular backrest that helps in maintaining a healthy posture. It also provides lumbar support to avoid soreness and pain. You can adjust the lumbar support according to your back. 

The chair has a steel frame that supports up to 400lbs. In addition, there are comfortable polyurethane pads that are adjustable in height. To adjust the armrest you have to flip them up till they reach the desired height. 

You can adjust the seat height with the help of a pneumatic seat adjustment mechanism. Also, the chair has a 360-degree swivel that turns in any direction quite smoothly. Additionally, it has a center tilt that lets you recline for more comfort. 

Lastly, the chair sits on a five star base that has heavy-duty casters. The casters feature a hooding for smooth movement.

  • Strong frame
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrest

The Haris Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair has an innovative design that supports your back with ease. Furthermore, it comes with a wide range of adjustments that you can use to make your seat perfect for you in every way. 

It features a strong frame that is made using a combination of plastic and steel. Also, the chair has a mesh back while the seat is covered with polyester upholstery. These two allow you to sit in a comfortable position for long hours without any inconvenience. 

Plus, the chair has an armrest that has soft padding and is made from high-quality rubberwood. You can also adjust the armrest by flipping it up or increasing its height. However, the type of armrest adjustment varies according to the model.

There are various other things in this chair that make it worth every single penny. The adjustable lumbar support, strong base, carpet compatible caster, and Synchro-Tilt mechanism are a few of them. 

  • Height adjustable backrest
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Durable upholstery

A chair that does not let you compromise on convenience even in small working spaces. The Chelvy Mesh Task chair is an incredible alternative for people with sciatica. Moreover, its soft padding and body-friendly structure allow you to work long hours comfortably. 

The chair features a breathable back made of mesh. Also, the backrest has an angled design that provides support to your lower back. If you’re tall or short, you can adjust the backrest by using the height-adjustable mechanism. 

Furthermore, the chair has a steel frame which is quite strong and durable. It can hold up to 275lbs. 

The seat of the chair is designed to offer comfort especially to people with back problems. Besides, the chair is covered with durable fabric upholstery that is fade and abrasion-resistant. In addition, the seat has a waterfall edge which is crucial for people with sciatica.

  • Lumbar support
  • Mesh upholstery
  • Adjustable headrest

Gamers and working professionals face back problems due to the same reason. This is one of the main reasons this chair has made it on our list. Also, the High Back Gaming Chair has the necessary design and structure that can help people with sciatica work comfortably. 

The chair has an adjustable headrest that you can tilt to avoid neck and shoulder pains. Furthermore, you can flip the headrest up if you don’t feel like using it. Also, it comes with additional lumbar support that ensures your body stays in the right posture. 

It has a mesh backrest that takes the shape of your back. Meanwhile, the seat has a waterfall edge and features a mesh upholstery that keeps you dry all the time. The chair features a plastic and iron frame which is quite durable and reliable. 

The chair has quite a strong construction and can hold weights up to 300lbs.

  • Cool appearance
  • Durable built
  • Soft foam filling

Add a touch of style to convenience with the Dillsboro Executive Chair. It is an amazing match for your office or home workstation. Also, its color matches all kinds of professional decor with ease. 

The executive chair features a metal and plastic frame which makes the chair strong. Also, it comes with a height adjustment mechanism that lets you increase or decrease the chair’s height. 

Furthermore, it has a 360-degree swivel system that rotates in all the angles smoothly. You can also recline on the backrest while taking a break as it comes with a tilt mechanism. In addition, there are armrests on both sides. They come with soft padding that lets you rest your arms with ease. 

The seat is filled with soft foam that ensures your hips get the kind of comfort required for long hours. Moreover, the seat has a waterfall edge which makes it even better. Plus, the chair can hold up to 250lbs weights.

  • Rich look
  • Ergonomic design
  • Springed seat

The Ergonomic Executive Chair by Inbox Zero looks stunning in any office or home decor. It has an appealing design but most importantly it is loaded with impressive features. Plus, the chair has a convenient structure that is beneficial for people with back problems.

With a plywood frame, the chair can hold up to 280lbs. Also, the frame has a silver color which adds charm to the overall appeal. To make it look rich and comfortable, the chair has velvet upholstery covering it on the back and front. 

The chair has a high-density sponge filling that gives your hip and back a soft cushion to fall on. Furthermore, the chair has coiled springs in the seat cushion. These save you from the soreness that happens when you sit on a chair all day long. 

It also takes care of your spine with its simple yet ergonomic design. Additionally, the backrest has a grid of 9 squares. These grids are filled with the same high-density sponge. 

Buyer’s Guide To Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Sciatica can cause unimaginable pain if you sit in the wrong way. Therefore, it is very important to buy an office chair that has the necessary features to protect you from this pain. Furthermore, your goal should be to find a chair that facilitates blood circulation in the lower part of your body. 

Good office chairs can also help you get rid of all the sciatica issues as they come with a lumbar support design. These chairs focus on maintaining the curve of the lower back in shape.

With these features, you will be able to sit on a chair for long hours without experiencing sciatica pain. However, there are some other features that you need to look for in a chair to reduce the pain and increase comfort. 

Adjustable Features

It is not necessary that whichever chair you purchase is going to be comfortable right out of the box. You will have to make some adjustments so that it supports your body and its shape. 

The best ergonomic office chair for sciatica with adjustable features can make working while sitting convenient for you. Apart from lumbar adjustment, try looking for chairs that come with seat height adjustment, armrest adjustment, tilt, and tilt lock.

All of these features have one common goal i.e. keeping your posture straight. As the sciatic nerve goes from over the hips and the flesh on the back, the way your back is positioned on a chair can make a huge difference. 

Varied Sitting Positions

It is not possible to sit in a single position all day. Therefore, you need to look for a chair that offers you support no matter which position you’re seated in. The key to finding such chairs is to look for the ones that have wider seats. Chairs with wider seats tend to have a more ergonomic structure and offer more space for adjustment. 

Also, chairs with reclining features such as tilt swing and tilt lock. These features allow you to rest your back when you’re relaxing and reduce pain to an extent. Chairs with tilt tension control work best for sciatica. 

Contours and Padding

For people with sciatica, the seat should be of prime importance. Its shape, size, and type of padding used are some of the key factors that need scrutiny. 

Medical experts recommend a chair seat with a waterfall edge contouring to patients suffering from sciatica. This is because chairs with waterfall edges have bolsters on both sides. Due to this, your body leans forward and reduces the strain on the sciatic nerve. 

However, if you’re not able to find a chair with a waterfall contour, you can look for chairs with large cushions. Alternatively, you can look for a chair that has a flat seat that is completely neutral in shape and works best for any position.