Looking for an ergonomic and elegant white office chair? We reviewed the best white office chair selections for your home office. These chairs are ranked based on price, adjustability, comfort, and aesthetics.

A chair can be supported by a base made of any rigid material. Chairs are used in a wide variety of settings: in private homes or offices and are essential for making your Work From Experience good.

A contemporary design and rich White color brings a modern touch to any room. Not only are white chairs appealing with their clear lines and simplistic designs, but the chairs we reviewed are optimized for physical comfort. What does this entail? Well-padded seats, backrests, and armrests for extra comfort. Excellent quality, nice construction and durable. Chairs that are extremely sturdy and have long lifespans.

Chairs can be made from wood, metal, or other strong materials, like acrylic. In some cases, multiple materials are used to construct white chairs; for example, the legs and frame may be made from metal and the seat and back may be made from plastic and the colors may be the same or leverage complimentary hues.

When you are searching for white office chairs, you can find that there are actually quite a few different options to choose from.

So, if you are searching for the best white office chair, you might want to consider the following guiding principles:

• White leather office chairs – if you are looking for white leather office chairs, you will find that there are lots of options that are white. The most popular of these is the white leather office chair with chrome accents.

• White mesh office chairs – if you are searching for a more modern look, you can find that white mesh office chairs are an excellent option. These chairs look great, are breathable, and pair well with clean futuristic office furniture.

A great office chair is important since you will likely be sitting in it quite often, and want it to look and feel great. Thus, we hope you enjoy our reviews and find them useful as you make this important buying evaluation.

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  • Customizable colors/fabrics
  • A ton of ergonomic settings
  • 10 minute or less assembly

The YouToo White Ergonomic Chair is our top product for well deserved reasons. It comes in a white steal frame, but you can also customize the color settings for the frame, fabric, and mesh backing. It’s sturdy and built to last – this will be your chair for the next 30 years. This white chair also has numerous ergonomic features to keep you comfortable while at your desk.

The key to an ergonomic chair is to have as many adjustable settings as possible. Since every human body is different, a good chair must adapt to its user. That’s why we love this chair so much. It has the following ergonomic settings:

  • Tilt control
  • Adjustable Lumbar support tension
  • Seat slider to move only the seat forward or backward while the back rest stays in place
  • Adjustable and removable armrests
  • Adjustable chair height
  • Adjustable back height

And lastly, installation time shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

  • Solid lumbar support
  • Tilt lock
  • Heavy weight capacity

Mesh chairs are insanely comfortable for remote work. They are breathable on the back and bottom to keep you comfortable, look great, affordable, and professional. If you have never owned a mesh chair, the Bret Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair will delight you. Let us explain why.

Firstly, the Bret chair looks great. It has a curved back, well supported seat, and durable arm rests. All of these add to the utility of the chair and its aesthetics. Secondly, the high back design will leave you feeling comfortable. 

The padded black mesh seat is great for those struggling with lower back pain as it provides full lumbar support. Thirdly, the chair is supported by 5 wheels which all have full rotation. Having a full swivel is a great feature in a modern home office.

The armrests and seat are height adjustable, giving you additional flexibility to mold the chair to your body for increased comfort. The tilt lock also means that you can adjust resistance for backwards tilt, another clever ergonomic feature that can help you stay and remain physically comfortable while working in your home office.

  • Back angle adjustable
  • Very affordable
  • Warranty

This simple desk chair is designed to solve 3 problems:

  1. For people that want a home office chair but that don’t want to spend more than $100, this chair is built for you.
  2. For people that need extra load bearing weight support, this seat can support up to 300 pounds.
  3. Lastly, for those that want a chair that is comfortable, has full swivel, and looks great when you are in the chair, this chair provides all of those benefits.

Many ergonomic chairs are pricey and come with add-on features. This chair does not. It targets the cost conscious consumer who wants a highly functional chair without added costs. Certainly the lower price point stands out as an obvious benefit of this product as you can get ergonomic support without breaking the bank.

The arm rests are not adjustable and neither is the height of the back of the chair. But the seat itself is height adjustable and comes with a very affordable 5 year protection plan as well. If money is your primary driver for a chair (and you want to save), this chair will serve you well in that domain while also keeping you comfortable while working.

  • Small and compact office chair
  • Very high quality
  • Affordable price

This chair has monochrome colors, simple upholstery, and a simple yet refined white finish. The chair is great for a smaller desk or compact space because the chair itself is smaller. The sitting experience is terrific: you will experience all day comfort and full titalbility in the chair’s back. This chair is highly useful and great for the home office space.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable features
  • Flippable armrests

Up next, we have the Layman high back ergonomic mesh office chair. This chair is similar to our previous recommendation. It has a mesh back and a padded bottom. However, it comes in a lot of color variants.

The chair mainly consists of foam, mesh, plastic, and metal. The comfortable mesh back will let your body breath and keep you feeling ready to tackle your work. It blends in well with your surroundings, promoting a professional vibe.

Besides, it has a healthy angle that holds your lower back, while letting your upper back move freely. Such a setup improves your posture, maintains blood circulation, & reduces fatigue. Meanwhile, it reduces the risks of prolonged back pain & other discomforts.

Moreover, you can flip-up the padded arms for more workspace. Flip them back down while resting. The chair is also height adjustable. Use the lever to easily switch between different reaches. There’s a tension knob that can loosen or restrain the back support.

Additionally, you can 360 swivel the chair. Using the 5 casters, you can glide it across the floor as well.

  • Comfort on a budget
  • Simple and pleasing to the eye
  • Industrial strength sturdy

If you want a white chair that is affordable, sturdy, has built in full swivel capabilities, and a silver monochrome color, this chair is a great selection. It is comfortable, will look great in many different home office environments, and is sturdy. If you want a white chair that won’t break the bank or cost very much, but will help you reduce back ache, then this chair is a great choice.

  • Seat adjustment controls
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Very good quality stitching

This chair is affordable and fun: it doesn’t cost a lot but doesn’t sacrifice its form or function either. It is sturdy and enables the user to be upwards of 300 pounds – so ideal for a larger person. The higher armrests will keep your arms and elbows comfortable while the sleek design will keep you feeling good and confident every time you stand up.

  • Very high-end
  • Sleek design of elite caliber
  • Highest quality

This chair by NILINMBA is expensive and classy. If you are wealthy and want to spend money on a high-end, best in class chair, look no further then this beauty. This chair is for people – you – if you have an expansive desk, great views, and a lovely home office. This chair screams class and quality: the design, the material, the finish, the air pressure bar within the chair for support – these are things only found on expensive chairs. The steel is wear-resistant so this chair will not only serve you well today but will serve you well tomorrow. Much like a fine watch you never really own this chair, you merely look after it for the next generation.

  • Great ergonomic settings
  • 30 day free return period
  • Multiple color selections

The Kinn Chair by Autonomous is one of the best white office chairs on the market today. It’s backed by their five year warranty and 30 day trial. If you don’t like it, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

It features a ton of ergonomic settings to adjust the chair to your exact requirements. Since everyone is different, these features are incredibly important. You can adjust the seat forward/backwards and up/down. You can adjust the arm rests up/down. It also has a handle to adjust the back tilt tension – a feature that we absolutely love! You can also lock/unlock the back tilt of the chair entirely. Lastly, the back of the chair features very strong lumbar and back support to keep you sitting upright.

The chair has full 360 degree swivel capabilities and rests on wheels to roll around your workspace with ease. The frame is available in white and black. The mesh is available in grey, blue, and black. The is surely a color scheme for everyone.

  • Screen mesh back
  • Padded seat, armrests
  • Height adjustable

The Office Star screen back chair is a great example of elegance and comfort. It has an ergonomic build that blends in with your surroundings, increasing aesthetics. The chair is available in four color variants.

It has a smart, refined build with a high back. To increase ventilation, the back has a screened cover with breathable materials. Allows you to comfortably work for long shifts without sweating and getting uncomfortable.

Besides, the back design has a smart curve. Supports your lower spine and keeps it in place. While your upper body can move freely. Improves your posture & blood circulation. Reduces fatigue & stress build-ups. There are also locking tilt control with adjustable tension.

Moreover, the padded seat lets you work comfortably. Say goodbye to those good-for-nothing rough hard bottomed office chairs.

You can control the height of the chair with only one touch. The swift pneumatic adjustment does the trick. Additionally, the padded armrests can be folded to provide you with extra space while working.

  • Very comfortable
  • Easy assembly and setup
  • Mesh back design

If you want a chair that is easy to setup and that you can start using immediately, look no further than this white chair by the home office maker BestOffice. The chair has great cushion and back support, a mesh seating arrangement, and is easy to move on wood or carpet. You will love sitting in this chair given its built-in comfort and clean aesthetic.

  • Sleek design
  • Adjustability in mid-back
  • Space saving yet affordable

This desk chair is reasonably priced and durable. It is elegant to look at and great to sit in, which makes it ideal for your home office. The flip-up armrest saves you space and the S shaped backrest will provide curitures to keep you secure while working. The 360 swivel gives you ultimate flexibility and the high density foam will give your backside firm and comfortable while working. This chair is made of very high quality, you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • White Leather upholstery
  • Padded seat and back
  • Height adjustable and swivel

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s branded items and they always nail the design, finish, and price. If you want a high quality item with a strong and high-back for all day comfort this chair will bring you a professional feel for your home office at an affordable rate. The chair comes with a clean white surface and Amazon quality fit and finish.

  • Adjustable height
  • 360 rotation
  • PU, Foam & Steel

If you’re looking for a great office chair with a budget build, then this mid-back ribbed chair from Orren Ellis can be the one. This white office desk chair emits professionalism and comfort.

This ergonomic desk chair has a slim build. Contains a durable polyurethane faux leather ribbed upholstery. With a foam-filled interior. Although it may not seem cushiony enough, it’s very comfortable.

Additionally, the mid back has a practical shape to support your lower back in a healthy way. It maintains your natural posture and saves you from back pain. Besides, you can work for more hours, without feeling fatigued or drained.

As for the features, you can easily adjust the height and swivel it 360-degrees. It has a steel base with 5 caster wheels. Being made of sturdy materials, it can carry up to 330  lbs as well. The casters let you smoothly glide across the floor, without leaving any scratch behind.

Consider this highly adjustable chair to boost the aesthetics of your home & work environment.

  • Mesh back, breathable
  • Adjustable height & back
  • 360 swivel

Talk about a very low-cost design. This ergonomic swivel desk chair by Inbox Zero is a comfortable office chair in a super-affordable price range.

The chair has a simple, professional design. The high back with mesh covering provides comfort & breathability. The back has a healthy design to keep your back straight. It lets you maintain a healthy and natural posture. You can adjust it to a 120-degree angle for resting as well.

You can also adjust the lumbar support with an adjustment knob. Besides, there’s a lever that lets you enter a rocking mode.

Similar to other office chairs, it comes with a height adjustment function. You can adjust it to match the heights of most conventional tables. You can also swivel it 360-degrees. So you get to multi-task and access different desks at the same time.

Additionally, the bottom cushion allows for a comfortable sitting session. It consists of breathable materials, so you won’t have to experience sweat build-ups very often. It can bear up to 250 lbs as well.

White Office Chair Buyer’s Guide

When buying a white chair for your home office, there is much to consider beyond the color. You need to first think about ergonomics and comfort as nothing is more important. If a chair doesn’t feel like the right fit for your body, what’s the point of buying it? A good chair promotes health and productivity. It keeps your lumbar supported and your shoulder comfortable so that you can type, make phone calls, and work through out the day. Beyond comfort, many people select a chair based on how it looks.

If you are searching for a white chair you likely enjoy that color or want a white chair because it compliments the broader home office you plan to place it in. White compliments both light and dark spaces as well as modern desks made of metal and glass. The third broad evaluation of chairs – white or otherwise – is their functionality. Namely, you want a chair that meets your needs. This includes a chair that supports your arms, weight, and height, and that can be adjusted based on your preferred seating style.

Chair Ergonomics

When looking for any office chair, much less a white one, ergonomics should be top of mind. What is ergonomics? It is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. And to no one’s surprise, a chair plays a very big part in that.

What makes a chair more ergonomically correct than others? It essentially boils down to how configurable it is and if it offers lumbar support. Since everyone’s body is different, a good chair can adjust to all shapes and sizes. This means it can be raised and lowered. It means you can move the arm rests up/down, but also in/out. A good ergonomic chair also has tilt tension so that when you lean back, you can adjust the tension to tilt you back smoothly and slowly. Ergonomics also means that you can sit up right and not slouch because the chair supports your body.

In addition to finding an ergonomic chair, we recommend other ergonomic tools for your office such as a laptop stand for your desk to keep your neck level, and an ergonomic mouse.

Lumbar support: worth its weight in gold

A chair is designed to be used for sitting. But if you sit for too long you can develop neck, back, and hip pain. An ergonomic chair can help you lean forwards or backwards, sit upright, enhance your posture, and take pressure off your joints. Adjustability, as we have written, is the name of the game. Your body is unique and you will want your chair to reflect that in its built-in features. All of these chairs we review offer ergonomic benefits, but some have more features than others. The primary ergonomic settings we prefer to optimize for include lumbar support (which helps the lower back), adjustable arm rests (which support your shoulders and arms), neck support, and thick seat cushions. There are other ergonomic settings – such as the ability to tilt the entire chair – but that is a nice to have rather than a must have.

Let’s talk about comfortability first

Before thinking about the color of your chair, think about how it will feel to use it? If you are working 6-10 hours a day in your chair, there is a good chance you will care how the chair feels on your back, hips, and backside. A good chair has built-in attributes that will make you feel better because the chair will be working every hour of the day to support you. We should certainly know! Having reviewed and tested hundreds of chairs, we know the basic and most important variables one should consider in regards to comfort.

So what should you be mindful of? First, a chair needs to fit you and your body. Some chairs, for example, have weight constraints. Others have small or elongated backs. Some have head and neck support built in. Think about your body – are you tall? Large? Small? Do you have broad shoulders that can benefit from height adjustable arms? These types of general framing questions will help you identify the general size of the chair. The next variable to think about – irrespective of color – is how the chair will give you lumbar support while you are working. 

One way to test for your lumbar needs is to sit on the ground with your back to a wall. Do you naturally find yourself leaning forward? Are you able to keep your back erect against the wall? If you are slouching forward, and rolling your shoulders, you should evaluate chairs that have extra thick seat cushions. This is because you likely lean in while working. If, on the other hand, you find yourself able to sit on the ground and keep your back erect against the wall, you might want to consider buying a chair that has built-in tilting. This is because you have a stronger back and likely can benefit from stretching it vertically throughout your work day.

Why choose a white office chair?

A white chair looks great in many different home offices. Once you have selected the chair for comfort and functionality, you can think about it in the context of aesthetic. If your home office has poor lighting and is dark, a white chair can bring a much needed contract. If your home office is lighter, a white chair adds a nice complimentary color. White looks great with glass, wood, and metal desks and will enable your complexion to pop during video calls. We think they look particularly great with mid century modern desks. White is a classy furniture color that is both functional and appealing to many people.

Features to look for in a white chair

In addition to the ergonomic features that are important to evaluate for your body, white chairs come in many flavors of color shades and material. For example, some home office white chairs are leather. Others have a breathable mesh back, usually made of a manufactured fabric. These types of material will impact the brightness of the white shade and even the maintenance. A mesh back white chair might become slightly darker with prolonged use. A white leather chair, in contrast, will remain its original color for a longer period of time.

Some white chairs are fully white: the arms, base, and core material are all white. Other chairs we have reviewed are both white and grey or white and black. If you value a home office chair that is a solid color, you should select a chair that is monochrome. 

Warranty and Cleaning

White chairs require maintenance, especially if you want to keep them clean over time. Consider this and the warranty when buying your next white chair.


White symbolizes elegance and professionalism. So adding a white chair to your office interior can give you the vibes. Such an office chair is sure to boost your interior aesthetics by several levels.

However, looking good isn’t going to be the only purpose of the chair. You’ll need it to be comfortable above all. You’ll be sitting on it for long hours, so you cannot overlook this crucial feature.

Nowadays, a lot of the office chairs come with a meshed/screened back. This feature allows for better ventilation and comfort. It also reduces sweat build-up and fatigue. Besides, modern chairs have a calculated curved design that improves posture maintains better health.

Most of these chairs are height adjustable. Some also allow you to adjust the back tension/motion. You’ll find the swivel function in almost every chair. And for better mobility, they often come with casters as well.

So take a look at our selections above and see if they’re up to your likings.