When choosing an office chair, sometimes the color is the most important criterion. If you’re looking for elegance and a modern, simple style, look no further than a white office chair.

A chair can be supported by a base made of any rigid material. Chairs are used in a wide variety of settings: in private homes or offices and are essential for making your Work From Experience good.

A contemporary design and rich white color bring a modern touch to any room. Not only are white chairs appealing with their clear lines and simplistic designs, but the chairs we reviewed are optimized for physical comfort. Well-padded seats, backrests, and armrests for extra comfort can be found throughout the list. Excellent quality, nice construction, and durability are also important and will help your white office chair live a long and sturdy life.

Chairs can be made from wood, metal, or other strong materials, like acrylic. In some cases, multiple materials are used to construct white chairs; for example, the legs and frame may be made from metal and the seat and back may be made from plastic and the colors may be the same or leverage complementary hues.

When you are searching for white office chairs, you can find that there are actually quite a few different options to choose from.

So, if you are searching for the best white office chair, you might want to consider the following guiding principles:

• White leather office chairs – if you are looking for white leather office chairs, you will find that there are lots of options that are white. The most popular of these is the white leather office chair with chrome accents, which provides a sleek, modern appearance.

• White mesh office chairs – if you are searching for a look closer to a work office, you can find that white mesh office chairs are an excellent option. These chairs look great, are breathable, and pair well with any traditional office furniture style.

A great office chair is important since you will likely be sitting in it quite often, and want it to look and feel great. We hope that our thorough reviews will bring you closer to finding the perfect white office chair for your home office.


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    • Curved Back
    • Padded Seat
    • Height Adjustable

    The Office Star Screen Back chair is a great example of elegance and comfort. It has an ergonomic build and is almost entirely white, making for an impressive aesthetic experience.

    It has a stylish, refined build with a high back that gives comfort to even the tallest people. To increase ventilation, the back has a screened cover with breathable materials. This allows you to comfortably work for long shifts without working up an unnecessary sweat.

    The back design also has a smart curve that supports your lower spine. This support improves your posture as well as blood circulation. In addition, it can reduce muscle fatigue as you work. You can also tilt the chair forward or backward, depending on how much you like to lean while at your computer.

    Moreover, the padded, faux leather seat lets you work comfortably. Since the seat is so comfortable, you likely won’t want to get out of it. Fortunately, it also has dual-wheel carpet castors, allowing it to roll effortlessly on any floor. This means you can put this office chair in any room of your house, even the ones with plush carpet!

    With the versatility, price point, and ergonomic features, we can’t help but name this chair the Best Overall white office chair.

    2 YouToo White Ergonomic Chair

    Premium Choice
    • Strong Steel Frame
    • Very Adjustable
    • Quick Assembly

    The YouToo White Ergonomic Chair comes with a white steel frame, but you can also customize the color for the frame, fabric, and mesh backing. Plus, since the frame is steel, you can rest assured that this chair will last for a long time. This white chair also has numerous ergonomic features to keep you comfortable while at your desk, no matter how long your workday is.

    The key to an ergonomic chair is to have as many adjustable settings as possible. Since everybody is different, a great chair is able to adjust to many body types. That’s why we love this chair so much. It has the following ergonomic settings:

    • Tilt control
    • Adjustable lumbar support tension
    • Seat slider to move only the seat forward or backward while the backrest stays in place
    • Adjustable and removable armrests
    • Adjustable chair and back height

    If that wasn’t enough to sell you, it only takes about ten minutes to put together! So if you need a new chair quickly, putting this one together won’t bog you down. With the endless adjustments, extreme breathability, and simple setup, this high-quality office chair is our pick for the Premium Choice option!

    3 NEO Chair

    Best Value
    • Compact Size
    • Stain Resistant
    • Affordable

    If you’re looking for an affordable white chair, this NEO Chair offers a simple color palette and a breathable mesh back, which makes for a comfortable seat in any office. In addition, the lumbar support that’s built-in will help keep your back from hurting while you type away at your work. 

    Since this chair has a lower price point, it’s also a great choice for your kid’s room since kids tend to be rougher on items. Plus it’s on the smaller side, so it’s great for people who don’t have a whole lot of room for their in-home office setup.

    Another great perk of this white chair is that it is upholstered with stain-resistant fabric. If you like to snack while you work (who doesn’t?), then this added benefit makes this a perfect chair for you! When you combine the low price point, style, and size, this chair is a no-brainer for the Best Value option!

    • Futuristic Design
    • Frameless Makeup
    • Extremely Adjustable

    If you like the sleekness of a white chair but don’t want the part you actually sit in to be white, the ErgoChair Pro+ is a fantastic option! This chair boasts a frameless design, which allows for more movement than your standard office chair.

    It features a ton of ergonomic settings to adjust the chair to your exact requirements. You can adjust the seat forward or and up or down. You can also adjust the armrests up or down to match your height. There’s even a handle to adjust the back tilt tension. This is great if you like to recline a little bit while you’re working.

    You can also lock and unlock the back tilt of the chair, so you don’t accidentally tip back. Lastly, the back of the chair features very strong lumbar and back support to keep your posture correct and keep your back from getting tired. These are especially great features if you find yourself feeling sore after a long workday.

    The chair has 360-degree swivel capabilities and rests on wheels to roll around your workspace with ease. The area where you sit is made of grey fabric strands, so it won’t show signs of wear as easily as some of the other chairs we’ve reviewed. This also allows for an impressive amount of airflow while you’re sitting, which is great if you hate to get hot while you’re working.

    • Comfortable
    • Easy to Clean
    • One-Piece Seating Area

    This white desk chair is a perfect option for anyone looking for a sleek, modern chair. The textured leather-looking material makes this chair look like it cost a lot more than it actually does. Plus, it’s easy to clean because the material can be wiped off, which is perfect if you don’t have a ton of time to spend cleaning.

    The seat and back are one piece, which makes for a comfortable seat and a quick assembly. The rest of the seat is a shiny chrome metal, including the five-castor bottom, giving this chair the added benefit of easy mobility.

    This white office chair is also a larger chair than others that we’ve reviewed. If you like to have a roomier seat while you type the day away, this chair is a great contender.

    When it comes to ergonomics, this chair has a lot to offer. The armrests are slanted in a way that makes them more comfortable for extended use. You can also adjust the height of the chair with the gas-powered lever, and the inside of the cushion is made of an elastic foam that gives you more support. No element was left behind when it comes to both comfort and function!

    • Comfortable
    • Easy Assembly
    • Affordable

    If you’re looking for a great white chair that won’t break the bank, look no further than this BestOffice chair. While one of the most affordable options on our list, this chair doesn’t skimp when it comes to comfort or style. The built-in lumbar support and mesh back make for a comfortable experience, regardless of how long you’re sitting. 

    The chair is also height adjustable and can be tilted to attain the perfect typing position. Plus, it comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions as well as all the tools you need to set it up. Ordering this chair will mean you’ll be working in comfort in no time!

    • Futuristic Design
    • Incredibly Adjustable
    • Space-saving

    This desk chair is reasonably priced and durable. It has a sleek and futuristic style and is great to sit in, making it ideal for your home office. The flip-up armrests add the ability to work without them in your way, but are still simple to put back down. Plus, folding them up lets you push the chair further under your desk, which is great if you are short on space.

    The curved backrest offers ergonomic support for your back, making this chair more comfortable than many other options. The 360-degree swivel gives you the ability to spin in any direction. Plus, the high-density foam will give you a firm yet comfortable sitting experience. The adjustments available make for an extremely personalized setup, so you can be sure this chair will meet whatever unique needs you have when it comes to posture, height, or anything in between. 

    • White Faux Leather
    • Simple Assembly
    • Heavy Duty Base

    This white office chair boasts both a high back and an incredibly padded seat, making it super comfortable for pretty much any body style. With a heavy-duty base and smooth-rolling wheels, you can be sure that it will stand up to the daily use that working from home requires.

    The white, faux leather material makes this chair give off a sophisticated appearance. Even though you’re working from home, there’s nothing wrong with giving off a vibe that says “I’m the best in my field!” and this chair does just that.

    If the sturdy design and elegant appearance aren’t enough to sell you, then consider the assembly process. This office chair is incredibly simple to put together, and it comes with all the tools you need! Before you know it, you’ll be adding style and function to your home office. You may even find yourself wanting to work because it means using your chair!

    • White and Gold Color Scheme
    • Faux Leather
    • Padded Arm Rests

    If you love the look of gold accents on a white office chair, then this is the chair for you! The white leather seating area is complemented beautifully by the shiny gold frame of this executive chair. If you’re wanting to feel like management while you’re working from home, this will do the trick.

    This chair will work great in any modern home office because it will complement any color scheme. Plus, it’s incredibly comfortable! Your back will thank you for the built-in lumbar support and your arms will love the padded armrests that match the base. Good thing too, because the rolling ability will make it to where you never have to get up!

    In addition to the lumbar support, there’s an impressive amount of controls with this chair. You can tilt the chair back and forth, and make it whatever height works for your setup. Plus, this seat features a slightly slanted front, which relieves pressure from your legs. If you sit a lot for work, you know how important this is!

    • Massaging Chair
    • Easy to Assemble
    • Lumbar Support

    This white office chair is perfect for anyone who likes to have all the bells and whistles. It actually has a built-in back massager! Imagine working your normal shift but instead of sitting in a regular chair, you’re getting a massage! Your productivity will probably skyrocket! (Or you’ll find yourself napping, we won’t judge!)

    In addition to the massaging back, this white office chair offers lumbar support, a headrest, and padded armrests. You’ll be working in style and may never want to go back to the office again. The chair is very comfortable too because it’s filled with super soft padding.

    This office chair comes with everything you need to assemble it! Plus, it’s a super quick process, so you’ll be sitting in luxury in no more than fifteen minutes. If you’re really busy, you can definitely appreciate the lack of time this will take!


    White Office Chair Buyer’s Guide

    When buying a white chair for your home office, you need to consider elements beyond the color. First, think about ergonomics and comfort because you will likely spend hours sitting in this chair. If a chair doesn’t feel like the right fit for your body, you won’t be happy with your purchase for very long. A good chair promotes health and productivity. It keeps your lumbar supported and your shoulders comfortable to type, make phone calls, and work throughout the day. Once you have the comfort part out of the way, you can begin thinking about the design.

    If you are searching for a white chair, you likely have a decorating style that matches that color, or you simply like the idea of a white chair. White compliments both light and dark spaces, as well as modern desks made of metal and glass. The third broad evaluation of chairs – white or otherwise – is their functionality. Namely, you want a chair that meets your needs. This includes a chair that supports your arms, weight, and height, and that can be adjusted based on your preferred seating style.

    Chair Ergonomics

    When looking for any office chair, much less a white one, ergonomics should be top of mind. What is ergonomics? It is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. If you are wanting to be efficient in your workplace, it all starts with your comfort, and comfort starts with the right chair.

    Basically, this all boils down to how configurable and supportive it is to your body type. Since everyone’s body is different, a good chair can adjust to all shapes and sizes. This means it can be raised and lowered. It means you can move the armrests up or down, but also in and out. A good ergonomic chair also has tilt tension so that when you lean back, you can adjust the tension to tilt you back smoothly and slowly. Ergonomics also means that you can sit upright and not slouch because the chair supports your posture for extended times.

    In addition to finding an ergonomic chair, we recommend other ergonomic tools for your office such as a laptop stand for your desk to keep your neck level and an ergonomic mouse.

    Full Body Support

    It doesn’t take long in an office setting to realize if you sit for too long, you can develop neck, back, and hip pain. An ergonomic chair can help you lean forwards or backward, sit upright, enhance your posture, and take pressure off your joints. Adjustability, as we have written, is crucial when it comes to the perfect office chair. Your body is unique and you will want your chair to reflect that with its built-in features. All of these chairs we review offer ergonomic benefits, but some have more features than others. The primary ergonomic settings we prefer to focus on include lumbar support (which helps the lower back), adjustable armrests (which support your shoulders and arms), neck support, and thick seat cushions. There are other ergonomic settings – such as the ability to tilt the entire chair – but that is nice to have rather than a must-have.

    Comfort Is Key

    Before thinking about the color of your chair, think about how it will feel to use. If you are working six to ten hours a day in your chair, there is a good chance you will care about how the chair feels on your back, hips, and backside. A good chair has built-in attributes that will make you feel better because the chair will be working every hour of the day to support you. Having reviewed countless chairs, we know the most important variables one should consider in regards to comfort.

    So what should you be mindful of? First, a chair needs to fit you and your body. Some chairs, for example, have weight constraints. Others have small or elongated backs. Some have head and neck support built-in. Think about your body – are you tall? Large? Small? Do you have broad shoulders that can benefit from height adjustable arms? These types of general framing questions will help you identify the general size of the chair. The next variable to think about is the option of lumbar support. 

    One way to test for your lumbar needs is to sit on the ground with your back to a wall. Do you naturally find yourself leaning forward? Are you able to keep your back straight against the wall? If you are slouching forward, you should look for chairs that have extra thick seat cushions. This is because you likely lean in while working. If, on the other hand, you find yourself able to sit on the ground and keep your back straight against the wall, you might want to consider buying a chair that has built-in tilting. This is because you have a stronger back and likely can benefit from stretching it vertically throughout your workday.

    Why Choose a White Office Chair?

    White office chairs look great in a variety of room styles. Once you have decided on the comfort and function aspects of your perfect chair, you can think about it in the context of aesthetics. If your home office has poor lighting or dark walls, a white chair can bring much-needed contrast. If your home office is lighter, a white chair can complement the bright look you are wanting to achieve. White looks great with glass, wood, and metal desks and will enable your complexion to pop during video calls. We think they look particularly great with mid-century modern desks. White is an elegant furniture color that is both functional and appealing to many people.

    Features to Look for In a White Chair

    In addition to the ergonomic features that are important, white chairs come in a large variety of shades and materials. For example, some white office chairs are leather. Others have a breathable mesh back, usually made of a manufactured fabric. These types of materials can impact the brightness of the white shade. It’s also important to consider the maintenance different materials will require. A mesh back white chair might become slightly darker with prolonged use. A white leather chair, in contrast, will remain its original color for a longer period of time.

    Some white chairs are fully white: the arms, base, and core material are all white. Other chairs we have reviewed are white with accents of metal or another color. If you value a home office chair that is a solid color, you should select a chair that is monochrome. 


    White symbolizes elegance and can help promote an appearance of well-polished professionalism in any home office. Choosing a white office chair can help bring together a room of almost any style.

    However, looking good shouldn’t be the only reason to purchase a chair. You’ll need it to be comfortable as well. Since you may often find yourself sitting for hours at a time, it’s important to consider your personal needs when it comes to comfort.

    After comfort, you need to consider your preferred material of office chair. These days, a lot of office chairs come with a mesh back. This feature allows for better ventilation and comfort. It also reduces sweat build-up and fatigue. On the other hand, a material like leather can give off a more powerful appearance, which some people like having in their office.

    Most office chairs on this list are height adjustable. Some also allow you to adjust the back tension or motion. You’ll find the swivel function in almost every chair as well. And for better mobility, many of our chosen chairs are on wheels. With all the different takes on a white office chair this list provides, we hope that you have found one that meets all your needs!

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