Bed desks are portable desks that help you to work flexibly. Unlike a traditional desk, a bed desk allows you to work from the comfort of your bed.

If you’re someone who needs the support of the bed but can’t strain your neck, a bed desk is for you. 

While it is called a ‘bed’ desk, it can be used on your couch, floor, car, or any other place you like. Each one unique in its design, make, and finish you have a wide range of options to choose from. So which one should you purchase? 

We at WFHAdviser have made a list of the top ten bed desks for you to choose from.


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    • Stylish design
    • Adjustable height
    • Tilting tabletop

    The Carbon Loft Rapha boasts a stylish, industrial outlook perfect for a mobile desk. Being 11.8 inches wide x (15.7’+9.8′) inches long x 10.8 inches high, it is the perfect size when working on a bed as it doesn’t take up much space. Moreover, this folding table comes fully assembled and ready to use. 

    Available in white color, the metal frame provides sturdiness to use over a long period. The powder coating finish makes it comfortable while in use and gives it a good look as well. The table itself is made of wood MDF and can take up to 90 lbs of weight. 

    Additionally, this desk comes with adjustable height and a tilting tabletop from 25 to 45 degrees. You can personalize your desk however you need with the help of these amazing features. Like every bed desk, the convenience and portability of the product are a bonus for everyday use. 

    • Comes with a Mouse pad
    • Built-in storage drawer
    • Walnut finish

    The Sofia + Sam bed tray is one of the best options available in the market. This walnut-finish desk is apt to drive your productivity and complete a fulfilling day of work. Not only can it accommodate laptops, tablets, phones, or even books, it also has enough space for anything else you may need to keep. 

    The adjustable tabletop can help you place your laptop or book at any angle. Moreover, the foldable legs help you store them well in any part of your home. Made with wood, it is sturdy and of good quality. The in-built mouth pad helps organize the things on your desk perfectly. 

    This premium bed tray is great when you want to work while you’re on the go. The best part is that it isn’t another added piece of furniture in your home and still gives you great usage. The built-in storage drawer is a great addition to the desk to store anything you may need.

    • Waterproof panel
    • Thickened anti-scratch feet
    • Laptop support frame

    With the Porch & Den Umiat desk, you can make your work-from-home life a lot simpler. The surface split for compartmentalization has the ability to tilt up to 45 degrees. The panel is also waterproof so no amount of spillage can hamper your desk. 

    The laptop support frame helps keep it from falling forward. It offers stability. Moreover, even the legs of the desk can be adjusted however you like. They easily fold or open up so you don’t have to put in extra effort in yanking it open.

    The feet are thickened with an anti-scratch surface so it does not damage the bed it is placed upon. In addition to the clever design, the use of a powder-coat ensures a good surface for your devices. 

    It comes fully assembled and can take up to 90 lbs of weight. The best part about it is the convenience of moving it from one place to another. You can get this high-quality product for a reasonable price. 

    • Extremely lightweight
    • Easy-to-clean
    • Built-in cup and device holder

    The Cosco Activity tray is a modern and stylish-looking bed desk for your WFH office. Made with plastic and steel, it is sturdy and durable for long-term use. This material also makes it easy to maintain and clean whenever needed. The resin is also extremely lightweight and hence easy to move around. 

    This desk comes fully assembled and with a 1-year warranty in case something goes wrong. You can see that the design is perfect for all your needs with its built-in cup and electronic device holder. In terms of aesthetics, the sleek black color gives this bed desk a classic look. 

    The folding legs help you store it anywhere you like, be it under the bed or in the back of your closet. Furthermore, the multiple viewing angles will help you avoid straining your neck. Lastly, having this desk can make working in your bed productive and fun. 

    • Four tilt options
    • Made of Bamboo material
    • Built-in drawer

    The BirdRock bed tray is not only a sturdy option but also an eco-friendly one. Made out of durable Bamboo material, it is extremely strong and can be a lasting purchase. Design-wise, it comes with a walnut finish that makes it look classy and sophisticated. 

    This Bed Desk has folding legs that really help with storage. Moreover, the versatile bed tray can be used for various purposes including reading, working, and eating.

    Besides, it comes with an easy-to-clean surface that ensures safe dining without worrying about spillage. The integrated storage drawer is perfect to keep documents or stationery in one place. 

    The table-top tilts to four positions for personalized comfort. Furthermore, with the extended laptop support frame, you can tilt it to whichever angle you like and it will make working a lot easier.

    In conclusion, if you want the feel of having a regular-sized desk without actually having one, this is the one for you.

    • Mouse pad
    • Built-in pockets
    • Adjustable top

    The Sofia + Sam laptop tray is for anyone looking to buy a multi-functional bed desk for their daily office work. With special pockets for your phone and tablets, you can utilize every inch of this desk for whatever you need. The built-in drawer offers additional storage for anything you need. 

    Made with pure wood, it has a natural finish that looks modern and casual. This handy desk is portable so that your work can go wherever you do. The mouse pad that comes with the desk is just a convenient and thoughtful addition. With this desk bed, multi-tasking feels simpler. 

    Moreover, this folding desk is adequately sized and can be easily stored in any part of your house. If you need something that is sturdy and can take the weight of your office essentials, this is one for you. The space between the legs is also wide enough for you to comfortably sit for hours.

    • Made out of Bamboo material
    • Multi-functional use
    • Metal latches for stability

    Who would have thought that a trendy bed desk with such amazing features at such a reasonable price? This bed tray is made to elevate your WFH experience. Made out of 100% Bamboo material, it is strong enough to support any kind of weight you put on it. Even over a longer period, the quality will not deteriorate. 

    The 21 x 13-inch desktop can hold up to 22 lbs and can be used for various reasons. Uniquely, during the day, it can be your work desk and at night transform into a dinner tray or table for reading. The desk has 2 metal latches to make sure that the desk does not wobble and provides excellent stability. 

    The small drawer attached to the desk is perfect to store things and access them whenever you like. It also has four-angled viewing to personalize it at your convenience. All things considered, this is truly the future of bed desks.

    • Teak finish
    • Desktop tilts up to 47 degrees
    • Easy storage

    The Anderson Lap desk is another great product to make your workdays comfortable. Made with solid wood with a teak finish, it is a minimalist design that seamlessly adapts to any room. The strong material is great for long-term use and gives you that guaranteed durability. 

    The desktop is tiltable to avoid strain and comes with a lower crossbar to lock in the position. You can adjust it up to 47 degrees with 3 other positions, in case you have other preferences. The legs of this desk are foldable so that you can easily store them when not in use. 

    This desk is here to make your work life easier, which is why it does not even require assembly. Since it weighs 7.05 lbs, you can move it around the house comfortably. The small drawer in the side can be used to store papers, pens, flash drives, or any other thing you may need.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Aluminum and silver finish
    • Separate mouse board

    The Foldable Ergonomic bed tray is truly one of its kind. The design is very different from other products in the market, thus proving to be a fresh piece to choose from. Constructed with an aluminum and silver finish, it is a futuristic design for anyone looking for something new. 

    The light-weight tray is sturdy and comes with adjustable legs for your complete comfort. Besides, you can rotate it to 360 degrees and even lock it in one place to use it as per your preference. The collapsible frame comes fully assembled for you to use however you like. 

    The mouse board is a separate installation so that you can work without any interference. The buttons on the side help with easy installation. This is a highly uncommon piece and does not even put a dent in your pocket. With an extremely practical return policy, this is the safest bet you can take when it comes to bed desks.

    • Varnish processed surface
    • Powder-coated finish
    • Can handle 90 lbs of weight

    Another classic and evergreen design in bed trays, the Porch & Den Umiat is a popular choice in the market. Made with MDF wood with a varnish processing on the surface, it is a good investment for lasting use. The stable and sturdy design can be used for multiple things and not just work. 

    The powder-coated finish and metal frame give an interesting look to the desk. Moreover, it has an adjustable height so that you don’t have to compromise with your comfort. One of the best parts about this is the tilting tabletop from 25 to 45 degrees which ensures that you don’t have to bear strain in any way. 

    The desk is foldable and light-weight so portability is not a problem. It comes fully assembled with a 1-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about rough and tough use. This bed desk can take up to 90 lbs of weight so your laptop and books can fit without any trouble. 

    Buyer’s Guide to Best Bed Desk

    Now that work mostly happens on laptops, everyone is seeking flexibility. With this, comes newer inventions such as a bed desk to accommodate the laptop, especially while working from home. Sometimes, you don’t need a big desk to work on. If you want to save some space, a bed desk is a way to go. 

    Before locking on to one that is only highly recommended, it is only wise to do your research. You may find that the one best suited for you is a completely different product. Here are a few things you can keep in mind before making the purchase. 


    The first question you need to answer is ‘why’. The reason you are investing in a bed desk will influence your choice significantly. If you just want support for your laptop or something with an adjustable tabletop, then there are specific products to help you with it. 

    Size and Weight

    Depending on how many things you would need to accommodate on your desk, the size of it will differ. Many desks come in multiple sizes as well. Checking the dimension is of utmost importance. If you know you are going to keep your bed desk in one place, then the weight does not matter much. However, if you are the kind of person who regularly experiments with their workspace, you need something lightweight. 


    What your desk is made out of is also a factor to keep in mind. Each material comes with its own sets of pros and cons. To make the right choice, you should go for one that has the pros you need and the cons you can adjust with. For instance, wood is sturdy but makes the desk heavy, aluminum is light-weight but not very stable and one with a cushion is not very easy to clean. These are factors that should be considered. 

    Are lap desks worth it? 

    Lap desks are a great investment when you want to reduce strain on your neck and back because of long working hours. Their multi-functional use is a bonus and can be utilized in many ways. They are also a great choice to avoid your laptop from heating up constantly. 

    How do you clean a bed desk?

    Depending on what material you buy your bed desk in, there are various ways to thoroughly clean it. Sometimes, cloth does not do the job like it is supposed to. Having an external detergent can make the process easier. However, you need to check if the chemical is compatible with the desk material or it could cause further damage.


    Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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